NOC 9525 組裝員,製造商和督察,工業電動機和變壓器 Assemblers, Fabricators And Inspectors, Industrial Electrical Motors And Transformers


簡介 Intro


This unit group includes workers who assemble, fabricate, fit, wire and inspect heavy-duty industrial electrical equipment. They are employed by manufacturers of industrial electric motors, transformers, control equipment, railway locomotives, transit vehicles and other heavy electrical equipment.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要職責 Main Duties

此單元組的裝配工執行部分或全部下列職責:Assemblers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 根據藍圖,組裝和調試金屬和其他預製件,精密公差,打造重型電動馬達或變壓器
  • Assemble and fit metal and other prefabricated parts to close tolerances according to blueprints to build heavy-duty electric motors or transformers
  • 組裝重型電動機的定子或電樞;壓縮鋼片,建立變壓器磁芯;使用橋式起重機組裝線圈進入核心,採用壓接,釬焊和焊接設備進行電氣連接
  • Assemble stators or armatures for heavy-duty electric motors; compress steel laminations to build transformer cores; assemble windings into core using overhead cranes and make electrical connections using crimping, brazing and soldering equipment
  • 組裝和調試電機或變壓器輔助設備,如軸套,自來水的變化,接線盒,加熱裝置,防護設備和冷卻設備
  • Assemble and fit electrical motor or transformer auxiliary equipment such as bushings, tap changes, conduit boxes, heating devices, protective equipment and cooling equipment
  • 設置和調整生產機器和設備,如線圈繞線機,用於製造重型電氣設備
  • Set up and adjust production machinery and equipment, such as coil winding machines, for the manufacture of heavy-duty electrical equipment
  • 可能執行電動機的基本測試。
  • May perform basic tests on electric motors.

機電鉗工和纏線工執行部分或全部下列職責:Electrical fitters and wirers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 闡釋工程圖,電氣原理圖和藍圖
  • Interpret engineering drawings, electrical schematics and blueprints
  • 調試電動機起動器,接觸器,電容器,斷路器,穩壓器,印刷電路板或其他電氣控制設備,配電板和配電板生產自動化處理控制設備,配電板,或其他工業電氣控制設備
  • Fit motor starters, contactors, capacitors, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, printed circuit boards or other electrical control devices into switchboards and panelboards to produce automated processing control equipment, electrical distribution panels, or other industrial electrical control equipment
  • 為配電板和控制板進行電線連接
  • Wire electrical connections for switchboards and panelboards
  • 組裝配電盤,配電櫃,並安裝用於攜帶重型電流的母線
  • Assemble panelboard and switchboard cabinets and install bus bars used to carry heavy electrical current
  • 可操作金屬加工設備,製作或修改母線。
  • May operate metal fabricating equipment to fabricate or modify bus bars.

本單元組督察執行部分或全部下列職責:Inspectors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 監控生產,解決生產問題
  • Monitor production and troubleshoot production problems
  • 檢查電動機,變壓器或控制設備的最終組裝,確保遵守質量控制標準
  • Check final assembly of electric motors, transformers or control equipment for adherence to quality control standards
  • 收集,記錄和總結檢查結果。
  • Collect, record and summarize inspection results.

任職要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要完成中學學業。
  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 可能需要完成電力或電子技術學院課程。
  • College courses in electricity or electro-technology may be required.
  • 通常提供幾年的在職培訓。
  • Several years of on-the-job training are usually provided.
  • 本單元組的安裝員,檢查員和領導助手可能需要在同一公司作為組裝員,鉗工或纏線工的經驗。
  • Set-up persons, inspectors and leadhands in this unit group may require experience as an assembler, fitter or wirer in the same company.

