NOC 4164 社会政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 (Social Policy Researchers, Consultants And Program Officers)


簡介 Intro


Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers conduct research, develop policy and implement or administer programs in areas such as consumer affairs, employment, home economics, immigration, law enforcement, corrections, human rights, housing, labour, family services, foreign aid and international development. They are employed by government departments and agencies, industry, hospitals, educational institutions, consulting establishments, professional associations, research institutes, non-government organizations and international organizations or they may be self-employed.

Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 社會政策研究者發展社會事業,社會立法,或基於人口,社會和經濟分析提出建議,評估試點項目。
  • Social policy researchers develop social programs, social legislation, or proposals based on demographic, social and economic analysis and the evaluation of pilot projects.
  • 家庭經濟學家進行調研,提醒消費者有關食品,紡織和其他消費品的選擇和正確使用,並教授家庭管理技能。他們也可以提供如下領域的諮詢服務,開發和推廣新的食品產品,零售採購,社會項目管理和小型商業活動。
  • Home economists conduct research, advise consumers on the selection and proper use of food products, textiles and other consumer goods and teach household management skills. They may also provide consultative services in the areas of development and promotion of new food products, retail buying, social program administration and small business endeavours.
  • 房屋政策分析家識別和評估經濟,人口和社會發展,並針對報告住房政策影響。
  • Housing policy analysts identify and assess economic, demographic, and social developments and report on their implications for housing policy.
  • 國際援助和發展項目官員​​計劃,組織和管理對外援助和國際發展政策和方案。
  • International aid and development project officers plan, organize and administer foreign aid and international development policies and programs.
  • 社會調查研究人員開發問卷,統籌進行調查,分析數據,並編譯和解釋社會問題和政策領域的統計數據。
  • Social survey researchers develop questionnaires, co-ordinate and conduct surveys, analyse data, and compile and interpret statistics on social issues and policy areas.
  • 社會服務規劃人員進行研究,發展社會事業,評估,協調和發展現有社會服務的意識,並確保避免重複的服務。他們也可能與土地利用規劃者合作,確定用於交通,住房和娛樂設施項目的主要土地利用規劃的影響。
  • Social services planners conduct research, develop social programs, assess, co-ordinate and develop awareness of existing social services, and ensure that duplication of services is avoided. They may also work with land use planners to determine the impact of major land use plans for transportation, housing and recreational facilities projects.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要社會科學或相關學科,或者工商管理的大學本科學歷或大專文憑。
  • A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in a social science or related discipline, or in business administration is usually required.
  • 可能需要社會科學或相關學科的學士學位或工商管理碩士。
  • A master’s degree in a social science or related discipline or in business administration may be required.
  • 家庭經濟學家需要家政,家政教育,人類生態學,營養和食品科學或家庭和消費者研究的學士學位。
  • Home economists require a bachelor’s degree in home economics, home economics education, human ecology, nutrition and food sciences or family and consumer studies.
  • 家庭經濟學家需要註冊,但是自願行為,但使用指定的“專業家庭經濟學人”頭銜在新不倫瑞克省,安大略省,曼尼托巴省和阿爾伯塔省是強制性的,在不列顛哥倫比亞省使用“註冊專業家庭經濟學人”頭銜是強制性的。
  • Registration is available, but voluntary, for home economists but the use of the designation “Professional Home Economist” is regulated in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta, and “Registered Professional Home Economist” in British Columbia.
  • 註冊移民顧問必須是加拿大移民顧問協會的成員。
  • Certified immigration consultants must be registered members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants.

