NOC 9418 其他金属制品机器操作员 Other metal products machine operators


简介 Intro


This unit group includes metal products machine operators, not elsewhere classified, who operate one or more automatic or multi-purpose machines to produce a variety of metal parts and products, such as wire mesh, nails, bolts and chains. They are employed by a wide variety of metal products manufacturing companies.

There is some mobility among machine operators in this unit group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 操作或照看自动或多用途机器,包括电线织机,来生产金属零件和金属制品,如窗纱,击剑,锡器,金属筐,衣架,挂钩,金属管及类似品
    Operate or tend automatic or multi-purpose machines including wire looms to produce metal parts and metal products such as wire screening, fencing, tinware, metal baskets, racks, hooks, metal tubing and similar articles
  • 用手动及电动工具调试和装配组件
    Fit and assemble components using hand and power tools
  • 清洁,擦亮,整理或其他方式完成产品
    Clean, polish, file or otherwise finish products
  • 检查产品的质量和其他规格
    Check products for quality and other specifications
  • May clean and lubricate machinery.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要一些中学教育。
    Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • 提供在职培训。
    On-the-job training is provided.
  • 可能要求具备同一间公司的劳动者经验。
    Experience as a labourer in the same company may be required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 石棉丝装订工 asbestos wire finisher
  • 汇编器和测试员,电线电缆 assembler and tester, wire cables
  • 安装工,铁丝网门 assembler, wire mesh gates
  • 自动锚杆机操作员 automatic bolt machine operator
  • 自动线圈机器操作员 automatic coil machine operator
  • 自动卷取机操作的 – 金属制品制造业 automatic coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • 机自动抛光机,金属 automatic machine polisher, metal
  • 轴刀 axle cutter
  • 刺绳机看管者 barbed wire machine tender
  • 篮壶,电线 basket maker, wire
  • 钉珠机操作员 – 金属制品制造业 beading machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • 台织机线织工 bench loom wire weaver
  • 螺栓头运营商 bolt header operator
  • 锚杆机操作员 bolt machine operator
  • 螺栓制造商 bolt maker
  • 编织机看管者 braider tender
  • 编织机看管者 – 丝制品制造业 braiding machine tender – wire products manufacturing
  • 巴克肖特扣压运营商 buckshot swage operator
  • 子弹刀具和前 bullet cutter and former
  • 子弹壶 bullet maker
  • 子弹成型机,机 – 金属制品制造业 bullet shaper, machine – metal products manufacturing
  • 子弹成型机看管者 bullet-shaping machine tender
  • 子弹锻机调节器 bullet-swaging machine adjuster
  • 子弹锻机安装员 – 金属制品的制造 bullet-swaging machine setter – metal products manufacturing
  • 绞线机操作员 bunching machine operator
  • 电缆军械 cable armourer
  • 电缆绝缘体 cable insulator
  • 电缆制造商,金属 cable maker, metal
  • 电缆编织机操作员 cable-braiding machine operator
  • 笼壶 – 丝制品制造业 cage maker – wire products manufacturing
  • 检查员 – 金属制品制造业 can inspector – metal products manufacturing
  • 机器操作员 can machine operator
  • 机安装员 can machine setter
  • 可以成型机操作员 can-forming machine operator
  • 制罐机操作员 can-making machine operator
  • 制罐机安装员 can-making machine setter
  • 硬质合金按看管者 carbide press tender
  • 盒引物降测试员 cartridge primers drop tester
  • 链督察 chain inspector
  • 链壶,机 chain maker, machine
  • 链测试员 chain tester
  • 链测试员,机 chain tester, machine
  • 链链接围栏机器操作员 chain-link fence machine operator
  • 链制袋机给料机 chain-making machine feeder
  • 链决策机器操作员 chain-making machine operator
  • 链制袋机看管者 chain-making machine tender
  • 链试验机看管者 chain-testing machine tender
  • 倒角和镗孔机操作员 – 金属制品制造业 chamfering and boring machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • 倒角机看管者 chamfering machine tender