所有職稱 All Titles

AC(交流電)和DC(直流)電機鉗工組裝員 AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors fitter-assembler
交流電流( AC )和直流(DC )電機鉗工組裝員 alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors fitter-assembler
發電機測試員 alternator tester
電樞組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 armature assembler – industrial electrical equipment
電樞線圈成型者 – 工業電氣設備 armature coil former – industrial electrical equipment
電樞線圈繞線工 – 工業電氣設備 armature coil winder – industrial electric equipment
電樞督察 – 工業電氣設備 armature inspector – industrial electrical equipment
電樞絕緣工 – 工業電氣設備 armature insulator – industrial electrical equipment
電樞繞線工 – 工業電氣設備 armature winder – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員和發報人,配電盤 assembler and wirer, electrical panels
組裝員和發報人,電動機和發電機的 assembler and wirer, motors and generators
組裝員和發報人,開關櫃 assembler and wirer, switchgear
組裝員,碳刷 assembler, carbon brushes
組裝員,換向器 assembler, commutators
組裝員,電流互感器 assembler, current transformers
組裝員,電氣控制面板 assembler, electrical control panel
組裝員,重型變壓器 assembler, heavy-duty transformer
組裝員,工業製動器和AC(交流電)電機 assembler, industrial brakes and AC (alternating current) motors
組裝員,工業製動器和交流電( AC )馬達 assembler, industrial brakes and alternating current (AC) motors
組裝員,疊片鐵芯 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, laminated cores – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,電機和發電機 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, motor and generator – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,馬達控制中心 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, motor control centres – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,配電板 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, panelboards – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,旋轉磁場線圈 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, rotating field coils – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,開關和控制面板 assembler, switchgear and control panel
組裝員,開關和控制面板 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, switchgear and control panel – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,開關櫃 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, switchgear panels – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,開關架 – 工業電氣設備 assembler, switchgear racks – industrial electrical equipment
組裝員,變壓器配件 assembler, transformer accessories
組裝員,變壓器磁芯 assembler, transformer cores
組裝員,變壓器氣體檢測繼電器 assembler, transformer gas detector relays
汽車線束檢查員 – 工業電氣設備 automotive wiring harness inspector – industrial electrical equipment
建設者和焊工,定子和轉子鐵芯 – 工業電氣設備 builder and welder, stator and rotor cores – industrial electrical equipment
襯套組裝員,高壓變壓器 bushing assembler, high voltage transformers
襯套核心絡筒工 – 工業電氣設備 bushing core winder – industrial electrical equipment
碳刷組裝員 carbon brush assembler
碳刷製造商 carbon brush maker
斷路器鉗工 – 工業電氣設備 circuit breaker fitter – industrial electrical equipment
接線員,變壓器組件 clamper, transformer assembly
接線員,變壓器裝配線圈 clamper, transformer assembly coils
線圈組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 coil assembler – industrial electrical equipment
線圈建設者 – 工業電氣設備 coil builder – industrial electrical equipment
線圈接線工,變壓器組件 coil clamper, transformer assembly
線圈成型工 – 工業電氣設備 coil former – industrial electrical equipment
線圈安裝工,電機和發電機 – 工業電氣設備 coil installer, motor and generator – industrial electrical equipment
線圈製造商 – 工業電氣設備 coil maker – industrial electrical equipment
線圈成型工 – 工業電氣設備 coil shaper – industrial electrical equipment
螺旋錐,手 – 工業電氣設備 coil taper, hand – industrial electrical equipment
繞線工,變壓器 coil winder, transformer
線圈繞線機安裝員 – 工業電氣設備 coil-winding machine setter – industrial electrical equipment
換向器組裝員 commutator assembler
換向器組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 commutator assembler – industrial electrical equipment
控制面板組裝員 control panel assembler
