NOC 7201 承包商和主管,機械加工,金屬成型,塑造和裝配行業及相關行業 Contractors And Supervisors, Machining, Metal Forming, Shaping And Erecting Trades And Related Occupations


簡介 Intro

此單元組包括板材,鐵工,焊接,鍋爐製造行業承建商,其擁有和經營自己的企業。本組還包括主管,其負責監督和協調以下單元組人員的活動:機械師和機械加工和模具督察[7231](7231),工具和模具製造商[7232](7232),鈑金工人[7233 ](7233),鍋爐工[7234](7234),金屬結構和板金加工鈑金和裝配工[7235](7235),聯合衝剪工[7236](7236),焊接工和相關機械操作員[ 7237](7237)和加工工具經營者[9417](9417)。他們受僱於結構,板金加工和相關金屬製品的製造,生產,安裝企業和機加工車間。

This unit group includes sheet metal, ironwork, welding and boilermaking trade contractors who own and operate their own businesses. This group also includes supervisors who supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers classified in the following unit groups: Machinists and Machining and Tooling Inspectors 7231, Tool and Die Makers 7232, Sheet Metal Workers 7233, Boilermakers 7234, Structural Metal and Platework Fabricators and Fitters 7235, Ironworkers 7236, Welders and Related Machine Operators 7237 and Machining Tool Operators 9417. They are employed by structural, platework and related metal products fabrication, manufacturing and erecting companies and machine shops .

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 監督,協調和安排負責如下工作的工人活動,其塑造,組成連接金屬零件或產品到指定的尺寸,按照精確的尺寸將金屬機械加工成部件,產品,工具和工模或模具,並安裝輕重金屬產品和結構。
  • Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers who shape, form and join metal parts or products to specified dimensions, machine metal into parts, products, tools and dies or moulds with precise measurements and erect light and heavy metal products and structures
  • 建立方法,以滿足工作計劃,並協調與其他部門的工作活動
  • Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments
  • 申報材料和用品
  • Requisition materials and supplies
  • 解決工作中的問題,建議工作措施,以提高生產力
  • Resolve work problems and recommend work measures to improve productivity
  • 培訓或安排工人進行培訓
  • Train or arrange for training of workers
  • 推薦人員行動,如僱用和升遷
  • Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • 確保遵守安全工作條件標準
  • Ensure standards for safe working conditions are observed
  • 準備生產和其他報告
  • Prepare production and other reports
  • 裝配機器及設備並編寫計算機數控機床(CNC)程序
  • Set up machines and equipment and write programs for computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools
  • 可以管理自己公司的運作
  • May manage the operations of their own companies
  • 也可監督,統籌安排相關學徒,機器操作員,助理和勞動者的活動。
  • May also supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of related apprentices, machine operators, helpers and labourers.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要完成中學學業。
  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 必須具備多年的合格機械師或工具和模具製造商的經驗。
  • Several years of experience as a qualified machinist or tool and die maker are required.
  • 必需具備加工,工具和模具製造的熟練工/男/女行業認證或另外的相關金工行業認證。
  • Journeyman/woman trade certification in machining, tool and die making or in another related metalworking trade is required.

