NOC 3237 治疗和评估的其他技术职业 Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment


简介 Intro


This unit group includes workers, not elsewhere classified, who perform various technical therapy and assessment functions. Some may assist professionals such as audiologists, speech-language pathologists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. They are employed in hospitals, clinics, extended care facilities, rehabilitation centres, educational institutions and in the private practices of the professionals they assist.

Currently, the qualifications of physical rehabilitation technicians are recognized only in the province of Quebec.

在大多数省份,职业治疗助理(OTA)和理疗助理(PTA)要接受社区学院单一的OTA / PTA项目培训。
In most provinces occupational therapy assistants (OTA) and physiotherapy assistants (PTA) receive training through a single OTA/PTA program in community colleges.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 助听器医生运用诊断评价和电声测试来检查成年客户,评估听力损失,建议并调配适当类型的助听器,同时采集耳模印迹,用于听力设备制造;安装,调整和稍做修改助听器;指导客户正确使用,保养和维护助听器,并执行后续的检查和调整工作。
    Hearing instrument practitioners examine adult clients to assess hearing loss using diagnostic evaluation and electro acoustic testing; recommend and dispense appropriate type of hearing instrument; take earmold impressions for use in the manufacture of hearing devices; fit, adjust and make minor modifications to hearing instruments; educate clients in appropriate use, care and maintenance of hearing instruments and perform follow-up examinations and readjustments.
  • 在听力学家的监督下,听力技术人员使用设备,如听力计,声级计,进行测试,如纯音听力筛查,阻抗测试和噪音水平测量,以确定患者的听力阈值;在测试程序中指导患者并记录结果;监控,检查和校准听觉设备,可能采集耳模的印迹,并安装和调整助听器。
    Audiometric technicians, under the supervision of audiologists, administer tests such as pure tone hearing screening, impedance tests and noise level measurements using equipment such as audiometers and sound level meters to determine hearing thresholds of patients; instruct patients on test procedures and record results; monitor, check and calibrate auditory equipment; may take earmold impressions and fit and adjust hearing instruments.
  • 交际障碍助理和语音语言病理学助理,在评估患者过程中,协助语音语言病理学家;在语音语言病理学家的监督下,开展治疗方案,并开发患者要使用的材料;记录了病人的康复进度,以及检查和维护治疗设备和材料。
    Communicative disorders assistants and speech-language pathology assistants assist speech-language pathologists during assessment of patients; carry out treatment programs and develop materials for use with patients, under the supervision of speech-language pathologists; document patient rehabilitation progress; and check and maintain therapeutic equipment and materials.
  • 眼科医疗助理操作眼科测试和测量工具,以帮助眼科医生评估患者的视力,记录测试结果,协助眼科医生进行门诊手术;按照眼科医生的指导管理眼药水,药膏和药物,清洁和维护测试过程中使用的工具和设备;记录病人的常规医疗和眼科病史,执行各种管理职责。
    Ophthalmic medical assistants operate ophthalmic testing and measuring instruments to aid ophthalmologists in assessing patients’ vision; record test results; assist ophthalmologists in office surgery; administer eye drops, ointments and medications as directed by ophthalmologists; clean and maintain instruments and equipment used during examinations; take patients’ general medical and ophthalmic history; and perform various administrative duties.
  • 理疗助理,职业治疗助理,在物理​​治疗师和/或职业治疗师的指导下,开展的治疗方案,如热疗,水疗,牵引医学及电子技术修复各种受伤或残疾的患者,以最大限度地恢复他们独立管理日常活动的能力。
    Physiotherapy assistants and occupational therapy assistants, under the direction of physiotherapists and/or occupational therapists, carry out treatment programs such as thermotherapy, traction, hydrotherapy and electrotherapeutic techniques to rehabilitate patients with various injuries or disabilities to maximize their ability to independently manage daily activities.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 助听器从业者需要完成为期三年的助听器专科课程大专文凭,其中包括一段时期的监督培训。
    Hearing instrument practitioners require completion of a three-year college diploma in a hearing instrument specialist program, including a period of supervised training.
  • 所有省份(安大略省除外)的助听器从业人员都要求持有监管机构颁发的执照,安大略省的助听器从业人员必须是地方协会听力仪器执业(AHIP)成员。助听器从业人员可以开具和分配助听器(除了安大略省外),在安大略省,分配工作取决于处方医生或听力学家。
    Licensure with a regulatory body is required for hearing instrument practitioners in all provinces except in Ontario where membership with the Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners (AHIP) is required. Hearing instrument practitioners can prescribe and dispense hearing instruments except in Ontario where dispensing is dependant on a prescription from a physician or audiologist.
  • 听力技术人员和交际障碍,语言病理学助理要求完成为期12 – 18个月的沟通障碍大学课程
    Audiometric technicians and communicative disorders and speech-language pathology assistants require completion of a 12- to 18-month college program in communicative disorders
  • 或者中学后教育和在职培训。
    Some post-secondary education and on-the-job training.