控制面板組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 control panel assembler – industrial electrical equipment
控制面板技術員 – 工業電氣設備 control panel technician – industrial electrical equipment
核心組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 core assembler – industrial electrical equipment
核心舖網工,變壓器 core lapper, transformers
核心堆垛工,變壓器 core stacker, transformers
電流互感器組裝員 current-transformer assembler
電流變壓器繞線工 current-transformer coil winder
自定義電氣面板組裝員 custom electrical panel assembler
電錶測試員 – 工業電氣設備 electric meter tester – industrial electrical equipment
電動機組裝員 electric motor assembler
電動機巡視員 electric motor inspector
電氣連續性測試員 – 工業電氣設備 electrical continuity tester – industrial electrical equipment
電氣控制設備鉗工組裝員 electrical control equipment fitter-assembler
電氣控制面板組裝員 electrical control panel assembler
電氣控制面板最後組裝員 electrical control panel final assembler
電氣控制面板組裝員 electrical control panel subassembler
電鉗工 electrical fitter
電鉗工 – 工業電氣設備 electrical fitter – industrial electrical equipment
電氣督察,機車 electrical inspector, locomotive
電氣面板組裝員和纏線工 – 工業電氣設備 electrical panel assembler and wirer – industrial electrical equipment
電氣開關檢查員 electrical switchgear inspector
電氣開關櫃的面板發報人 electrical switchgear panel wirer
電氣開關測試員 electrical switchgear tester
電氣開關纏線工 electrical switchgear wireperson
電解池維修工 – 工業電氣設備 electrolytic cell repairer – industrial electrical equipment
勵磁線圈錐形工 – 工業電氣設備 field coil taper – industrial electrical equipment
最後組裝工,電氣控制面板 final assembler, electrical control panel
鉗工組裝員 – 電氣控制設備 fitter-assembler – electrical control equipment
鉗工組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 fitter-assembler – industrial electrical equipment
鉗工組裝員, AC(交流電)和DC(直流)馬達 fitter-assembler, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors
成型工,重型的線圈 – 工業電氣設備 former, heavy-duty coils – industrial electrical equipment
發電機測試員 – 工業電氣設備 generator tester – industrial electrical equipment
手螺旋錐 – 工業電氣設備 hand coil taper – industrial electrical equipment
重型線圈成型工 – 工業電氣設備 heavy-duty coil former – industrial electrical equipment
重型變壓器組裝員 heavy-duty transformer assembler
重型變壓器繞線機 heavy-duty transformer coil winder
高電壓變壓器套管組裝員 high voltage transformer bushing assembler
工業製動器和AC (交流)電機組裝員程序 industrial brake and AC (alternating current) motor assembler
工業製動器和交變電流(AC )電機組裝員程序 industrial brake and alternating current (AC) motor assembler
工業電氣設備組裝員 industrial electric equipment assembler
工業電氣設備製造者 industrial electric equipment fabricator
工業電氣設備檢查員 industrial electric equipment inspector
檢查員 – 大型變壓器製造 inspector – large transformer manufacturing
巡視員和測試員, AC(交流電)和DC(直流)馬達 inspector and tester, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors
巡視員和測試員,交直流兩用電動機 inspector and tester, AC and DC motors
檢查員, AC(交流電)和DC(直流)馬達 inspector, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors
督察,汽車線束 inspector, automotive wiring harnesses
檢查員,電氣控制面板 inspector, electrical control panel
檢查員,電機 inspector, electrical motor
督察,配電盤和麵板 inspector, electrical switchboards and panels
檢查員,電氣開關 inspector, electrical switchgear
檢查員,電氣開關櫃的面板 inspector, electrical switchgear panel
檢查員,電機和發電機 inspector, motor and generator
督察,清盤 – 大型電機製造 inspector, winding – large electric motors manufacturing
安裝,電機和發電機線圈 – 工業電氣設備 installer, motor and generator coils – industrial electrical equipment
疊片鐵芯組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 laminated core assembler – industrial electrical equipment
層壓堆積工 – 工業電氣設備 lamination stacker – industrial electrical equipment
舖網工,變壓器磁芯 lapper, transformer cores
大型電力變壓器繞線工 large power transformer coil winder
大型變壓器繞線工 large transformer coil winder
機車電氣督察 locomotive electrical inspector
電機和控制測試員 motor and control tester
電動機和發電機組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 motor and generator assembler – industrial electrical equipment
電動機和發電機的組裝員和發報人 motor and generator assembler and wirer
電機和發電機督察 motor and generator inspector