  • 吊灯机 chandelier maker
  • 线圈机器操作员 coil machine operator
  • 螺旋弹簧机看管者 coil spring machine tender
  • 卷取机 – 金属制品制造业 coiler – metal products manufacturing
  • 卷取机,热伤口弹簧 coiler, hot-wound springs
  • 卷取机,弹簧 coiler, springs
  • 卷取机,气门弹簧 coiler, valve springs
  • 卷取机操作员 – 金属制品制造业 coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • 线圈倒带机看管者 coil-rewind machine tender
  • 压接机填料者 – 丝制品制造业 crimping machine feeder – wire products manufacturing
  • 扣压机操作员,电线 crimping machine operator, wires
  • 切割者和成型者,子弹 – 金属制品制造业 cutter and former, bullets – metal products manufacturing
  • 切割机,螺母磁盘 cutter, nut disks
  • 圆柱辊制造者 cylinder roll fabricator
  • 跌落试验机,墨盒引物 drop tester, cartridge primers
  • 压花机看管者 – 炸药制造 embossing machine tender – explosives manufacturing
  • 挤出机操作员,焊条 extruder operator, welding rods
  • 挤出机看管者,焊条 extruder tender, welding rods
  • 给料机,滚花机 feeder, knurling machine
  • 栅栏的机器操作员,丝网 fence-making machine operator, wire mesh
  • 终结者,石棉线覆盖 finisher, asbestos-covered wires
  • 夹具机,电镀设备 fixture maker, plating equipment
  • 箔复卷机 foil rewinder
  • 前者,金属螺母 former, metal nuts
  • 前者,金属丝筛网 former, wire screens
  • 架机器操作员,帐篷 frame machine operator, tents
  • 格机作业安装员 grid machine job setter
  • 头机器操作员 – 金属 header machine operator – metal
  • 箍决策机器操作员 hoop-making machine operator
  • 冲孔箍箍卷取机操作员 – 金属制品制造业 hoop-punching and hoop-coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • 箍铆接机操作员 hoop-riveting machine operator
  • 伤口热卷簧机 hot-wound spring coiler
  • 工业编织针制造商飞达 industrial knitting needle machine feeder
  • 工业机针安装员运营商 industrial needle machine setter-operator
  • 工业机针设置操作员 industrial needle machine set-up operator
  • 工业针壶 industrial needle maker
  • 检查员,罐 – 金属制品制造业 inspector, cans – metal products manufacturing
  • 督察,链 inspector, chains
  • 检查员,弹簧 inspector, springs
  • 检查员,马口铁罐 inspector, tin can
  • 绝缘机器操作员 insulation machine operator
  • 绝缘子,电缆 insulator, cables
  • 刀抛光 knife blade polisher
  • 编织机,丝网 knitter, wire mesh
  • 滚花机填料工 knurling machine feeder
  • 灯罩框架制造商,电线 lampshade frame maker, wire
  • 格子织工,电线 lattice weaver, wire
  • 链接线机设置操作员 link wire machine set-up operator
  • 链路丝机看管者 link wire machine tender
  • 织机安装员,钢丝编织 loom setter, wire weaving
  • 织机安装员,电线 loom setter, wires
  • 机器汇编,弹簧 machine assembler, springs
  • 机链条制造商 machine chain maker
  • 机切刀,金属管 machine cutter, metal pipes
  • 机看管者,螺母和螺栓 machine tender, nuts and bolts
  • 金属遮阳篷机运营商 metal awning machine operator
  • 金属磨刀运营商 metal blade sharpener operator
  • 金属缆机操作 metal cable machine operator
  • 金属电缆制造商 metal cable maker
  • 金属电缆制造商运营商 metal cable maker operator
  • 金属电缆担架和测试员 metal cable stretcher and tester
  • 金属落地灯制造商 metal floor lamp maker
  • 金属螺母成型工 metal nut former
  • 金属螺母制造商 metal nut maker
  • 金属针制造商 metal pin maker
  • 金属管绞机操作 metal pipe cutter machine operator
  • 金属切管机操作员 metal pipe cutter operator
  • 金属切管机,机 metal pipe cutter, machine
  • 金属抛光机,自动机 metal polisher, automatic machine
  • 金属制品的制造机器操作员 metal products manufacturing machine operator
  • 金属屏蔽的门和窗机 metal screened door and window maker
  • 金属海绵机看管者 metal sponge machine tender
  • 金属海绵制造商 metal sponge maker
  • 金属粘性厂商的 metal tack maker
  • 金属键合设备运营商 metal-bonding equipment operator
  • 金属捻线机看管者 metal-twisting machine tender
  • 金工织工 – 金属制品制造业 metalworking weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • 碾磨工,锯片 miller, saw blades
  • 指甲壶 nail maker
  • 制钉机设置操作员 nail making machine set-up operator
  • 制钉机看管者 nail making machine tender
