NOC 9227 主管,其他产品的制造和装配 Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly


简介 Intro


This unit group includes supervisors, not elsewhere classified, who supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers who assemble, fabricate and inspect a variety of products, such as jewellery, clocks and watches, millwork, sporting goods, toys and other miscellaneous products. They are employed in a wide variety of manufacturing companies.

There is little mobility between different types of supervisors in this unit group.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 监督,协调和安排工人的活动,组装,制造和检查产品,如珠宝首饰,钟表,手表,自行车,木制品,体育用品和玩具。
    Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule activities of workers who assemble, fabricate and inspect products, such as jewellery, clocks, watches, bicycles, millwork, sporting goods and toys
  • 建立方法,以满足工作计划,并协调与其他部门的工作活动
    Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments
  • 解决工作中的问题和建议措施,以提高生产率和产品质量
    Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality
  • 申报材料和用品
    Requisition materials and supplies
  • 培训工人的工作职责,安全程序和公司政策
    Train workers in job duties, safety procedures and company policies
  • 推荐人员行动,如聘用和晋升
    Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • 准备生产和其他报告
    Prepare production and other reports
  • 亦可安装机器和设备。
    May set up machines and equipment.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 可能必需完成中学。Completion of secondary school may be required.
  • 通常需要多年在同一家公司作为装配工或督察的经验。Several years of experience as an assembler or inspector in the same company are usually required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 装配领班/男/女,钟表 assembly foreman/woman, clocks and watches
  • 装配领班/男/女,玻璃钢艇 assembly foreman/woman, fibreglass boats
  • 童车装配领班/男/女 baby carriage assembly foreman/woman
  • 板凳装配领班/男/女 – 木制品制造 bench assemblers foreman/woman – wood products manufacturing
  • 自行车组装领班/男/女 bicycle assembly foreman/woman
  • 刷领班/男/女 brush making foreman/woman
  • 蜡烛领班/男/女 candle making foreman/woman
  • 钟表装配领班/男/女 clock and watch assembly foreman/woman
  • 钟表装配维修领班/男/女 clock and watch assembly repairers foreman/woman
  • 钟表装配修理者主管 clock and watch assembly repairers supervisor
  • 时钟和手表装配主管 clock and watch assembly supervisor
  • 钟表检查领班/男/女 clock and watch inspection foreman/woman
  • 控制和记录仪器装配领班/男/女 controlling and recording instruments assembly foreman/woman
  • 库珀领班/男/女 cooper foreman/woman
  • 餐具生产领班/男/女 cutlery manufacturing foreman/woman
  • 门和窗框组件领班/男/女 door and sash assembly foreman/woman
  • 玻璃钢船领班/男/女 fibreglass boat foreman/woman
  • 枪支组装领班/男/女 firearms assembly foreman/woman
  • 领班/男/女,童车组装 foreman/woman, baby carriage assembly
  • 领班/男/女,钳工装配 – 木制品 foreman/woman, bench assemblers – wood products
  • 领班/男/女,自行车组装 foreman/woman, bicycle assembly
  • 领班/男/女,制刷 foreman/woman, brush making
  • 领班/男/女,蜡烛制作 foreman/woman, candle making
  • 领班/男/女,钟表装配 foreman/woman, clock and watch assembly
  • 领班/男/女,钟表装配维修 foreman/woman, clock and watch assembly repairers
  • 领班/男/女,钟表检验 foreman/woman, clock and watch inspection
  • 领班/男/女,控制和记录仪器组装 foreman/woman, controlling and recording instruments assembly
  • 领班/男/女,餐具制造 foreman/woman, cutlery manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,门和窗框总成 foreman/woman, door and sash assembly
  • 领班/男/女,玻璃钢船总成 foreman/woman, fibreglass boat assembly
  • 领班/男/女,枪械组装 foreman/woman, firearms assembly
  • 领班/男/女,手工具制造 foreman/woman, hand tool manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,珠宝和银器制造工人 foreman/woman, jewellery and silverware-manufacturing workers
  • 领班/男/女,珠宝制造 foreman/woman, jewellery manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,珠宝修理 – 制造 foreman/woman, jewellery repairing – manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,灯罩制造 foreman/woman, lamp shade fabrication
