NOC 5212 与博物馆和艺术画廊相关的技术职业 Technical occupations related to museums and art galleries


简介 Intro


This unit group includes workers who classify and catalogue museum artifacts and gallery works of art, construct and install exhibits and displays, restore, maintain and store museum and gallery collections, frame artwork, and perform other functions in support of curatorial and conservation activities. They are employed in museums and galleries. Picture framers and taxidermists may also be employed in retail settings or may be self-employed. This unit group also includes museum and other interpreters who conduct guided tours. They are employed by art galleries, museums, parks, aquariums, zoos, interpretive centres, botanical gardens, cultural centres, nature sanctuaries, historic and heritage sites, and other locations.

Museum interpreters may require specific scientific or academic credentials for employment by some museums, nature centres or other sites.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 保护和修复技术人员在管理员的指导下,协助恢复和保护文物。
    Conservation and restoration technicians assist in the restoration and conservation of artifacts under the direction of a conservator.
  • 策展助理协助研究,处理和存储文物。
    Curatorial assistants assist in the research, handling and storage of artifacts.
  • 博物馆口译指导参观博物馆,画廊展览,历史,文物和其他景点,回答询问,并提供有关展品或场所的信息。
    Museum interpreters conduct tours of museums, gallery exhibitions and historical, heritage and other sites, answer inquiries and provide information concerning exhibits or sites.
  • 博物馆推广人员协助规划和发展巡回展览和特别活动。
    Museum extension officers assist with the planning and development of travelling exhibitions and special events.
  • 博物馆学技术人员在文物和收藏品展览期间,以及传输和存储过程进行保护和照顾。
    Museology technicians protect and care for cultural artifacts and collections during exhibitions, while in transit and in storage.
  • 博物馆登记员和编目人员对文物进行分类,并给每个文物对应登记号码,同时监督库存控制。
    Museum registrars and cataloguers classify and assign registration numbers to artifacts and supervise inventory control.
  • 动物标本制作人构造展示品和立体模型,建造模型,安装展示的文物,准备储存和运输的工件。
    Preparators construct displays and dioramas, build models, install artifacts in displays and prepare artifacts for storage and shipping.
  • 图画装框者制作定制框架,测量和切割垫,垫衬增强物和玻璃,并安装画作,照片和其他艺术作品。
    Picture framers fabricate custom frames, measure and cut mats, mat enhancements and glass, and mount paintings, photographs and other art work.
  • 剥制师准备和安装鸟类或动物的皮肤用以保存,科研或展示目的。
    Taxidermists prepare and mount skins of birds or animals for preservation, scientific or display purposes.
  • 技术博物馆和画廊的工人可能会专注于特定类型的收藏品。
    Technical museum and gallery workers may specialize in a specific type of collection.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 登记人员,编目人员和口译可能需要与博物馆和画廊工作有关的领域的大学学位。
    Registrars, cataloguers and interpreters may require a university degree in a field related to museum and gallery work.
  • 对于本单元组的其他职业,需要完成博物馆技术或保存技术的大学课程。
    For other occupations in this unit group, completion of a college program in museum technology or conservation technology
  • 必需具备其他技术或与工作有关的在职培训的课程。
    Other technical or on-the-job training programs related to the work are required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 飞机修复技师 – 博物馆 aircraft restoration technician – museum
  • 水族馆解释 aquarium interpreter
  • 考古技术员 archaeological technician
  • 艺术画廊制作人 art gallery preparator
  • 艺术画廊登记 art gallery registrar
  • 艺术品制作人 art objects preparator
  • 艺术品修复技师 art restoration technician
  • 助理司法常务官 – 博物馆 assistant registrar – museum
  • 植物园译员 botanical garden interpreter
  • 编目 – 博物馆 cataloguer – museum
  • 编目,博物馆藏品 cataloguer, museum objects
  • 主要显示人员 – 博物馆 chief display officer – museum
