NOC 2221 生物技术专家和技术人员 Biological technologists and technicians


简介 Intro


Biological technologists and technicians provide technical support and services to scientists, engineers and other professionals working in fields such as agriculture, resource management, environmental protection, plant and animal biology, microbiology, cell and molecular biology and health sciences, or may work independently in these fields. They are employed in both laboratory and field settings by governments, manufacturers of food products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, health, research and educational institutions, environmental consulting companies, and resource and utilities companies.

There is limited mobility among occupations in this group.

Some technologists and technicians working in support of government and academic research in biology are university graduates.

主要职责 Main Duties

生物技术专家执行部分或全部下列职责:Biological technologists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 设置和进行生物,微生物和生化试验和实验室分析,支持粮食生产,卫生,药品生产,生物技术等领域的研究和质量控制
    Set up and conduct biological, microbiological and biochemical tests and laboratory analyses in support of research and quality control in food production, sanitation, pharmaceutical production, biotechnology and other fields
  • 应用以下方法和技术,如显微镜,组织化学,色谱法,电泳和光谱
    Apply methods and techniques such as microscopy, histochemistry, chromatography, electrophoresis and spectroscopy
  • 在农业,植物育种,畜牧业,生物学和生物医学研究中执行实验程序操作
    Perform experimental procedures in agriculture, plant breeding, animal husbandry, biology and biomedical research
  • 进行实地调研和调查,收集水,土壤,植物和动物种群的资料和样品
    Conduct field research and surveys to collect data and samples of water, soil, and plant and animal populations
  • 为保护渔业资源,野生动物和其他自然资源进行环境监测和遵守活动
    Conduct environmental monitoring and compliance activities for the protection of fisheries stock, wildlife and other natural resources
  • 分析数据和编写报告
    Analyze data and prepare reports
  • 指导​​或监督业务方案,如鱼苗孵化场,温室和牲畜生产项目。
    Conduct or supervise operational programs such as fish hatchery, greenhouse and livestock production programs.

