NOC 9213 主管,食品,饮料及相关产品的加工 Supervisors, food, beverage and associated products processing


简介 Intro


Supervisors in this unit group supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers who operate processing and packaging machines, and workers who grade food, beverage and associated products. They are employed in fruit and vegetable processing plants, dairies, flour mills, bakeries, sugar refineries, fish plants, meat plants, breweries and other food, beverage and associated products processing establishments.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 监督,统筹安排加工,封装,测试和分类食品,饮料及相关产品的职工活动
    Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers who process, package, test and grade food, beverage and associated products
  • 建立方法,以满足工作计划,并协调与其他部门的工作活动
    Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments
  • 解决工作中的问题并建议措施,以提高生产率和产品质量
    Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality
  • 申报材料和用品
    Requisition materials and supplies
  • 培训工作人员的工作职责,安全程序和公司政策
    Train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policy
  • 推荐人事活动,如聘用和晋升
    Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • 准备生产和其他报告。
    Prepare production and other reports.
  • HACCP协调员识别,评估,控制和防止食品生产过程中的各个阶段的危害
    HACCP co-ordinators identify, evaluate, control and prevent hazards at all stages of the food production process.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要完成中学。
    Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 本单元组的一些职业可能需要微生物或化学职业教育。
    Post-secondary education in microbiology or chemistry may be required for some positions in this group.
  • 必须具备食品,饮料或相关产品加工工业多年的经验。
    Several years of experience in the food, beverage or associated products processing industry are required.
  • 危害分析与关键控制点( HACCP )联络员需要HACCP认证和粮食生产质量保证的多年经验。
    Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) co-ordinators require HACCP certification and several years of experience in quality assurance of food production.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 屠宰主管 abattoir supervisor
  • 面包店领班/男/女 – 食品和饮料加工 bakery foreman/woman – food and beverage processing
  • 面包店工厂主管 bakery plant supervisor
  • 烘焙和糖果领班/男/女 baking and confectionery making foreman/woman
  • 烘烤领班/男/女 – 食品和饮料加工 baking foreman/woman – food and beverage processing
  • 牛肉酱领班/男/女 beef dressing foreman/woman
  • 装瓶领班/男/女 bottling foreman/woman
  • 装瓶主管 – 食品和饮料加工 bottling supervisor – food and beverage processing
  • 啤酒生产商主管 brewer supervisor
  • 啤酒主管 brewery supervisor
  • 罐头厂领班/男/女 – 食品加工 cannery foreman/woman – food processing
  • 酒窖主人 cellar master
  • 巧克力工厂领班/男/女 chocolate factory foreman/woman
  • 巧克力精炼领班/男/女 chocolate refining foreman/woman
  • 咖啡烘焙领班/男/女 coffee roasting foreman/woman
  • 糖果领班/男/女 confectionery foreman/woman
  • 固化客房领班/男/女 – 烟草加工 curing room foreman/woman – tobacco processing
  • 乳品厂领班/男/女 dairy plant foreman/woman
  • 乳制品加工领班/男/女 dairy products processing foreman/woman
  • 酒厂领班/男/女 distillery foreman/woman
  • 干淀粉领班/男/女 – 食品加工 dry-starch foreman/woman – food processing
  • 饲料加工领班/男/女 feed milling foreman/woman
  • 鱼罐头,固化和包装工人领班/男/女 fish canning, curing and packing workers foreman/woman
  • 固化鱼罐头领班/男/女 fish curing and canning foreman/woman
  • 冷冻鱼领班/男/女 fish freezing foreman/woman
  • 冷冻鱼主管 fish freezing supervisor
  • 鱼准备领班/男/女 fish preparation foreman/woman
  • 鱼类加工主管 fish processing supervisor
  • 鱼类减少领班/男/女 fish reduction foreman/woman
  • 鱼冷冻和储存领班/男/女 fish-freezing and storage foreman/woman
  • 面粉厂领班/男/女 flour mill foreman/woman
  • 面粉和谷物碾磨领班/男/女 flour-and-grain mill foreman/woman
  • 食品和饮料加工领班/男/女 food and beverage processing foreman/woman
  • 食品和饮料加工主管 food and beverage processing supervisor
  • 食品产品测试主管 food product testers supervisor
  • 食品检测领班/男/女 – 食品和饮料加工 food testing foreman/woman – food and beverage processing
