NOC 2244 飛機儀表,電氣和航空電子設備技工,技師和檢查員 Aircraft Instrument, Electrical And Avionics Mechanics, Technicians And Inspectors


簡介 Intro


This unit group includes mechanics and technicians who install, adjust, repair and overhaul aircraft instrument, electrical or avionics systems on aircraft. This unit group also includes avionics inspectors who inspect instrument, electrical and avionics systems following assembly, modification, repair or overhaul. Workers in this unit group are employed by aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul establishments and by airlines and other aircraft operators.

Avionics inspectors, maintenance technicians and mechanics may acquire further endorsements to their AME licence allowing them to inspect and certify a broader range of aircraft and avionics systems.

An AME licence can be obtained by fulfilling the education and training requirements as stated above and passing Transport Canada AME examinations.

Progression to supervisory positions within specific areas of expertise is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 飛機儀器技工和技師維修和大修,安裝,校準和測試飛機儀表。
  • Aircraft instrument mechanics and technicians repair and overhaul, install, calibrate and test aircraft instruments.
  • 飛機電氣機械師和技術人員維修和大修,修改,安裝和測試飛機電氣系統和設備。
  • Aircraft electrical mechanics and technicians repair and overhaul, modify, install and test aircraft electrical systems and equipment.
  • 航空電子機械師和技術人員進行故障排除,維修和檢修,測試,修改,安裝和檢查飛機的電子系統和組件,包括通信,導航,自動駕駛設備。
  • Avionics mechanics and technicians troubleshoot, repair and overhaul, test, modify, install and inspect aircraft electronic systems and components including communications, navigation, and autoflight equipment.
  • 航空電子督察檢查和測試飛機儀表,電器和航電系統,並確保這些系統的安裝,維護,修理和大修符合加拿大運輸部和公司的性能和安全性標準。
  • Avionics inspectors inspect and test aircraft instrument, electrical and avionics systems and ensure that the installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of these systems meet Transport Canada and company standards of performance and safety.
  • 飛機機械師和技術人員在修理店和大修店工作,服務和測試電氣,電子和儀器部件.航空電子設備機械師和技術人員在維修機庫工作,排查,維修,安裝和檢查飛機系統和部件。
  • Aircraft mechanics and technicians who work in repair and overhaul shops service and test electrical, electronic and instrument components.Avionics mechanics and technicians who work in maintenance hangars troubleshoot, repair, install and inspect aircraft systems and components.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 飛機儀表和航空機械師和技術人員需要完成兩到三年的航空電子設備或電子大專課程。
  • Aircraft instrument and avionics mechanics and technicians require completion of a two- to three-year college program in avionics or electronics.
  • 飛機機械師和技術人員需要完成電氣或電子技師的大學課程。
  • Aircraft electrical mechanics and technicians require completion of a college program as an electrical or electronic technician.
  • 本單元組的所有機械師和技術人員都要接受四年在職培訓或公司學徒培訓。
  • Four years of on-the-job or company apprenticeship training is required for all mechanics and technicians in this unit group.
  • 航空電子視察員需要完成兩到三年的航空電子設備或電子大學課程
  • Avionics inspectors require completion of a two- to three-year college program in avionics or electronics
  • 同時具備三到五年航空電子設備技工或技術員的經驗。
  • Three to five years of experience as an avionics mechanic or technician.
  • 簽署維護版權和證明適航協議的航空電子監察員,機械師和技術人員要求具有由加拿大運輸部頒發的飛機維修工程師(AME)執照(E類 – 航空電子)。
  • Avionics inspectors, mechanics and technicians who sign maintenance releases and certify airworthiness require an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s (AME) licence (category E – avionics) issued by Transport Canada.
  • 加拿大航空維修協會的行業認證對本單元組的一些職業有效。
  • Industry certification is available from the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council for some occupations in this unit group.
  • 在魁北克省,專業技術人員監管機構的成員需要使用“專業技術人員”稱號。
  • In Quebec, membership in the regulatory body for professional technologists is required to use the title “Professional Technologist.”