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 原住民事務發展官 Aboriginal affairs development officer
  • 原住民事務官員 Aboriginal affairs officer
  • 原住民就業政策官員的 Aboriginal employment policy officer
  • 原住民就業方案人員 Aboriginal employment program officer
  • 土著問題遊說 Aboriginal issues lobbyist
  • 通過項目主任 adoption project officer
  • 顧問為一體的殘疾人 adviser for the integration of persons with disabilities
  • 顧問,公共援助 adviser, public assistance
  • 肯定行動顧問 affirmation action advisor
  • 分析師,職業供求 analyst, occupational supply
  • 分析師,社會政策 analyst, social policies
  • 兒童照顧牌官 child care licensing officer
  • 兒童福利政策分析師 child welfare policy analyst
  • 兒童保健計劃策劃主任 child-care programs planning officer
  • 托兒服務聯絡官 child-care services liaison officer
  • 公民官 citizenship officer
  • 社區組織者 community organizer
  • 社區治安計劃顧問 community policing program consultant
  • 社區社會發展官 community social development officer
  • 社會政策顧問, consultant, social policy
  • 顧問,社會服務 consultant, social services
  • 顧問,社會服務規劃 consultant, social services planning
  • 消費顧問 consumer advisor
  • 統籌,公共權利 co-ordinator, public rights
  • 統籌,婦女庇護程序 co-ordinator, women’s shelter program
  • 矯正康復計劃統籌 correction rehabilitation program co-ordinator
  • 懲教服務的政策顧問 correctional service policy consultant
  • 的就業公平顧問 – 社會政策 employment equity adviser – social policy
  • 公平就業顧問 employment equity consultant
  • 公平就業政策分析師 employment equity policy analyst
  • 就業舉措統籌 employment initiatives co-ordinator
  • 就業保險政策分析人員 employment insurance policy analysis officer
  • 就業保險分析師 employment insurance policy analyst
  • 就業保險服務顧問 employment insurance services adviser
  • 就業標準專家 employment standards specialist
  • 評估人員,創造就業機會和就業服務 evaluation officer, job creation and employment services
  • 實驗家庭經濟學家 experimental home economist
  • 擴展家庭經濟學家 extension home economist
  • 家庭暴力預防計劃顧問 family violence prevention program adviser
  • 現場代表 – 住房 field representative – housing
  • 美食顧問 – 家政 food consultant – home economics
  • 家庭經濟顧問 home economics consultant
  • 家庭經濟學家 home economist
  • 家庭的經濟學家 – 消費者協會 home economist – consumer association
  • 住房人員,公共住房 housing officer, public housing
  • 住房政策分析師 housing policy analyst
  • 人權委員會主任 Human Rights Commission officer
  • 人權委員會官員主管 Human Rights Commission officers supervisor
  • 人權官員 human rights officer
  • 人權官員 – 政府服務 human rights officer – government services
  • 人權專家 human rights specialist
  • 移民安置聯絡官 immigrant settlement liaison officer
  • 移民和人口分析人員 immigration and demographic analysis officer
  • 移民顧問 immigration consultant
  • 移民政策顧問 immigration policy advisor
  • 移民政策分析師 immigration policy analyst
  • 移民政策顧問 – 非政府 immigration policy consultant – non-government
  • 移民解決醫生 immigration settlement practitioner
  • 收入維修項目官員 income maintenance program officer
  • 國際援助和發展項目官員 international aid and development project officer
  • 國際援助和發展研究員 international aid and development researcher
  • 國際關係專家 international relations specialist
  • 創造就業機會和就業服務,評估人員 job creation and employment services evaluation officer
  • 勞工事務主任 – 勞工政策 labour affairs officer – labour policy
  • 勞動力市場分析師 labour market analyst
  • 勞動力市場信息官 labour market information officer
  • 勞動力市場政策官員 labour market policy officer
  • 勞動力流動的政策顧問 labour mobility policy consultant
  • 勞工政策分析師 labour policy analyst
  • 勞工政策官員 labour policy officer
  • 勞工標準分析師 labour standards analyst
  • 聯絡官,托兒服務 liaison officer, child-care services
  • 說客,原住民問題 lobbyist, Aboriginal issues
  • 說客,原住民問題 lobbyist, Native issues
  • 多元文化項目官員 multiculturalism project officer
  • 原住民事務人員 Native affairs officer
  • 本地就業計劃的人員 Native employment program officer
  • 原住民問題遊說 Native issues lobbyist
  • 職業供求分析師 occupational supply analyst
  • 人員,原住民就業計劃 officer, Aboriginal employment program
  • 人員,就業保險保單分析 officer, employment insurance policy analysis
  • 官員,人權 officer, human rights
  • 官員,人權委員會 officer, Human Rights Commission
  • 人員,移民和人口分析 officer, immigration and demographic analysis
  • 人員,社會福利計劃 officer, social programs
  • 和平活動家 peace activist
  • 和平研究員 peace researcher
  • 策劃主任,兒童保健方案 planning officer, child-care programs
  • 政策分析員,兒童福利 policy analyst, child welfare