  • NC (数控)铆接机运营商 – 金属制品制造业 NC (numerical control) riveting machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • NC (数控)铆接机运营商 – 金属制品制造 NC (numerically controlled) riveting machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • 螺母和螺栓机看管者 nut and bolt machine tender
  • 螺母刀盘 nut disk cutter
  • 金属螺母成型者 nut former, metal
  • 螺母制造商,金属 nut maker, metal
  • 运营商,压筋机 – 金属制品制造业 operator, beading machine – metal products manufacturing
  • 运营商,锚杆机 operator, bolt machine
  • 运营商,电缆编织机 operator, cable-braiding machine
  • 运营商,可以机 operator, can machine
  • 运营商,制罐机 operator, can-making machine
  • 运营商,链链接围栏机 operator, chain-link fence machine
  • 操作员,冲压和箍箍卷取机 – 金属制品制造业 operator, hoop-punching and hoop-coiling machine – metal products manufacturing
  • 运营商,保温机 – 金属制品制造业 operator, insulation machine – metal products manufacturing
  • 运营商,金属切管机 operator, metal pipe cutter
  • 运营商,金属切管机 operator, metal pipe cutting machine
  • 运营商,金属制品制造机 operator, metal products manufacturing machine
  • 运营商,抛光机 – 金属制品制造业 operator, polishing machine – metal products manufacturing
  • 运营商,螺旋编织机 – 金属制品制造业 operator, spiral weaving machine – metal products manufacturing
  • 运营商,弹簧组装机 operator, spring assembly machine
  • 运营商,弹簧机 operator, spring machine
  • 运营商,弹簧卷取机 operator, spring-coiling machine
  • 运营商,弹簧制袋机 operator, spring-making machine
  • 运营商,弹簧绕线机 operator, spring-winding machine
  • 操作员,钢棉机 operator, steel wool machine
  • 运营商,帐篷架机 operator, tent frame machine
  • 操作员,焊条挤出机 operator, welding rod extruder
  • 运营商,束丝机 operator, wire bundle machine
  • 运营商,电线科伊纳 operator, wire coiner
  • 运营商,电线织机 operator, wire loom
  • 运营商,线循环机 operator, wire loop machine
  • 运营商,线压接机 operator, wire-crimping machine
  • 运营商,铁丝网机 operator, wire-netting machine
  • 针制造商 – 金属制品 pin maker – metal products
  • 针制造商,金属 pin maker, metal
  • 袋装弹簧机看管者 pocketed spring machine tender
  • 抛光机操作员 – 金属制品 polishing machine operator – metal products
  • 钢筋笼壶 reinforcing cage maker
  • 钢筋笼缠绕机操作员 reinforcing cage winding machine operator
  • RIMFIRE盒吸机看管者 rimfire cartridge-priming machine tender
  • 铆钉制造商 rivet maker
  • 铆钉成型机 rivet shaper
  • 滚丝机操作员 roll threader operator
  • 绳机,电线 rope maker, wire
  • 安全销机设置操作员 safety pin machine set-up operator
  • 看到刀米勒 saw knife miller
  • scarfer螟 – 金属制品的制造 scarfer-borer – metal products manufacturing
  • 表面清理和镗床运营商 scarfing and boring machine operator
  • 屏幕设备,电线 screen maker, wire
  • 划线机看管者 scribing machine tender
  • 涡旋机看管者 scroll machine tender
  • 锯机操作员 serrating machine operator
  • 锯机看管者 – 金属制品制造业 serrating machine tender – metal products manufacturing
  • 安装员,可以机 setter, can machine
  • 安装员,制罐机 setter, can-making machine
  • 安装员,格机 setter, grid machine
  • 安装员,电线织机 setter, wire loom
  • 安装员,电线织机 setter, wire-weaving loom
  • 设置操作员,工业针制造商 set-up operator, industrial needle machine
  • 设置操作员,链接线机 set-up operator, link wire machine
  • 设置操作员,制钉机 set-up operator, nail making machine
  • 设置操作员,安全销机 set-up operator, safety pin machine
  • 建立运营商,弹簧机 set-up operator, spring machine
  • 设置操作员,弹簧机 set-up operator, spring-making machine
  • 设置操作员,钉机 set-up operator, staple machine
  • 荫罩成型机 shadow mask shaper
  • 摇床板看管者 shaker-plate tender
  • 成型机,铆钉 shaper, rivets
  • 卷笔刀运营商,金属刀片 sharpener operator, metal blades
  • 壳的情况下倒角机看管者 shell-case chamfering machine tender
  • 大小和修剪机调节器 – 炸药制造 sizing and trimming machine adjuster – explosives manufacturing
  • 拉链三通机看管者 slide fastener links machine tender
