NOC 2273 甲板人员,水上运输 Deck officers, water transport


简介 Intro


Deck officers, water transport, operate and command ships or self-propelled vessels to transport passengers and cargo on oceans and coastal and inland waters, and supervise and co-ordinate the activities of deck crews. This unit group also includes Canadian Coast Guard deck officers. They are employed by marine transportation companies and federal government departments.

Transport Canada administers a deck officer certification program, consisting of several levels. Progression from one level of certification to the next requires additional experience, training and testing.

Mobility between employers is possible for positions requiring the same level of certification.

Progression to management positions in transportation is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 命令和操作船只或其他自航船,如驳船或石油钻井平台,运送乘客和货物
    Command and operate ships or other self-propelled vessels, such as barges or oil rigs, to transport passengers and cargo
  • 命令和操作海岸警卫队船只,提供破冰和搜救服务,并保持对在加拿大水域经营的船舶的管理
    Command and operate coast guard vessels to provide ice-breaking and search and rescue services, and to maintain control over ships operating in Canadian waters
  • 登上停泊的船只或引航艇,提醒船舶船长在引航机构下,按照轨道安全驾驶进出港口,海上航道或其他水道
    Board vessels at berth or from pilot boats to advise ships’ captains on the course to steer for safe passage into and out of ports, seaways or other waterways under pilotage authority
  • 使用航标计划和执行安全航行的通道
    Plan and execute safe navigational passage using navigational aids
  • 使用导航工具,地图和图表确定地理位置
    Determine geographical position using navigational instruments, maps and charts
  • 在河流,沟渠,和其他密闭或危险的水域和水道引导船只航行
    Guide vessels in rivers, canals, and other confined or hazardous waters and waterways
  • 维修船只的导航仪器及设备
    Maintain vessels’ navigational instruments and equipment
  • 指导和监督装卸货物
    Direct and oversee the loading and unloading of cargo
  • 监督和协调甲板船员的活动
    Supervise and co-ordinate the activities of deck crews
  • 在船舶的航海日志中记录船舶进度,船员的活动,天气和海况。
    Record vessel progress, crew activities, weather and sea conditions in the ship’s log.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需完成中学学业。
    Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 完成授权的航海学会甲板高级船员军校课程
    Completion of deck officer cadet program from an approved nautical institute
  • 或者要求具有一至三年的机组人员工作经验。
    One to three years of experience as a member of a deck crew is required.
  • 必需持有由加拿大运输部颁发的甲板人员合格证书。
    A deck officer certificate of competency, issued by Transport Canada, is required.
  • 对于船舶驾驶员,必需持有船舶驾驶员执照和能力硕士证书。
    For ship pilots, a ship pilot licence and a master certificate of competency are required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 雇主学徒 – 小水域 apprentice master – minor waters
  • 队长 – 水上运输 captain – water transport
  • 队长,渡船 captain, ferryboat
  • 队长,海上钻井平台 captain, offshore rig
  • 队长,客船 captain, passenger ship
  • 队长,自航驳 captain, self-propelled barge
  • 队长,自走式钻机 captain, self-propelled drilling rig
  • 船长,船舶 captain, ship
  • 行政官员,海岸警卫队船只 chief officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 大副,船 chief officer, ship
  • 行政人员,船舶营运 chief officer, ship operations
  • 海岸警卫船指挥官 Coast Guard vessel commanding officer
  • 海岸警卫队船只的第一个值班人员 Coast Guard vessel first watchkeeping officer
  • 海岸警卫队船只航行人员 Coast Guard vessel navigation officer
  • 海岸警卫船二副 Coast Guard vessel second officer
  • 海岸警卫队船只的第二值班人员 Coast Guard vessel second watchkeeping officer
  • 海岸警卫船三副 Coast Guard vessel third officer
  • 海岸警卫队船只的第三值班人员 Coast Guard vessel third watchkeeping officer
  • 指挥官 – 水上运输 commanding officer – water transport
  • 指挥官,海岸警卫队船只 commanding officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 指挥官,疏通 commanding officer, dredge
