NOC 0311 医疗保健经理 (Managers in health care)


简介 Intro


This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the delivery of health care services, such as diagnosis and treatment, nursing and therapy, within institutions, and in other settings, that provide health care services. They are employed in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other health care organizations.

There is little or no mobility between departments in different medical specializations.

Progression to senior management positions in health care services is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

以下是本单元组一些职业的主要职责总结:The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估保健机构内的某个部门或在其他地点提供的保健服务
    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the delivery of health care services within a department of a health care institution, or in other settings where health care services are provided
  • 与董事会董事及高级管理人员共同磋商为保健服务建立维护标准
    Consult with boards of directors and senior managers to maintain and establish standards for the provision of health care services
  • 开发评估系统,监测为患者提供的医疗保健质量
    Develop evaluation systems to monitor the quality of health care given to patients
  • 监测诊断服务,住院病床和设施,以确保资源的有效利用
    Monitor the use of diagnostic services, in-patient beds and facilities to ensure effective use of resources
  • 为新项目,特殊项目,新材料和新设备采购和未来本部门或机构的人员编制水平制定和实施相应的计划
    Develop and implement plans for new programs, special projects, new material and equipment acquisitions and future staffing levels in their department or establishment
  • 计划和控制部门或机构预算
    Plan and control departmental or establishment budget
  • 代表部门或机构会见政府官员,公众,媒体和其他组织
    Represent the department or establishment at meetings with government officials, the public, the media and other organizations
  • 监督医疗保健管理人员和专业人士
    Supervise health care supervisors and professionals
  • 招聘部门或机构的医护人员。
    Recruit health care staff of the department or establishment.
  • 卫生保健专业经理负责专业的医疗保健服务,如营养学,临床医学,医学检验,护理,物理治疗或手术。
    Managers in health care specialize in administering the provision of specific health care services such as dietetics, clinical medicine, laboratory medicine, nursing, physiotherapy or surgery.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 外科,临床医学或实验室医学部门管理员通常需要具备专科医师的教育和培训。
    Administrators of departments such as surgery, clinical medicine or laboratory medicine are usually required to have the education and training of a specialist physician.
  • 其他部门管理员,如护理学,营养学或理疗,通常需要具备该部门的专业医务人员的教育和培训。
    Administrators of other departments, such as nursing, dietetics or physiotherapy, are usually required to have the education and training of the medical professionals in that department.
  • 具备多年相关的专业的工作经验,包括监管经验
    Several years of experience in the relevant profession, including supervisory experience, are usually required.
  • 必须具备相关专业的认证。
    Certification in the relevant profession is required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 管理员,血库 administrator, blood bank
  • 管理员,牙科保健服务 administrator, dental health services
  • 管理员,护理单元 administrator, nursing unit
  • 管理员,治疗服务 administrator, therapeutic services
  • 招生主任 – 医疗保健 admissions director – health care
  • 麻醉,科长 anesthesia, chief of
  • 护理管理员助理 assistant administrator for nursing
  • 助理管理员,护理服务 assistant administrator, nursing services
  • 护理部主任助理 assistant director of nursing
  • 护理服务助理主任 assistant director of nursing services
  • 助理护理服务管理员 assistant nursing services administrator
  • 听力和言语语言病理学,首席 audiology and speech language pathology, chief of
  • 听力和言语语言病理学主任 audiology and speech language pathology, director of
  • 行为治疗服务主任 behaviour therapy services director
  • 首席营养师 chief dietitian
  • 首席病理解剖 chief of anatomical pathology
  • 麻醉科科长 chief of anesthesia
  • 听力和言语语言病理学主任 chief of audiology and speech language pathology
  • 生物医学工程首席服务 chief of biomedical engineering service
  • 心脏科主任 chief of cardiology
  • 皮肤科主任 chief of dermatology
  • 首席影像诊断 chief of diagnostic imaging
  • 首席放射诊断 chief of diagnostic radiology
  • 急诊医学主任 chief of emergency medicine
  • 内分泌科主任 chief of endocrinology
  • 首席胃肠病学 chief of gastro-enterology
  • 首席血液学 chief of hematology
  • 首席住房活动 chief of housing activities
  • 首席传染病 chief of infectious diseases
  • 实验室医学主任 chief of laboratory medicine
  • 医疗参谋长 chief of medical staff
  • 内科主任 chief of medicine
  • 肾脏科主任 chief of nephrology
  • 神经内科主任 chief of neurology
