NOC 8412 石油和天然气钻井及有关人员和服务运营商 Oil and gas well drilling and related workers and services operators


简介 Intro


Oil and gas well drilling workers operate drilling and service rig machinery as intermediate members of the rig crew. Oil and gas well services operators drive trucks and operate specialized hydraulic pumping systems to place cement in wells or to treat wells with chemicals, sand mixtures or gases to stimulate production. Workers in this unit group are employed by drilling and well service contractors and by petroleum producing companies.

Progression to oil and gas well driller or service rig operator is possible with experience.

Progression to supervisor of well services is possible for gas and oil well services operators.

主要职责 Main Duties

石油和天然气钻井工人执行部分或全部下列职责:Oil and gas well drilling workers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 使用专用设备,信息和地图,以确定并记录被埋管道和其他公用设施的位置,准备地震勘探和钻探活动。
    Use specialized equipment, information and maps to determine and document the location of buried pipelines and other utilities in preparation for seismic exploration and drilling activities
  • 在拆卸和更换的一串串的管子,或钻柱和钻头的过程中,对齐并操纵钻机井架的平台上的管件或钻杆的部分。
    Align and manipulate sections of pipe or drill stem from platform on rig derrick during removal and replacement of strings of pipe, or drill stem and drill bit
  • 在钻井过程中,操作和维护钻井泥浆系统和泵,并混合泥土,化学品和添加剂。
    Operate and maintain drilling mud systems and pumps during drilling, and mix mud, chemicals and additives
  • 记录泥石流量和体积,并采取样品。
    Record mud flows and volumes and take samples
  • 操作和维护钻机柴油发动机,变速箱等机械设备
    Operate and maintain drilling rig diesel motors, transmissions and other mechanical equipment
  • 协助搭建,卸下和运输钻井和钻机
    Assist in setting up, taking down and transporting drilling and service rigs
  • 监督钻工和劳动者。
    Supervise floorhands and labourers.

石油和天然气以及服务运营商执行部分或全部下列职责:Oil and gas well services operators perform some or all of the following duties

  • 将油井服务卡车驾驶到井场。
    Drive well services truck to well site
  • 安装抽水设备,将泵和软管连接到井口
    Assemble pumping equipment and attach pumps and hoses to wellhead
  • 操作液压泵系统将化学品,气体,沙,水泥或其他材料注进油井
    Operate hydraulic pumping systems to pump chemicals, gases, sand, cement or other material into well
  • 读取压力表监测压力,密度,速度和浓度,并按要求调整泵送过程
    Read gauges to monitor pressure, density, rate and concentration and adjust pumping procedure as required
  • 可以混合化学品和水泥。
    May mix chemicals and cements.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需完成中学学业。
    Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 石油和天然气以及服务运营商必须接受经验丰富的操作员的3个月以上的培训。
    Training of up to three months with an experienced operator is required for oil and gas well services operators.
  • 可能需要完成石油行业认可的培训课程。
    Completion of petroleum industry-approved training courses may be required.
  • 通常需要一年的作为基层工人,助理或劳动者的经验。
    One year of experience as a floorhand, assistant or labourer is usually required.
  • 可能需要具备以下证书:急救,氢硫化物意识,预防井喷,工作场所有害物质信息系统(WHMIS),危险货物运输(TDG),低温安全或其他安全问题。
    Certificates in first aid, hydrogen sulphide awareness, blowout prevention, workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS), transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), cryogenic safety or in other safety concerns may be required.
  • 一些雇主可能要求机电工和吊杆工人具有钻机技术员认证。
    Rig technician certification for motorhands and derrickhands may be required by some employers.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 酸处理员 – 油田服务 acid treater – oil field services
  • 酸卡车司机 – 油田服务 acid truck driver – oil field services
  • 酸化员,油田服务 acidizer, oil field services
  • 镇流器控制运营商 – 海上钻井平台 ballast control operator – offshore drilling rig
  • 搅拌机操作员 – 油田服务 blender operator – oil field services
  • 混色机运营商 – 油田服务 blending machine operator – oil field services
  • 二氧化碳的卡车运营商 – 油田服务 carbon dioxide truck operator – oil field services
  • 水泥卡车司机 – 油田服务 cement truck driver – oil field services
  • 水泥工 – 油田服务 cementer – oil field services
  • 水泥工,油田服务 cementer, oil field services
  • 固井设备操作员 – 油田服务 cementing equipment operator – oil field services
  • 化学服务运营商 – 油田服务 chemical services operator – oil field services
  • 化工运输车运营商 – 油田服务 chemical truck operator – oil field services
  • 连续油管运营商 – 油田服务 coiled tubing operator – oil field services
  • 控制室操作员 – 海上钻井 control room operator – offshore drilling
  • 井架工人 – 石油和天然气钻探 derrick worker – oil and gas drilling
  • 吊杆工人 – 海上钻井 derrickhand – offshore drilling
  • 吊杆工人 – 石油和天然气钻探 derrickhand – oil and gas drilling
  • 井架工/男/女 derrickman/woman
  • 井架工/男/女 – 石油和天然气钻探 derrickman/woman – oil and gas drilling
  • 动态定位运营商 – 海上钻井 dynamic positioning operator – offshore drilling
  • 地层压裂操作员 formation fracturing operator
  • 地层破裂运营商 – 油田服务 formation fracturing operator – oil field services
  • 压裂驾驶员 – 油田服务 frac driver – oil field services
  • 机电工 – 海上钻井 motorhand – offshore drilling
  • 机电工 – 石油和天然气钻探 motorhand – oil and gas drilling
  • 机工/男/女 – 石油和天然气钻探 motorman/woman – oil and gas drilling
  • 氮运营商 nitrogen operator
  • 氮运营商 – 油田服务 nitrogen operator – oil field services
  • 氮卡车运营商 – 油田服务 nitrogen truck operator – oil field services
  • 油井酸化工 oil well acidizer
  • 油井水泥工,油田服务 oil well cementer, oil field services
  • 管线定位员 – 石油和天然气 pipeline locator – oil and gas
  • 电通经营商 power-tong operator
  • 生产油管运营商 – 油田服务 production tubing operator – oil field services
  • 泵运营商,以及治疗 – 油田服务 pump operator, well treatment – oil field services
  • 消防车运营商 – 油田服务 pumper operator – oil field services
  • 司泵工/男/女 – 油田服务 pumpman/woman – oil field services
  • 卷筒管运营商 – 油田服务 reeled tubing operator – oil field services
  • 钻机技术员 – derrickhand rig technician – derrickhand
  • 钻机技术员 – motorhand rig technician – motorhand
  • 地震被埋设施定位 seismic buried facilities locator
  • 冷却单位操作员 snubbing-unit operator
  • 井处理搅拌机操作员 – 油田服务 well treatment blender operator – oil field services
  • 油井处理泵操作员 – 油田服务 well treatment pump operator – oil field services

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 承包商和监督员,石油和天然气钻探和服务 Contractors and supervisors, oil and gas drilling and services [8222](8222)
  • 石油和天然气钻探,服务费和相关劳动者 Oil and gas drilling, servicing and related labourers [8615](8615)
  • 石油和天然气钻井工人,服务人员,测试人员和有关人员 Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers [8232](8232)




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