  • 指挥官,海上钻井平台 commanding officer, offshore rig
  • 甲板高级船员 – 军校 deck officer – cadet
  • 甲板高级船员 – 水上运输 deck officer – water transport
  • 甲板人员,自航驳 deck officer, self-propelled barge
  • 甲板人员,自走式石油钻井平台 deck officer, self-propelled oil rig
  • 疏通队长 dredge captain
  • 疏通指挥官 dredge commanding officer
  • 疏通伴侣 dredge mate
  • 渡船船长 ferryboat captain
  • 渡船大副 ferryboat first mate
  • 渡船雇雇主 ferryboat master
  • 渡船运营商 ferryboat operator
  • 大副 – 内陆水域 first mate – inland waters
  • 大副,渡船 first mate, ferryboat
  • 大副,外资持续 first mate, foreign-going
  • 大副,国内贸易 first mate, home trade
  • 大副,海洋钻机 first mate, offshore drilling rig
  • 大副,自走式钻机 first mate, self-propelled drilling rig
  • 大副,船 first mate, ship
  • 第一值班人员,海岸警卫队船只 first watchkeeping officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 外商大副 foreign-going first mate
  • 远洋二副 foreign-going second mate
  • 海港试点 harbour pilot
  • 国内贸易大副 home trade first mate
  • 国内贸易雇雇主 home trade master
  • 国内贸易二副 home trade second mate
  • 气垫船大师 hovercraft master
  • 内陆导航大副 inland navigation mate
  • 初中的大副,船舶 junior mate, ship
  • 水手 /男/女 launchman/woman
  • 雇主 – 内陆水域 master – inland waters
  • 雇主 – 小水域 master – minor waters
  • 雇主 – 水上运输 master – water transport
  • 商船船长 master mariner
  • 雇主,疏通 master, dredge
  • 雇主,渡船 master, ferryboat
  • 雇主,气垫船 master, hovercraft
  • 雇主,自走式钻机 master, self-propelled drilling rig
  • 雇主,船舶 master, ship
  • 大副 – 水上运输 mate – water transport
  • 大副,国内贸易 mate, home trade
  • 大副,内河航运 mate, inland navigation
  • 大副,商船 mate, merchant navy
  • 大副,自走式钻机 mate, self-propelled drilling rig
  • 大副,船 mate, ship
  • 商船大副 merchant navy mate
  • 导航员 – 水上运输 navigation officer – water transport
  • 导航官,海岸警卫队船只 navigation officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 人员,甲板 officer, deck
  • 人员,甲板 – 水上运输 officer, deck – water transport
  • 官,导航 – 水上运输 officer, navigation – water transport
  • 海洋钻机大副 offshore drilling rig first mate
  • 海上钻井平台队长 offshore rig captain
  • 海上钻井平台的指挥官 offshore rig commanding officer
  • 客船队长 passenger ship captain
  • 试点 – 水上运输 pilot – water transport
  • 试点,海港 pilot, harbour
  • 试点,船舶 pilot, ship
  • 河流试点 river pilot
  • 河船队长 riverboat captain
  • 第二甲板高级船员 second deck officer
  • 二副 second mate
  • 二副 – 内陆水域 second mate – inland waters
  • 二副,外资持续 second mate, foreign-going
  • 二副,国内贸易 second mate, home trade
  • 二副,船舶 second mate, ship
  • 二副,海岸警卫船 second officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 第二值班人员,海岸警卫队船只 second watchkeeping officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 自航驳队长 self-propelled barge captain
  • 自航驳甲板高级船员 self-propelled barge deck officer
  • 自走式钻机队长 self-propelled drilling rig captain
  • 自走式钻机大副 self-propelled drilling rig first mate
  • 自走式钻机大副 self-propelled drilling rig mate
  • 自走式石油钻井平台甲板高级船员 self-propelled oil rig deck officer
  • 船舶大副 ship first mate
  • 船雇主 ship master
  • 船舶试点 ship pilot
  • 船舶值班伴侣 ship watchkeeping mate
  • 船长 ship’s captain
  • 船上的大副 ship’s mate
  • 队长,拖轮 skipper, tugboat
  • 三副,船 third mate, ship
  • 三副,海岸警卫船 third officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 第三值班人员,海岸警卫队船只 third watchkeeping officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 拖轮船长 tugboat captain
  • 拖轮雇主 tugboat master
  • 拖轮船长 tugboat skipper
  • 值班大副,船 watchkeeping mate, ship
  • 值班人员 – 水上运输 watchkeeping officer – water transport
  • 值班人员,海岸警卫船 watchkeeping officer, Coast Guard vessel
  • 水手/男/女 waterman/woman

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 工程师人员,水路运输, Engineer officers, water transport [2274](2274)
  • 渔船船长和高级船员 Fishing masters and officers [8261](8261)
  • 海岸船长(运输经理) Shore captains (in [0731](0731) Managers in transportation )
  • 水上运输甲板和机舱船员 Water transport deck and engine room crew [7532](7532)




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