NOC 8231 地下生產和開發礦工 Underground Production And Development Miners


簡介 Intro


Underground production and development miners drill, blast, operate mining machinery, and perform related duties to extract coal and ore in underground mines and to construct tunnels, passageways and shafts to facilitate mining operations. They are employed by coal, metal and non-metallic mineral underground mines and by specialized contractors in mine construction, shaft sinking and tunnelling.

可能需要急救證書。 Certificate in first aid may be required.

Mobility is possible to other occupational groups in underground mining such as underground service and support occupations.

There is mobility between employers within each of the three following sectors: underground coal mining, underground hard rock mining and underground potash, salt or soft rock mining.

Mobility between these sectors is somewhat limited by differences in production technologies.

Progression to mining supervisor is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

  • 地下生產和開發礦工執行部分或全部下列職責:Underground production and development miners perform some or all of the following duties:
  • 裝配和操作鑽頭和鑽井機生產指定的爆破孔模式
  • Set up and operate drills and drilling machines to produce a designated pattern of blasting holes
  • 操作金剛石鑽頭或其他專門的鑽頭,如高地枯燥的機械,測試地質構造或挖掘地下通道
  • Operate diamond drills or other specialized drills such as raise boring machinery to test geological formations or to produce underground passageways
  • 設置和操作礦山機械剪切工作面的煤炭,岩石或礦石
  • Set up and operate mining machinery to shear coal, rock or ore from the working face
  • 在地下礦井裝載炸藥,集保險絲,引爆炸藥生產所需的爆破模式和岩石碎片
  • Load explosives, set fuses, and detonate explosives to produce desired blasting patterns and rock fragmentation in underground mines
  • 操作鏟運機,負載鏟運機LHD機或裝渣機裝載和拖運礦石從工作面,巷道和放礦點到礦石通道
  • Operate scooptram, load-haul-dump (LHD) machine or mucking machine to load and haul ore from stopes, drifts and drawpoints to ore passes
  • 履行職責,以確保安全和支援前進式採礦,如縮放鬆散的岩石牆壁和屋頂,鑽孔和安裝錨桿,延伸和安裝空氣和水管道,操作礦石裝載機械,巡查礦井,通過礦井的人員操作輸送人員的起重機,設備和材料,如需要的話建造木材支架和井框支架。
  • Perform duties required to ensure safety and to support the mining advance, such as scaling loose rock from walls and roof, drilling and installing rock bolts, extending and installing air and water pipes, operating ore loading machinery, inspecting mine shafts, operating hoists that transport people, equipment and materials through mine shafts, and constructing timber supports and cribbing if required
  • 對礦山機械進行日常維護。
  • Perform routine maintenance of mining machinery.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要完成中學學業。
  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 通常提供6週多的正規培訓,隨後提供長期的專門訓練作為輔助或支持職業。
  • Formal training of up to six weeks followed by extended periods of specialized training as a helper or in support occupations is usually provided.
  • 煤礦工人或其他礦山職業通常要求有經驗。
  • Previous experience as a mine labourer or in other mine occupations is usually required.
  • 可能需要省級爆破許可證。
  • Provincial blasting licence may be required.
  • 在安大略省,基本的共同核心課程或地下堅硬的岩石礦工可能要進行認證。
  • May be certified in the basic common core program or as an underground hard rock miner in Ontario.
  • 礦工行業認證是可用的,而在魁北克省和馬尼托巴省是自願的。
  • Trade certification for miners is available, but voluntary, in Quebec and Manitoba.
  • 本單元組的職業通常要求具備公司許可或證明。
  • Company licensing or certification is often required for occupations in this unit group.

