NOC 8221 主管,采矿和采石 Supervisors, mining and quarrying


简介 Intro


Supervisors in this unit group supervise and co-ordinate activities of workers engaged in underground and surface mining operations and quarries. They are employed by coal, metal and non-metallic mineral mines and quarries.

There is mobility between employers, especially for supervisors with post-secondary diplomas or degrees.

Mobility between surface mining, underground mining, coal or metal mining sectors may be limited by differences in production technologies and licensing requirements.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 监督,协调和统筹安排开采煤炭,矿物和矿石,经营地下运输工具,以及执行其他服务支持地下开采,或重型设备操作员,钻井,爆破和其他露天采矿和采石业工人的活动。
    Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers who extract coal, minerals and ore; operate underground conveyances; and perform other services in support of underground mining, or of heavy equipment operators, drillers, blasters and other workers in surface mining and quarrying
  • 建立方法,以满足工作日程,并与管理及技术人员,其他部门及承办商商谈,以解决问题和协调活动
    Establish methods to meet work schedules and confer with managerial and technical personnel, other departments and contractors to resolve problems and co-ordinate activities
  • 监督采矿或采石作业的安全性
    Oversee the safety of the mining or quarrying operations
  • 解决工作中的问题和建议措施,以提高生产力
    Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity
  • 申报材料和用品
    Requisition materials and supplies
  • 培训工人的工作职责,安全程序和公司政策
    Train workers in job duties, safety procedures and company policies
  • 推荐人事,如雇佣和晋升
    Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • 准备产品和其他报告。
    Prepare production and other reports.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 要求完成中学学习
    Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 采矿技术或工程学院或大学计划完成可能需要在这个组的一些位置。
    Completion of a college or university program in mining technology or engineering may be required for some positions in this group.
  • 通常需要具备在被监督职业里工作的多年经验。
    Several years of experience in the occupations supervised are usually required.
  • 地下矿监,值班班长,或煤矿主管需要省级认证。
    Provincial certification as an underground mine supervisor, shift boss, or coal mining supervisor may be required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 爆破领班/男/女 – 采矿和采石 blasters foreman/woman – mining and quarrying
  • 爆破领班/男/女 – 采石 blasters foreman/woman – quarrying
  • 爆破领班/男/女 – 表面采矿 blasters foreman/woman – surface mining
  • 老板,水平 – 地下开采 boss, level – underground mining
  • 老板,沙填 – 地下开采 boss, sand fill – underground mining
  • 老板,移位 – 采矿和采石 boss, shift – mining and quarrying
  • 老板,轨道层 – 地下开采 boss, track layers – underground mining
  • 老板,花园 – 采矿和采石 boss, yard – mining and quarrying
  • 煤矿领班/男/女 coal mine foreman/woman
  • 建设主管 – 地下采矿和采石 construction supervisor – underground mining and quarrying
  • 金刚石钻探领班/男/女 diamond drilling foreman/woman
  • 钻钳工老板 – 采矿 drill fitter boss – mining
  • 钻钳工领班/男/女 – 采矿 drill fitter foreman/woman – mining
  • 钻井领班/男/女 – 采矿和采石 drilling foreman/woman – mining and quarrying
  • 炸药领班/男/女 -采石 dynamiters foreman/woman – quarrying
  • 面对老板 – 地下开采 face boss – underground mining
  • 填充物领班/男/女 fill foreman/woman
  • 填写领班/男/女 – 地下开采 fill foreman/woman – underground mining
  • 点火领班 – 采矿 fire boss – mining
