NOC 7441 住宅和商業安裝工和服務商 Residential And Commercial Installers And Servicers


簡介 Intro


Workers in this unit group install and service a wide variety of interior and exterior prefabricated products such as windows, doors, electrical appliances, water heaters, fences, play structures and septic and irrigation systems at residential, commercial or institutional properties. They are employed by companies specializing in specific product installation and service.

There is some mobility among the various types of installers and servicers in this unit group.

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 閱讀藍圖或工作秩序規範,以確定佈局和安裝程序
  • Read blueprints or work order specifications to determine layout and installation procedures
  • 測量和標記便於安裝所用的指南
  • Measure and mark guidelines to be used for installations
  • 使用手動和電動工具安裝,維修和服務室內預製產品,如門,窗,廚房櫥櫃,浴室面盆,熱水器和家用電器
  • Install, repair and service interior prefabricated products such as doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, water heaters and household appliances using hand and power tools
  • 採用手動和電動工具安裝,維修和服務外牆預製壁板等產品,如百葉窗,遮陽蓬,擊劍,甲板,化糞池和灌溉系統,標誌和發揮結構。
  • Install, repair and service exterior prefabricated products such as siding, shutters, awnings, fencing, decks, septic and irrigation systems, signs and play structures using hand and power tools.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要某些中學教育。
  • Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • 通常要求在職培訓和數月的相關安裝,修理或維護經驗。
  • On-the-job training and several months of related installing, repairing or servicing experience are usually required.
  • 可能需要駕駛執照。
  • A driver’s licence may be required.

