NOC 0651 客户和个人服务经理(其他分类除外)(Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c.)


简介 Intro


This unit group includes managers of establishments that provide services not elsewhere classified, such as dry cleaning, hairdressing or residential cleaning. This group also includes managers of schools that provide non-vocational instruction in driving, languages, music, dance, art, cooking or fashion.

主要职责 Main Duties

本单元组经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Managers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指导,控制和评估提供如干洗,美发或住宅清洗等服务的机构或提供驾驶,语言,音乐,舞蹈,美术,烹饪或时尚等非职业指导的学校的运作。
    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of an establishment providing services such as dry cleaning, hairdressing or residential cleaning, or a school providing non-vocational instruction in driving, languages, music, dance, art, cooking or fashion
  • 建立或执行人事政策和程序
    Establish or implement policies and procedures for staff
  • 计划和控制预算和库存
    Plan and control budget and inventory
  • 回应咨询或投诉并解决问题
    Respond to inquiries or complaints and resolve problems
  • 管理广告或营销策略的合约
    Manage contracts for advertising or marketing strategies
  • 聘用,培训及监督员工。
    Hire, train and supervise staff.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要完成中学学业。
    Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 可能需要该指导科目的大专文凭或职业资格证书的主题教学。
    A college diploma or vocational certificate in the subject of instruction may be required.
  • 通常需要相应服务的一至三年工组经验。
    One to three years of experience in the service being offered are usually required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 音乐学院经理 academy of music manager
  • 艺术学校经理 art school manager
  • 汽车驾驶员培训学校管理员 automobile driver training school manager
  • 汽车驾驶学校经理 automobile driving school manager
  • 理发店经理 barber shop manager
  • 美容店经理 beauty shop manager
  • 寄宿犬舍经理 boarding kennel manager
  • 洗车经理 car wash manager
  • 地毯清洗服务经理 carpet cleaning service manager
  • 冷藏经理 cold-storage manager
  • 烹饪学校经理 cooking school manager
  • 工艺校董 craft school manager
  • 火葬场经理 crematorium manager
  • 舞蹈学校经理 dance school manager
  • 狗美容机构的经理 dog grooming establishment manager
  • 犬舍经理 dog kennel manager
  • 驾校经理 driving school manager
  • 干洗厂经理 dry cleaning plant manager
  • 干洗服务经理 dry cleaning service manager
  • 护送机构经理 escort agency manager
  • 审美服务经理 esthetic services manager
  • 皮草清洗厂经理 fur cleaning plant manager
  • 美发沙龙的经理 hairdressing salon manager
  • 美发沙龙经理 hairstyling salon manager
  • 节假日服务经理 holidays service manager
  • 居家养老服务经理 home care service manager
  • 清洁服务经理 janitorial services manager
  • 犬舍经理 kennel manager
  • 洗衣和干洗经理的 laundry and dry cleaning manager
  • 洗衣房经理 laundry manager
  • 洗衣服务经理 laundry service manager
  • 经理,音乐学院 manager, academy of music
  • 经理,汽车驾驶员培训学校 manager, automobile driver training school
  • 经理,汽车驾驶学校 manager, automobile driving school
  • 理发店经理, manager, barber shop
  • 经理,美容店 manager, beauty shop
  • 经理,洗车 manager, car wash
  • 经理,地毯清洗服务 manager, carpet cleaning service
  • 经理,冷库 manager, cold storage
  • 经理,烹饪学校 manager, cooking school
  • 经理,火葬场 manager, crematorium
  • 经理,舞蹈学校 manager, dance school
  • 经理,狗窝 manager, dog kennel
  • 经理,驾校 manager, driving school
  • 经理,干洗厂 manager, dry cleaning plant
  • 经理,干洗服务 manager, dry cleaning service
  • 经理,护送机构 manager, escort agency
  • 经理,审美服务 manager, esthetic services
  • 经理,裘皮的清洗厂 manager, fur cleaning plant
  • 经理,美发沙龙 manager, hairdressing salon
  • 经理,美发沙龙 manager, hairstyling salon
  • 经理,节假日服务 manager, holidays service
  • 经理,家庭护理服务 manager, home care service
  • 经理,清洁服务 manager, janitorial services
  • 犬舍经理, manager, kennel
  • 经理,洗衣及干洗 manager, laundry and dry cleaning
  • 经理,洗衣服务 manager, laundry service
  • 经理,按摩室 manager, massage parlour
  • 经理,模特学校 manager, modelling school
  • 影院经理, manager, movie theatre
  • 经理,音乐学院 manager, music academy
  • 经理,音乐学校 manager, music school
  • 经理,病虫害防治服务 manager, pest control service
  • 经理,宠物护理服务 manager, pet care services
  • 经理,宠物美容成立 manager, pet grooming establishment
  • 经理,小区保洁服务 manager, residential cleaning service
  • 经理,桑拿(三温暖) manager, sauna
  • 经理,艺术学校 manager, school of art
  • 经理,化粪池服务 manager, septic tank service
  • 经理,修鞋服务 manager, shoe repair service
  • 经理,游泳池维修服务 manager, swimming pool maintenance service
  • 经理,晒黑沙龙 manager, tanning salon
  • 经理,卡车洗 manager, truck wash
  • 经理,减肥诊所 manager, weight-loss clinic
  • 经理,洗窗服务 manager, window washing service
  • 按摩院经理 massage parlour manager
  • 校董建模 modelling school manager
  • 电影院经理 movie theatre manager
  • 音乐学院经理 music academy manager
  • 音乐校董 music school manager
  • 病虫害防治服务经理 pest control service manager
  • 宠物护理服务经理 pet care services manager
  • 宠物美容机构的经理 pet grooming establishment manager
  • 宠物美容沙龙经理 pet grooming salon manager
  • 宠物看护服务经理 pet-sitting service manager
  • 小区保洁服务经理 residential cleaning service manager
  • 桑拿经理 sauna manager
  • 学校的艺术经理 school of art manager
  • 化粪池服务经理 septic tank service manager
  • 修鞋服务经理 shoe repair service manager
  • 水疗中心主任 spa director
  • spa经理 spa manager
  • 游泳池维修服务经理 swimming pool maintenance service manager
  • 晒黑沙龙经理 tanning salon manager
  • 旅游经营者 tour operator
  • 卡车洗经理 truck wash manager
  • 减肥诊所经理 weight-loss clinic manager
  • 洗窗服务经理 window washing service manager

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 住宿服务经理 Accommodation service managers [0632](0632)
  • 清洁主管 Cleaning supervisors [6315](6315)
  • 行政管家 Executive housekeepers [6312](6312)
  • 其他商务服务经理 Other business services managers [0125](0125)
  • 零售和批发贸易经理 Retail and wholesale trade managers [0621](0621)
  • 零售销售主管 Retail sales supervisors [6211](6211)




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