NOC 7612 其他行业佣工及劳动者 (Other trades helpers and labourers)


简介 Intro


This unit group includes trade helpers and labourers, not elsewhere classified, who assist skilled tradespersons and perform labouring activities in the installation, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment, in the maintenance and repair of transportation and heavy equipment, in the installation and repair of telecommunication and power cables and in other repair and service work settings. They are employed by a wide variety of manufacturing, utility and service companies.

There is little or no mobility between occupations in this unit group.

主要职责 Main Duties

本单元组劳动者执行部分或全部下列职责:Labourers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 在工作区域间移动工具,设备及其他物资。Move tools, equipment and other materials to and from work areas
  • 辅助拼接空中和地下通信和电力传输电缆。Assist in splicing overhead and underground communications and electric power transmission cables
  • 协助维修,保养和安装工业机械和设备。Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing industrial machinery and equipment
  • 协助维修,保养及安装制冷,采暖和空调设备。Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment
  • 协助维修,保养和安装电梯。Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing elevators
  • 协助维修和保养固定电力发电和配电设备。Assist in repairing and maintaining stationary electric power generating and distribution equipment
  • 协助飞机,铁路车辆,汽车,卡车,公交车,重型装备和摩托车的机械,电气和车身维修。Assist in mechanical, electrical and body repairs of aircraft, railway cars, automobiles, trucks, buses, heavy equipment and motorcycles
  • 协助修理电器,小型发动机或其他类似设备。Assist in repairing electrical appliances, small engines or other similar equipment
  • 混合肥料,除草剂,杀虫剂并将混合物装载到飞机上以备空中喷洒。Mix fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and load mixture into airplane for aerial spraying
  • 协助土地勘测活动,如持有或移动木桩和枝条,清理勘察线路上的灌木和碎片,将测量工具运送到工作区。Assist in land surveying activities, such as holding or moving stakes and rods, clearing brush and debris from line of survey and transporting surveying tools to work area
  • 执行其他劳动和基本任务。Perform other labouring and elemental tasks as required.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 可能必需具备一些中学教育。
    Some secondary school education may be required.
  • 提供在职培训。
    On-the-job training is provided.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 空中喷洒助理 aerial spraying assistant
  • 空中喷洒线路工人/男/女 aerial spraying lineman/woman
  • 空调修理工帮手 air conditioning mechanic helper
  • 飞机仪表修理工帮手 aircraft instrument mechanic helper
  • 飞机机械师帮手 aircraft mechanic helper
  • 车身造车帮手 automobile body repairer helper
  • 汽车保险杠矫直人员 automobile bumper straightener
  • 汽车电工帮手 automotive electrician helper
  • 汽车修理工帮手 automotive mechanic helper
  • 体造车帮手,汽车 body repairer helper, automobile
  • 电缆安装和维修帮手 – 电信 cable installation and repair helper – telecommunications
  • 电缆安装助手 cable installer helper
  • 电缆造车帮手 cable repairer helper
  • 电缆造车帮手 – 电信 cable repairer helper – telecommunications
  • 电缆接线帮手 cable splicer helper
  • 电缆工 /男/女帮手 cableman/woman helper
  • 丈量员/男/女 chainman/woman – land surveying
  • 化工过程设备机械帮手 chemical process equipment mechanic helper
  • 商用空调技工帮手 commercial air conditioning mechanic helper
  • 罗盘工人 /男/女 – 土地测量 compassman/woman – land surveying
  • 建筑设备机械帮手 construction equipment mechanic helper
  • 履带造车帮手 crawler track repairer helper
  • 柴油机械帮手 diesel mechanic helper
  • 潜水员帮手 diver helper
  • 电缆网络安装帮手 electric cable network installer helper
  • 电力电缆接线帮手 electric cable splicer helper
  • 电动马达造车帮手 electric motor repairer helper
  • 电力线通信劳动者 electric power and wire communications labourer
  • 电气机械帮手 electrical mechanic helper
  • 电工助手,汽车 electrician helper, automotive
  • 电工助手,重地 electrician helper, powerhouse
  • 电梯构造帮手 elevator constructor helper
  • 电梯技工帮手 elevator mechanic helper
  • 发动机钳工帮手 engine fitter helper
  • 工厂维修技工帮手 factory maintenance mechanic helper
  • 现场机械帮手 field mechanic helper
  • 消防器材的服务帮手 fire equipment servicer helper
  • 炉造车帮手 furnace repairer helper
  • 燃气表造车帮手 gas meter repairer helper
  • 地面的手 – 电信 ground hand – telecommunications
  • 地面工人 – 电源线 ground worker – power lines
  • 地面工人 – 电信 ground worker – telecommunications
  • 手工切割者,泥炭藓 hand cutter, peat moss