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 空調安裝工,窗口 air conditioner installer, window
  • 空調安裝工,窗口 air conditioning installer, window
  • 空氣處理安裝工 air treatment installer
  • 鋁合金門窗安裝工 aluminum door and window installer
  • 鋁牆板安裝工 aluminum siding installer
  • 鋁合金窗安裝工 aluminum window installer
  • 天線安裝工 – 電子設備 antenna installer – electronic equipment
  • 天線安裝工,電視 antenna installer, television
  • 塗料工,壁板 applicator, siding
  • 自動門系統安裝工 automatic door system installer
  • 自動門系統的安裝工和服務商 automatic door system installer and servicer
  • 自動門系統服務商 automatic door system servicer
  • 自動車庫門安裝工 automatic garage door installer
  • 雨篷安裝工 awning erector
  • 雨篷安裝工 awning installer
  • 廣告牌安裝工 billboard erector
  • 建設者,庭院 builder, patios
  • 鍊鍊接圍欄安裝工 chain link fence erector
  • cladder cladder
  • 商業招牌安裝工 commercial sign erector
  • 商業招牌安裝工 commercial sign installer
  • 甲板建設者 deck builder
  • 甲板安裝工 deck installer
  • 牙科設備安裝工服務商 dental equipment installer-servicer
  • 洗碗機安裝工 dishwasher installer
  • 碼頭建設者安裝工 dock builder-installer
  • 門安裝工 door installer
  • 門安裝工,鋁 door installer, aluminum
  • 門安裝工,住宅 door installer, residential
  • 窗簾衣架 drapery hanger
  • 窗簾安裝工 drapery installer
  • 管道安裝工 duct installer
  • eavestrough安裝工 eavestrough installer
  • 電器安裝工 electric appliance installer
  • 家用電動器具安裝工程序 electric household appliance installer
  • 家用電動器具安裝工 – 住宅和商用設備 electric household appliance installer – residential and commercial equipment
  • 電動手安裝工 electric sign erector
  • 電器安裝工 electrical appliance installer
  • 安裝工工人,電力標牌 erector, electric signs
  • 安裝工工人,霓虹燈 erector, neon signs
  • 安裝工工人,標誌 erector, sign
  • 外部cladder exterior cladder
  • 外觀微調 – 建設 exterior trimmer – building
  • 圍欄建設者 fence builder
  • 柵欄,鐵路建設者 fence builder, rail
  • 圍欄安裝工 fence erector
  • 籃子編織圍欄安裝工工人, fence erector, basket weave
  • 圍欄安裝工,勾 fence erector, chain link
  • 圍欄安裝工百葉窗 fence erector, louvred
  • 安裝工柵欄,金屬 fence erector, metal
  • 柵欄安裝工工人,電線 fence erector, wire
  • ,木柵欄安裝工 fence erector, wood
  • 護欄安裝工 fence installer
  • 地板砂光機 floor sander
  • 地板砂光機和裝訂工 floor sander and finisher
  • 地板砂光工和拋光工人 floor sander and polisher
  • 車庫門安裝工 garage door installer
  • 熱浴缸安裝工 hot tub installer
  • 熱水浴池服務商 hot tub servicer
  • 熱水器安裝工 hot water heater installer
  • 家電安裝工 household appliance installer
  • 工業門安裝工程序 industrial door installer
  • 安裝工和服務商,自動門系統 installer and servicer, automatic door systems
  • 安裝工,鋁雨篷; installer, aluminum awning
  • 安裝工,鋁合金門窗 installer, aluminum doors
  • 安裝工,鋁牆板 installer, aluminum siding
  • 安裝工,鋁合金門窗 installer, aluminum windows
  • 安裝工,天線 – 電子設備 installer, antennas – electronic equipment
  • 安裝工程序,自動門系統 installer, automatic door system
  • 安裝工程序,自動車庫門 installer, automatic garage door
  • 安裝工,遮陽篷 installer, awnings
  • 安裝工,窗簾 installer, curtains
  • 安裝工門, installer, doors
  • 安裝工,管道 – 施工 installer, ducts – construction
  • 安裝工,天溝 installer, eavestroughs
  • 電器安裝工, installer, electric appliances
  • 安裝工程序,家用電器 – 住宅和商用設備 installer, electric household appliances – residential and commercial equipment
  • 安裝工,電器 installer, electrical appliances
  • 安裝工,護欄 installer, fence
  • 安裝工,車庫門 installer, garage doors
  • 安裝工,熱水器 installer, hot water heaters
  • 安裝工,家電 installer, household appliance
  • 安裝工,工業門 installer, industrial doors
  • 安裝工程序,環環相扣的鋪路石 installer, interlocking paving stone
  • 安裝工,廚櫃 installer, kitchen cabinet
  • 安裝工,廚房的櫥櫃和梳妝台 installer, kitchen cupboards and vanities
  • 安裝工,廚房設備 installer, kitchen units
  • 安裝工,實驗室家具 installer, laboratory furnishings
  • 安裝工,避雷針 installer, lightning rods
  • 安裝工,霓虹燈 installer, neon signs
  • 安裝工,架空門 installer, overhead doors
  • 安裝工,泳池設備 installer, pool equipment
  • 安裝工,娛樂設備 installer, recreational equipment
  • 安裝工,住宅門 installer, residential doors
  • 安裝工衛星天線 installer, satellite antennas
  • 安裝工,衛星天線 installer, satellite dishes
  • 安裝工,化糞池系統 installer, septic system
  • 安裝工,化糞池 installer, septic tank
  • 安裝工,壁板 installer, siding
  • 安裝工,標誌 installer, signs
  • 安裝工,太陽能加熱設備 installer, solar heating equipment
  • 安裝工,結構座椅 installer, structure seats
  • 安裝工,游泳池 installer, swimming pool
  • 安裝工,游泳池過濾器和加熱器 installer, swimming pool filters and heaters
  • 安裝工,電視天線 installer, television antennas
  • 安裝工,交通信號燈 installer, traffic lights
  • 安裝工,百葉簾 installer, venetian blinds
  • 安裝工,乙烯基池 installer, vinyl pools
  • 安裝工,熱水器 installer, water heaters
  • 安裝工水軟化系統 installer, water-softening systems
  • 安裝工,密封條 installer, weather strips