  • 拉链链接壶 slide fastener links maker
  • 螺旋编织机操作员 spiral weaving machine operator
  • 线轴络筒机 spool winder
  • 后台处理程序 – 金属制品制造业 spooler – metal products manufacturing
  • 弹簧安装员,机 spring assembler, machine
  • 弹簧组件机器操作员 spring assembly machine operator
  • 卷簧机 spring coiler
  • 春天巡视员 spring inspector
  • 弹簧机操作员 spring machine operator
  • 弹簧机设置操作员 spring machine set-up operator
  • 弹簧试验员 spring tester
  • 春天络筒员 spring winder
  • 弹簧卷取机操作员 spring-coiling machine operator
  • 弹簧制袋机运营商 spring-making machine operator
  • 弹簧机设置操作员 spring-making machine set-up operator
  • 弹簧绕线机操作 spring-winding machine operator
  • 主食机设置操作员 staple machine set-up operator
  • 钢毛机操作员 steel wool machine operator
  • 绞线机操作员 stranding machine operator
  • 担架和测试员,金属电缆 stretcher and tester, metal cables
  • 担架和测试员,电线电缆 stretcher and tester, wire cables
  • 粘壶 tack maker
  • 攻丝机看管者 tapping machine tender
  • 看管者,压花机 – 制造炸药 tender, embossing machine – explosives manufacturing
  • 看管者,金属捻线机 tender, metal-twisting machine
  • 看管者,攻丝机 tender, tapping machine
  • 看管者,焊条挤出机 tender, welding rod extruder
  • 看管者,线材配对机 tender, wire-pairing machine
  • 看管者,收线机 tender, wire-rewinding machine
  • 帐篷架机器操作员 tent frame machine operator
  • 测试员,链 tester, chains
  • 测试员,弹簧 tester, springs
  • 锡督察 tin can inspector
  • 锡器贝亚代尔 tinware beader
  • 修剪机调节器 trim machine adjuster
  • 阀簧机 valve spring coiler
  • 气门弹簧络筒机 valve spring winder
  • 织工 – 金属制品制造 weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • 织工,电线格 weaver, wire lattices
  • 织工,线格和铁丝网 weaver, wire lattices and wire meshes
  • 织工,铁丝网 weaver, wire netting
  • 织工,金属丝筛网 weaver, wire screens
  • 织工,电线 weaver, wires
  • 焊条挤出机操作员 welding rod-extruder operator
  • 焊条挤出看管者 welding rod-extruder tender
  • 卷取机,弹簧 winder, springs
  • 络筒机,气门弹簧 winder, valve springs
  • 篮筐制造商 wire basket maker
  • 束丝机操作员 wire bundle machine operator
  • 电线电缆汇编器和测试员 wire cable assembler and tester
  • 电线电缆担架和测试员 wire cable stretcher and tester
  • 电线灯罩框架制造商 wire lampshade frame maker
  • 线格子和丝网织工 wire lattice and wire mesh weaver
  • 线格子织工 wire lattice weaver
  • 电线织机操作 wire loom operator
  • 电线织机安装员 wire loom setter
  • 线循环机操作员 wire loop machine operator
  • 护栏网决策机器操作员 wire mesh fence-making machine operator
  • 丝网门汇编 wire mesh gate assembler
  • 金属丝网编织机 wire mesh knitter
  • 铁丝网织工 wire netting weaver
  • 线复卷机,机 wire rewinder, machine
  • 钢丝绳制造商 wire rope maker
  • 钢丝绳吊索和电缆接线 wire rope sling and cable splicer
  • 丝网刀具和微调 wire screen cutter and trimmer
  • 丝网样板工 wire screen former
  • 丝网制造商 wire screen maker
  • 丝网织工 wire screen weaver
  • 线织工 wire weaver
  • 线织工,钳工织机 wire weaver, bench loom
  • 线科伊纳运营商 wire-coiner operator
  • 线压接机操作员 wire-crimping machine operator
  • 铁丝网机器操作员 wire-netting machine operator
  • 线配对机看管者 wire-pairing machine tender
  • 收线机看管者 wire-rewinding machine tender
  • 线织机安装员 wire-weaving loom setter
  • 电线工作织工 – 金属制品制造 wireworks weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • 拉链三通机看管者 zipper links machine tender
  • 拉链链接制造商 zipper links maker

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 加工工具运营商 Machining tool operators [9417](9417)
  • 金属加工和锻造机运营商 Metalworking and forging machine operators [9416](9416)
  • 主管机运营商在这个单元组(主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业) Supervisors of machine operators in this unit group (in [9226](9226) Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing )



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