NOC 9413 玻璃成型和精加工机器操作员及玻璃切割工人 Glass forming and finishing machine operators and glass cutters


简介 Intro


Machine operators in this unit group operate multi-function process control machinery or single function machines to melt, form, cut or finish flat glass, glassware, bottles, and other glass products. Glass cutters cut flat glass of various thicknesses to specified sizes and shapes by hand. They are employed by glass and glass products manufacturing companies.

Mobility is possible among the various types of machine operators in this unit group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

玻璃工艺控制运营商执行部分或全部下列职责:Glass process control operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 通过控制面板,计算机终端或其它控制系统操作多功能过程控制机械,混合和熔融原料,加热,退火,回火或形成浮法玻璃或玻璃制品;使用银或其他金属和材料包裹玻璃
    Operate multi-function process control machinery through control panels, computer terminals or other control systems to mix and melt raw materials; heat, anneal, temper or form float glass or glass products; and coat glass with silver or other metals and materials
  • 观察压力表,计算机打印输出和视频监视器来验证指定的处理情况,并在有需要时作出调整
    Observe gauges, computer printouts and video monitors to verify specified processing conditions and make adjustments as necessary
  • 维持转移生产记录和其他数据
    Maintain shift log of production and other data
  • 可能操作过程控制机械,切割玻璃或组装玻璃窗口单元
    May operate process control machinery to cut glass or assemble glass window units
  • 可清洁和维护加工机械
    May clean and maintain process machinery
  • 确保有足够层次用于玻璃机器生产的油,肥皂,滑石或其他材料。
    May ensure adequate levels of oil, soap, talc or other materials used in machine production of glass.

玻璃成型机操作员执行部分或全部下列职责:Glass forming machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 设置和调整自动玻璃馈送,流动和成型机
    Set up and adjust automatic glass feeding, flowing and forming machines
  • 操作和维护按压或吹熔融玻璃模具的机器,形成或塑造容器,如瓶子,罐子和饮用水杯
    Operate and maintain machines that press or blow molten glass in moulds to form or shape containers, such as bottles, jars and drinking glasses
  • 操作电窑,加热玻璃板铸造金属夹具的形状和曲线
    Operate electric kilns that heat glass sheets and mould to the shape and curve of metal jigs
  • 用油喷洒或擦拭模具,以防止玻璃粘连
    Spray or swab moulds with oil solutions to prevent adhesion of glass
  • 使用天平和仪表以及视觉验证,称重,测量和检查生产样品,评估与规格的一致性。
    Weigh, measure and check production samples to assess conformance to specifications using scales and gauges and by visual verification.

玻璃加工机器操作员执行部分或全部下列职责:Glass finishing machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 设置和调整玻璃和玻璃产品的精加工机床
    Set up and adjust glass and glass-product finishing machines
  • 操作和维护整理机,磨,钻,沙化,伞,装饰,清洗或抛光玻璃或玻璃制品
    Operate and maintain finishing machines to grind, drill, sand, bevel, decorate, wash or polish glass or glass products
  • 目视检查产品质量
    Visually inspect products for quality
  • 记录生产信息,如生产商品的数量,大小和类型。
    Record manufacturing information such as quantity, size and type of goods produced.

