NOC 9524 装配工和督察,电器,仪器和设备的制造 Assemblers and inspectors, electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing


简介 Intro


Assemblers in this unit group assemble prefabricated parts to produce household, commercial and industrial appliances and equipment. Inspectors in this unit group inspect and test assembled products. Workers who set up and prepare assembly lines for operation are included in this unit group. Workers in this unit group are employed by electrical appliance and electrical equipment manufacturing companies.

With experience assemblers may progress to inspecting and testing positions.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

此单元组的装配工执行部分或全部下列职责:Assemblers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 使用螺丝枪和其他手动和电动工具,在装配线上或工作台组装预制件
    Assemble prefabricated parts on an assembly line, or at work benches using screw guns and other hand and power tools
  • 组装小型和大型家电如咖啡机,烤面包机,吸尘器,剪草机,冰箱和洗碗机
    Assemble small and large household electrical appliances such as coffeemakers, toasters, vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, refrigerators and dishwashers
  • 组装用于家电或其他电器产品的小型变压器,小型电机和变速箱
    Assemble small transformers, small electrical motors and transmissions used in appliances or other electrical products
  • 组装断路器,开关等电气控制设备,放置并紧固部件到装配套管内,如弹簧,切换器或其他部件
    Assemble circuit breakers, switches or other electrical control equipment and position and fasten components such as springs, toggles or other parts into assembly casings
  • 为小型电动马达和变压器缠绕线圈和电枢
    Wind coils and armatures for small electric motors and transformers
  • 对生产流水线以外的产品进行小修小补
    Perform minor repairs to products rejected from production assembly line
  • 用所需的材料和用品组建流水线,并安置和调整生产工具。
    Set up assembly line with materials and supplies required for production, and set up and adjust production tools.

此设备组的督察人员和测试人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Inspectors and testers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 检查不同的生产阶段的产品是否存在外观缺陷和电气和机械连接故障,操作自动或其他检测设备,以确保产品质量
    Check products at different stages of production for visual defects and faulty electrical and mechanical connections, or operate automatic or other testing equipment to ensure product quality
  • 识别和标记可接受的和有缺陷的组件,并将故障组件返回用于维修
    Identify and mark acceptable and defective assemblies and return faulty assemblies to production for repair
  • 收集,记录和总结检查的结果。
    Collect, record and summarize inspection results.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要一些中学教育。
    Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • 提供在职培训。
    On-the-job training is provided.
  • 检查员可能需要作为同一家公司装配工的经验。
    Inspectors may require experience as an assembler in the same company.
  • 某些类型的检查员可能需要完成电子大专以上课程。
    Some types of inspectors may require completion of a college program in electronics.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 调节工,线圈 – 电气设备制造 adjuster, coils – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 空调线圈装配工 air conditioner coil assembler
  • 空调机组测试员 air conditioning unit tester
  • 电枢打捆工 armature bander
  • 小型电动马达电枢缠线工 armature winder, small electric motor
  • 装配工,空调 assembler air conditioner
  • 装配工,空调线圈 assembler, air conditioner coil
  • 装配工,空调 assembler, air conditioning
  • 装配工,镇流器变压器 assembler, ballast transformers
  • 装配工,衬套 – 小型变压器制造 assembler, bushings – small transformer manufacturing
  • 装配工,断路器 assembler, circuit breakers
  • 装配工,商用冰箱 assembler, commercial refrigerators
  • 装配工,光盘 assembler, compact discs
  • 装配工,冷却装置 – 电气设备制造 assembler, cooling units – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配工,洗碗机 assembler, dishwashers
  • 装配工,电动空调机组 assembler, electric air conditioning units
  • 装配工,电动基板加热器 assembler, electric baseboard heaters
  • 装配工,电钟 assembler, electric clocks
  • 装配工,电干衣机 assembler, electric clothes dryers
  • 装配工,电咖啡壶 assembler, electric coffee makers
  • 装配工,电风扇 assembler, electric fans
  • 装配工,电加热器 assembler, electric heaters
  • 装配工,电灯 assembler, electric lamps
  • 装配工,电动割草机 assembler, electric lawn mowers
  • 装配工,电表 assembler, electric meters
  • 装配工,电动冰箱 assembler, electric refrigerators
  • 装配工,电力标牌 assembler, electric signs
  • 装配工,电烤面包机 assembler, electric toasters
  • 装配工,电器配件 assembler, electrical accessories
