NOC 0423 社會,社區和懲教服務經理 (Managers In Social, Community And Correctional Services)


簡介 Intro


This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the programs and activities of social service and community agencies, correctional institutions, counselling departments, labour organizations, professional associations, political parties and non-governmental organizations.

Progression to senior management positions in social, community and correctional services is possible with additional training and experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 计划,组织,指导,控制和评估社会和社区服务项目,如收入维持,儿童急救和紧急住房服务交付
    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the delivery of social and community service programs such as income maintenance, children’s aid and emergency housing services
  • 管理社会和社区中心,惩教设施和拘留中心的业务和活动
    Manage the operations and activities of social and community centres, correctional facilities and detention centres
  • 管理涉及社会问题,如医疗,人权,保护消费者权益,国际发展和环境保护的非政府组织的各项程序
    Administer the programs of non-governmental organizations involved with social issues such as health care, human rights, consumer protection, international development and environmental protection
  • 管理成员组织,如政党,工会组织,企业和专业协会的各项程序
    Administer programs of membership organizations such as political parties, labour organizations, business and professional associations
  • 建立行政程序,以满足由董事会或高级管理人员设定的目标
    Establish administrative procedures to meet objectives set by board of directors or senior management
  • 对那些向广大市民和组织或协会的会员提供服务和方案的专业和非专业的工作人员进行指导和给予建议
    Direct and advise professional and non-professional staff delivering services and programs to the general public and to the organization or association membership
  • 规划,管理和控制方案,设备和支持服务的预算
    Plan, administer and control budgets for programs, equipment and support services
  • 代表各自组织来满足政府关系和媒体关系的目的
    Represent their respective organizations for the purpose of government liaison and media relations
  • 为管理委员会和工作组的准备报告和简报,从而参与政策制定
    Participate in policy development by preparing reports and briefs for management committees and working groups
  • 聘请专业和非专业的工作人员,并提供培训服务。
    Hire and provide training for professional and non-professional staff.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 社會,社區和懲教服務的經理通常要具備社會科學或行政紀律專業的碩士學位
  • Managers in social, community and correctional services usually require a master’s degree in a social science or administrative discipline
  • 以及在相關的職業,如社區和社會服務工作者,社會或衛生政策研究員,顧問或項目官員,緩刑或假釋人員或社會工作者,幾年的工作經驗。
  • Several years of experience in a related occupation, such as a community and social service worker, social or health policy researcher, consultant or program officer, probation or parole officer, or social worker.
  • 行業或行業協會和會員組織經理需要具有相關職業的豐富的經驗。
  • Managers of associations and membership organizations require extensive experience in a related occupation, trade or industry.