  • 食品检验主管 food testing supervisor
  • 领班/男/女,屠宰场 foreman/woman, abattoir
  • 领班/男/女,面包店 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, bakery – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,烘烤 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, baking – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,烘焙和糖果制作 foreman/woman, baking and confectionery making
  • 领班/男/女,去骨牛肉和切割 foreman/woman, beef boning and cutting
  • 领班/男/女,牛肉酱 foreman/woman, beef dressing
  • 领班/男/女,沸腾的房子 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, boiling house – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,装瓶 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, bottling – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,罐头厂 – 食品加工 foreman/woman, cannery – food processing
  • 领班/男/女,烧焦的房子 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, char house – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,巧克力糖果加工 foreman/woman, chocolate candies processing
  • 领班/男/女,巧克力精炼 foreman/woman, chocolate refining
  • 领班/男/女,香烟督察 foreman/woman, cigarette inspectors
  • 领班/男/女,香烟年级学生 foreman/woman, cigarettes graders
  • 领班/男/女,咖啡烘焙 foreman/woman, coffee roasting
  • 领班/男/女,糖果 foreman/woman, confectionery
  • 领班/男/女,固化室 – 烟草加工 foreman/woman, curing room – tobacco processing
  • 领班/男/女,奶制品加工 foreman/woman, dairy products processing
  • 领班/男/女,蒸馏 foreman/woman, distilling
  • 领班/男/女,干淀粉 – 食品加工 foreman/woman, dry starch – food processing
  • 领班/男/女,饲料加工 foreman/woman, feed milling
  • 领班/男/女,鱼罐头,固化和包装工人 foreman/woman, fish canning, curing and packing workers
  • 领班/男/女,冷冻鱼 foreman/woman, fish freezing
  • 领班/男/女,冷冻鱼和存储 foreman/woman, fish freezing and storage
  • 领班/男/女,面粉厂 foreman/woman, flour mill
  • 领班/男/女,食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,水果分级 foreman/woman, fruit grading
  • 领班/男/女,水果和蔬菜罐头,保存和包装工人 foreman/woman, fruit-and-vegetable canning, preserving and packing workers
  • 领班/男/女,火腿固化 foreman/woman, ham curing
  • 领班/男/女,隐藏固化 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, hide curing – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,冰淇淋 foreman/woman, ice cream making
  • 领班/男/女,果酱和果冻加工 foreman/woman, jam and jelly processing
  • 领班/男/女,肉类切割厂 foreman/woman, meat cutting plant
  • 领班/男/女,牛奶产量 foreman/woman, milk production
  • 领班/男/女,潘宅 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, pan house – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女去内脏,家禽 foreman/woman, poultry eviscerating
  • 领班/男/女,家禽年级学生 foreman/woman, poultry graders
  • 领班/男/女,家禽编制 foreman/woman, poultry preparers
  • 领班/男/女,渲染工厂的工人 foreman/woman, rendering plant workers
  • 领班/男/女,屠宰及肉类包装工人 foreman/woman, slaughtering and meat packing workers
  • 领班/男/女,糖滤波器房子 foreman/woman, sugar filter house
  • 领班/男/女,糖加工工人 foreman/woman, sugar processing workers
  • 领班/男/女,制糖 foreman/woman, sugar refining
  • 领班/男/女,茶调配厂 foreman/woman, tea blending plant
  • 领班/男/女,测试和分级 – 食品,饮料和烟草加工 foreman/woman, testing and grading – food, beverage and tobacco processing
  • 领班/男/女,测试,分级和采样 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, testing, grading and sampling – food and beverage processing
  • 的领班/男/女,脱粒部 – 烟草加工 foreman/woman, threshing department – tobacco processing
  • 领班/男/女,翻斗部门 – 烟草加工 foreman/woman, tipping department – tobacco processing
  • 领班/男/女,烟叶烘烤房 foreman/woman, tobacco curing room
  • 领班/男/女,烟草加工 foreman/woman, tobacco processing
  • 领班/男/女,烟草加工职业 foreman/woman, tobacco-processing occupations
  • 领班/男/女,洗房子 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, wash house – food and beverage processing
  • 领班/男/女,湿淀粉 – 食品和饮料加工 foreman/woman, wet starch – food and beverage processing
  • 水果分级领班/男/女 fruit grading foreman/woman