  • 装配工,电器 assembler, electrical appliances
  • 装配工,电气设备 assembler, electrical equipment
  • 装配工,电器开关; assembler, electrical switches
  • 装配工,电线组 assembler, electrical wire groups
  • 装配工,发动机的发电机组 assembler, engine generator sets
  • 装配工,荧光灯灯具 assembler, fluorescent light fixtures
  • 装配工,大电流开关 assembler, heavy current switches
  • 装配工,重型电容器 assembler, heavy-duty capacitors
  • 装配工,重型电阻 assembler, heavy-duty resistors
  • 装配工,大型电器 assembler, large electrical appliances
  • 装配工,灯具 assembler, light fixtures
  • 装配工,照明灯具 assembler, lighting fixtures
  • 装配工,电机和发电机 – 电气设备制造 assembler, motor and generator – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配工,汽车照明灯具 assembler, motor vehicle lighting fixtures
  • 装配工,霓虹灯 – 电气设备制造 assembler, neon signs – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配工,便携式电器 assembler, portable electrical appliance
  • 装配工,石英灯 assembler, quartz lamps
  • 装配工,小型电动马达 assembler, small electric motor
  • 装配工,小家电 assembler, small electrical appliances
  • 装配工,小电器产品 assembler, small electrical products
  • 装配工,小型变压器 assembler, small transformer
  • 装配工,火花塞 assembler, spark plugs
  • 装配工,温控器 assembler, thermostat
  • 装配工,拨动开关 – 电气设备制造 assembler, toggle switches – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配工,变压器静电板 assembler, transformer static plate
  • 装配工,吸尘器 assembler, vacuum cleaners
  • 装配工,洗衣机 – 电气设备制造 assembler, washing machines – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 电器组装检查员 assembly inspector, electrical appliances
  • 装配前手 – 电气设备制造 assembly lead hand – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配前手,大型电器 assembly lead hand, large electrical appliances
  • 装配前手,小家电 assembly lead hand, small electrical appliances
  • 装配线督办 – 电气设备制造 assembly line expediter – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配线巡视员 – 电气设备制造 assembly line inspector – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配线检查员和测试员 – 电气设备制造 assembly line inspector and tester – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 装配线维修工,电器 assembly line repairer, electrical appliances
  • 装配线工人,电加热系统 assembly line worker, electric heating systems
  • 组装区领导,照明灯具 assembly section leader, lighting fixtures
  • 组装,吹风机 assembly, hair dryers
  • 自动绕线机操作员 – 电气设备制造 automatic coil winder operator – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 镇流器变压器装配工 ballast transformer assembler
  • 镇流器变压器测试员 ballast transformer tester
  • 板凳装配工,电器 bench assembler, electrical appliances
  • 钳工,电器 bench worker, electrical appliances
  • 套管装配工 – 小型变压器制造 bushing assembler – small transformer manufacturing
  • 校准员,电气控制 calibrator, electrical controls
  • 校准员,恒温器 – 电气设备制造 calibrator, thermostats – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 碳刷巡视员 carbon brush inspector
  • 碳素制品督察 carbon products inspector
  • 断路器装配工 circuit breaker assembler
  • 断路器组件测试员 circuit breaker assembly tester
  • 干衣机装配工,电动 clothes dryer assembler, electric
  • 咖啡壶装配工 coffee maker assembler
  • 线圈调节工 – 电气设备制造 coil adjuster – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 线圈装订工 – 电气设备制造 coil finisher – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 螺旋锥 – 电气设备制造 coil taper – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 线圈绕线机看管者 – 自动化电气设备 coil-winding machine tender – automatic electrical equipment
  • 线圈绕线机看管者,自动 – 电气设备制造 coil-winding machine tender, automatic – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 商业冰箱装配工 commercial refrigerator assembler
  • 光盘装配工 compact disc assembler
  • 连接器装配工 – 电气设备制造 connector assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 冷却装置装配工 – 电气设备制造 cooling unit assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 核心建设者,小型变压器 core builder, small transformers
  • 切割者和前绝缘 – 电气设备制造 cutter and former, insulation – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 洗碗机装配工 dishwasher assembler
  • 电动空调装配工 electric air conditioning assembler
  • 电器制造业督察 electric appliance manufacturing inspector
  • 电基板加热器装配工 electric baseboard heater assembler
  • 电子钟装配工 electric clock assembler
  • 电动计时元件督察 electric clock components inspector
  • 电动时钟部件检查员 electric clock parts inspector
  • 电动咖啡壶装配工 electric coffee maker assembler
  • 电接点测试员 electric contact tester
  • 电动风扇装配工 electric fan assembler
  • 电热膜供暖系统装配线工人 electric heating system assembly line worker