  • 主要展品人员 – 博物馆 chief exhibit officer – museum
  • 首席制作人 chief preparator
  • 首席制作人 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 chief preparator – museums and art galleries
  • 通信设备修复的技术人员 – 博物馆 communications equipment restoration technician – museum
  • 社区博物馆技师 community museum technician
  • 保护和修复技术人员 conservation and restoration technician
  • 保护区解释 conservation area interpreter
  • 养护技师 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 conservation technician – museums and art galleries
  • 策展助理 curatorial assistant
  • 恐龙博物馆解释 dinosaur museum interpreter
  • 西洋镜厂商 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 diorama maker – museums and art galleries
  • 西洋镜技师 diorama technician
  • 展示人员 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 display officer – museums and art galleries
  • 文件恢复技术人员 document restoration technician
  • 生态导览 ecological interpreter
  • 布展人员 – 博物馆 exhibit officer – museum
  • 展出制作人 exhibit preparator
  • 展出技术员 exhibit technician
  • 化石恢复和赔偿技术员 fossil recovery and reparation technician
  • 帧钳工 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 frame fitter – museums and art galleries
  • 成帧器 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 framer – museum and art gallery
  • 取景技师 framing technician
  • 主要制作人 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 head preparator – museums and art galleries
  • 遗产解释 heritage interpreter
  • 历史悠久的现场传译员 historic site interpreter
  • 历史译员 historical interpreter
  • 历史现场技术人员 historical site technician
  • 历史悠久的村庄主管 historical village supervisor
  • 历史悠久的村庄技师 historical village technician
  • 历史博物馆解释 history museum interpreter
  • 昆虫馆的翻译 insectarium interpreter
  • 翻译,历史遗址 interpreter, historic site
  • 译员,博物馆 interpreter, museum
  • 解释性指南 – 博物馆 interpretive guide – museum
  • 模型制作制作人 model maker-preparator
  • 博物馆学技师 museology technician
  • 博物馆编目 museum cataloguer
  • 博物馆的布展人员 museum exhibit officer
  • 博物馆推广官员 museum extension officer
  • 博物馆解释 museum interpreter
  • 博物馆藏品编目 museum objects cataloguer
  • 博物馆藏品制作人 museum objects preparator
  • 博物馆制作人 museum preparator
  • 博物馆过户登记 museum registrar
  • 博物馆技术员 museum technician
  • 博物馆技术员 – 地球的历史和古生物学 museum technician – earth’s history and paleontology
  • 自然栖息地解释 natural habitat interpreter
  • 性质解释 nature interpreter
  • 自然现场传译员 nature site interpreter
  • 鸟类中心解释 ornithology centre interpreter
  • 画作修复技师 paintings restoration technician
  • 公园解释 park interpreter
  • 裱画 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 picture framer – museum and art gallery
  • 天文馆解释器 planetarium interpreter
  • 天文馆技师 planetarium technician
  • 制作人 preparator
  • 铁路设备修复的技术人员 – 博物馆 railway equipment restoration technician – museum
  • 录音师 – 博物馆 recording technician – museum
  • 地区博物馆技术员 regional museum technician
  • 过户登记处,博物馆 registrar, museum
  • 修复技师 – 博物馆 restoration technician – museum
  • 公路运输设备的修复技师 – 博物馆 road transport equipment restoration technician – museum
  • 动物标本剥制 taxidermist
  • 标本制作技师 taxidermy technician
  • 技术人员 – 博物馆 technical officer – museum
  • 技术员,养护 – 博物馆和艺术画廊 technician, conservation – museums and art galleries
  • 技术员,博物馆 technician, museum
  • 技术员,恢复 – 博物馆 technician, restoration – museum
  • 荒野解释 wilderness interpreter
  • 动物园解释 zoo interpreter

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 助理馆长(保存者和策展人) Assistant curators (in [5112](5112) Conservators and curators )
  • 博物馆展品设计师(剧场,时尚,展览和其他创意设计师) Museum exhibit designers (in [5243](5243) Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers )
  • 旅游和旅游向导 Tour and travel guides [6531](6531)



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