NOC 0513 娱乐,体育和健身项目和服务董事 (Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors – FLYabroad NOC – LEVEL 0)


简介 Intro


This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of comprehensive recreational, sports and fitness programs and services, national or provincial sports governing agencies and professional athletic teams. They are employed by municipalities, community and private recreational and fitness organizations, sports governing agencies and professional athletic team organizations.

主要职责 Main Duties

本单元组经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Managers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估娱乐,体育和健身项目和服务项目的运作
    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of recreation, sports and fitness programs and services
  • 为娱乐,体育健身等事宜提供技术和专业见意
    Provide technical and professional advice on recreation, sports and fitness matters
  • 准备预算,并制定政策和程序,最后实施方案
    Prepare budget estimates and develop policies and procedures to implement programs
  • 管理体育管理机构的运作
    Manage the operations of a sports governing agency
  • 组织和管理国家和省级培训,辅导,裁判和其他与特定的运动相关联的项目
    Organize and administer national and provincial training, coaching, officiating and other programs associated with a particular sport
  • 管理专业运动队的运作
    Manage the operations of a professional athletic team
  • 聘请专业的教练员和运动员
    Recruit professional coaches and athletes
  • 指导筹款驱动,并安排从公共和私人组织拉取赞助
    Direct fundraising drives and arrange for sponsorships from public and private organizations
  • 制定长期规划和洽谈业务合同。
    Develop long range plans and negotiate business contracts.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

