NOC 0421 管理员 – 中学后教育和职业培训 (Administrators – post-secondary education and vocational training)


简介 Intro


This unit group includes faculty administrators and registrars of colleges or universities and administrators of vocational training schools. Faculty administrators manage the academic and related activities of faculties of colleges or universities. Registrars manage registration activities and academic records systems of colleges or universities. Administrators of vocational training schools manage the operations of vocational schools specializing in trades, technology, business or other vocational subjects.

There is no mobility among the various types of administrators in this group.

Progression to some senior management positions in education is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

学院管理员执行部分或全部下列职责:Faculty administrators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估的学院或大学教师学术及相关活动。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate academic and related activities of a college or university faculty
  • 推荐和批准教师的任免。Recommend and approve faculty appointments
  • 推荐课程修订和补充,批准课程安排。Recommend curriculum revisions and additions and approve scheduling of courses
  • 通过下属人员,指导研究和课程发展等活动。Direct, through subordinate staff, activities such as research and curriculum development
  • 规划,管理和控制项目,计划,支援服务及设备的预算。Plan, administer and control budgets for projects, programs, support services and equipment
  • 向校长或大学或学院院长提供建议。Advise president or rector of university or college
  • 参加各种学院和大学委员会活动。Participate in activities of various faculty and college committees.

登记员执行部分或全部下列职责:Registrars perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指导,控制和评估学院或大学登记活动和学术记录系统。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the registration activities and academic records system of a college or university
  • 审查登记统计和与学校管理者共同商议,制订登记政策。Review registration statistics and consult with faculty officials to develop registration policies
  • 指导工作人员编辑入学和毕业课程,日程安排和入学及毕业要求。Direct activities of staff and others engaged in compiling information on courses, schedules and requirements for admission and graduation.