  • 手泥炭藓切割者 hand peat moss cutter
  • 暖气和空调技工帮手 heating and air conditioning mechanic helper
  • 加热和冷却机械师助手 heating and cooling mechanic helper
  • 重型设备机械帮手 heavy equipment mechanic helper
  • 帮手,汽车电工 helper, automotive electrician
  • 帮手,汽车修理工 helper, automotive mechanic
  • 帮手,电缆的安装和维修 – 电信 helper, cable installation and repair – telecommunications
  • 帮手,电缆接线 helper, cable splicer
  • 帮手,商用空调技工 helper, commercial air conditioning mechanic
  • 潜水员帮手, helper, diver
  • 帮手,电梯技工 helper, elevator mechanic
  • 帮手,发动机钳工 helper, engine fitter
  • 助手,炉造车; helper, furnace repairer
  • 帮手,加热和冷却技工 helper, heating and cooling mechanic
  • 帮手,工业技工 helper, industrial mechanic
  • 帮手,机械师 helper, mechanic
  • 帮手,技工 helper, millwright
  • 帮手,机动车车身造车 helper, motor vehicle body repairer
  • 帮手,机动车辆维修技工 helper, motor vehicle mechanic
  • 帮手,油燃烧器修理工 helper, oil burner mechanic
  • 帮手,油燃烧技术人员 helper, oil burner technician
  • 帮手,厂房电工 helper, powerhouse electrician
  • 帮手,发动机机械师 helper, small-engine mechanic
  • 工业仪器造车帮手 industrial instrument repairer helper
  • 工业机械加油工 industrial machinery oiler
  • 工业机械帮手 industrial mechanic helper
  • 安装助手 – 电信 installer helper – telecommunications
  • 安装帮手,电力电缆系统 installer helper, power cable systems
  • 劳动者,电力和电线通信 labourer, electric power and wire communications
  • 线路工人/男/女帮手 lineman/woman helper
  • 线路工人/男/女帮手 – 电力和通信线路 lineman/woman helper – power and communication lines
  • 内衬替代者 – 选矿设备 liner replacer – ore-processing equipment
  • 线路工人帮手 lineworker helper
  • 机工,钳工帮手 machine mechanic-fitter helper
  • 维修技工帮手,工厂或工厂 maintenance mechanic helper, factory or mill
  • 海洋电工帮手 marine electrician helper
  • 机械师助手 mechanic helper
  • 机械帮手,空调 mechanic helper, air conditioning
  • 机械师帮手,重型设备 mechanic helper, heavy equipment
  • 机械帮手,公用事业仪器 mechanic helper, utilities instruments
  • 技工钳工帮手的 mechanic-fitter helper
  • 技工的助手 – 汽车 mechanic’s helper – automotive
  • 磨机械帮手 mill mechanic helper
  • 技工帮手 millwright helper
  • 移动设备造车帮手 mobile equipment repairer helper
  • 移动机械帮手 mobile mechanic helper
  • 机动车车身造车帮手 motor vehicle body repairer helper
  • 机动车辆维修技工帮手 motor vehicle mechanic helper
  • 机工/男/女 – 海上钻井平台 motorman/woman – offshore drilling rig
  • 油燃烧器保持帮手 oil burner maintainer helper
  • 油燃烧器机械帮手 oil burner mechanic helper
  • 油燃烧技术人员帮手 oil burner technician helper
  • 油商,工业机械 oiler, industrial machinery
  • 油商,固定式发动机 oiler, stationary engines
  • 选矿设备修理工帮手 ore-processing equipment repairer helper
  • 泥炭挖掘工 peat digger
  • 管工帮手 – 造船 pipefitter helper – shipbuilding
  • 电力电缆系统安装助手 power cable system installer helper
  • 供电机或拖曳机造车帮手 – 建设 powered-machine or towed-machine repairer helper – construction
  • 重地电工帮手 powerhouse electrician helper
  • 重地机械造车帮手 powerhouse mechanical repairer helper
  • 重地油商 powerhouse oiler
  • 保护信号服务商帮手 protective signal servicer helper
  • 泵安装和造车帮手 pump-installer and repairer helper
  • 铁路车载造车帮手 railway car repairer helper
  • 制冷机械帮手 refrigeration mechanic helper
  • 造车帮手,铁路车辆 repairer helper, railway cars
  • 钻机机械帮手 rig mechanic helper
  • 标尺手/男/女 – 土地测量 rodman/woman – land surveying
  • 缝纫机机械帮手 sewing machine mechanic helper
  • 缝纫机造车帮手 sewing machine repairer helper
  • 船舶机械安装助手 ship machinery installer helper
  • 造船电工帮手 shipbuilding electrician helper
  • 造船厂电工帮手 shipyard electrician helper
  • 小排量的机械帮手 small-engine mechanic helper
  • 捻接器辅助人员 – 电信 splicer helper – telecommunications
  • 吱吱,嘎嘎和泄漏定位者 squeak, rattle and leak locator
  • 男/女 – 打桩工 /土地测量 stakeman/woman – land surveying
  • 打桩工 – 详图 staker – detailer
  • 固定式发动机的油商 stationary engine oiler
  • 测量和光学仪器造车帮手 surveying and optical instruments repairer helper
  • 测量员助手 surveyor helper
  • 的扳道/男/女帮手 – 电信 switchman/woman helper – telecommunications
  • 电话电缆接线帮手 telephone cable splicer helper
  • 地下电缆帮手 underground cable helper
  • 地下电缆接线帮手 underground cable splicer helper
  • 公用事业仪表机械帮手 utilities instrument mechanic helper
  • 电线杆安装工 utility pole installer
  • 窗式空调器修理工帮手 window air conditioner repairer helper

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 建筑行业佣工和劳动者 Construction trades helpers and labourers [7611](7611)




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