  • 电灯巡视员和测试仪 electric lamp inspector and tester
  • 电灯制造商 electric lamp maker
  • 电灯部分督察 electric lamp parts inspector
  • 电灯泡发报人 electric lamp wirer
  • 电动灯笼制造商 electric lantern maker
  • 电动割草机督察人员和测试人员 electric lawn mower inspector and tester
  • 电范围装配工 electric range assembler
  • 电动符号装配工 electric sign assembler
  • 电动铲雪检查员和测试员 electric snowblower inspector and tester
  • 电炉装配工 electric stove assembler
  • 电烤箱巡视员 electric toaster inspector
  • 电器配件装配工 electrical accessories assembler
  • 电器装配工 electrical appliance assembler
  • 电器组装检查员 electrical appliance assembly inspector
  • 电器组件测试员 electrical appliance assembly tester
  • 电气家电替补装配工 electrical appliance bench assembler
  • 电器钳工 electrical appliance bench worker
  • 电器督察 electrical appliance inspector
  • 电器运营商装配工 electrical appliance operator-assembler
  • 电器生产装配工 electrical appliance production assembler
  • 家电维修工,生产线 electrical appliance repairer, production line
  • 电气连续性测试员 – 家电制造 electrical continuity tester – electrical appliance manufacturing
  • 电气控制员 electrical control tester
  • 电气控制校准员 electrical controls calibrator
  • 电气控制检查员 electrical controls inspector
  • 电气设备的装配工 electrical equipment assembler
  • 电气设备装配生产线安装员 electrical equipment assembly line setter
  • 电气设备制造检查员 electrical equipment manufacturing inspector
  • 电气设备制造实用操作员 electrical equipment manufacturing utility operator
  • 电气设备生产装配工 electrical equipment production assembler
  • 家用电器装配工 electrical household appliance assembler
  • 家用电器督察 electrical household appliance inspector
  • 电气督察 – 制造 electrical inspector – manufacturing
  • 电绝缘体装配工 – 小型变压器制造 electrical insulator assembler – small transformer manufacturing
  • 电气照明灯具测试员 electrical lighting fixture tester
  • 电气水银开关的装配工 electrical mercury switch assembler
  • 汞的电气开关组件测试员 electrical mercury switch assembly tester
  • 电表装配工 electrical meter assembler
  • 继电器测试员和调节工 electrical relay tester and adjuster
  • 电气开关装配工 electrical switch assembler
  • 电器开关制造商 electrical switch maker
  • 电测试员,制造 electrical tester, manufacturing
  • 电线组装配工 – 电气设备制造 electrical wire group assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 电力电线绝缘测试员 electrical wire insulation tester
  • 电解测试员 – 电气设备制造 electrolysis tester – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 发动机驱动型发电机组装配工 engine generator set assembler
  • 环境室钳工装配工 environmental chamber fitter-assembler
  • 长丝贴片机,手 filament mounter, hand
  • 装订工,线圈 – 电气设备制造 finisher, coils – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 钳工装配工,环境室 fitter-assembler, environmental chamber
  • 荧光照明灯具装配工 fluorescent lighting fixture assembler
  • 炉电极检查员 furnace electrode inspector
  • 气体充电器,制冷设备 gas charger, refrigeration equipment
  • 电网巡视员 – 电气设备制造 grid inspector – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 大型电器总成组组长 group leader, large electrical appliance assembly
  • 领导小组组长,小电器组件 group leader, small electrical appliance assembly
  • 吹风机装配工 hair dryer assembler
  • 手长丝贴片 hand filament mounter
  • 手工贴片,花丝 hand mounter, filaments
  • 重型电容装配工 heavy-duty capacitor assembler
  • 重型电阻装配工 heavy-duty resistor assembler
  • 过程中的督察 – 电气设备制造 in-process inspector – electric equipment manufacturing
  • 检查员 – 电器总成 inspector – electrical appliance assembly
  • 督察人员和测试人员,电灯 inspector and tester, electric lamps
  • 巡视员和测试员,电动割草机 inspector and tester, electric lawn mower
  • 巡视员和测试员,电动铲雪 inspector and tester, electric snowblower
  • 检查员,组装线 – 电气设备制造 inspector, assembly line – electric equipment manufacturing
  • 巡视员,碳刷 – 电气设备制造 inspector, carbon brushes – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 检查员,碳素制品 inspector, carbon products
  • 检查员,电器制造 inspector, electric appliance manufacturing
  • 检查员,电动时钟组件 inspector, electric clock components
  • 检查员,电钟零件 inspector, electric clock parts
  • 检查员,电动控制 inspector, electric controls
  • 督察,电器总成 inspector, electrical appliance assembly
  • 检查员,电器 inspector, electrical appliances
  • 检查员,电气控制装配 inspector, electrical controls assembly
  • 检查员,电气设备制造 inspector, electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 督察,家电 inspector, electrical household appliances
  • 督察,炉电极 – 电气设备制造 inspector, furnace electrodes – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 督察,网格 – 电气设备制造 inspector, grids – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 检验员,制冷机组 inspector, refrigeration unit
