NOC 5226 电影,广播和表演艺术界其他技术和协调职业 Other technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts


简介 Intro


This unit group includes a range of technical, co-ordinating and supervisory workers who co-ordinate and perform specific activities for television, radio and motion picture productions, news broadcasts, theatre and stage productions, and other live or recorded productions. They are employed by television and radio stations and networks, recording studios, motion picture and video production companies, concert promoters and theatre, stage and dance companies.

There may be an overlap in duties among occupations in this unit group, depending on the size of the production or broadcasting studio.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • (电视)舞台监督统筹相机操作员和其他技术人员的工作,并在新闻广播和电视节目录影过程中提示播音员,演员和表演者。
    Floor managers co-ordinate the work of camera operators and other technical staff, and cue announcers, actors and performers during news broadcasts and television program tapings.
  • 场务领班监督道具员,灯光师和舞台工作人员,其负责装配,放置,移动和拆除灯,套,布景,风光和其他舞台设备。
    Key grips supervise grips, gaffers and stagehands who rig, place, move and dismantle lights, sets, backdrops, scenery and other stage equipment.
  • 灯光师及灯光技术人员设立,运作和维修工作室和舞台的灯光和其他电器设备。
    Gaffers and lighting technicians set up, operate and make repairs to lights and other electrical equipment in studios and on sets and stages.
  • 特技协调员和特效技术人员设计和统筹如火灾,爆炸和崩溃特效。
    Stunt co-ordinators and special effects technicians design and co-ordinate special effects such as fires, explosions and crashes.
  • 化妆师为演员和其他表演人员化妆,并进行特殊效果化妆。
    Make-up artists apply cosmetic and special effects make-up on actors and other performers.
  • 服装供应商研究脚本,确定必要的服装并监督购服装的购买,试穿及保养。
    Costumiers study scripts to determine the necessary costumes and oversee the acquisition, fitting and maintenance of costumes.
  • 布景车间领班协助编制施工规范。
    Settings shop foremen and forewomen assist in preparing the construction specifications for sets.
  • 道具管理员确定,并列出所需的道具,并在排练和演出时将其放置好。
    Property masters identify and list the necessary props and place them during rehearsals and performances.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 对于本单元组的大多数职位,都要求完成广播,戏剧艺术学院或相关领域的大学课程
    For most occupations in this unit group, completion of a college or university program in broadcasting, theatre arts or a related field
  • 必需具备多年的相关支持或电影,广播或表演艺术助理职位的经验。
    Several years of experience in a related support or assisting occupation in motion pictures, broadcasting or the performing arts are required.
  • (电视)舞台监督要求具有多项工作经验组合。
    Floor managers require a portfolio of work.
  • 电影,广播和表演艺术工作的化妆师可能需要参加培训课程。
    Make-up artists working in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts may require a training program.
  • 化妆师需要过往经验证明的创意能力。
    Creative ability, as demonstrated by a portfolio of work, is required for make-up artists.
  • 灯光师,灯光技术人员,场务领班和其他舞台技术人员,必需完成影院技术生产的大学课程或其他专门的培训计划。
    For gaffers, lighting technicians, key grips and other stage technicians, completion of a college program or other specialized training program in technical production for theatre is required.
  • 可能需要是相关工会的成员。
    Membership in a related union may be required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 动物牧人 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 animal wrangler – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 广播统筹 broadcasting co-ordinator
  • 照明首席技师 chief lighting technician
  • 首席舞台电工 chief stage electrician
  • 首席技师,照明效果 chief technician, lighting effects
  • 服装制造商 costume maker
  • 服装主管 costume supervisor
  • 服装师 costumer
  • 服装师 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 costumer – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 服饰统筹 costumes co-ordinator
  • 服装供应商 costumier
  • 电工,集 electrician, set
  • 电工,舞台 electrician, stage
  • 外集管理 exterior set manager
  • 外部拍摄主任 exterior shooting director
  • 额外的牧马人 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 extra wrangler – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 影视外景经理 film location manager
  • 置景工 first grip
  • 舞台主任 – 广播 floor director – broadcasting
  • 舞台监督 – 广播 floor manager – broadcasting
  • 领班 gaffer
  • 道具领班 head grip
  • 戏装主管 head of wardrobe
  • 关键梳妆台 key dresser
  • 道具员 key grip
  • 照明效果首席技师 lighting effects chief technician
  • 灯光技术员 lighting technician
  • 位置管理人 – 电影和广播 location manager – motion pictures and broadcasting
  • 机械师电工 machinist-electrician
  • 化妆师 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 make-up artist – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 化妆师和美发师 – 表演艺术 make-up artist and hairdresser – performing arts
  • 化妆师和假发制造商 make-up artist and wig maker
  • 运动画面设施主管 motion picture facilities supervisor
  • 音乐节目策划 music program planner
  • 音乐节目策划,广播 music program planner, radio
  • 光学效应统筹 optical effects co-ordinator
  • 演示统筹 – 广播 presentation co-ordinator – broadcasting
  • 制作统筹 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 production co-ordinator – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 制作统筹 – 无线电广播 production co-ordinator – radiobroadcasting
  • 生产技术员 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 production technician – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 节目统筹 – 广播 program co-ordinator – broadcasting
  • 节目策划,音乐 program planner, music
  • 节目策划,广播 program planner, radio
  • 编程经理 programming manager
  • 道具托管人 – 舞台制作或动态影像 properties custodian – stage productions or motion pictures
  • 道具管理员 – 广播 property master – broadcasting
  • 道具管理员 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 property master – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • 电台音乐节目策划 radio music program planner
  • 无线电节目策划 radio program planner
  • 远程广播统筹 remote broadcasting co-ordinator
  • 索具领班 rigging gaffer
  • 场记 script supervisor
  • 设置电工 set electrician
  • 设置店领班/男/女 settings shop foreman/woman
  • 特技技师 special effects technician
  • 体育节目​​统筹 – 广播 sports program co-ordinator – broadcasting
  • 舞台主任助理 stage assistant director
  • 舞台电工 stage electrician
  • 剧务 stage manager
  • 舞台技师 stage technician
  • 分期主管 staging supervisor
  • 工作室管理员 studio administrator
  • 工作室电工 studio electrician
  • 制片人 studio manager
  • 工作室经理 – 广播 studio manager – broadcasting
  • 特技统筹 stunt co-ordinator
  • 电视转播技术人员 telecasting technician
  • 剧场技师 theatre technician
  • 部经理 – 电影和广播 unit manager – motion pictures and broadcasting
  • 戏装统筹 wardrobe co-ordinator
  • 戏装保管员/男/女 wardrobe master/mistress
  • 戏装主管 wardrobe supervisor
  • 假发美发 – 电影,广播和表演艺术 wig hairdresser – motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 音频和视频录制技术人员 Audio and video recording technicians [5225](5225)
  • 广播技术员 Broadcast technicians [5224](5224)
  • 电影和视频的摄像头运营商 Film and video camera operators [5222](5222)
  • 照明设计师(剧场,时尚,展览和其他创意设计师) Lighting designers (in [5243](5243) Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers )
  • 支持职业在电影,广播,摄影和表演艺术 Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts [5227](5227)



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