  • 安裝工,窗簾 installer, window shades
  • 安裝工,窗戶 installer, windows
  • 安裝工,木板 installer, wooden panels
  • 安裝工程序,木製窗框 installer, wooden window sash
  • 安裝工服務商,旅行拖車 installer-servicer, travel trailers
  • 聯鎖石安裝工 interlocking stone installer
  • 灌溉系統的安裝工 irrigation system installer
  • 灌溉技術員 – 安裝工和維護 irrigation technician – installation and maintenance
  • 廚房櫃安裝工 kitchen cabinet installer
  • 廚房櫥櫃和虛榮安裝工 kitchen cupboard and vanity installer
  • 廚房單元安裝工 kitchen unit installer
  • 實驗室設備安裝工 laboratory equipment installer
  • 實驗室家具安裝工 laboratory furnishings installer
  • 雷電電纜安裝工 lightning cable installer
  • 避雷針安裝工 lightning rod installer
  • 安裝工百葉柵欄 louvred fence erector
  • 維護者,手機之家 maintainer, mobile home
  • 主要的家用電器安裝工 major electric household appliance installer
  • 主要電器安裝工 major electrical appliance installer
  • 金屬柵欄安裝工 metal fence erector
  • 移動家用設備的服務 mobile home equipment servicer
  • 手機之家的維護者 mobile home maintainer
  • 手機之家維修工 mobile home repairer
  • 手機之家服務商 mobile home servicer
  • 霓虹燈招牌安裝工 neon sign erector
  • 霓虹招牌安裝工 neon sign installer
  • 辦公家具安裝工 office furniture installer
  • 架空門安裝工 overhead door installer
  • 天井建設者 patio builder
  • 管風琴安裝工 pipe organ erector
  • 管風琴安裝工 pipe organ installer
  • 泳池設備安裝工 pool equipment installer
  • 池安裝工,乙烯基 pool installer, vinyl
  • 池服務routeman /男/女 pool service routeman/woman
  • 池服務商 pool servicer
  • 鐵路柵欄建設者 rail fence builder
  • 娛樂設備安裝工工人 recreation equipment erector
  • 休閒結構安裝工 recreation structure erector
  • 休閒設備安裝工 recreational equipment installer
  • 維修工,水空調 repairer, water conditioners
  • 維修工,軟水機 repairer, water softeners
  • 維修工,水軟化系統 repairer, water-softening systems
  • 小區門口安裝工 residential door installer
  • 房間空氣調節器安裝工程序,住宅 room air conditioner installer, residential
  • 送貨人 /男/女,池服務 routeman/woman, pool service
  • 砂光機和裝訂,地板 sander and finisher, floor
  • 衛星天線安裝工 satellite antenna installer
  • 碟形衛星天線安裝工 satellite dish installer
  • 化糞池系統安裝工 septic system installer
  • 化糞池安裝工 septic tank installer
  • 服務送貨人 /男/女,游泳池 service routeman/woman, pools
  • 服務商,自動門系統 servicer, automatic door systems
  • 手機之家服務商 servicer, mobile home
  • 服務商,移動家用設備 servicer, mobile home equipment
  • 服務機構,池 servicer, pools
  • 服務商,游泳池 servicer, swimming pool
  • 水空調服務商, servicer, water conditioner
  • 服務商,熱水器 servicer, water heaters
  • 壁板塗藥工 siding applicator
  • 壁板安裝工 siding installer
  • 簽署安裝工 sign erector
  • 簽署安裝工工人,商業 sign erector, commercial
  • 簽署安裝工 sign installer
  • 雪柵欄安裝工 snow fence erector
  • 太陽能采暖設備安裝工 solar heating equipment installer
  • 太陽能加熱技術人員 solar heating technician
  • 結構座椅安裝工 structure seat installer
  • 游泳池過濾器和加熱器安裝工 swimming pool filter and heater installer
  • 游泳池安裝工 swimming pool installer
  • 游泳池維修工 swimming pool repairer
  • 游泳池服務商 swimming pool servicer
  • 游泳池工人 swimming pool worker
  • 技術員,太陽能采暖 technician, solar heating
  • 電視天線安裝工 television antenna installer
  • 交通燈安裝工 traffic light installer
  • 交通信號安裝工 traffic signal installer
  • 旅行拖車安裝工服務商 travel trailer installer-servicer
  • 虛榮和廚房櫥櫃安裝工 vanity and kitchen cupboard installer
  • 百葉簾安裝工 Venetian blind installer
  • 乙烯基池安裝工 vinyl pool installer
  • 水空調維修工 water conditioner repairer
  • 水空調服務商 water conditioner servicer
  • 熱水器安裝工 water heater installer
  • 熱水器服務商 water heater servicer
  • 軟水器安裝工 water softener installer
  • 軟水維修工 water softener repairer
  • 軟水器服務商 water softener servicer
  • 軟化水系統服務商 water softening system servicer
  • 水軟化系統維修工 water-softening system repairer
  • 密封條安裝工程序 weather strip installer
  • 天氣脫衣舞 weather stripper
  • 窗式空調器安裝工 window air conditioner installer
  • 門窗安裝工,鋁 window and door installer, aluminum
  • 窗口安裝工 window installer
  • 百葉窗安裝工 window shade installer
  • 鐵絲圍欄安裝工 wire fence erector
  • 木壁板塗藥 wood siding applicator
  • 木柵欄安裝工 wooden fence erector
  • 木製面板安裝工 wooden panel installer
  • 木製窗框安裝工 wooden window sash installer

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 家電服務商和維修工 Appliance servicers and repairers 7332
  • 中央空調的安裝工(製冷與空調技工) Central air conditioner installers (in 7313 Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics )
  • Steamfitters ,管道裝配和自動噴水滅火系統安裝工 Steamfitters, pipefitters and sprinkler system installers 7252
  • 主管的工人在這個單元組( 承包商和監督員,等建設行業,安裝工,維修和服務商) Supervisors of workers in this unit group (in 7205 Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers , repairers and servicers )




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