  • 领班/男/女,爆破 – 采石 foreman/woman, blasters – quarrying
  • 领班/男/女,爆破工 – 表层采矿 foreman/woman, blasters – surface mining
  • 领班/男/女,爆破 – 采矿和采石 foreman/woman, blasting – mining and quarrying
  • 领班/男/女,煤矿 foreman/woman, coal mine
  • 领班/男/女,金刚石钻探 foreman/woman, diamond drilling
  • 领班/男/女,钻孔 – 采矿和采石 foreman/woman, drilling – mining and quarrying
  • 领班/男/女,填充 – 地下开采 foreman/woman, fill – underground mining
  • 领班/男/女,矿山 foreman/woman, mine
  • 领班/男/女,车长/的妇女和dinkeymen /女性(铁路运输除外) foreman/woman, motormen/women and dinkeymen/women (except rail transport)
  • 领班/男/女,生产 – 采矿和采石 foreman/woman, production – mining and quarrying
  • 领班/男/女,采石场 foreman/woman, quarry
  • 领班/男/女,移位 – 采矿和采石 foreman/woman, shift – mining and quarrying
  • 领班/男/女,射击 – 采矿和采石 foreman/woman, shot – mining and quarrying
  • 领班/男/女,采场 – 采矿 foreman/woman, stope – mining
  • 领班/男/女,露天矿 foreman/woman, surface mine
  • 领班/男/女,地下矿井 foreman/woman, underground mine
  • 总工长/男/女 – 采矿 general foreman/woman – mining
  • 初级领班/开采的男/女 – junior foreman/woman – mining
  • 领导者,移位 – 采矿和采石 leader, shift – mining and quarrying
  • 水平领班 – 地下开采 level boss – underground mining
  • 矿队长 mine captain
  • 采矿工头/男/女 mine foreman/woman
  • 采矿主管 mine supervisor
  • 车长/的妇女和dinkeymen /女性领班/男/女(铁路运输除外) motormen/women and dinkeymen/women foreman/woman (except rail transport)
  • 露天矿主管 open pit mine supervisor
  • 生产领班/男/女 – 采矿和采石 production foreman/woman – mining and quarrying
  • 采石场的工头/男/女 quarry foreman/woman
  • 采石场主管 quarry supervisor
  • 缓解表面领班/男/女 – 采矿 relieving surface foreman/woman – mining
  • 打捞领班/男/女 – 采矿 salvage foreman/woman – mining
  • 沙子填充的老板 – 地下开采 sand fill boss – underground mining
  • 高级领班/男/女 – 采矿 senior foreman/woman – mining
  • 移位老板 – 采矿和采石 shift boss – mining and quarrying
  • 值班工长/男/女 – 采矿和采石 shift foreman/woman – mining and quarrying
  • 转变领导者 – 采矿和采石 shift leader – mining and quarrying
  • 拍摄领班/男/女 – 采矿和采石 shot foreman/woman – mining and quarrying
  • 采场领班/男/女 – 采矿 stope foreman/woman – mining
  • 主管,建设 – 地下采矿及采石业 supervisor, construction – underground mining and quarrying
  • 主管,矿山 supervisor, mine
  • 主管,露天矿 supervisor, open pit mine
  • 主管,采石场 supervisor, quarry
  • 主管,露天矿 supervisor, surface mine
  • 主管,花园 – 采矿和采石 supervisor, yard – mining and quarrying
  • 供应老板 – 采矿 supply boss – mining
  • 提供领班/男/女 – 采矿 supply foreman/woman – mining
  • 表面领班/男/女 – 采矿 surface foreman/woman – mining
  • 露天矿领班/男/女 surface mine foreman/woman
  • 地表矿监 surface mine supervisor
  • 轨道老板 – 地下开采 track boss – underground mining
  • 煤矿井下领班/男/女 underground mine foreman/woman
  • 庭院领班板 – 采矿和采石 yard boss – mining and quarrying
  • 庭院主管 – 采矿和采石 yard supervisor – mining and quarrying

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 钻井和爆破员 – 表面采矿,采石和建筑 Drillers and blasters – surface mining, quarrying and construction [7372](7372)
  • 重型设备操作员(除了起重机)Heavy equipment operators (except crane) [7521](7521)
  • 煤矿工人 Mine labourers [8614](8614)
  • 矿长(天然资源生产和渔业经理)Mine managers (in ([0811]0811) Managers in natural resources production and fishing )
  • 地下矿山的服务和支持人员 Underground mine service and support workers [8411](8411)
  • 地下生产和开发矿工 Underground production and development miners [8231](8231)



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