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 原住民中心經理 Aboriginal centre manager
  • 管理員商會 administrator, Chamber of Commerce
  • 管理員,兒童福利服務 administrator, child welfare services
  • 區主任,社會服務 area director, social services
  • 區域經理,家庭服務 area manager, family services
  • 協會理事長 association director
  • 協會經理 association manager
  • 雙邊關係經理 – 社會服務 bilateral relations manager – social services
  • 商會商會管理員 Chamber of Commerce administrator
  • 行政辦事員,下議院 chief clerk, House of Commons
  • 兒童福利服務管理員 child welfare services administrator
  • 幼兒中心管理員 child-care centre administrator
  • 兒童援助協會主任 children’s aid society director
  • 社區藝術統籌 community arts co-ordinator
  • 社區中心主任 community centre director
  • 社區中心經理 community centre manager
  • 社區計劃主管 community programs director
  • 社區服務總監 community services director
  • 消費者信息部主任 consumer information director
  • 懲教機構董事 correctional institution director
  • 懲教康復學會理事 correctional rehabilitation society director
  • 教署署長 correctional services director
  • 懲治療和訓練總監 correctional treatment and training director
  • 諮詢服務主管 counselling services director
  • 諮詢服務經理 counselling services manager
  • 行政部門,社會服務 department chief, social services
  • 主管部門,社會福利機構 department director, welfare organization
  • 社會服務部門的負責人, department head, social services
  • 拘留中心主任 detention centre director
  • 總幹事,教師協會 director general, teachers’ association
  • 輔導主任 director of counselling
  • 指導服務總監 director of guidance services
  • 運營總監 – 房屋署 director of operations – housing department
  • 公益總監 director of public welfare
  • 董事,兒童援助協會 director, children’s aid society
  • 社區中心主任, director, community centre
  • 董事,社區計劃 director, community programs
  • 董事,社區服務 director, community services
  • 董事,消費者信息 director, consumer information
  • 董事,矯正康復社會 director, correctional rehabilitation society
  • 董事,懲教服務 director, correctional services
  • 董事,矯正治療和培訓 director, correctional treatment and training
  • 董事,諮詢服務 director, counselling services
  • 主任,拘留中心 director, detention centre
  • 董事,家族資源 director, family resources
  • 董事,心理服務 director, psychological services
  • 董事,宗教教育 director, religious education
  • 院長,社會工作 director, social work
  • 主任,退伍軍人服務 director, veterans’ services
  • 董事,志願服務 director, volunteer services
  • 董事,福利機構 director, welfare organization
  • 董事,青少年罪犯服務 director, young offender services
  • 區主任,社會服務 district director, social services
  • 環保團體董事 environmental group director
  • 家庭資源總監 family resources director
  • 家庭服務區域經理 family services area manager
  • 組主管 group home manager
  • 教導主任 guidance director
  • 指導服務總監 guidance services director
  • 中途之家經理 halfway house manager
  • 家政服務總監 – 社會服務 homemaker services director – social services
  • 眾議院下議院首席業務員 House of Commons chief clerk
  • 收入維持總監 income maintenance director
  • 國際項目總監 – 合作 international program director – cooperative
  • 勞動組織管理 labour organization manager
  • 議會業務員 legislative assembly clerk
  • 當地經理,社會服務 local manager, social services
  • 大型社區項目統籌 major community projects co-ordinator
  • 經理,結社 manager, association
  • 經理,社區中心 manager, community centre
  • 經理,諮詢服務 manager, counselling services
  • 經理,集團首頁 manager, group home
  • 經理,中途之家 manager, halfway house
  • 經理,勞動組織 manager, labour organization
  • 經理,製造商協會 manager, manufacturers’ association
  • 經理,宿舍 manager, men’s hostel
  • 經理,原住民中心 manager, Native centre
  • 經理,NGO(非政府組織) manager, NGO (non-governmental organization)
  • 經理,非政府組織(NGO) manager, non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • 經理,職業康復單位 manager, vocational rehabilitation unit
  • 經理,婦女中心 manager, women’s centre
  • 製造商協會經理 manufacturers’ association manager
  • 會員服務經理 membership services manager
  • 男子的宿舍管理員 men’s hostel manager
  • 本地中心經理 Native centre manager
  • NGO(非政府組織)經理 NGO (non-governmental organization) manager
  • 非政府組織(NGO)經理 non-governmental organization (NGO) manager
  • 政治組織經理 political organization manager
  • 監獄長 prison warden
  • 省級統籌,社會服務 provincial co-ordinator, social services
  • 心理服務總監 psychological services director
  • 公益總監 public welfare director
  • 區域管理員,社會服務 regional administrator, social services
  • 區域懲教管理員 regional correctional administrator
  • 康復住宅服務主管 rehabilitation residential services director
  • 宗教教育總監 religious education director
  • 社會救助主任 social assistance director
  • 社會服務部總經理 social service general manager
  • 社會服務區主任 social services area director
  • 社會服務中心管理員 social services centre administrator
  • 社會服務中心主任 social services centre director
  • 社會服務中心經理 social services centre manager
  • 社會服務部門首席 social services department chief
  • 社會服務部門主管 social services department head
  • 社會服務總監 social services director
  • 社會服務區主任 social services district director
  • 社會服務的當地經理 social services local manager
  • 社會服務部經理 social services manager
  • 省級統籌的社會服務 social services provincial co-ordinator
  • 社會服務區域管理員 social services regional administrator
  • 社會工作主任 social work director
  • 教師協會總幹事 teachers’ association director general
  • 行業協會經理 trade association manager
  • 單位經理,職業康復 unit manager, vocational rehabilitation
  • 退伍軍人服務總監 veterans’ services director
  • 職業康復部經理 vocational rehabilitation unit manager
  • 志願服務主管 volunteer services director
  • 福利經理 welfare manager
  • 福利機構部主任 welfare organization department director
  • 福利機構主任 welfare organization director
  • 福利機構經理 welfare organization manager
  • 婦女中心經理 women’s centre manager
  • 青少年罪犯服務總監 young offender services director

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 政府經營者 – 衛生和社會政策的製定和計劃管理 Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration 0411
  • 高級管理人員 – 衛生,教育,社會和​​社區服務及會員組織 Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations 0014




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