NOC 9422 塑料加工机器操作员 Plastics processing machine operators


简介 Intro


Plastics processing machine operators set up and operate plastic mixing, calendering, extruding and moulding processing machines used in the manufacture of plastic parts and plastic products. They are employed by plastic products manufacturing companies.

Mobility among the various operators in this unit is possible.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

混合式机器操作员执行部分或全部下列职责:Mixing machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 根据公式称取树脂,着色剂和其它化学品
    Weigh resins, colorants and other chemicals according to formula
  • 将称过的材料放入搅拌机中,操作机器将塑料和其他化学物质混合到指定的稠度或粘度
    Place weighed materials in mixing machine and operate machine to blend plastic and other chemicals to a specified consistency or viscosity
  • 监控操作,调节物资供应,并向混合物中添加化学物质和着色剂
    Monitor operation, regulate material supply and add chemicals and colorants to mixture
  • 操作控制器,调节温度,速度和其他的加工条件
    Operate controls to regulate temperature, speed and other processing conditions
  • 将混合物倒入容器或输送机作进一步处理
    Unload mixture into container or conveyor for further processing
  • 维护和执行机械的小修小补
    Maintain and perform minor repairs on machinery as required
  • 保持库存材料和清洁工作场所。
    Maintain inventory of material and clean working area.

压延处理运营商执行部分或全部下列职责:Calendering process operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 安装和操作压延机,变换一致的塑料面团成连续的指定厚度的片材或薄膜
    Set up and operate calender machines which transform dough-consistent plastic mass into continuous sheets or films of specified thickness
  • 故障排除,维护和对设备进行小修小补,调试压延辊适应生产线的变化
    Troubleshoot, maintain and make minor repairs to equipment and adjust calender rollers for production line change
  • 监测生产材料的质量
    Monitor quality of material produced
  • 保持库存材料和清洁工作场所。
    Maintain inventory of material and clean working area.

挤压处理运营商执行部分或全部下列职责:Extruding process operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 设置和操作一个或多个挤出机,通过喷嘴或模具挤出塑料复合材料产品
    Set up and operate one or more extruding machines which extrude plastic composites products through a nozzle or die
  • 根据生产线变化更改挤出机模具
    Change dies on extruding machines according to production line change
  • 故障排除,维护和设备的小修小补
    Troubleshoot, maintain and make minor repairs to equipment
  • 监测生产材料的质量
    Monitor quality of material produced
  • 保持库存材料和清洁工作场所。
    Maintain inventory of material and clean working area.

