NOC 7521 重型設備操作員(除了起重機)Heavy Equipment Operators (Except Crane)


簡介 Intro


Heavy equipment operators operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings and other structures; in surface mining and quarrying activities; and in material handling work. They are employed by construction companies , heavy equipment contractors, public works departments and pipeline, logging, cargo-handling and other companies.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 在建築及相關活動的過程中,操作重型設備,如挖土機,推土機,裝載機,平地機,挖掘,移動,裝載和分級土壤,岩石,砂礫或其他材料
  • Operate heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, loaders and graders to excavate, move, load and grade earth, rock, gravel or other materials during construction and related activities
  • 操作推土機等重型設備,在伐木活動之前清理粗雜材和樹樁,並在採伐和地表採礦場修建道路
  • Operate bulldozers or other heavy equipment to clear brush and stumps prior to logging activities and to build roads at logging and surface mining sites
  • 操作帶有樁機頭的重型設備將樁鑽入泥土,為樓宇,橋樑或其他結構提供支撐
  • Operate heavy equipment with pile driver head to drive piling into earth to provide support for buildings, bridges or other structures
  • 操作重型疏浚設備來加深水道或回收填土
  • Operate heavy dredging equipment to deepen waterways or reclaim earth fill
  • 在公路和道路建設過程中,操作重型鋪路和堆焊設備,來鋪設,播撒或壓實混凝土,瀝青等表面材料
  • Operate heavy paving and surfacing equipment to lay, spread or compact concrete, asphalt and other surface materials during highway and road construction
  • 操作電鏟,從露天礦山,露天礦,採石場或施工坑挖掘岩石,礦石或其他材料
  • Operate power shovels to excavate rock, ore or other materials from open-pit mines, strip mines, quarries or construction pits
  • 操作重型設備移動,裝卸貨物
  • Operate heavy equipment to move, load and unload cargo
  • 對設備進行運行前檢查,並清潔,潤滑和填充設備。
  • Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment and clean, lubricate and refill equipment.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必須具備中學教育。
  • Some secondary school education is required.
  • 完成一到兩年的學徒課程
  • Completion of a one- to two-year apprenticeship program
  • 或者必須是高中,大學或重型設備操作行業課程與在職培訓相結合。
  • Some high school, college or industry courses in heavy equipment operating combined with on-the-job training are required.
  • 在魁北克省行業認證是強制性的,但在紐芬蘭和拉布拉多省,西北地區和努納武特地區是自願的。
  • Trade certification is compulsory in Quebec and available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
  • 一些雇主可能要求公司內部認證。
  • Internal company certification may be required by some employers.