图书馆管理人员任职要求 Library managers

  • 康乐,体育教育,体育行政部门或相关领域大学学位
    A university degree in recreology, physical education, sports administration or a related field
  • 或通常需要娱乐管理或体育行政部门大学文凭。
    A college diploma in recreation management or sports administration is usually required.
  • 通常需要多年的康乐及体育管理相关的职业经验,咨询或项目设计经验。
    Several years of experience in an occupation related to recreation and sports administration, consulting or programming are usually required.
  • 娱乐董事可能需要具备市康乐董事证书。
    Some directors of recreation may be required to have a Municipal Recreation Director’s Certificate.
  • 体育管理机构执行董事,可能需要某特定运动的教练认证。
    Executive directors of sports governing agencies may be required to have coaching certification in a particular sport.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 首席管理员,休闲 administrator in chief, leisure
  • 首席管理员,娱乐 administrator in chief, recreation
  • 管理员,休闲 administrator, leisure
  • 管理员,娱乐 administrator, recreation
  • 业余体育经理 amateur sport manager
  • 首席管理员,休闲 chief administrator, leisure
  • 首席管理员,娱乐 chief administrator, recreation
  • 统筹,体育节目管理 co-ordinator, sport program administrative
  • 运动联合会总干事 director general, sport federation
  • 健身管理总监 – 政府 director of fitness administration – government
  • 休闲主任 director of leisure
  • 休闲和体育主任 director of leisure and sports
  • 娱乐总监 director of recreation
  • 康乐及体育主任 director of recreation and sports
  • 运动管理主任- 政府 director of sports administration – government
  • 运动和休闲主任 director of sports and leisure
  • 体育和娱乐总监 director of sports and recreation
  • 导演,娱乐,体育和休闲 director, entertainment, sports and leisure
  • 导演,娱乐,体育和娱乐业 director, entertainment, sports and recreation
  • 董事,健身管理 – 政府 director, fitness administration – government
  • 董事,健身计划 director, fitness programs
  • 董事,赛马 director, horse racing
  • 董事,休闲 director, leisure
  • 董事,休闲和体育 director, leisure and sports
  • 董事,休闲中心 director, leisure centre
  • 董事,休闲场所 director, leisure establishment
  • 董事,休闲活动 director, leisure programs
  • 董事,休闲服务 director, leisure service
  • 董事,物理教育计划 director, physical education programs
  • 董事,体能训练 director, physical training
  • 董事,赛马场 director, racetrack
  • 董事,娱乐 director, recreation
  • 董事,娱乐和体育 director, recreation and sports
  • 导演,娱乐中心 director, recreation centre
  • 董事,休闲设施 director, recreation establishment
  • 董事,娱乐节目 director, recreation programs
  • 导演,娱乐服务 director, recreation service
  • 主任,体育 director, sports
  • 主任,体育管理 – 政府 director, sports administration – government
  • 董事,运动和休闲 director, sports and leisure
  • 主任,体育和娱乐业 director, sports and recreation
  • 主任,体育协会 director, sports association
  • 主任,体育协会 director, sports federation
  • 导演,体育节目 director, sports programs
  • 主任,体育服务的体育节目 director, sports-service sports programs
  • 董事,田径 director, track and field
  • 娱乐,体育和休闲董事 entertainment, sports and leisure director
  • 娱乐,体育和娱乐总监 entertainment, sports and recreation director
  • 执行董事,运动理事机构 executive director, sport governing agency
  • 体育运动管理机构执行董事, executive director, sport governing body
  • 健身行政总监 – 政府 fitness administration director – government
  • 健身中心经理 fitness centre manager
  • 健身俱乐部经理 fitness club manager
  • 健身项目主管 fitness programs director
  • 总导演,运动联合会 general director, sport federation
  • 总导演,YMCA(基督教青年会协会) general director, YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)
  • 总经理,专业运动队 general manager, professional sport team
  • 专业田径队总经理 general manager, professional track and field team
  • 总书记,YMCA(基督教青年会协会) general secretary, YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)
  • 头部管理员,休闲 head administrator, leisure
  • 头部管理员,娱乐 head administrator, recreation
  • 健身俱乐部经理 health club manager
  • 健康工作室经理 health studio manager
  • 赛马主任 horse racing director
  • 休闲管理员 leisure administrator
  • 休闲首席管理员 leisure administrator in chief
  • 休闲和体育总监 leisure and sports director
  • 休闲中心主任 leisure centre director
  • 休闲中心,体育总监 leisure centre sports director
  • 休闲首席管理员 leisure chief administrator
  • 休闲主任 leisure director
  • 休闲设立主任 leisure establishment director
  • 休闲场所管理主管 leisure establishment managing supervisor
  • 休闲头部管理员 leisure head administrator
  • 康乐事务经理 leisure manager
  • 休闲节目总监 leisure programs director
  • 休闲项目经理 leisure programs manager
  • 休闲服务总监 leisure service director
  • 康乐事务经理 leisure service manager
  • 健身中心经理, manager, fitness centre
  • 健身俱乐部经理, manager, fitness club
  • 健身俱乐部经理, manager, health club
  • 经理,休闲 manager, leisure
  • 经理,休闲计划 manager, leisure programs
  • 经理,休闲服务 manager, leisure service
  • 经理,专业运动员队伍 manager, professional athletes team
  • 经理,职业橄榄球队 manager, professional football team
  • 经理,专业曲棍球队 manager, professional hockey team
  • 经理,专业运动队 manager, professional sport team
  • 经理,专业田径队 manager, professional track and field team
  • 经理,康乐 manager, recreation
  • 经理,娱乐节目 manager, recreation programs
  • 经理,娱乐服务 manager, recreation service
  • 经理,团队的专业运动员 manager, team of professional athletes
  • 常务监事,休闲场所 managing supervisor, leisure establishment
  • 常务监事,娱乐成立 managing supervisor, recreation establishment
  • 市政休闲董事 municipal director of leisure
  • 市政娱乐董事 municipal director of recreation
  • 市政董事,休闲 municipal director, leisure
  • 市政董事,娱乐 municipal director, recreation
  • 市政休闲董事 municipal leisure director
  • 市政康乐事务经理 municipal leisure manager
  • 市政经理的休闲 municipal manager of leisure
  • 市政经理娱乐 municipal manager of recreation
  • 市政经理,休闲 municipal manager, leisure
  • 市政经理,娱乐 municipal manager, recreation
  • 市政娱乐总监 municipal recreation director
  • 市政娱乐经理 municipal recreation manager
  • 体育节目​​总监 physical education programs director
  • 体能训练总监 physical training director
  • 专业运动员车队经理 professional athletes team manager
  • 职业橄榄球队经理 professional football team manager
  • 专业曲棍球队经理 professional hockey team manager
  • 专业运动队总经理 professional sport team general manager
  • 专业运动队经理 professional sport team manager
  • 专业田径队总经理 professional track and field team general manager
  • 专业田径队经理 professional track and field team manager
  • 项目经理,休闲 programs manager, leisure
  • 程序经理,康乐 programs manager, recreation
  • 赛道总监 racetrack director
  • 休闲管理员 recreation administrator
  • 娱乐首席管理员 recreation administrator in chief
  • 娱乐和体育总监 recreation and sports director
  • 康乐中心主任 recreation centre director
  • 娱乐中心,体育总监 recreation centre sports director
  • 娱乐首席管理员 recreation chief administrator
  • 娱乐总监 recreation director
  • 休闲设施总监 recreation establishment director
  • 娱乐成立管理主管 recreation establishment managing supervisor
  • 娱乐头部管理员 recreation head administrator
  • 娱乐经理 recreation manager
  • 娱乐节目总监 recreation programs director
  • 娱乐项目经理 recreation programs manager
  • 娱乐服务总监 recreation service director
  • 娱乐服务经理 recreation service manager
  • 服务经理,休闲 service manager, leisure
  • 服务经理,娱乐 service manager, recreation
  • 体育总会总干事 sport federation director general
  • 体育总会总干事 sport federation general director
  • 体育管理机构执行董事 sport governing agency executive director
  • 体育运动管理机构执行董事 sport governing body executive director
  • 体育节目​​管理统筹 sport program administrative co-ordinator
  • 体育行政总监 – 政府 sports administration director – government
  • 运动和休闲董事的 sports and leisure director
  • 体育和娱乐总监 sports and recreation director
  • 体育协会理事长 sports association director
  • 体育总监 sports director
  • 体育部主任,休闲中心 sports director, leisure centre
  • 体育总监,娱乐中心 sports director, recreation centre
  • 运动联合会主任 sports federation director
  • 体育节目​​总监 sports program director
  • 体育服务体育节目总监 sports-service sports programs director
  • 车队经理,专业运动员 team manager, professional athletes
  • 车队经理,专业足球 team manager, professional football
  • 专业曲棍球队经理, team manager, professional hockey
  • 车队经理,专业田径 team manager, professional track and field
  • 田径总监 track and field director
  • YMCA(基督教青年会协会)总导演 YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) general director
  • YMCA(基督教青年会协会)秘书长 YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) general secretary
  • YMCA(基督教青年会协会)计划主任 YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) programs director

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 教练 Coaches [5252](5252)
  • 项目领导人和教官 娱乐,体育和健身 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness [5254](5254)
  • 娱乐,体育健身的政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and program officers [4167](4167)
  • 体育官员和裁判 Sports officials and referees [5253](5253)




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