职业培训学校的管理员执行部分或全部下列职责:Administrators of vocational training schools perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估专门从事贸易,技术或商业的私立学院或机构的活动。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of a private college or institute specializing in trades, technology or business
  • 开发培训方案课程。Develop curriculum for training programs
  • 咨询政府管理者及发证机构,以确保符合省级标准。Consult with government regulatory and licensing agencies to ensure conformance to provincial standards
  • 规划,管理和控制项目,计划,支援服务及设备的预算。Plan, administer and control budgets for projects, programs, support services and equipment
  • 聘任教师和其他工作人员。May recruit and hire teachers and other staff
  • 亦可从事教学。May teach.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 学院管理员需要具备与学术管理员相关领域的的研究生学位。Faculty administrators require a graduate degree in a field related to the academic faculty
  • 并且具有几年一个大学教授或大学老师的经验。Several years of experience as a university professor or college teacher.
  • 登记要求具备工商管理或相关领域的本科学位。Registrars require an undergraduate degree in business administration or a related field
  • 并且具备几年的登记管理经验。Several years of experience in registration administration.
  • 职业培训学校的管理员通常需要具有工商管理本科学位。Administrators of vocational training schools usually require an undergraduate degree in business administration
  • 或者具备教学的学科专业知识和认证。Expertise and certification in a subject of instruction.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 管理员,教育计划 administrator, education programs
  • 管理员,职业学校 administrator, vocational school
  • 招生主任 – 大专教育 admissions director – post-secondary education
  • 成人教育学院院长 adult education dean
  • 院长助理 – 大专或大学 assistant dean – college or university
  • 联营公司之过户登记处 associate registrar
  • 航空校董 aviation school manager
  • 商学院院长 business college director
  • 商业学校主任 business school director
  • 商业学校校长 business school principal
  • 中心经理助理 – 酒店学校 centre assistant manager – hotel school
  • 学院院长 – 大专教育 college director – post-secondary education
  • 大学过户登记 college registrar
  • 社区学院院长 community college dean
  • 社区学院过户登记处 community college registrar
  • 学校计算机技术主任 computer technology school director
  • 统筹,现场教学 co-ordinator, field teaching
  • 院长 – 大学或学院 dean – university or college
  • 成人教育学院院长 dean of adult education
  • 研究生院院长 dean of graduate studies
  • 理学院院长 dean of science
  • 学生活动院长 dean of student activities
  • 院长的技术和技术方案 dean of technical and technological programs
  • 院长,成人教育 dean, adult education
  • 社区学院院长, dean, community college
  • 艺术学院院长, dean, faculty of arts
  • 科学学院院长, dean, faculty of science
  • 院长,研究生课程 dean, graduate studies
  • 护理学院院长 dean, school of nursing
  • 技术学院院长 dean, school of technology
  • 院长,学生活动 dean, student activities
  • 中学后教育的招生办主任 – director of admissions – post-secondary education
  • 大学或学院的研究主任 – director of research – university or college
  • 学生事务处处长 director of student affairs
  • 研究主任 – 大专 director of studies – college
  • 主任,商学院 director, business college
  • 董事,商业学校 director, business school
  • 董事,计算机技术学校 director, computer technology school
  • 董事,私人职业学校 director, private vocational school
  • 董事,护理学校 director, school of nursing
  • 主任,学校的技术 director, school of technology
  • 主任秘书学院 director, secretarial college
  • 董事,技校 director, technical school
  • 主任,经贸学校 director, trade school
  • 主任,培训机构 director, training institute
  • 董事,职业学校 director, vocational school
  • 教育项目管理员 education programs administrator
  • 教师管理员 faculty administrator
  • 教师艺术学院院长 faculty of arts dean
  • 教师的科学泰斗 faculty of science dean
  • 时装学校总经理 fashion school general manager
  • 现场教学统筹 field teaching co-ordinator
  • 飞行学校经理 flying school manager
  • 研究生研究学院院长 graduate studies dean
  • 经理,航空学校 manager, aviation school
  • 经理,商业学校 manager, business school
  • 经理,语言学校 manager, language school
  • 技术经理,学校 manager, school of technology
  • 经理,技校 manager, technical school
  • 经理,贸易学校 manager, trade school
  • 教学统筹 pedagogical co-ordinator
  • 商业学校校长, principal, business school
  • 私人职业学校董事 private vocational school director
  • 节目统筹 – 大专教育 program co-ordinator – post-secondary education
  • 大学教务长 – provost – university
  • 教务主任 – 大专或大学 registrar – college or university
  • 教务主任,社区学院 registrar, community college
  • 研究管理员 – 大学或学院 research administrator – university or college
  • 研究总监 – 大学或学院 research director – university or college
  • 学校护理学院院长 school of nursing dean
  • 学校的护理部主任 school of nursing director
  • 技术学院院长 school of technology dean
  • 学校技术总监 school of technology director
  • 学校技术经理 school of technology manager
  • 科学主任 science dean
  • 秘书学院院长 secretarial college director
  • 学生活动院长 student activities dean
  • 学生事务主任 student affairs director
  • 技校主任 technical school director
  • 技校经理 technical school manager
  • 旅游及酒店校董 tourism and hotel school manager
  • 贸易学校总监 trade school director
  • 贸易校董 trade school manager
  • 训练研究所所长 training institute director
  • 大学教务主任 university registrar
  • 副总裁 – 大专或大学 vice-president – college or university
  • 职业学校管理员 vocational school administrator
  • 职业学校董事 vocational school director
  • 职业学校经理 vocational school manager

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 非职业培训学校管理员,如驾驶学校(客户经理及个人服务业,NEC的管理员) Administrators of non-vocational training schools, such as driving schools (in [0651](0651) Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c. )
  • 学院和其他职业指导员 College and other vocational instructors [4021](4021)
  • 大学校长(高级经理 – 医疗卫生,教育,社会和​​社区服务及会员组织) College rectors (in [0014](0014) Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations )
  • 初等和中等教育的学校校长和管理员 School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education [0422](0422)
  • 大学校长(高级经理 – 医疗卫生,教育,社会和​​社区服务及会员组织) University presidents (in [0014](0014) Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations )
  • 大学教授和讲师 University professors and lecturers [0411](4011)




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