NOC 2233 工业工程与制造技师和技术员 Industrial Engineering And Manufacturing Technologists And Technicians


簡介 Intro


Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians may work independently or provide technical support and services in the development of production methods, facilities and systems, and the planning, estimating, measuring and scheduling of work. They are employed by manufacturing and insurance companies, government departments , and establishments in other industries.

There is mobility to related fields such as technical sales.

Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

工業工程和製造技術人員執行部分或全部下列職責:Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 開發並指導製造業或在其他行業的生產,庫存和質量保證計劃
  • Develop and conduct production, inventory and quality assurance programs in manufacturing or in other industries
  • 設計工廠佈局和生產設施
  • Design plant layouts and production facilities
  • 開發和開展工作研究和相關方案
  • Develop and carry out work study and related programs
  • 制定並實施工業健康,安全和防火計劃和方案,進行安全培訓計劃
  • Develop and carry out industrial health, safety and fire prevention plans and programs and conduct safety training programs
  • 使用電腦輔助繪圖,計算機輔助製造(CAD / CAM)來開發應用程序,以控制機器人,電腦數值控制(CNC)機器和其他​​製造過程和操作。
  • Develop applications using CAD/CAM (computer-assisted drafting, computer-assisted manufacturing) for the control of robots, computer numerical control (CNC) machines and other manufacturing processes and operations.

工業工程設計和製造的技術人員執行部分或全部下列職責:Industrial engineering and manufacturing technicians perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 協助設計工廠佈局
  • Assist in the design of plant layouts
  • 開展測量或其他研究工作
  • Conduct work measurement or other studies
  • 收集和編譯操作或實驗數據,並協助開發估計,計劃,規範和報告
  • Collect and compile operational or experimental data and assist in the development of estimates, schedules, specifications and reports
  • 收集和分析數據和样品,支持質量保證和工業健康及安全計劃
  • Collect and analyze data and samples in support of quality assurance and industrial health and safety programs
  • 開發製造和加工程序和變量,設置機器或設備控制,監督生產和檢查過程。
  • Develop manufacturing and processing procedures and variables, set machine or equipment controls, oversee production and inspect processes.
  • 本單元組的技師和技術員可以專注於一個特定的工業區,如金屬加工,塑料,紙漿和造紙,紡織製造業的生產工藝,質量保證計劃,計劃和時間表的發展。
  • Technologists and technicians in this unit group may specialize in the development of production processes, quality assurance programs, plans and schedules in a particular industrial area such as metal fabrication, plastics, pulp and paper, or textile manufacturing.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 工業工程或製造技師通常需要完成兩或三年制德工業工程技術,紙漿和造紙技術,塑料技術,紡織技術,製造技術或相關學科的大專課程或其他同等學歷。
  • Completion of a two- or three-year college program or equivalent in industrial engineering technology, pulp and paper technology, plastics technology, textile technology, manufacturing technology or a related discipline is usually required for industrial engineering or manufacturing technologists.
  • 工業工程或製造技術人員通常需要完成一或兩年的工業工程技術或相關學科大學課程。
  • Completion of a one- or two-year college program in industrial engineering technology or in a related discipline is usually required for industrial engineering or manufacturing technicians.
  • 工業工程或製造技術,或在相關領域的認證在省或地區的工程/應用科學技術專家和技術人員協會可用,同時某些職位要求具有該認證。
  • Certification in industrial engineering or manufacturing technology or in a related field is available through provincial or territorial associations of engineering/applied science technologists and technicians and may be required for some positions.
  • 通常需要兩年的受監管工作經驗,才可以取得認證。
  • A period of supervised work experience, usually two years, is required before certification.
  • CAD-CAM/CNC程序員需要具有製造技術和/或加工和模具或金屬加工行業認證和經驗以及製造技術的大專文憑。
  • A college diploma in manufacturing technology and/or trade certification and experience in machining and tooling or metalworking is required for CAD-CAM/CNC programmers.
  • 在魁北克省,監管​​機構的成員必須使用“專業技術人員”稱號。
  • In Quebec, membership in the regulatory body is required to use the title “Professional Technologist.”

