NOC 0212 建筑与科学经理 (Architecture and science managers)


简介 Intro


Architecture and science managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of an architecture, landscape architecture, scientific or statistical department, service or firm. They are employed by a wide range of private sector and government establishments as well as by architectural firms and scientific research companies.

Progression to senior management positions in the respective fields is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

以下是本单元组一些职业的主要职责总结:The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估建筑,园林建筑,科研和开发实验室或质量控制部门,服务或公司的活动和运作
    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities and operations of an architecture, landscape architecture, scientific research and development laboratory or quality control department, service or firm
  • 为在部门、服务业、实验室或公司进行的建筑,科学和技术工作等制定和实施相应的政策,标准和程序
    Develop and implement policies, standards and procedures for the architectural, scientific and technical work performed in the department, service, laboratory or firm
  • 分配,协调和审查部门或项目团队的技术工作
    Assign, co-ordinate and review the technical work of the department or project teams
  • 招募人员,并监管员工在相应领域能力的开发和维护
    Recruit personnel and oversee development and maintenance of staff competence in required areas
  • 直接参与技术项目的设计,开发和检验或参与部门的理论或应用科学工作
    May participate directly in the design, development and inspection of technical projects or in the theoretical or applied scientific work of the department
  • 能与客户进行协商和谈判,制订规格,解释建议或现有建筑或科研报告及调查结果。
    May consult and negotiate with clients to prepare specifications, explain proposals or present architectural or scientific research reports and findings.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 建筑经理要具备建筑学位,专业建筑师注册资格证,及多年的建筑工作经验,。
    Architecture managers require a degree in architecture, registration as a professional architect and several years of experience as an architect.
  • 园林建筑景观建筑经理要具备园林建筑学位,专业景观设计师许可证,及多年的景观设计师经验
    Landscape architecture managers require a degree in landscape architecture, licensing as a professional landscape architect and several years of experience as a landscape architect.
  • 本单元组的科学和其他管理人员要求具备科学硕士或博士学位,在相关科学学科几年的学习经验。
    Science and other managers in this unit group require a master’s or doctoral degree in a scientific discipline and several years of experience in a related scientific discipline.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 精算部经理 actuarial department manager
  • 农业化学分会理事 agricultural chemistry branch director
  • 农业代表董事 agricultural representatives director
  • 农业代表区域经理 agricultural representatives regional manager
  • 建筑经理 architectural manager
  • 建筑服务经理 architectural service manager
  • 副主任,城市规划和发展 – 政府服务 assistant director, urban planning and development – government services
  • 生物研究部门首席 biological research department chief
  • 化工经理 chemical manager
  • 化学研究部经理 chemical research division manager
  • 首席精算师 chief actuary
  • 科长,生物研究部门 chief, biological research department
  • 临床项目经理 clinical projects manager
  • 架构总监 director of architecture
  • 林业研究主任 – director of research – forestry
  • 研究主任 – 制造 director of research – manufacturing
  • 研究主任 – 采矿 director of research – mining
  • 董事,农业化学分支 director, agricultural chemistry branch
  • 董事,农业代表 director, agricultural representatives
  • 实验室主任, director, laboratory
  • 数学系的主任, director, mathematics department
  • 董事,海洋学研究 director, oceanographic research
  • 董事,质量控制 – 化学 director, quality control – chemistry
  • 统计部门主任, director, statistical department
  • 董事,城市规划和发展 – 政府服务 director, urban planning and development – government services
  • 董事,城市规划和重建 – 政府服务 director, urban planning and renewal – government services
  • 董事,动物园 director, zoological garden
  • 动物园主任, director, zoological park
  • 生态研究经理 ecological research manager
  • 生态经理 ecology manager
  • 环境科学经理 environmental science manager
  • 实验农场管理者 experimental farm superintendent
  • 地球化学经理 geochemical manager
  • 地质经理 geological manager
  • 地球物理经理 geophysical manager
  • 实验室主任 laboratory director
  • 实验室经理 laboratory manager
  • 园林建筑经理 landscape architecture manager
  • 生命科学项目经理 life sciences program manager
  • 畜牧业发展经理 livestock development manager
  • 畜牧业生产计划经理 livestock production programs manager
  • 家畜程序开发经理 livestock program development manager
  • 精算部经理, manager, actuarial department
  • 经理,建筑服务 manager, architectural service
  • 化学研究部经理, manager, chemical research division
  • 经理,生态研究 manager, ecological research
  • 经理,生态学 manager, ecology
  • 经理,环境科学 manager, environmental science
  • 经理,园林建筑 manager, landscape architecture
  • 生命科学项目经理, manager, life sciences program
  • 经理,畜牧业发展 manager, livestock development
  • 经理,畜牧业生产计划 manager, livestock production programs
  • 经理,家畜程序开发 manager, livestock program development
  • 经理,数学服务 manager, mathematical services
  • 经理,数学程序 manager, mathematics program
  • 经理,自然科学计划 manager, natural sciences program
  • 石油地质部门经理, manager, petroleum geology department
  • 经理,物理科学计划 manager, physical sciences program
  • 经理,质量控制 – 药品 manager, quality control – pharmaceutical products
  • 经理,农村发展 manager, rural development
  • 经理,农村发展计划 manager, rural development program
  • 经理,科研 manager, scientific research
  • 科研部门经理, manager, scientific research department
  • 经理,统计服务 manager, statistical service
  • 制造业研究总监 manufacturing research director
  • 数学服务经理 mathematical services manager
  • 数学部主任 mathematics department director
  • 数学项目经理 mathematics program manager
  • 挖掘研究总监 mining research director
  • 自然科学项目经理 natural sciences program manager
  • 海洋学研究总监 oceanographic research director
  • 石油地质部门经理 petroleum geology department manager
  • 物理科学项目经理 physical sciences program manager
  • 项目管理首席 – 科学事务 project management chief – scientific affairs
  • 质量控制总监 – 化学 quality control director – chemistry
  • 质量控制经理 – 医药产品 quality control manager – pharmaceutical products
  • 区域经理,农业代表 regional manager, agricultural representatives
  • 研究和开发经理 research and development manager
  • 研究总监 – 林业 research director – forestry
  • 研究总监 – 制造 research director – manufacturing
  • 研究总监 – 采矿 research director – mining
  • 农村发展部经理 rural development manager
  • 农村发展项目经理 rural development program manager
  • 科研部门经理 scientific research department manager
  • 科研主任 scientific research director
  • 科研管理器 scientific research manager
  • 统计部门主任 statistical department director
  • 统计服务经理 statistical service manager
  • 管理者,实验农场 superintendent, experimental farm
  • 城市规划和发展助理主任 – 政府服务 urban planning and development assistant director – government services
  • 城市规划和发展总监 – 政府服务 urban planning and development director – government services
  • 城市规划和重建董事 – 政府服务 urban planning and renewal director – government services
  • 动物园主任 zoological garden director
  • 动物园主任 zoological park director

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 计算机和信息系统经理 Computer and information systems managers [0213](0213)
  • 工程经理 Engineering managers [0211](0211)
  • 天然资源生产和捕鱼经理 Managers in natural resources production and fishing [0811](0811)
  • 科学专家和科学专业监理(自然和应用科学的21个专业职位)Science professionals and supervisors of science professionals (in 21 Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences)




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