NOC 0912 公用事业经理 (Utilities managers)


简介 Intro


This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of utility companies or services of heating fuel distribution companies. The services provided include treatment of water and waste, distribution of water, electricity, natural gas and heating oil to residential, commercial and industrial consumers, waste disposal and waste recycling. Utilities managers are employed in public and private sector utilities and in heating fuel distribution companies.

Progression to senior management positions in the utility industry is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

以下是本单元组一些职业的主要职责总结:The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

  • 供水经理管理水过滤,净化流程和抽水作业,安排和监督工厂设备的维修,并准备供水和水质的报告。
    Water supply managers manage water filtration, purification processes and pumping operations, schedule and oversee the maintenance of plant equipment and prepare reports on water supply and water quality.
  • 配电经理管理配电系统,包括发电站,输变电站和分销网络的运作。他们也可能规划和指导市政电力部门的分配活动。
    Electrical power distribution managers manage the operations of electrical power distribution systems including generating stations, transmission stations and distribution networks. They may also plan and direct the distribution activities of a municipal electrical power establishment.
  • 天然气供应经理管理天然气交付给消费者,监测供应库存,控制输入和提取记录。
    Natural gas supply managers manage the delivery of gas to consumers, monitor supply inventories and control the recording of injections and withdrawals.
  • 石油产品分销经理规划和指导取暖油产品在零售分销商和区域存放地点的分布。
    Petroleum product distribution managers plan and direct the distribution of heating oil products to retail distributors and regional storage sites.
  • 水体污染控制管理人员负责污水处理厂的运作,安排进度和指导工厂设备维修,并准备水质报告。
    Water pollution control managers manage the operations of a sewage treatment plant, schedule and direct maintenance of plant equipment, and prepare reports on water quality.
  • 废物处理系统经理管理固体或液体废物的收集和处理系统,培训司机​​如何处理废物,确保处置设施的安全运行。
    Waste systems managers manage solid or liquid waste collection and disposal systems, train drivers in how to handle waste and ensure safe operation of disposal facilities.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需具备适当学科的大学本科学历或大专文凭,例如,输电线路经理要求电气工程专业,供水经理要求水资源技术专业。
    A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in an appropriate discipline is required. For example, electrical engineering is required for managers of transmission lines, and water resource technology for water supply managers.
  • 必需具备在相关的公用设施业务部门多年的主管经验。
    Several years of experience as a supervisor in a related utilities operations department are required.
  • 涉及电力的输电和配电,天然气和取暖油等公用事业业务经理通常需要专业工程师认证。
    Professional engineer certification is usually required for managers of utility operations involved in the transmission and distribution of electrical power, and natural gas and heating oil.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 堆肥设施经理 compost facility manager
  • 压缩机站经理 compressor station manager
  • 废物管理主任 director of waste management
  • 水污染控制总监 director of water pollution control
  • 董事,分销网络 – 实用工具 director, distribution network – utilities
  • 董事,分销系统 – 实用工具 director, distribution systems – utilities
  • 董事,电力传输业务 director, electrical power transmission operations
  • 董事,水力发电生产厂 director, hydro-electric power production plant
  • 主任,水力发电站 director, hydro-electric power station
  • 董事,污水处理系统 director, sewage treatment system
  • 董事,传输业务 – 公用事业 director, transmission operations – utilities
  • 董事,废水处理系统 director, waste water treatment system
  • 水利部门主任 director, water department
  • 董事,供水 director, water supply
  • 分销经理,气体 distribution manager, gas
  • 销售经理,精炼石油产品 distribution manager, refined petroleum products
  • 分销网络​​总监 – 实用工具 distribution network director – utilities
  • 分销业务经理 – 实用工具 distribution operations manager – utilities
  • 配电系统主任 – 实用工具 distribution systems director – utilities
  • 区域经理,灌溉 district manager, irrigation
  • 部门经理 – 石油分布 division manager – petroleum distribution
  • 电动发电机工厂经理 electric generating plant manager
  • 电发电站经理 electric generating station manager
  • 电厂经理 electric power plant manager
  • 电力服务经理 electric power services manager
  • 电力传输运营总监 electrical power transmission operations director
  • 燃气分销经理 gas distribution manager
  • 供气经理 gas supply manager
  • 燃气供应业务经理 gas supply operations manager
  • 水力发电生产厂长 hydro-electric power production plant director
  • 水力发电派出所所长 hydro-electric power station director
  • 灌溉区经理 irrigation district manager
  • 垃圾填埋场经理 landfill manager
  • 液体废物设施经理 liquid waste facility manager
  • 经理,压缩机站 manager, compressor station
  • 经理,配送,精炼石油产品 manager, distribution, refined petroleum products
  • 经理,发电机厂 manager, electric generating plant
  • 经理,电发电站 manager, electric generating station
  • 管理者,电厂 manager, electric power plant
  • 经理,电力服务 manager, electric power services
  • 经理,供气业务 manager, gas supply operations
  • 经理,液体废物处理设施 manager, liquid waste facility
  • 经理,公用事业 manager, public utilities
  • 经理,卫生下水道服务 manager, sanitary sewer service
  • 经理,污水处理; manager, sewage disposal
  • 经理,污水处理厂; manager, sewage plant
  • 经理,污水处理厂 manager, sewage treatment plant
  • 管理器,传输线 manager, transmission lines
  • 经理,水厂 manager, waterworks
  • 核废料经理 nuclear waste manager
  • 业务经理,管道 operations manager, pipelines
  • 石油产品经销经理 petroleum distribution manager
  • 管道运营经理 pipelines operations manager
  • 工厂经理,污水处理 plant manager, sewage treatment
  • 公用事业经理 public utilities manager
  • 精炼石油产品分销经理 refined petroleum products distribution manager
  • 下水道服务经理 sanitary sewer service manager
  • 污水处理经理 sewage disposal manager
  • 污水处理厂经理 sewage plant manager
  • 污水处理厂经理 sewage treatment plant manager
  • 污水处理系统主任 sewage treatment system director
  • 固体废物加工区经理 solid waste processing district manager
  • 固体废物处理经理 solid waste processing manager
  • 固体废物处理业务,企划部经理 solid waste processing operations planning manager
  • 传输线经理 transmission lines manager
  • 传输运营总监 – 实用工具 transmission operations director – utilities
  • 废物管理中心主任 waste management director
  • 废水处理系统董事 waste water treatment system director
  • 水主管部门 water department director
  • 配水经理 water distribution manager
  • 水过滤厂经理 water filtration plant manager
  • 水体污染控制主任 water pollution control director
  • 水务主任 waterworks director
  • 水务经理 waterworks manager
  • 水务总监 waterworks superintendent

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 设备操作员和维修经理 Facility operation and maintenance managers [0714](0714)
  • 高级管理人员 – 建筑,交通运输,生产和公用事业 Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities [0016](0016)




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