成型处理运营商执行部分或全部下列职责:Moulding process operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 根据规范安装和操作一个或多个铸造塑胶制品的模具铸工
    Set up and operate one or more moulding machines which mould plastic products according to specifications
  • 为生产线变化更改模具和调整设备
    Change moulds and adjust equipment for production line change
  • 故障排除,维护和设备的小修小补
    Troubleshoot, maintain and make minor repairs to equipment
  • 监测材料质量,并按要求调整机器设置
    Monitor quality of material produced and adjust machine settings as required
  • 按照配方卡混合成分批次,用于注射成型工艺
    Follow formulation card to mix ingredient batches for injection moulding process
  • 保持库存材料和清洁工作场所。
    Maintain inventory of material and clean working area.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 对于本单元组的所有运营商,通常需要完成中学。
    For all operators in this unit group, completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 可能需要同一家公司的助手,看管者或包装工的多年的经验。
    Several years of experience as a helper, tender or packer in the same company may be required.
  • 可能必需完成一个统计过程控制(SPC)。
    Completion of a statistical process control (SPC) course may be required.
  • 成型处理运营商可能需要完成液压,气动和电子系统课程。
    Completion of courses in hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics systems may be required for moulding process operators.
  • 提供在职培训。
    On-the-job training is provided.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 足弓垫印刷机操作员 – 塑料制造 arch cushion press operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 制袋机操作员 bag machine operator
  • 制袋机操作员 – 塑料制造 bag-making machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 胶木龙头运营商 – 塑料制造 bakelite mixer operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 密炼机运营商 – 塑料制造 banbury mixer operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 班伯里运营商 – 塑料制造 banbury operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 搅拌机操作员 – 塑料制造 blender operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 吹瓶机操作员 – 塑料制造 blow moulder operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 吹铸工操作员 – 塑料制造 blow moulding machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 吹塑过程运营商 – 塑料制造 blow-moulding process operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 的蛋糕按运营商 – 塑料制造 cake press operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 压延运营商 – 塑料制造 calender operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 压延操作员,多辊 – 塑料制造 calender operator, multi-roll – plastic manufacturing
  • 压延风看管者 – 塑料制造 calender wind-up tender – plastic manufacturing
  • 轧光机看管者 – 塑料制造 calendering machine tender – plastic manufacturing
  • 连铸机 – 塑料制造 caster – plastic manufacturing
  • 铸造室操作员 – 塑料制造 casting room operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 玻璃纸制袋机运营商 – 塑料制造 cellophane bag machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 玻璃纸制袋商 – 塑料制造 cellophane bag maker – plastic manufacturing
  • 玻璃纸工人 – 塑料制造 cellophane making worker – plastic manufacturing
  • 凝固剂,塑料 coagulator, plastics
  • 混炼机,塑料 compounder, plastics
  • 混炼机,塑料及塑料制品 compounder, plastics and plastic products
  • 压缩铸工 – 塑料制造 compression moulder – plastic manufacturing
  • 封装 – 塑料制造 encapsulator – plastic manufacturing
  • 挤出机操作员 – 塑料制造 extruder operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 塑料管材挤出机操作员, extruder operator, plastic pipes
  • 挤出机操作员 – 塑料制造 extruding machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 挤出吹塑运营商 extrusion blow moulding operator
  • 挤出机操作员 – 塑料制造 extrusion machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 玻璃纤维机运营商 – 塑料制造 fibreglass machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 玻璃钢铸工 fibreglass moulder
  • 玻璃纤维喷涂机操作员 fibreglass-spraying machine operator
  • 平板印刷机操作员 – 塑料制造 flatbed press operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 发泡塑料生产机器操作员 foam plastic-producing machine operator
  • 泡沫塑料喷涂机操作 foam plastic-spraying machine operator
  • 鞋类压 – 塑料制造 footwear presser – plastic manufacturing
  • 胶衣喷涂机运营商 – 塑料制造 gel coat sprayer operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 磨床运营商 – 塑料制造 grinder operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 热封机看管者 – 塑料制造 heat-sealing machine tender – plastic manufacturing
  • 压印机看管者,塑料 imprinting machine tender, plastics
  • 注射吹塑成型加工操作 injection blow moulding processing operator
  • 注塑设置操作员 injection molding set-up operator
  • 注塑铸工 – 塑料制造 injection moulder – plastic manufacturing
  • 注塑成型机操作员 – 塑料制造 injection moulder operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 注塑运营商 – 塑料制造 injection moulding operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 注塑加工运营商 injection moulding processing operator
  • 注射操作员 – 塑料制造 injection operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 注射塑料铸工 injection plastic moulder
  • 注塑机运营商 – 塑料制造 injection-moulding machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 覆膜机看管者 – 塑料制造 laminating machine tender – plastic manufacturing
  • 导致运营商,吹塑机 – 塑料制造 lead operator, blow-moulding machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 导致运营商,注塑铸工 – 塑料制造 lead operator, injection-moulding machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 油毡地板瓷砖靠山 linoleum floor tile backer
  • 油毡地板瓷砖压延操作 linoleum floor tile calender operator
  • 机器操作员 – 塑料制造 machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 机器操作员 – 塑料加工 machine operator – plastics processing
  • 机组的运营商 – 塑料制造 machine set-up operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 模特铸工 – 塑料制造 mannequin moulder – plastic manufacturing
  • 混频器运营商,解决方案 – 塑料制造 mixer operator, solutions – plastic manufacturing