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 汽車機加工車間領班/男/女 automotive machine shop foreman/woman
  • 鐵匠鋪領班/男/女 blacksmith shop foreman/woman
  • 鍋爐車間領班/男/女 boilermaking shop foreman/woman
  • 承包商,建築鐵工 contractor, construction ironwork
  • 承包商,建築鐵器 contractor, construction ironworking
  • 承包,鐵工 contractor, ironwork
  • 承包商,金屬加工成型,成型和安裝 contractor, metalwork forming, shaping and installing
  • 承包商,鈑金 contractor, sheet metal
  • 金屬板屋面承包商, contractor, sheet metal roofing
  • 承包商,鋼結構形成,塑造,樹立 contractor, steel structure forming, shaping and erecting
  • 承包商,鋼結構架設 contractor, structural steel erecting
  • 承包商,焊接 contractor, welding
  • 領班/男/女,汽車機加工車間 foreman/woman, automotive machine shop
  • 領班/男/女,鐵匠鋪 foreman/woman, blacksmith shop
  • 領班/男/女,鐵匠 foreman/woman, blacksmiths
  • 領班/男/女,鍋爐工 foreman/woman, boilermakers
  • 領班/男/女,鍋爐製造,電鍍工,結構性金屬工人 foreman/woman, boilermakers, platers, and structural metal workers
  • 鍋爐車間領班/男/女 foreman/woman, boilermaking shop
  • 領班/男/女,銅匠 foreman/woman, coppersmiths
  • 領班/男/女,鐵工 foreman/woman, ironworkers
  • 領班/男/女,機械加工車間 foreman/woman, machine shop
  • 領班/男/女,機加工車間檢查員 foreman/woman, machine shop inspectors
  • 領班/男/女,機床經營 foreman/woman, machine tool operators
  • 領班/男/女,加工 foreman/woman, machining
  • 領班/男/女,加工和模具督察 foreman/woman, machining and tooling inspectors
  • 領班/男/女,加工督察 foreman/woman, machining inspectors
  • 領班/男/女,加工工具經營 foreman/woman, machining tool operators
  • 領班/男/女,加工工具 foreman/woman, machining tools
  • 領班/男/女,機械師 foreman/woman, machinists
  • 領班/男/女,機械師和機床設置運營商 foreman/woman, machinists and machine tool set-up operators
  • 領班/男/女,維修加工車間 foreman/woman, maintenance machine shop
  • 領班/男/女,金屬加工廠, foreman/woman, metal fabricators
  • 領班/男/女,金屬鉗工 foreman/woman, metal fitters
  • 領班/男/女,金屬模具及金屬的打樣 foreman/woman, metal mould and metal patternmakers
  • 領班/男/女,金屬塑造者 foreman/woman, metal shapers
  • 領班/男/女,金屬加工檢驗 foreman/woman, metal-machining inspection
  • 領班/男/女,模具車間 – 機械加工 foreman/woman, mould shop – machining
  • 領班/男/女,製版車間 foreman/woman, plate shop
  • 工頭/可的男/女,platework製造 foreman/woman, platework fabricators
  • 領班/男/女,鈑金工人 foreman/woman, sheet metal workers
  • 領班/男/女,鋼鐵鉗工 – 金屬加工 foreman/woman, steel fitters – metal fabrication
  • 領班/男/女,鋼框架建設者 foreman/woman, steel frame erectors
  • 領班/男/女,鋼裝配工 foreman/woman, steel riggers
  • 領班/男/女,鋼結構安裝工 foreman/woman, steel structure erectors
  • 領班/男/女,鋼桁樑建設者 foreman/woman, steel truss erectors
  • 領班/男/女,金屬結構安裝工 foreman/woman, structural metal erectors
  • 領班/男/女,金屬結構製造 foreman/woman, structural metal fabricators
  • 領班/男/女,結構鋼工人 foreman/woman, structural steel workers
  • 領班/男/女,工具和模具督察 foreman/woman, tool and die inspectors
  • 領班/男/女,工具和模具製造商 foreman/woman, tool and die makers
  • 領班/男/女,工裝督察 foreman/woman, tooling inspectors
  • 領班/男/女,電焊工 foreman/woman, welders
  • 領班/男/女,鋅屋頂工 foreman/woman, zinc roofers
  • headwelder,電焊鋼管廠 headwelder, electric welding pipe mill
  • 鐵工承建商 ironwork contractor
  • 鐵工領班/男/女 ironworkers foreman/woman
  • 機加工車間領班/男/女 machine shop foreman/woman
  • 機加工車間檢查員領班/男/女 machine shop inspectors foreman/woman
  • 機加工車間主管 machine shop supervisor
  • 機床磨削領班/男/女 machine tool grinding foreman/woman
  • 機床操作員領班/男/女 machine tool operators foreman/woman
  • 加工和模具檢查員領班/男/女 machining and tooling inspectors foreman/woman
  • 加工領班/男/女 machining foreman/woman
  • 加工檢查員領班/男/女 machining inspectors foreman/woman