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 空中纜車運營商 aerial tram operator
  • 學徒重型設備操作員 apprentice heavy equipment operator
  • 瀝青批工廠操作員 asphalt batch plant operator
  • 瀝青工廠操作員 asphalt plant operator
  • 瀝青輥運營商 asphalt roller operator
  • 瀝青攤舖運營商 asphalt spreader operator
  • 瀝青街頭攤舖機操作員 asphalt street paver operator
  • 瀝青開槽機操作員 asphalt-grooving machine operator
  • 瀝青攤舖機操作員 asphalt-paving machine operator
  • 瀝青攤舖找平操作員 asphalt-paving screed operator
  • 反鏟挖土機操作員 backhoe operator
  • 瀝青攤舖機操作員 – 重型設備 bituminous paver operator – heavy equipment
  • 山貓運營商 bobcat operator
  • 繁榮輸送運營商 boom-conveyor operator
  • 鬥輪運營商 bucketwheel operator
  • 鬥輪挖掘機操作員 bucketwheel-excavator operator
  • 馬車運營商皮革商 buggy-operator skinner
  • 馬車刮板運營商 buggy-scraper operator
  • 推土機司機 bulldozer driver
  • 推土機操作員 bulldozer operator
  • 貓運營商 cat operator
  • 貓剝皮工人 cat skinner
  • 履帶車運營商 caterpillar car operator
  • 履帶運營商 caterpillar operator
  • 混凝土吊具運營商 – 重型設備 concrete spreader operator – heavy equipment
  • 混凝土開槽機操作員 concrete-grooving machine operator
  • 混凝土攤舖機操作員 concrete-paving machine operator
  • 施工設備操作員 construction equipment operator
  • 連續斗式挖掘機操作員 continuous bucket excavator operator
  • 履帶式推土機運營商 crawler tractor operator
  • 挖溝運營商 – 建設 ditcher operator – construction
  • 開溝機操作員 ditching machine operator
  • 推土機操作員 dozer operator
  • 疏通運營商 dredge operator
  • 疏通推銷員 dredge runner
  • 土方設備操作員 earth-moving equipment operator
  • 電氣設備運營商 – 鏟 electrical equipment operator – shovel
  • 提高年級運營商 elevating grader operator
  • 提高刮板運營商 elevating scraper operator
  • 設備操作工,重型 equipment operator, heavy-duty
  • 挖掘機的操作員 excavating machine operator
  • 挖掘機操作員 excavator operator
  • 前端裝載機操作員 front end loader operator
  • GRADALL運營商 gradall operator
  • 平地機操作員 grader operator
  • 槽切割機操作員 groove-cutting machine operator
  • 開槽機操作員 – 重型設備 grooving machine operator – heavy equipment
  • 打樁錘運營商, hammer operator, pile driving
  • 加熱器刨床操作員 heater-planer operator
  • 重型建築設備操作員 heavy construction-equipment operator
  • 重型設備操作員 heavy equipment operator
  • 重型設備操作員學徒 heavy equipment operator apprentice
  • 重型設備操作員 heavy-duty equipment operator
  • 重型設備操作員學徒 heavy-duty equipment operator apprentice
  • HO- RAM運營商 ho-ram operator
  • 水平鑽土機運營商 horizo​​ntal earth-boring machine operator
  • 液壓挖掘機操作員 hydraulic excavator operator
  • 工業反鏟挖土機操作員 industrial backhoe operator
  • 裝載機操作員 – 建設 loader operator – construction
  • 海洋鐵路運營 marine railway operator
  • 挖掘鏟運營商(除地下) mining shovel operator (except underground)
  • 摩爾運營商 mole operator
  • 無賴運營商 – 建設 mucker operator – construction
  • 碴機操作員 – 建設 mucking machine operator – construction
  • 操作工程師,重型設備 operating engineer, heavy equipment
  • 運營商,瀝青廠 operator, asphalt plant
  • 運營商,重型建築設備 operator, heavy construction-equipment
  • 運營商,打樁錘 operator, pile-driving hammer
  • 運營商,側臂的拖拉機 operator, side boom tractor
  • 攤舖機操作員 paver operator
  • 運輸裝載機運營商 payloader operator
  • 泥炭苔蘚切割機操作員 peat-moss-cutting machine operator
  • 泥炭苔收集機器操作員 peat-moss-gathering machine operator
  • 樁機絞車操作員 pile driver winch operator
  • 打樁錘運營商 pile-driving hammer operator
  • 吊管機操作員 pipelayer operator
  • 電力年級運營商 power grader operator
  • 電鏟操作員 power shovel operator
  • 鬆土拌和機運營商 pulvimixer operator
  • 鬆土運營商 – 重型設備 ripper operator – heavy equipment
  • 道路年級運營商 road grader operator
  • 道路攪拌機操作員 road mixer operator
  • 道路刨床操作員 road planer operator
  • 壓路機操作員 road roller operator
  • 輥運營商 roller operator
  • 旋轉挖溝運營商 rotary trencher operator
  • 鬆土運營商 scarifier operator
  • 刮板運營商 scraper operator
  • 熨平運營商,瀝青攤舖 screed operator, asphalt paving
  • 屏蔽運營商 shield operator
  • 鏟運營商 – 重型設備 shovel operator – heavy equipment
  • 側臂的運營商 – 管道建設 side boom operator – pipeline construction
  • 側臂的拖拉機操作員 side boom tractor operator
  • 雪疏導機器操作員 snow-grooming machine operator
  • 吊具運營商 – 重型設備 spreader operator – heavy equipment
  • 堆垛機操作員 – 重型設備 stacker operator – heavy equipment
  • 街頭攤舖機操作員 street paver operator
  • 街頭攤舖機,瀝青運營商 street paver, asphalt operator
  • 剝離鏟運營商 stripping shovel operator
  • 液壓千斤頂結構安裝工 structural hydraulic jack erector
  • 露天採礦設備運營商 surface mining equipment operator
  • 履帶裝載機操作員 track-loader operator
  • 拖拉機運營商 – 建設 tractor operator – construction
  • 拖拉機挖掘機操作員 tractor-excavator operator
  • 溝槽挖機操作員 trench-digging machine operator
  • 挖溝機操作員 trenching machine operator
  • 掘進機操作員 tunnelling machine operator
  • 振動壓路機運營商 vibratory road roller operator
  • 振動壓路機操作員 vibratory roller operator

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 承包商和監督員,重型設備操作人員 Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews 7302
  • 起重機操作員 Crane operators 7371
  • 叉車及工業車輛運營商( 材料處理) Forklift and industrial truck operators (in 7452 Material handlers )
  • 伐木機械運營商 Logging machinery operators 8421
  • 地下生產和發展的礦工 Underground production and development miners 8231




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