生物技术人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Biological technicians perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 协助开展生物,微生物和生化试验和实验室分析
    Assist in conducting biological, microbiological and biochemical tests and laboratory analyses
  • 执行有限范围内技术职能,支持农业,种植养殖,畜牧业,生物学,生物医学研究和环境保护
    Perform limited range of technical functions in support of agriculture, plant breeding, animal husbandry, biology, biomedical research and environmental protection
  • 协助进行实地调研和调查,收集水,土壤,植物和动物种群的资料和样品
    Assist in conducting field research and surveys to collect data and samples of water, soil, and plant and animal populations
  • 协助分析数据和编写报告。
    Assist in analysis of data and preparation of reports.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 生物技术专家通常需要完成两到三年与农业,生物学,微生物学,野生动物资源管理相关的大专课程。
    Completion of a two- to three-year college program in a field related to agriculture, biology, microbiology, wildlife or resource management is usually required for employment as a biological technologist.
  • 生物技术人员需要完成一到两年的相关领域大学课程。
    Completion of a one- to two-year college program in a related field is required for employment as a biological technician.
  • 省级协会的认证是可用的,但是自愿考取的。
    Certification with provincial associations is available, but voluntary.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 农业科学技术人员 agricultural sciences technician
  • 农业技术员 agricultural technician
  • 农业技术专家 agricultural technologist
  • 土壤学技师 agrology technician
  • 土壤学技师 agrology technologist
  • 农技师 agronomy technician
  • 农技师 agronomy technologist
  • 水产养殖技术员 aquaculture technician
  • 水生生物学技师 aquatic biology technician
  • 细菌学技师 bacteriological technician
  • 细菌学技师 bacteriological technologist
  • 生物实验室技师 biological laboratory technologist
  • 生物技术员 biological technician
  • 生物技术专家 biological technologist
  • 生物技术技师 biotechnology technician
  • 植物园技术员 botanical technician
  • 植物技师 botanical technologist
  • 作物生产技术员 crop production technician
  • 奶制品技师 dairy products technician
  • 乳品技术专家 dairy technologist
  • 生态技师 ecological technician
  • 生态技师 ecological technologist
  • 鳗鱼养殖技术员 eel culture technician
  • 昆虫学技师 entomological technician
  • 昆虫学技师 entomological technologist
  • 大田作物技术员 field crop technician
  • 大田作物技术专家 field crop technologist
  • 鱼养殖者 fish culturist
  • 鱼农场技师 fish farm technologist
  • 鱼苗孵化场技术员 fish hatchery technician
  • 鱼子技师 fish roe technician
  • 渔业技术员 fisheries technician
  • 渔业技术专家 fisheries technologist
  • 渔业细菌技师 fishery bacteriological technician
  • 渔业细菌学技师 fishery bacteriological technologist
  • 食品细菌技术员 food bacteriological technician
  • 食品细菌学技师的 food bacteriological technologist
  • 领班/男/女,动物园 foreman/woman, zoo
  • 取证调查员,毛发和纤维 forensic examiner, hair and fibre
  • 法医实验室技师,生物 forensic laboratory technologist, biological
  • 栖息地的管理技术人员 habitat management technician
  • 鱼类学技师 ichthyological technician
  • 鱼类学技师 ichthyological technologist
  • 工业细菌学技师 industrial bacteriological technician
  • 工业细菌学技师 industrial bacteriological technologist
  • 生命科学的研究技术人员 life sciences research technician
  • 龙虾养殖技术员 lobster culture technician
  • malacology技师 malacology technician
  • 哺乳动物技师 mammalogy technician
  • 哺乳动物学技师 mammalogy technologist
  • 海洋生物技术人员 marine biological technician
  • 海洋生物学技师 marine biology technician
  • 海洋生物技术专家 marine biology technologist
  • 海洋文化技师 marine culture technologist
  • 海水养殖技术员 marine farming technologist
  • 微生物技师 microbiological technician
  • 微生物学质量控制技术专家 microbiology quality control technologist
  • 微生物技术人员(医疗除外) microbiology technician (except medical)
  • 微生物技术专家(医疗除外) microbiology technologist (except medical)
  • 真菌技师 mycological technician
  • 真菌技师 mycological technologist
  • 纳米生物技术技师 nanobiotechnology technician
  • 自然资源技术员 – 生物学 natural resources technician – biology
  • 鸟类技师 ornithological technician
  • 鸟类技师 ornithological technologist
  • 牡蛎养殖技术员 oyster culture technician
  • 养鱼细菌技师 pisciculture bacteriological technologist
  • 植物育种技术员 plant breeding technician
  • 植物病理学技师 plant pathology technician
  • 植物病理学技师 plant pathology technologist
  • 家禽技术员 poultry technician
  • 家禽技师 poultry technologist
  • 科研技术,生命科学 research technician, life sciences
  • 海水养殖技术员 sea-farming technologist
  • 种子技师 seed technologist
  • 土壤细菌技术员 soil bacteriological technician
  • 土壤细菌学技师的 soil bacteriological technologist
  • 技术员,奶制品 technician, dairy products
  • 技术员,渔业 technician, fisheries
  • 技术员,微生物学(医疗除外) technician, microbiology (except medical)
  • 技术员,野生动物 technician, wildlife
  • 技术员,野生动物资源 technician, wildlife resources
  • 技师,渔业 technologist, fisheries
  • 技师,微生物学(医疗除外) technologist, microbiology (except medical)
  • 技术专家,野生动物 technologist, wildlife
  • 疫苗技术员 vaccine technician
  • 病毒学技师 virology technologist
  • 野生生物技术员 wildlife biology technician
  • 野生动物资源技师 wildlife resources technician
  • 野生动物技术员 wildlife technician
  • 野生动物技师 wildlife technologist
  • 动物园领班/男/女 zoo foreman/woman
  • 动物园主管 zoo supervisor
  • 动物园技术员 zoological technician
  • 动物园技师 zoological technologist

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 农业和鱼类产品的检查员 Agricultural and fish products inspectors [2222](2222)
  • 生物化学技术人员和生化实验室技术员(化学技师和技术员) Biochemistry technologists and biochemistry laboratory technicians (in [2211](2211) Chemical technologists and technicians )
  • 生物学家和相关的科学家 Biologists and related scientists [2121](2121)
  • 生物医学工程技术人员(电气和电子工程技术人员和技术人员) Biomedical engineering technologists (in [2241](2241) Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians )
  • 保护和渔政人员 Conservation and fishery officers [2224](2224)
  • 林业技术人员和技术人员 Forestry technologists and technicians [2223](2223)
  • 医学实验室技术人员和病理学家助理 Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants [3212](3212)
  • 医务化验师 Medical laboratory technologists [3211](3211)




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