  • 水果和蔬菜罐头,保存和包装工人领班/男/女 fruit-and-vegetable canning, preserving and packing workers foreman/woman
  • 粮食制粉团队主管 grain-milling team supervisor
  • HACCP (危害分析与关键控制点)统筹 – 食品加工 HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) co-ordinator – food processing
  • HACCP协调员 HACCP co-ordinator
  • HACCP统筹 – 食品加工 HACCP co-ordinator – food processing
  • 火腿固化领班/男/女 ham curing foreman/woman
  • 危害分析与关键控制点( HACCP )统筹 hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) co-ordinator
  • 领班铣床,饲料和面粉厂 head miller, feed-and-flour mill
  • 领班龙头 – 面包店 head mixer – bakery
  • 隐藏固化领班/男/女 – 食品和饮料加工 hide curing foreman/woman – food and beverage processing
  • 冰淇淋领班/男/女 ice cream making foreman/woman
  • 冰淇淋加工助理主管 ice cream processing assistant supervisor
  • 果酱和果冻加工领班/男/女 jam and jelly processing foreman/woman
  • 切肉厂领班/男/女 meat cutting plant foreman/woman
  • 肉类包装主管 meat packing supervisor
  • 牛奶加工领班/男/女 milk processing foreman/woman
  • 牛奶加工厂领班/男/女 milk processing plant foreman/woman
  • 包装主管 – 食品和饮料加工 packaging supervisor – food and beverage processing
  • 家禽净膛领班/男/女 poultry eviscerating foreman/woman
  • 家禽年级学生领班/男/女 poultry graders foreman/woman
  • 家禽年级学生导师 poultry graders supervisor
  • 家禽编制领班/男/女 poultry preparers foreman/woman
  • 生产主管 – 食品和饮料加工 production supervisor – food and beverage processing
  • 工厂工人领班/男/女 – 肉类包装 rendering plant workers foreman/woman – meat packing
  • 屠宰场领班/男/女 slaughterhouse foreman/woman
  • 屠宰及肉类包装工人领班/男/女 slaughtering and meat packing workers foreman/woman
  • 糖滤波器房子领班/男/女 sugar filter house foreman/woman
  • 糖加工工人领班/男/女 sugar processing workers foreman/woman
  • 制糖领班/男/女 sugar refining foreman/woman
  • 主管 – 肉类包装 supervisor – meat packing
  • 主管 – 蔬菜包装 supervisor – vegetable packing
  • 主管,屠宰场 supervisor, abattoir
  • 主管,面包厂 supervisor, bakery plant
  • 主管,装瓶 supervisor, bottling
  • 主管,啤酒厂 supervisor, brewery
  • 主管,冷冻鱼 supervisor, fish freezing
  • 主管,鱼类加工 supervisor, fish processing
  • 主管,食品和饮料加工 supervisor, food and beverage processing
  • 主管,食品年级学生 supervisor, food product graders
  • 主管,食品产品测试 supervisor, food product testers
  • 主管,食品检测 supervisor, food testing
  • 主管,肉类包装 supervisor, meat packing
  • 主管,包装 – 食品和饮料加工 supervisor, packaging – food and beverage processing
  • 主管,家禽年级 supervisor, poultry graders
  • 主管,生产 – 食品和饮料加工 supervisor, production – food and beverage processing
  • 主管,屠宰场 supervisor, slaughterhouse
  • 主管,烟草加工 supervisor, tobacco processing
  • 主管,烟草加工机器操作员 supervisor, tobacco-processing machine operators
  • 主管,蔬菜罐头 supervisor, vegetable canning
  • 主管,蔬菜包装 supervisor, vegetable packing
  • 茶调配厂领班/男/女 tea blending plant foreman/woman
  • 团队主管,制粉 team supervisor, flour milling
  • 测试和分级领班/男/女 – 食品,饮料和烟草加工 testing and grading foreman/woman – food, beverage and tobacco processing
  • 脱粒部领班/男/女 – 烟草加工 threshing department foreman/woman – tobacco processing
  • 引爆部领班/男/女 – 烟草加工 tipping department foreman/woman – tobacco processing
  • 烟叶烘烤客房领班/男/女 tobacco curing room foreman/woman
  • 烟草加工领班/男/女 tobacco processing foreman/woman
  • 烟草加工主管 tobacco processing supervisor
  • 烟草加工工人领班/男/女 tobacco-processing workers foreman/woman
  • 由于烟草客房领班/男/女 tobacco-stemming room foreman/woman
  • 蔬菜包装主管 vegetable packing supervisor
  • 湿淀粉领班/男/女 – 食品和饮料加工 wet-starch foreman/woman – food and beverage processing
  • 酒厂的酒窖大师 winery cellar master

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 机器操作员及有关人员的食品,饮料及相关产品加工 Machine operators and related workers in food, beverage and associated products processing [946](946)
  • 食品,饮料及相关产品的加工( 制造经理)的经理人 Managers of food, beverage and associated products processing (in [0911](0911) Manufacturing managers )
  • 主管肉和鱼督察( 农业和鱼类产品的检查员) Supervisors of meat and fish inspectors (in [2222](2222) Agricultural and fish products inspectors )




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