  • 加工主管 machining supervisor
  • 加工刀具領班/男/女 machining tool foreman/woman
  • 加工工具經營領班/男/女 machining tool operators foreman/woman
  • 機械師和機床設置運營商領班/男/女 machinists and machine tool set-up operators foreman/woman
  • 機械師領班/男/女 machinists foreman/woman
  • 機械師主管 machinists supervisor
  • 維修機加工車間領班/男/女 maintenance machine shop foreman/woman
  • 金屬鉗工領班/男/女 metal fitters foreman/woman
  • 金屬模具和金屬的打樣領班/男/女 metal mould and metal patternmakers foreman/woman
  • 金屬模具和金屬的打樣主管 metal mould and metal patternmakers supervisor
  • 金屬成形機領班/男/女 metal shapers foreman/woman
  • 金屬造船領班/男/女 metal shipwright foreman/woman
  • 金屬加工檢驗領班/男/女 metal-machining inspection foreman/woman
  • 金屬加工成型,成型和安裝承包商 metalwork forming, shaping and installing contractor
  • 模具車間領班/男/女 – 機械加工 mould shop foreman/woman – machining
  • 模車間領班/男/女 – 金屬機械加工 pattern shop foreman/woman – metal machining
  • 製版車間領班/男/女 plate shop foreman/woman
  • platework製造領班/男/女 platework fabricators foreman/woman
  • 精密儀器加工車間領班/男/女 precision instrument machine shop foreman/woman
  • 生產加工車間領班/男/女 production machine shop foreman/woman
  • 質量控制領班/男/女 – 金屬機械加工 quality control foreman/woman – metal machining
  • 鈑金承包商 sheet metal contractor
  • 金屬板屋面承包商 sheet metal roofing contractor
  • 鈑金工人領班/男/女 sheet metal workers foreman/woman
  • 鈑金職工主管 sheet metal workers supervisor
  • 船造領班/男/女 ship riggers foreman/woman
  • shipfitters領班/男/女 shipfitters foreman/woman
  • 船廠機加工車間領班/男/女 shipyard machine shop foreman/woman
  • 車間領班/男/女鍋爐 shop foreman/woman, boilermaking
  • 鋼架安裝工工頭/男/女 steel frame erectors foreman/woman
  • 鋼結構安裝工工頭/男/女 steel structure erectors foreman/woman
  • 鋼結構成型,塑造,樹立承建商 steel structure forming, shaping and erecting contractor
  • 鋼桁架建設者領班/男/女 steel truss erectors foreman/woman
  • 結構鋼承建商 structural steel contractor
  • 結構鋼架設承包商 structural steel erecting contractor
  • 主管,鍋爐工 supervisor, boilermakers
  • 主管,鐵廠 supervisor, ironworks
  • 主管,機加工車間 supervisor, machine shop
  • 主管,機械加工 supervisor, machining
  • 主管,機械師 supervisor, machinists
  • 主管,金屬模具及金屬的打樣 supervisor, metal mould and metal patternmakers
  • 主管,platework 製造 supervisor, platework fabricators
  • 主管,金屬板屋頂工 supervisor, sheet metal roofers
  • 主管,鈑金工人 supervisor, sheet metal workers
  • 主管,結構金屬鉗工 supervisor, structural metal fitters
  • 主管,工具和模具督察 supervisor, tool and die inspectors
  • 主管,工具和模具製造商 supervisor, tool and die makers
  • 主管,工裝督察; supervisor, tooling inspectors
  • 主管,焊工 supervisor, welders
  • 工具和模具督察領班/男/女 tool and die inspectors foreman/woman
  • 工具和模具督察監督員 tool and die inspectors supervisor
  • 工具和模具製造商領班/男/女 tool and die makers foreman/woman
  • 工具和模具製造商主管 tool and die makers supervisor
  • 工具和模具製造主管 tool and die making supervisor
  • 工裝領班/男/女 tooling foreman/woman
  • 工裝督察領班/男/女 tooling inspectors foreman/woman
  • 工裝督察監督員 tooling inspectors supervisor
  • 模具主管 tooling supervisor
  • 模具車間領班/男/女 toolroom foreman/woman
  • 焊工領班/男/女 welder foreman/woman
  • 焊接承建商 welding contractor
  • 焊接監督員 welding supervisor
  • 鋅屋頂工領班/男/女 zinc roofers foreman/woman

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • CAD-CAM和CMM的程序員(工業工程與製造技師和技術員) CAD-CAM and CMM programmers (in 2233 Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians )
  • 主管,機動車組裝 Supervisors, motor vehicle assembling 9221
  • 主管,其他機械和金屬製品製造​​業 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing 9226




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