電機和變壓器測試員 motor and transformer tester
電機控制組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 motor control assembler – industrial electrical equipment
電機繞線工 – 工業電氣設備 motor winder – industrial electrical equipment
電機線圈和發電機線圈建設者 motor-coil and generator-coil builder
電機線圈和發電機線圈安裝員 – 工業電氣設備 motor-coil and generator-coil installer – industrial electrical equipment
配電盤組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 panelboard assembler – industrial electrical equipment
的極靴組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 pole shoe assembler – industrial electrical equipment
電源變壓器組裝員 power transformer assembler
電力變壓器的核心建設者 power transformer core builder
旋轉磁場線圈組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 rotating field coil assembler – industrial electrical equipment
轉子組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 rotor assembler – industrial electrical equipment
轉子線圈前 – 工業電氣設備 rotor coil former – industrial electrical equipment
轉子鐵芯組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 rotor core assembler – industrial electrical equipment
打撈,蓄電池 salvager, storage battery
安裝工,線圈繞線機 – 工業電氣設備 setter, coil-winding machine – industrial electrical equipment
定子檢查員 – 工業電氣設備 stator inspector – industrial electrical equipment
定子鐵芯和轉子的核心建設者和焊工 – 工業電氣設備 stator-core and rotor-core builder and welder – industrial electrical equipment
蓄電池打撈 storage battery salvager
subassembler ,電氣控制面板 subassembler, electrical control panels
開關設備和控制面板組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 switchgear and control panel assembler – industrial electrical equipment
開關組裝員和發報人 switchgear assembler and wirer
開關鉗工-繞線工 switchgear fitter-wirer
與開關鉗工-纏線工 – 工業電氣設備 switchgear fitter-wirer – industrial electrical equipment
開關櫃的面板組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 switchgear panel assembler – industrial electrical equipment
開關櫃的面板安裝鉗工 switchgear panel installer-fitter
開關機架組裝員 – 工業電氣設備 switchgear rack assembler – industrial electrical equipment
測試員,電機和控制 tester, motors and controls
測試員,變壓器 tester, transformer
變壓器配件組裝員 transformer accessories assembler
變壓器組裝員 transformer assembler
變壓器組件接線工 transformer assembly clamper
變壓器裝配線圈接線工 transformer assembly coil clamper
變壓器建設者 transformer builder
變壓器繞線工 transformer coil winder
變壓器鐵芯組裝員 transformer core assembler
變壓器鐵芯舖網工 transformer core lapper
變壓器鐵芯製造商 transformer core maker
變壓器鐵芯堆積工 transformer core stacker
變壓器部門領導助手 transformer department lead hand
變壓器鉗工 transformer fitter
變壓器鉗工纏線工 transformer fitter-wirer
變壓器氣體檢測繼電器組裝員 transformer gas detector relay assembler
變壓器巡視員 transformer inspector
變壓器製造商 transformer maker
變壓器組裝員 transformer subassembler
變壓器tapgear組裝員 transformer tapgear assembler
變壓器測試員 transformer tester
變壓器絡筒工 transformer winder
削弱機器操作員 – 工業電氣設備 undercutting machine operator – industrial electrical equipment
絡紗工, AC (交流電)和DC (直流)的電樞 winder, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) armatures
絡筒機,交流和直流電樞 winder, AC and DC armatures
絡筒工,大型變壓器線圈 winder, large transformer coils
繞組檢查員 – 大型電機製造 windings inspector – large electric motors manufacturing
電線工人/男/女 – 工業的電氣設備 wireman/woman – industrial electrical equipment
wireperson ,電氣開關 wireperson, electrical switchgear
發報人,電氣開關櫃 wirer, electrical switchgear panels
纏線工 /男/女 – 工業電氣設備 wirer/woman – industrial electrical equipment

不包括職稱 Exclusions

  • 組裝員和督察,電器,儀器和設備的製造 Assemblers and inspectors, electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing 9524
  • 電氣機械師 Electrical mechanics 7333
  • 電氣技術人員測試重型電動機,變壓器或其他工業電氣設備(電氣和電子工程技術人員和技術人員) Electrical technicians who test heavy-duty electric motors, transformers or other industrial electrical equipment (in 2241 Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians )
  • 主管,電器產品製造業 Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing 9223




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