  • 政策分析師,住房 policy analyst, housing
  • 移民政策分析師, policy analyst, immigration
  • 政策分析師,婦女首長的狀態 policy analyst, status of women’s directorate
  • 政策顧問,校正服務 policy consultant, correction services
  • 政策顧問,就業權益 policy consultant, employment equity
  • 勞動力流動政策顧問, policy consultant, labour mobility
  • 政策顧問,婦女就業 policy consultant, women’s employment
  • 政策官員,勞工 policy officer, labour
  • 政策官員,少數可見 policy officer, visible minorities
  • 政治組織者 political organizer
  • 民意測驗專家 pollster
  • 貧困研究員 poverty researcher
  • 方案顧問,預防家庭暴力 program adviser, family violence prevention
  • 節目顧問,社區警務 program consultant, community policing
  • 程序人員,收入維護 program officer, income maintenance
  • 程序人員,原住民就業 program officer, Native employment
  • 項目官員,難民事務 program officer, refugee affairs
  • 節目策劃,社會服務 program planner, social services
  • 項目官員,國際援助和發展 project officer, international aid and development
  • 項目官員,多元文化 project officer, multiculturalism
  • 心理學助理(大學除外) psychology assistant (except university)
  • 公共援助顧問 public assistance adviser
  • 公屋人員 public housing officer
  • 公共住房政策分析師 public housing policy analyst
  • 民意調查研究員 public opinion survey researcher
  • 統籌公權 public rights co-ordinator
  • 種族關係主任 race relations officer
  • 難民事務項目官員 refugee affairs program officer
  • 研究家庭經濟學家 research home economist
  • 研究人員,社會福利 research officer, social welfare
  • 研究員,國際援助和發展 researcher, international aid and development
  • 結算輔導員 settlement counsellor
  • 結算聯絡官 settlement liaison officer
  • 結算醫生 settlement practitioner
  • 社會及社區照顧牌照主任 social and community care licensing officer
  • 社會援助顧問 social assistance advisor
  • 社會救助政策分析師 social assistance policy analyst
  • 社會發展官 social development officer
  • 社會問題研究員 social issues researcher
  • 社會政策顧問 social policy advisor
  • 社會政策分析師 social policy analyst
  • 社會政策顧問 social policy consultant
  • 社會政策規劃顧問 social policy planning consultant
  • 社會政策研究員 social policy researcher
  • 社會項目官員 social program officer
  • 社會研究員 social researcher
  • 社會科學研究員 social science researcher
  • 社會服務計劃人員 social service program officer
  • 社會服務顧問 social services consultant
  • 社會服務策劃者 social services planner
  • 社會服務規劃顧問 social services planning consultant
  • 社會服務計劃人員主管 social services program officers supervisor
  • 社會服務節目策劃 social services program planner
  • 社會調查研究者(統計學家除外) social survey researcher (except statistician)
  • 社會調查研究主管 social survey researchers supervisor
  • 社會福利顧問 social welfare advisor
  • 社會福利研究人員 social welfare research officer
  • 社會經濟研究和規劃人員 socio-economic research and planning officer
  • 專科,就業標準 specialist, employment standards
  • 婦女首長策略分析師狀態 status of women’s directorate policy analyst
  • 主管,人權委員會官員 supervisor, Human Rights Commission officers
  • 主管,社會服務計劃人員 supervisor, social services program officers
  • 主管,社會調查研究 supervisor, social survey researchers
  • 主管,福利政策分析員 supervisor, welfare policy analysts
  • 紡織和服裝顧問 – 家政 textile and clothing consultant – home economics
  • 可見少數民族政策官員 visible minorities policy officer
  • 福利政策分析師主管 welfare policy analysts supervisor
  • 婦女的就業政策顧問 women’s employment policy consultant
  • 婦女問題的說客 women’s issues lobbyist
  • 婦女的節目統籌 women’s program co-ordinator
  • 婦女庇護所計劃統籌 women’s shelter program co-ordinator
  • 婦女地位的政策顧問 women’s status policy consultant
  • 工人賠償人員 workers’ compensation officer
  • 工人補償政策分析師 workers’ compensation policy analyst

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 商業發展主任及營銷研究人員和顧問 Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants 4163
  • 經濟學家和經濟政策研究人員和分析師 Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts 4162
  • 政府經營者 – 衛生和社會政策的製定和計劃管理 Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration 0411
  • 衛生政策研究人員,顧問和項目官員 Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4165
  • 家政教師(中學教師) Home economics teachers (in 4031 Secondary school teachers )
  • 社會政策(經理在社會,社區和懲教服務的非政府管理者) Non-government managers in social policy (in 0423 Managers in social, community and correctional services )
  • 社會和社區服務工作者 Social and community service workers 4212
  • 社會工作者 Social workers 4152




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