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 學徒礦工 apprentice miner
  • 台階爆破工 – 地下開採 bench blaster – underground mining
  • 爆破孔鑽探工 – 地下開採 blast hole driller – underground mining
  • 爆破工 – 地下開採 blaster – underground mining
  • 鑽探工 – 地下開採 blockholer – underground mining
  • 錨桿鑽機操作員 – 地下開採 bolter operator – underground mining
  • 鹽井招標 brine well tender
  • 溜槽爆破工 chute blaster
  • 溜槽爆破工 – 地下開採 chute blaster – underground mining
  • 煤礦工人 coal miner
  • 連續採礦機運營商 continuous mining machine operator
  • 核心鑽探工 core driller
  • 核心鑽探工 – 地下開採 core driller – underground mining
  • 核心鑽機操作員 core-drill operator
  • 核心鑽機操作員 – 地下開採 core-drill operator – underground mining
  • 切割機操作員 – 地下開採 cutting machine operator – underground mining
  • 開發礦工 development miner
  • 金剛石鑽探工 – 地下開採 diamond driller – underground mining
  • 金剛石鑽機操作員 diamond-drill operator
  • 金剛石鑽頭操作員 – 地下開採 diamond-drill runner – underground mining
  • 鑽石點鑽機操作員 diamond-point drill operator
  • 柴油裝載工/男/女 – 地下開採 diesel loaderman/woman – underground mining
  • 井下裝載工 – 地下開採 downhole loader – underground mining
  • 巷道鑽探工 – 地下開採 drift driller – underground mining
  • 巷道礦工 drift miner
  • 鑽探工 – 地下開採 driller – underground mining
  • 鑽探工,巷道 – 地下開採 driller, drift – underground mining
  • 鑽探工,長洞 – 地下開採 driller, long-hole – underground mining
  • 鑽探工,旋轉高地 – 地下開採 driller, rotary raise – underground mining
  • 鑽孔機操作員 – 地下開採 drilling machine operator – underground mining
  • 男/女 – 採煤工/煤礦 faceman/woman – coal mine
  • 掛斷爆破工 – 地下開採 hang-up blaster – underground mining
  • 硬岩礦工 hardrock miner
  • 硬岩礦工學徒 hardrock miner apprentice
  • 高薪爆破工 high-raise blaster
  • 起重機運營商 – 地下開採 hoist operator – underground mining
  • 起重機操作員 /男/女地下開採 hoistman/woman underground mining
  • 液壓煤炭顯示器運營商 hydraulic coal monitor operator
  • 在孔鑽機操作員 – 地下開採 in-hole drill operator – underground mining
  • ITH孔鑽探工 ITH (in-the-hole) driller
  • 插孔腿鑽機操作員 – 地下開採 jack leg drill operator – underground mining
  • 巨型鑽機操作員 jumbo drill operator
  • 巨型鑽運營商 – 地下開採 jumbo drill operator – underground mining
  • 負載鏟運機LHD運算符 – 地下開採 LHD (load-haul-dump) operator – underground mining
  • 裝載工 /男/女,​​柴油 – 地下開採 loaderman/woman, diesel – underground mining
  • 負載鏟運機LHD的運營商 – 地下開採 load-haul-dump (LHD) operator – underground mining
  • 裝載機器操作員 – 地下開採 loading machine operator – underground mining
  • 長孔爆破工 – 地下開採 long-hole blaster – underground mining
  • 長孔鑽探工 – 地下開採 long-hole driller – underground mining
  • 長壁採煤機操作員 longwall coal shearer operator
  • 礦工 miner
  • 礦山機器操作員 mining machine operator
  • 裝岩工 – 地下開採 mucker – underground mining
  • 裝渣機操作員 mucking machine operator
  • 裝渣機器操作員 – 地下開採 mucking machine operator – underground mining
  • 鉀肥礦工 potash miner
  • 爆破工 /男/女 – 地下開採 powderman/woman – underground mining
  • 生產鑽探工 production driller
  • 生產裝載機操作員 production loader operator
  • 生產礦工 production miner
  • 提高掘進機操作員 – 地下採礦 raise boring machine operator – underground mining
  • 高地鑽探工 – 地下開採 raise driller – underground mining
  • 高山礦工 raise miner
  • 高地工人 /男/女 raiseman/woman
  • 環鑽運營商 ring drill operator
  • 掘進機操作員 roadheader operator
  • 錨桿衝擊機 rockbolter
  • 錨桿機 roof bolter
  • 旋轉加薪鑽 – 地下開採 rotary raise driller – underground mining
  • 舀運營商 – 地下開採 scoop operator – underground mining
  • 鏟運機操作員 scooptram operator
  • 鏟運機運營商 – 地下開採 scooptram operator – underground mining
  • 軸鑽探員 shaft driller
  • 軸巡視員 shaft inspector
  • 軸礦工 shaft miner
  • 採煤機運營商 – 地下開採 shearer operator – underground mining
  • 剪切機操作員 – 地下開採 shearing machine operator – underground mining
  • 引爆手 shot firer
  • 引爆手 – 地下開採 shot firer – underground mining
  • 引爆手 /男/女 – 地下開採 shotman/woman – underground mining
  • 鏟泥機運營商 – 地下開採 slusher operator – underground mining
  • 軟岩礦工 soft rock miner
  • 回採工作面鑽井工 – 地下開採 stope driller – underground mining
  • 回採工作面礦工 stope miner
  • 下刻運營商 – 地下開採 undercutter operator – underground mining
  • 旅行車鑽機操作員 – 地下開採 wagon drill operator – underground mining

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 鑽井工和爆破員 – 露天採礦,採石和建築 Drillers and blasters – surface mining, quarrying and construction 7372
  • 煤礦工人 Mine labourers 8614
  • 主管,採礦和採石業 Supervisors, mining and quarrying 8221
  • 地下礦山的服務和支持人員 Underground mine service and support workers 8411



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