  • 妇产科主任 chief of obstetrics and gynecology
  • 首席职业治疗 chief of occupational therapy
  • 首席经营面积 chief of operating area
  • 眼科主任 chief of ophthalmology
  • 首席病理 chief of pathology
  • 儿科主任 chief of pediatrics
  • 药房主任 chief of pharmacy
  • 首席物理治疗 chief of physiotherapy
  • 精神科主任 chief of psychiatry
  • 首席心理学 chief of psychology
  • 放射肿瘤学主任 chief of radiation oncology
  • 呼吸科主任 chief of respirology
  • 首席风湿病 chief of rheumatology
  • 参谋长 – 医院 chief of staff – hospital
  • 外科主任 chief of surgery
  • 泌尿科主任 chief of urology
  • 首席放射技师 chief radiology technologist
  • 临床医学主任 clinical medicine, director of
  • 临床服务经理 clinical services manager
  • 牙齿健康服务管理员 dental health services administrator
  • 牙科实验室常务监事 dental laboratory managing supervisor
  • 皮肤科主任 dermatology, chief of
  • 影像诊断,首席 diagnostic imaging, chief of
  • 放射诊断,科长 diagnostic radiology, chief of
  • 听力和言语语言病理学主任 director of audiology and speech language pathology
  • 临床医学主任 director of clinical medicine
  • 营养学主任 director of dietetics
  • 实验室医学主任 director of laboratory medicine
  • 护理部主任 – 医疗服务 director of nursing – medical services
  • 职业治疗主任 director of occupational therapy
  • 理疗主任 director of physiotherapy
  • 专业服务总监 – 医疗服务 director of professional services – medical services
  • 心理学主任 – 医疗保健 director of psychology – health care
  • 外科主任 director of surgery
  • 董事,行为治疗服务 director, behaviour therapy services
  • 董事,急救服务 director, first aid services
  • 主任,医疗 director, medical
  • 主任,医疗诊所 director, medical clinic
  • 董事,护理服务 – 医疗服务 director, nursing services – medical services
  • 董事,职业健康服务 director, occupational health services
  • 董事,药房 director, pharmacy
  • 董事,心理学 – 医疗保健 director, psychology – health care
  • 董事,公共健康护理服务 director, public health nursing services
  • 董事,康复服务 director, rehabilitation services
  • 董事,康复服务 – 医疗服务 director, rehabilitation services – medical services
  • 董事,治疗服务 – 精神病医院 director, therapeutic services – psychiatric hospital
  • 急诊医学,科长 emergency medicine, chief of
  • 内分泌科,科长 endocrinology, chief of
  • 急救服务总监 first aid services director
  • 胃肠病学,首席 gastro-enterology, chief of
  • 血液科,主任 hematology, chief of
  • 家居照顾服务总监 – 医疗服务 home care services director – medical services
  • 首席传染病 infectious diseases, chief of
  • 实验室医学主任 laboratory medicine, chief of
  • 实验室医学主任 laboratory medicine, director of
  • 经理,护理 – 医疗服务 manager, nursing care – medical services
  • 经理,护理服务 – 医疗服务 manager, nursing services – medical services
  • 常务监事,牙科实验室 managing supervisor, dental laboratory
  • 医疗门诊部主任 medical clinic director
  • 医疗主任 medical director
  • 医药,科长 medicine, chief of
  • 心理健康住宅的护理项目经理 mental health residential care program manager
  • 肾脏科,科长 nephrology, chief of
  • 神经科,科长 neurology, chief of
  • 护理经理 – 医疗服务 nursing care manager – medical services
  • 护理服务管理员 nursing services administrator
  • 护理服务助理管理员 nursing services assistant administrator
  • 护理服务主任 – 医疗服务 nursing services director – medical services
  • 护理服务经理 – 医疗服务 nursing services manager – medical services
  • 护理单元管理员 nursing unit administrator
  • 妇产科首席 obstetrics and gynecology, chief of
  • 职业健康服务总监 occupational health services director
  • 职业治疗师,首席 occupational therapy, chief of
  • 职业治疗主任 occupational therapy, director of
  • 眼科主任 ophthalmology, chief of
  • 病理学首席 pathology, chief of
  • 小儿科主任 pediatrics, chief of
  • 药剂科主任 pharmacy director
  • 药房,科长 pharmacy, chief of
  • 理疗,科长 physiotherapy, chief of
  • 理疗主任 physiotherapy, director of
  • 足病诊疗经理 podiatric clinic manager
  • 精神病学,首席 psychiatry, chief of
  • 心理学主任 – 医疗保健 psychology director – health care
  • 心理学,首席 psychology, chief of
  • 公共健康护理服务总监 public health nursing services director
  • 放射肿瘤学首席 radiation oncology, chief of
  • 红十字会急救董事的 Red Cross first aid director
  • 康复服务主任 – 医疗服务 rehabilitation services director – medical services
  • 呼吸科主任 respirology, chief of
  • 风湿病,首席 rheumatology, chief of
  • 手术,首席 surgery, chief of
  • 外科主任, surgery, director of
  • 治疗服务管理员 therapeutic services administrator
  • 治疗服务总监 therapeutic services director
  • 治疗服务总监 – 精神病医院 therapeutic services director – psychiatric hospital
  • 泌尿外科首席 urology, chief of

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 政府经营者 – 卫生和社会政策的制定和项目管理 Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration [0411](0411)
  • 高级管理人员 – 卫生,教育,社会和​​社区服务及会员组织 Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations [0014](0014)




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