所有職稱 All Titles

  • 3D CNC(電腦數控)程序員 3D CNC (computer numerical control) programmer
  • CAD / CAM(計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造)的程序員 CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing) programmer
  • 數控CAD / CAM(計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造,數控)程序員 CAD/CAM NC (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, numerical control) programmer
  • CAD / CAM程序員 CAD/CAM programmer
  • CNC(計算機數控)Mastercam的程序員 CNC (computer numerical control) Mastercam programmer
  • CNC(計算機數控)程序員 CNC (computer numerical control) programmer
  • CNC(電腦數控)技術專家 CNC (computer numerically controlled) technologist
  • CNC / CMM(計算機數控三坐標測量機)的程序員 CNC/CMM (computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine) programmer
  • 計算機數字控制(CNC)Mastercam的程序員 computer numerical control (CNC) Mastercam programmer
  • 電腦數控三坐標測量機(CNC / CMM)的程序員 computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine (CNC/CMM) programmer
  • 計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造(CAD / CAM)的程序員 computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) programmer
  • 成本估計師,製造 cost estimator, manufacturing
  • 面料設計技師 fabric design technologist
  • 消防技術員 – 生產 fire protection technician – manufacturing
  • 工業工程分析師 industrial engineering analyst
  • 工業工程技術員 industrial engineering technician
  • 工業工程技師 industrial engineering technologist
  • 注塑技術員 injection moulding technician
  • 庫存控制技術員 inventory control technician
  • 防損技術專家 – 製造 loss prevention technologist – manufacturing
  • 製造成本估計師 manufacturing cost estimator
  • 製造技師 manufacturing technician
  • 生產技術員 – 工業工程 manufacturing technician – industrial engineering
  • 製造技師 manufacturing technologist
  • 材料處理技術員 materials handling technician
  • 方法設計師 methods designer
  • NC(數控)程序員 NC (numerical control) programmer
  • 數控機床編程(運營商除外) numerically controlled machine tool programmer (except operators)
  • 數控工具程序員 numerically controlled tool programmer
  • 運籌學技師 operations research technologist
  • 規劃技術人員 planning technician
  • 工廠佈局技術員 plant layout technician
  • 塑料製造技術員 plastics manufacturing technician
  • 塑料注塑成型技術員 plastics moulding technician
  • 塑料技術員 plastics technician
  • 生產和質量控制技術專家 production and quality control technologist
  • 生產控制技術專家 production control technologist
  • 生產計劃技術員 production planning technician
  • 生產技術員 – 鋸木廠 production technologist – sawmill
  • 程序員,CAD / CAM(計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造) programmer, CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing)
  • 程序員,數控CAD / CAM(計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造,數控) programmer, CAD/CAM NC (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, numerical control)
  • 程序員,CNC(計算機數控)Mastercam軟件 programmer, CNC (computer numerical control) Mastercam
  • 程序員,CNC / CMM(電腦數控三坐標測量機) programmer, CNC/CMM (computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine)
  • 程序員,計算機數字控制(CNC)Mastercam軟件 programmer, computer numerical control (CNC) Mastercam
  • 程序員,計算機數控三坐標測量機(CNC / CMM) programmer, computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine (CNC/CMM)
  • 程序員,計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造,數控(NC的CAD / CAM) programmer, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, numerical control (CAD/CAM NC)
  • 程序員,計算機輔助設計/計算機輔助製造(CAD / CAM) programmer, computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • 紙漿和紙張製造技師 pulp and paper manufacturing technologist
  • 紙漿和紙張的技術人員 pulp and paper technician
  • 紙漿和造紙技師 pulp and paper technologist
  • 質量保證技術專家 quality assurance technologist
  • 質量控制技術員(化學除外) quality control technician (except chemical)
  • 質量控制技術專家 – 工業工程 quality control technologist – industrial engineering
  • 質量控制技術專家(化學除外) quality control technologist (except chemical)
  • 技術員 – 生產調度 scheduling technician – manufacturing
  • 工業工程技術員, technician, industrial engineering
  • 技術員,製造 technician, manufacturing
  • 技術員,規劃 technician, planning
  • 技術員,塑料 technician, plastics
  • 技術人員進行,紙漿和造紙 technician, pulp and paper
  • 技術員,紡織 technician, textile
  • 技師,工業工程 technologist, industrial engineering
  • 技師,製造 technologist, manufacturing
  • 技師,紙漿和造紙 technologist, pulp and paper
  • 技術專家,質量控制 – 工業工程 technologist, quality control – industrial engineering
  • 技師,紡織 technologist, textile
  • 紡織技師 textile technician
  • 紡織技師 textile technologist
  • 時間研究分析師 time study analyst
  • 時間研究技師 time study technologist
  • 刀具編程技師 tool programming technologist

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 機械加工,金屬成形,塑造和樹立行業 Machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades 723
  • 技術銷售專家 – 批發業 Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade 6221
  • 紡織技師/技術人員,以支持化學染色,整理和質量控制技術人員/技術人員在食品或化學工業或實驗室(化學技師和技術員) Textile technologists/technicians working in support of chemical dyeing and finishing and quality control technologists /technicians in food or chemical industries or laboratories (in 2211 Chemical technologists and technicians )




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