玻璃切割工人执行部分或全部下列职责:Glass cutters perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 夹具,测量和标记玻璃,或在玻璃上面或下面放盒子用于切割的图案
    Jig and measure and mark glass or place pattern on or under glass for cutting
  • 检查和标记有缺陷的玻璃,以达到最佳的切割
    Examine and mark defective glass to obtain best cut
  • 使用手工工具,沿标记的轮廓或图案周围刻花玻璃
    Cut glass along marked outlines or around pattern using hand tools
  • 用砂光机或平滑轮平滑粗糙的边缘
    Smooth rough edges using belt sander or smoothing wheels
  • 设置,操作和调整电脑或机器人玻璃切割设备
    Set up, operate and adjust computerized or robotic glass cutting equipment
  • 监控过程保证产品质量。
    Monitor process for product quality.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 可能必需完成中学。
    Completion of secondary school may be required.
  • 本单元组的机器操作员通常要求具有玻璃生产的机器操作帮手的经验。
    Experience as a machine operator helper in glass manufacturing is usually required for machine operators in this unit group.
  • 手动玻璃切割工人通常需要玻璃刀帮手的经验。
    Experience as a glass cutter helper is usually required for manual glass cutters.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 退火工 – 玻璃制品制造业 annealer – glass products manufacturing
  • 自动玻璃切割台操作员 automatic glass-cutting table operator
  • 自动封箱枪操作员 – 玻璃 automatic sealing gun operator – glass
  • 封边机看管者,玻璃器皿 banding machine tender, glassware
  • 一批厂看管者 – 玻璃 batch plant tender – glass
  • 烧杯测试员 beaker tester
  • beveller ,玻璃 beveller, glass
  • 粘接机操作员,玻璃 bonding machine operator, glass
  • 验瓶员 – 玻璃制品制造业 bottle inspector – glass products manufacturing
  • 瓶机运营商 – 玻璃制品制造业 bottle machine operator – glass products manufacturing
  • 瓶生产商运营商 bottle maker operator
  • 瓶生产商运营商 – 玻璃及玻璃制品 bottle maker operator – glass and glass products
  • 瓶测试员 bottle tester
  • 金刚石磨床运营商 – 玻璃精加工 diamond grinder operator – glass finishing
  • 金刚石砂轮磨边工 – 玻璃精加工 diamond wheel edger – glass finishing
  • 绘制窑操作员 – 玻璃形成 drawing kiln operator – glass forming
  • 钻机操作员,玻璃 drill operator, glass
  • 轧边工,玻璃 edger, glass
  • 搪瓷刻录员 – 玻璃制品制造业 enamel burner – glass products manufacturing
  • 搪瓷炉操作员 – 玻璃制品制造业 enamelling furnace operator – glass products manufacturing
  • 搪瓷漆烘烤工 – 玻璃制品制造 enamelware paint baker – glass products manufacturing
  • 浮动首席运营商 – 玻璃形成 float chief operator – glass forming
  • 浮点数操作者 – 玻璃成形 float operator – glass forming
  • 成形切割操作员 – 玻璃制品 forming-cutting operator – glass products
  • 采集工 – 玻璃制品制造业 gatherer – glass products manufacturing
  • 玻璃弯管机 glass bender
  • 玻璃斜切工 glass beveller
  • 玻璃斜切运营商 glass beveller operator
  • 玻璃斜切看管者 glass beveller tender
  • 玻璃破碎工 glass breaker
  • 玻璃液 glass buffer
  • 玻璃削片工 glass chipper
  • 玻璃切割机操作员 glass cut-off machine operator
  • 玻璃切割工 glass cutter
  • 玻璃切割机操作员 glass cutter operator
  • 玻璃切割机,手 glass cutter, hand
  • 玻璃刀成帧器 glass cutter-framer
  • 玻璃钻看管者 glass drill tender
  • 玻璃边缘装订,手 glass edge finisher, hand
  • 玻璃磨边工 glass edger
  • 玻璃磨边机操作员 glass edger operator
  • 玻璃磨边机看管者 glass edger tender
  • 玻璃刻蚀工 glass etcher
  • 玻璃成品工 glass finisher
  • 玻璃成型操作员 glass forming operator
  • 玻璃形成专家 glass forming specialist
  • 玻璃熔窑操作员 glass furnace operator
  • 玻璃窑炉安装工运营商 glass furnace setter-operator
  • 玻璃熔窑的设置操作员 glass furnace set-up operator
  • 玻璃粉碎工 glass grinder
  • 玻璃加热工 glass heater
  • 玻璃层压 glass laminator
  • 玻璃车床操作员 glass lathe operator
  • 玻璃退火炉服务员 glass lehr attendant