  • 模具安装员,塑料 mould setter, plastic
  • 铸造机运营商 – 塑料制造 moulder operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 铸工,压缩 – 塑料制造 moulder, compression – plastic manufacturing
  • 铸工,玻璃纤维 moulder, fibreglass
  • 铸工,塑料人体模特 – 塑料制造 moulder, plastic mannequins – plastic manufacturing
  • 铸工,印刷胶辊 – 塑料制造 moulder, printing rollers – plastic manufacturing
  • 成型机操作员,注塑 – 塑料制造 moulding machine operator, injection – plastic manufacturing
  • 成型操作员,注塑 – 塑料制造 moulding operator, injection – plastic manufacturing
  • 多台挤出机运营商 – 塑料制造 multiple extruder operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 氯丁橡胶喷雾器运营商 – 塑料制造 neoprene sprayer operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,搅拌机 – 塑料制造 operator, blender – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,玻璃纤维纺纱机 – 塑料制造 operator, fibreglass-spinning machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,玻璃纤维喷涂机 operator, fibreglass-spraying machine
  • 运营商,平板机 – 塑料制造 operator, flatbed press – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,发泡塑料生产机器 operator, foamed-plastic-producing machine
  • 运营商,胶衣喷涂机 – 塑料制造 operator, gel coat sprayer – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,注塑成型 – 塑料制造 operator, injection moulding – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,铸工 – 塑料制造 operator, moulder – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,管材挤出机 – 塑料制造 operator, pipe extrusion machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 运营商,塑料鞋铸工 operator, plastic footwear moulder
  • 管挤出机操作员 – 塑料制造 pipe extrusion machine operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 塑料制袋机操作 plastic bag machine operator
  • 塑料袋制造商运营商 plastic bag maker operator
  • 塑料离心式连铸机 plastic centrifugal caster
  • 塑料凝固运营商 plastic coagulation operator
  • 塑料凝固剂 plastic coagulator
  • 塑料混炼 plastic compounder
  • 塑料挤出机操作员 plastic extruder operator
  • 塑料膜卷检查 plastic film roll inspector
  • 塑料鞋铸工操作员 plastic footwear moulder operator
  • 塑料模特铸工 – 塑料制造 plastic mannequin moulder – plastic manufacturing
  • 塑料混合机运营商 plastic mixer operator
  • 塑料模具安装员 plastic mould setter
  • 塑料铸工,压缩 plastic moulder, compression
  • 塑料铸工,注塑 plastic moulder, injection
  • 塑料管材生产工人 plastic pipe production worker
  • 塑料挡风玻璃处理器的 plastic windshield processor
  • 塑化机操作员 plasticator operator
  • 塑料挤出运营商 plastic-extrusion operator
  • 纤维塑料挤出机看管者 plastic-fibre-extruding machine tender
  • 塑料薄膜挤出机操作员 plastic-film extrusion machine operator
  • 塑料管材生产机器操作员 plastic-pipe production machine operator
  • 塑料管挤出机操作员 plastic-pipe-extruder operator
  • 塑料及其制品混配 plastics and plastic products compounder
  • 塑料机器操作员 plastics machine operator
  • 塑料铸工 plastics moulder
  • 塑料印刷机操作员 plastics press operator
  • 塑料加工混配 plastics processing compounder
  • 塑料滤网运营商 plastics strainer operator
  • 塑料混色机看管者 plastics-blending machine tender
  • 塑料铸工的操作员 plastics-moulding machine operator
  • 塑料铸工安装员 plastics-moulding machine setter
  • 塑料摊铺机操作员 plastic-spreading machine operator
  • 塑料加工机安装员 plastics-processing machine setter
  • 瓶坯机看管者 – 塑料制造 preform machine tender – plastic manufacturing
  • 印刷机操作员 – 塑料制造 press operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 印刷机操作员,塑料 press operator, plastics
  • 压敏胶涂布机操作员 – 塑料制造 pressure-sensitive coater operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 印刷胶辊铸工 – 塑料制造 printing roller moulder – plastic manufacturing
  • 生产机器操作员,塑料袋 production machine operator, plastic bags
  • 生产机器操作员,塑料管 production machine operator, plastic pipes
  • 生产工人,塑料管 production worker, plastic pipes
  • 异型材挤出运营商 profile extrusion operator
  • 异型材挤出加工运营商 profile extrusion processing operator
  • 异型材挤出设置操作员 profile extrusion set-up operator
  • 辊运营商 – 塑料制造 roll operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 滚塑运营商 rotational moulding operator
  • 安装员,塑料铸工 setter, plastics-moulding machine
  • 安装员,塑料加工机 setter, plastics-processing machine
  • 设置操作员,机 – 塑料制造 set-up operator, machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 切纸机运营商 – 塑料制造 sheeter operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 碎纸机运营商 – 塑料回收 shredder operator – plastic recycling
  • 切碎机运营商 – 塑料回收 shredding machine operator – plastic recycling
  • 皮肤前机看管者 – 塑料制造 skin-former machine tender – plastic manufacturing
  • 分切机运营商 – 塑料制造 slitter operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 解决方案龙头运营商 – 塑料制造 solution mixer operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 溶剂龙头运营商 – 塑料制造 solvent mixer operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 喷雾器,胶衣运营商 – 塑料制造 sprayer, gel coat operator – plastic manufacturing
  • 合成大理石生产工人的 synthetic marble production worker
  • 看管者,热封口机 – 塑料制造 tender, heat-sealing machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 看管者,层压机 – 塑料制造 tender, laminating machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 看管者,塑料凝结水箱 tender, plastic coagulating tank
  • 看管者,瓶坯机 – 塑料制造 tender, preform machine – plastic manufacturing
  • 测试员,塑料薄膜卷 tester, plastic film rolls
  • 热成型操作员 thermoforming operator
  • 蒸发器 – 塑料制造 vaporizer – plastic manufacturing
  • 洗线路运营商 – 塑料回收 wash line operator – plastic recycling

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 劳动者在橡胶和塑料制品制造业 Labourers in rubber and plastic products manufacturing [9615](9615)
  • 塑料产品的装配,名将和检查员 Plastic products assemblers, finishers and inspectors [9535](9535)
  • 橡胶加工机器操作员及有关人员 Rubber processing machine operators and related workers [9423](9423)
  • 主管,塑料和橡胶制品制造业 Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing [9214](9214)



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