  • 领班/男/女,镜片研磨机和抛光机 foreman/woman, lens grinders and polishers
  • 领班/男/女,木制品装配 – 木材制造 foreman/woman, millwork assemblers – wood manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,木制品组装 foreman/woman, millwork assembly
  • 领班/男/女,木制品组件 – 木制品制造 foreman/woman, millwork assembly – wood products manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,镜子镀银 foreman/woman, mirror silvering
  • 领班/男/女,乐器制造 foreman/woman, musical instrument manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,光学仪器组件 foreman/woman, optical instrument assembly
  • 领班/男/女,光学仪器制造 foreman/woman, optical instrument manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,照相器材组装 foreman/woman, photographic equipment assembly
  • 领班/男/女,精密仪器及相关设备组装 foreman/woman, precision instruments and related equipment assembly
  • 领班/男/女,预制装配组件 foreman/woman, prefab house assembly
  • 领班/男/女,板房组装 foreman/woman, prefab housing assemblers
  • 领班/男/女,板房组装 foreman/woman, prefab housing assembly
  • 领班/男/女,预制门窗组装 – 木制品制造 foreman/woman, prefabricated joinery assembly – wood products manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,窗框和门组件 foreman/woman, sash and door assembly
  • 领班/男/女,窗框和门店 foreman/woman, sash and door shop
  • 领班/男/女,规模集会 foreman/woman, scale assembly
  • 领班/男/女, spikemaking foreman/woman, spikemaking
  • 领班/男/女,运动器材制造 foreman/woman, sporting equipment manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,温控器装配 foreman/woman, thermostat assembly
  • 领班/男/女,玩具装配 foreman/woman, toy assembly
  • 领班/男/女,玩具制造业 foreman/woman, toy manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,木桶制造商 foreman/woman, wooden barrel makers
  • 领班/男/女,木箱制造商 foreman/woman, wooden box maker
  • 领班/男/女,木桁架制造商 – 制造 foreman/woman, wooden truss makers – manufacturing
  • 领班/男/女,木器装配 foreman/woman, woodenware assemblers
  • 手工具制造领班/男/女 hand tools manufacturing foreman/woman
  • 珠宝制造领班/男/女 jewellery manufacturing foreman/woman
  • 珠宝维修领班/男/女 – 制造 jewellery repairing foreman/woman – manufacturing
  • 木制品装配领班/男/女 – 木制品制造 millwork assemblers foreman/woman – wood products manufacturing
  • 木制品组件主管 millwork assembly supervisor
  • 镀银镜领班/男/女 mirror silvering foreman/woman
  • 光学仪器装配领班/男/女 optical instrument assembly foreman/woman
  • 光学仪器制造领班/男/女 optical instrument manufacturing foreman/woman
  • 木工预制装配领班/男/女 – 木制品制造 prefabricated joinery assemblers foreman/woman – wood products manufacturing
  • 木工预制装配主管 prefabricated joinery assembly supervisor
  • 银器制造主管 silverware manufacturing supervisor
  • 中国体育用品制造业的主管 sporting goods manufacturing supervisor
  • 主管,自行车组装 supervisor, bicycle assembly
  • 主管,时钟和手表装配 supervisor, clock and watch assembly
  • 主管,时钟和手表装配维修 supervisor, clock and watch assembly repairers
  • 主管,珠宝装配 supervisor, jewellery assembly
  • 主管,镜头制造(非处方药) supervisor, lens manufacturing (non-prescription)
  • 主管,木制品组件 supervisor, millwork assembly
  • 主管,银器制造 supervisor, silverware manufacturing
  • 主管,体育设备组装 supervisor, sports equipment assembly
  • 主管,体育器材制造业 supervisor, sports equipment manufacturing
  • 主管,玩具制造业 supervisor, toy manufacturing
  • 玩具装配领班/男/女 toy assembly foreman/woman
  • 玩具制造领班/男/女 toy manufacturing foreman/woman
  • 玩具生产主管 toy manufacturing supervisor
  • 木制品领班/男/女 wood products foreman/woman
  • 木箱制造商领班/男/女 wooden box maker foreman/woman
  • 木桁架领班/男/女 – 制造 wooden truss making foreman/woman – manufacturing

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 其他劳动者在加工,制造和公用事业 Other labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities [9619](9619)
  • 其他产品装配工,装订工和检查员 Other products assemblers, finishers and inspectors [9537](9537)
  • 主管木工机床操作员(主管,家具及装设品制造业) Supervisors of woodworking machine operators (in [9224](9224) Supervisors, furniture and fixtures manufacturing )




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