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 飛機航電技師 aircraft avionics technician
  • 飛機電氣設備檢查員和測試員 aircraft electrical equipment inspector and tester
  • 飛機電氣技工 aircraft electrical mechanic
  • 飛機電氣系統技工 aircraft electrical system mechanic
  • 飛機電氣技師 aircraft electrical technician
  • 飛機電工 aircraft electrician
  • 飛機的電子設備檢查員和測試員 aircraft electronic equipment inspector and tester
  • 飛機的電子設備安裝工 aircraft electronic equipment installer
  • 飛機的電子系統技工 aircraft electronic system mechanic
  • 飛機儀器檢查員 aircraft instrument inspector
  • 飛機儀表修理工 aircraft instrument mechanic
  • 飛機儀表技術員 aircraft instrument technician
  • 飛機維修工程師(AME) – 航空電子設備 aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) – avionics
  • 飛機維修工程師(AME) – 航空電子設備 AME (aircraft maintenance engineer) – avionics
  • 航空電子技術員學徒 apprentice avionics technician
  • 航空電器元件技師 aviation electrical components technician
  • 航空電子元件技師 aviation electronic components technician
  • 航空儀表技術員 aviation instrument technician
  • 航空電子設備和電子校準專家 avionics and electronics calibration specialist
  • 航空電子督察 avionics inspector
  • 航空電子設備維修技師 avionics maintenance technician
  • 航空電子設備技工 avionics mechanic
  • 航空電子系統安裝人員 avionics systems installer
  • 航空電子技術員 avionics technician
  • 航空電子技術員認證 certified avionics technician
  • 通信設備修理工 – 航空電子設備 communications equipment repairer – avionics
  • 電氣和電子技師 – 航空電子設備 electrical and electronics technician – avionics
  • 電氣督察,飛機 electrical inspector, aircraft
  • 電工,飛機 electrician, aircraft
  • 電子配件修理和大修技工 – 航空電子設備 electronic accessories repair and overhaul mechanic – avionics
  • 電子元器件的技術人員,航空器 electronic components technician, aircraft
  • 電子督察,飛機 electronics inspector, aircraft
  • 電子督察,導彈 electronics inspector, missiles
  • 電子技工 – 航空電子設備 electronics mechanic – avionics
  • 電工電子技師 – 航空電子設備 electrotechnician – avionics
  • 電工電子技師,飛機和導彈 – 航空電子設備 electrotechnician, aircrafts and missiles – avionics
  • 電工電子技術人員,導彈 – 航空電子設備 electrotechnician, missiles – avionics
  • 巡視員和測試員,飛機電氣設備 inspector and tester, aircraft electrical equipment
  • 督察人員和測試人員,飛機的電子設備 inspector and tester, aircraft electronic equipment
  • 檢查員,航空電子設備 inspector, avionics
  • 安裝程序員,飛機的電子設備 installer, aircraft electronic equipment
  • 儀器檢查員和測試員 – 航空電子設備 instrument inspector and tester – avionics
  • 儀器督察,飛機 instrument inspector, aircraft
  • 儀表修理工 – 航空電子設備 instrument mechanic – avionics
  • 儀器大修和修理技工 – 航空電子設備 instrument overhaul and repair mechanic – avionics
  • 儀表檢修技師 – 航空電子設備 instrument overhaul technician – avionics
  • 儀器店檢查員- 航空電子設備 instrument shop inspector – avionics
  • 儀表技術員,飛機 instrument technician, aircraft
  • 儀器儀表及配件巡視員 – 航空電子設備 instruments and accessories inspector – avionics
  • 機械師,飛機電氣系統 mechanic, aircraft electrical systems
  • 機械師,飛機的電子系統 mechanic, aircraft electronic systems
  • 導彈電子督察 missile electronics inspector
  • 精密儀器技術員 – 航空電子設備 precision instrument technician – avionics
  • 無線電和電子大修和修理技工 – 航空電子設備 radio and electronic overhaul and repair mechanic – avionics
  • 無線電和雷達設備檢查員 – 航空電子設備 radio and radar equipment inspector – avionics
  • 無線電和雷達設備安裝工 – 航空電子設備 radio and radar equipment installer – avionics
  • 無線電通信設備修理工 – 航空電子設備 radio communication equipment repairer – avionics
  • 無線電通信設備修理工/男/女 – 航空電子設備 radio communication equipment repairman/woman – avionics
  • 火箭組件技工 – 航空電子設備 rocket components mechanic – avionics
  • 店檢查員 – 航空電子設備 shop inspector – avionics
  • 店巡視員,電器配件 – 航空電子設備 shop inspector, electrical accessories – avionics
  • 技術員,飛機儀表 technician, aircraft instruments

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 飛機裝配和飛機裝配檢查員 Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors 9521
  • 飛機機械師和維護工程師維護和檢查飛機結構,機械,液壓或推進系統(飛機機械師和飛機檢查員) Aircraft mechanics and maintenance engineers who maintain and inspect aircraft structures, mechanical, hydraulic or propulsion systems (in 7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors )
  • 適航檢查員​​ – 政府(工程督察和監管人員) Airworthiness inspectors – government (in 2262 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers )
  • 電氣機械師 Electrical mechanics 7333
  • 工業儀表技術員和機械師 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics 2243




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