  • 眼科医疗助理需要完成一到两年的大学课程,或完成为期两年的医院眼科医疗技术的基础训练项目
    Ophthalmic medical assistants require completion of a one- to two-year college program or a two-year hospital-based training program in ophthalmic medical technology
  • 或者最少一年的眼科医生监督下的实践培训同时完成经批准的眼科助理自考课程。
    A minimum of one year of supervised practical training under an ophthalmologist and completion of an approved ophthalmic assistant home study program.
  • 理疗助理需要完成两到三年的物理康复治疗大学课程
    Physiotherapy assistants require completion of a two- to three-year college program in physical rehabilitation therapy
  • 或者一项为期两年的物理治疗助理(PTA)项目和监督的实际培训。
    A two-year physical therapy assistant (PTA) program and supervised practical training.
  • 职业治疗助理需要完成为期两年的职业治疗助理(OTA)大学课程。
    Occupational therapy assistants require completion of a two-year occupational therapy assistant (OTA) college program.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 助理,物理​​治疗 aide, physical therapy
  • 助手,语音 aide, speech
  • 助手,言语治疗 aide, speech therapy
  • 助理,听力 assistant, audiometric
  • 助手,沟通障碍 assistant, communication disorders
  • 助理,助听器 assistant, hearing aid
  • 助理,职业治疗师 assistant, occupational therapist
  • 助理,职业治疗 assistant, occupational therapy
  • 助理,眼科 assistant, ophthalmic
  • 助理,语言 assistant, speech language
  • 助理,言语治疗 assistant, speech therapy
  • 助听设备技术员 assistive listening device technician
  • 听力技师 audiological technician
  • 听力学技师 audiology technician
  • 听力助手 audiometric aide
  • 听力助理 audiometric assistant
  • 听力技师 audiometric technician
  • 听力技师 – 公众健康 audiometric technician – public health
  • 听力技师 audiometrician
  • 听力技术人员 audiometrist
  • 听力技术人员助手 audiometrist aide
  • 通信助手 – 医疗 communication aide – medical
  • 通信助理 – 医疗 communication assistant – medical
  • 沟通障碍助理 communication disorders assistant
  • 沟通障碍指导员 communication disorders instructor
  • 沟通障碍助理 communicative disorders assistant
  • 沟通障碍指导员 communicative disorders instructor
  • 助听器助理 hearing aid assistant
  • 助听器顾问 hearing aid consultant
  • 助听器经销商 hearing aid dealer
  • 助听器的经销商和顾问 hearing aid dealer and consultant
  • 助听器医生 hearing aid practitioner
  • 助听器专家 hearing aid specialist
  • 助听器技师 hearing aid technician
  • 听力评估技术员 hearing assessment technician
  • 听力障碍技术员 hearing disorder technician
  • 助听器饮水机 hearing instrument dispenser
  • 助听器医生 hearing instrument practitioner
  • 助听器执业助理 hearing instrument practitioner assistant
  • 助听器专家 hearing instrument specialist
  • 工业听力技师 industrial audiometric technician
  • 教练,沟通障碍 instructor, communication disorders
  • 运动治疗专家 kinesitherapist
  • 行货助听器专家 licensed hearing instrument specialist
  • 手工艺术治疗师 manual arts therapist
  • 职业治疗师助理 occupational therapist assistant
  • 职业治疗助理 occupational therapy assistant
  • 职业治疗技师 occupational therapy technician
  • 眼科助理 ophthalmic assistant
  • 眼科医疗助理 ophthalmic medical assistant
  • 眼科医疗技术 ophthalmic medical technician
  • 眼科医疗技术专家 ophthalmic medical technologist
  • 眼科技师 ophthalmic technician
  • 眼科技师(零售除外) ophthalmic technician (except retail)
  • 眼科技师 ophthalmic technologist
  • 眼科医生助理 ophthalmologist assistant
  • 身体康复技师 physical rehabilitation technician
  • 物理治疗师助理(PTA) physical therapist assistant (PTA)
  • 理疗助手 physical therapy aide
  • 理疗技师 physical therapy technician
  • 物理治疗师助理(PTA) physiotherapist assistant (PTA)
  • 理疗助手 physiotherapy aide
  • 理疗助理 physiotherapy assistant
  • 理疗技师 physiotherapy technician
  • PTA(物理治疗师助理) PTA (physical therapist assistant)
  • 语音助手 speech aide
  • 语音纠正师 – 医疗 speech correctionist – medical
  • 语音语言助手 speech language assistant
  • 语音技术人员 speech technician
  • 言语治疗师助手 speech therapist aide
  • 言语治疗师助理 speech therapist assistant
  • 言语治疗助手 speech therapy aide
  • 言语治疗师助理 speech therapy assistant
  • 语言病理学助理 speech-language pathology assistant
  • 技术员,助听装置 technician, assistive listening devices
  • 技术员,听力 technician, audiology
  • 技术员,听力 technician, audiometric
  • 技术员,助听器 technician, hearing aids
  • 技术员,听力评估 technician, hearing assessment
  • 技术员,听力障碍 technician, hearing disorders
  • 技师,职业治疗 technician, occupational therapy
  • 技术员,眼科(零售除外) technician, ophthalmic (except retail)
  • 技术员,身体康复 technician, physical rehabilitation
  • 技师,物理治疗 technician, physiotherapy
  • 技术员,言语 technician, speech
  • 技术专家,眼科 technologist, ophthalmic

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 医疗技师和技术员(除了牙齿健康) Medical technologists and technicians (except dental health) [321](321)
  • 医疗保健技术职业 Other technical occupations in health care [323](323)
  • 理疗助手和整脊助手(其他协助职业卫生服务的支持) Physiotherapy helpers and chiropractic aides (in [3414](3414) Other assisting occupations in support of health services )



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