NOC 2231 土木工程技師和技術員 Civil Engineering Technologists And Technicians


簡介 Intro


Civil engineering technologists and technicians provide technical support and services to scientists, engineers and other professionals, or may work independently in fields such as structural engineering, municipal engineering, construction design and supervision, highways and transportation engineering, water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental protection. They are employed by consulting engineering and construction companies, public works, transportation and other government departments and in many other industries.

There is mobility to related occupations, such as drafting technologists and technicians and construction inspectors and estimators.

Progression to construction supervisors or construction managers is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

土木工程師執行部分或全部下列職責:Civil engineering technologists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 按照初步的概念和草圖開發工程設計和圖紙
  • Develop engineering designs and drawings from preliminary concepts and sketches
  • 準備施工規範,成本和材料估計,項目進度和報告
  • Prepare construction specifications, cost and material estimates, project schedules and reports
  • 監督或進行地形地貌,土壤,排水和供水系統,道路和公路系統,建築物和構築物實地調查,檢查或技術調查,為工程項目提供數據
  • Supervise or conduct field surveys, inspections or technical investigations of topography, soils, drainage and water supply systems, road and highway systems, buildings and structures to provide data for engineering projects
  • 執行​​或監督建築材料的檢查和測試
  • Conduct or supervise inspection and testing of construction materials
  • 可以監督,監測和檢查建設項目。
  • May supervise, monitor and inspect construction projects.

土木工程技師執行部分或全部下列職責:Civil engineering technicians perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 協助開發工程範本和圖紙
  • Assist in developing engineering specifications and drawings
  • 參與地形地貌,土壤,排水和供水系統,道路和公路系統,建築物和構築物的實地調查,檢查或技術調查,為工程項目於提供數據
  • Participate in field surveys, inspections or technical investigations of topography, soils, drainage and water supply systems, road and highway systems, buildings and structures to provide data for engineering projects
  • 執行支持民用工程活動的其他技術功能。
  • Perform other technical functions in support of civil engineering activities.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 土木技師通常需要完成兩年或三年制的土木工程技術或密切相關的學科的大專課程。
  • Completion of a two- or three-year college program in civil engineering technology or a closely related discipline is usually required for civil engineering technologists.
  • 土木工程技師通常需要完成一年或兩年的土木工程技術大學課程。
  • Completion of a one- or two-year college program in civil engineering technology is usually required for civil engineering technicians.
  • 土木工程技術認證,或相關領域的認證在工程/應用科學技術專家和技術人員省級協會適用,同時某些職位也要求具備該認證。
  • Certification in civil engineering technology or in a related field is available through provincial associations of engineering/applied science technologists and technicians and may be required for some positions.
  • 通常需要具備兩年的被監管工作經驗,才可取得認證。
  • A period of supervised work experience, usually two years, is required before certification.
  • 在魁北克省,專業技術人員監管機構的成員要求使用“專業技術人員”稱號。
  • In Quebec, membership in the regulatory body for professional technologists is required to use the title “Professional Technologist.”

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 農業工程技術人員 agricultural engineering technician
  • 空氣污染現場技術人員 air pollution field technician
  • 建築和工程技術人員和技術人員的主管 architectural and engineering technologists and technicians supervisor
  • 橋樑設計技師 bridge design technician
  • 建材技術人員 building materials technician
  • 土木工程設計技師 civil engineering design technologist
  • 土木工程研究技師 civil engineering studies technologist
  • 民用工程技術員 civil engineering technician
  • 土木工程技師 civil engineering technologist
  • 具體技師 concrete technician
  • 建設工程技術人員 construction engineering technician
  • 施工要求作家 construction requirements writer
  • 建築規格作家 construction specifications writer
  • 施工技術員 construction technician
  • 施工技術員 – 土木工程 construction technician – civil engineering
  • 施工技術員 construction technologist
  • 設計技術員,土木工程 design technologist, civil engineering
  • 環保技術人員 environmental technician
  • 現場技術員,空氣污染 field technician, air pollution
  • 基礎技師 foundation technologist
  • 公路建設材料測試技術員 highway construction materials testing technician
  • 公路技師 highway technician
  • 公路交通技師 highway traffic technician
  • 土地使用技術員 land use technician
  • 材料測試技術員 materials testing technician
  • 材料測試技師 materials testing technologist
  • 措施技師 measures technician
  • 市政工程助理 municipal engineering assistant
  • 消減噪音技術員 noise abatement technician
  • 降噪技術人員 noise reduction technician
  • 污染控制技術員 pollution control technician
  • 鐵路技師 railway technician
  • 公路技師 road technician
  • 道路交通技師 road traffic technician
  • 土壤技師 – 土木工程 soil technologist – civil engineering
  • 測土配方技術專家 soil testing technologist
  • 測土配方技術專家 – 土木工程 soil testing technologist – civil engineering
  • 固體廢棄物處理技術員 solid waste disposal technician
  • 規格作家,建築 specifications writer, construction
  • 結構設計技師 structural design technologist
  • 結構工程技師 structural engineering technician
  • 結構性研究員 structural investigator
  • 主管,建築和工程技術人員和技術人員 supervisor, architectural and engineering technologists and technicians
  • 技術員,農業工程 technician, agricultural engineering
  • 技術員,橋樑設計 technician, bridge design
  • 技術員,建材 technician, building materials
  • 技術員,土木工程 technician, civil engineering
  • 技術員,混凝土 technician, concrete
  • 技術員,施工 technician, construction
  • 技術員,施工工程 technician, construction engineering
  • 技術員,環 technician, environmental
  • 技術員,公路 technician, highway
  • 技術員,公路交通 technician, highway traffic
  • 技術員,材料測試 technician, materials testing
  • 技術員,減噪 technician, noise abatement
  • 技術員,降噪 technician, noise reduction
  • 技術員,污染控制 technician, pollution control
  • 技術員,鐵路 technician, railway
  • 技術員,道路交通 technician, road traffic
  • 技術員,固體廢物處置 technician, solid waste disposal
  • 技師,結構工程 technician, structural engineering
  • 技術員,城市規劃​​ technician, urban planning
  • 技術員,配水系統 technician, water distribution systems
  • 技師,土木工程 technologist, civil engineering
  • 技師,土木工程研究 technologist, civil engineering studies
  • 技師,建設 technologist, construction
  • 技術員,材料測試 technologist, materials testing
  • 技師,測土配方 technologist, soil testing
  • 技師,結構設計 technologist, structural design
  • 技師,交通 technologist, traffic
  • 測試技術員,公路建設材料 testing technician, highway construction materials
  • 交通技師 – 土木工程 traffic technician – civil engineering
  • 交通技師 traffic technologist
  • 城市規劃技術人員 urban planning technician
  • 配水系統技術員 water distribution systems technician

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 建築技師和技術員 Architectural technologists and technicians 2251
  • 建設評估師 Construction estimators 2234
  • 建築檢查員 Construction inspectors 2264
  • 建築經理 Construction managers 0711
  • 起草技師和技術員 Drafting technologists and technicians 2253
  • 土地調查技術人員和技術人員 Land survey technologists and technicians 2254
  • 城市規劃和土地使用規劃師 Urban and land use planners 2153




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