  • 玻璃退火炉运营商 glass lehr operator
  • 玻璃退火炉看管者 glass lehr tender
  • 玻璃标记工 glass marker
  • 玻璃熔窑工 glass melter
  • 玻璃混合者 glass mixer
  • 玻璃模具清洁工 glass mould cleaner
  • 玻璃模具抛光工 glass mould polisher
  • 玻璃成型工 glass moulder
  • 玻璃抛光工 glass polisher
  • 玻璃抛光机看管者 glass polisher tender
  • 玻璃压制工 glass presser
  • 玻璃旋模机设置操作员 glass spin mould machine set-up operator
  • 玻璃池炉操作员 glass tank furnace operator
  • 玻璃淬火工 glass temperer
  • 风挡玻璃反应釜运营商 glass windshield autoclave operator
  • 玻璃工人 – 玻璃制品制造业 glass worker – glass products manufacturing
  • 玻璃退火炉看管者 glass-annealing furnace tender
  • 玻璃吹制车床操作员 glass-blowing lathe operator
  • 玻璃吹制机操作员 glass-blowing machine operator
  • 玻璃吹制机安装员 glass-blowing machine setter
  • 玻璃涂层的生产线操作员 glass-coating line operator
  • 玻璃装饰的机器操作员 glass-decorating machine operator
  • 玻璃拉丝机操作员 glass-drawing machine operator
  • 玻璃磨边机给料工 glass-edging machine feeder
  • 玻璃加工机器操作员 glass-finishing machine operator
  • 玻璃成型机操作员 glass-forming machine operator
  • 玻璃成型机安装员 glass-forming machine setter
  • 玻璃成型机建立人 glass-forming machine set-up person
  • 玻璃研磨机填料工 glass-grinding machine feeder
  • 压玻璃和玻璃吹制的机器操作员 glass-pressing and glass-blowing machine operator
  • 玻璃热压机操作员 glass-pressing machine operator
  • 玻璃镀银机器操作员 glass-silvering machine operator
  • 玻璃塞磨床 glass-stopper grinder
  • 玻璃钢化炉操作员 glass-tempering furnace operator
  • 玻璃管膨胀操作员 glass-tube-expander operator
  • 玻璃器皿磨床工 glassware grinder
  • 玻璃器皿封边机看管者 glassware-banding machine tender
  • 玻璃器皿装饰机器操作员 glassware-decorating machine operator
  • 槽磨床工 – 玻璃 groove grinder – glass
  • 手工装订工,玻璃边缘 hand finisher, glass edges
  • 手玻璃边缘装订工 hand glass edge finisher
  • 加热工,玻璃 heater, glass
  • 机器操作员 – 玻璃形成和整理 machine operator – glass forming and finishing
  • 镜面制造商 mirror maker
  • 镜面镀银工 mirror silverer
  • 镜面镀银设备操作员 mirror-silvering equipment operator
  • 霓虹灯标志消防车 neon sign pumper
  • 霓虹灯招牌弯管工 neon sign tube bender
  • 霓虹灯弯管工 neon tube bender
  • 霓虹灯管消防车 neon tube pumper
  • 装饰玻璃生产工人 ornamental glass production worker
  • 搪瓷漆烘烤工 – 玻璃制品制造业 paint baker, enamelware – glass products manufacturing
  • 镀银工,镜子 silverer, mirrors
  • 特种玻璃切割工 special glass cutter
  • 彩色玻璃的生产工人 stained glass production worker
  • 主食切割工 – 玻璃制品制造业 staple cutter – glass products manufacturing
  • 塞磨床工,玻璃 stopper grinder, glass
  • 捆包机操作员 – 玻璃制造 strapping machine operator – glass manufacturing
  • 有色玻璃器皿制造商 tinted glassware maker
  • 码数控制者 – 玻璃制品制造业 yardage controller – glass products manufacturing

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 玻璃鼓风工( 工匠和工匠) Glass blowers (in [5244](5244) Artisans and craftspersons )
  • 修理工 Glaziers [7292](7292)
  • 玻璃制品制造( 劳动者在矿产和金属加工)的助手和劳动者 Helpers and labourers in glass products manufacturing (in [9611](9611) Labourers in mineral and metal processing )
  • 霓虹灯制造商( 汇编和检查员,电器,仪器及器材制造业) Neon sign makers (in [9524](9524) Assemblers and inspectors, electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing )
  • 玻璃制品制造业( 督察和测试人员,矿物和金属加工生产督察) Production inspectors in glass products manufacturing (in [9415](9415) Inspectors and testers, mineral and metal processing )
  • 主管的工人在这个单元组( 主管,矿产和金属加工) Supervisors of workers in this unit group (in [9211](9211) Supervisors, mineral and metal processing )



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