  • 检查员,冰箱 – 家电制造 inspector, refrigerators – electrical appliance manufacturing
  • 督察,小家电 inspector, small electrical appliances
  • 检查员,小型变压器 inspector, small transformers
  • 检查员,恒温器 – 电气设备制造 inspector, thermostats – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 安装员,保温 – 电气设备制造 installer, insulation – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 绝缘分割者和前者 – 电气设备制造 insulation cutter and former – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 绝缘安装工 – 电气设备制造 insulation installer – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 大型电器装配前手 large electrical appliance assembly lead hand
  • 装配工,电动割草机 lawn mower assembler, electric
  • 主管助手,装配 – 电气设备制造 lead hand, assembly – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 主管助手,大型电器装配 lead hand, large electrical appliance assembly
  • 主管助手,小电器组件 lead hand, small electrical appliance assembly
  • 制冷剂气体泄漏检测员, leak tester, refrigerant gases
  • 灯具装配工 light fixtures assembler
  • 灯具装配工 lighting fixture assembler
  • 灯具组件的部分领导 lighting fixture assembly section leader
  • 照明灯具发报人 lighting fixtures wirer
  • 线组装公用设施安装员/男/女 – 电气设备制造 line assembly utilityman/woman – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 线装配,公用设施 /男/女 line assembly, utilityman/woman
  • 云母制品生产商 mica products maker
  • 电机和发电机装配工 – 电气设备制造 motor and generator assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 机动车灯具装配工 motor vehicle lighting fixture assembler
  • 霓虹灯招牌建设者 – 电气设备制造 neon sign builder – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 霓虹灯广告牌制作者 neon sign maker
  • 运营商,变压器线圈浸渍 – 电气设备制造 operator, transformer coil impregnator – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 操作员装配工,电器 operator-assembler, electrical appliances
  • 便携式电器装配工 portable electrical appliance assembler
  • 过程督察和测试员 – 电气设备制造 process-inspector and tester – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 生产装配工 – 电气设备制造 production assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 生产组装员,电器 production assembler, electrical appliances
  • 生产组装员,电气设备 production assembler, electrical equipment
  • 石英灯装配工 quartz lamp assembler
  • 制冷剂气体泄漏测试员 refrigerant gas leak tester
  • 制冷设备气体充电工 refrigeration equipment gas charger
  • 制冷机组检查员 refrigeration unit inspector
  • 冰箱装配工,电动 refrigerator assembler, electric
  • 冰箱检查员 – 电器制造 refrigerator inspector – electrical appliance manufacturing
  • 区领导,灯具总成 section leader, light fixture assembly
  • 小电动机装配工 small electric motor assembler
  • 小型电动马达铁芯与轴装配工 small electric motor core and shaft assembler
  • 小电动机测试员 small electric motor tester
  • 小家电装配工 small electrical appliance assembler
  • 小家电装配前手 small electrical appliance assembly lead hand
  • 小家电督察 small electrical appliances inspector
  • 小电器产品装配工 small electrical products assembler
  • 小型变压器装配工 – 电气设备制造 small transformer assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 小变压器铁芯建设者 small transformer core builder
  • 小型变压器督察 small transformer inspector
  • 小变压器测试员 small transformer tester
  • 火花塞装配工 spark plug assembler
  • 温度驱动的控制测试员 temperature-actuated controls tester
  • 测试员和调节工,电气继电器 tester and adjuster, electrical relays
  • 测试员,空调机组 tester, air conditioning unit
  • 测试员,镇流器变压器 tester, ballast transformers
  • 测试员,断路器组件 tester, circuit breaker assembly
  • 测试员,电接触 tester, electric contacts
  • 电器组件测试员, tester, electrical appliance assembly
  • 测试员,电连续性; tester, electrical continuity
  • 测试仪,电机控制 tester, electrical control
  • 测试仪,电气设备制造 tester, electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 测试员,电器灯具 tester, electrical light fixtures
  • 电力电线绝缘测试员 tester, electrical wire insulation
  • 测试员,电解 – 电气设备制造 tester, electrolysis – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 测试员,制冷剂气体泄漏 tester, refrigerant gas leaks
  • 测试员,小型电动马达 tester, small electric motors
  • 测试员,小型变压器 tester, small transformers
  • 测试员,温度致动的控制 tester, temperature-actuated controls
  • 恒温装配工 – 电气设备制造 thermostat assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 温控器校准员 thermostat calibrator
  • 恒温督察 thermostat inspector
  • 烤面包机装配工 toaster assembler
  • 切换开关装配工 – 电气设备制造 toggle switch assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 变压器线圈浸渍运营商 – 电气设备制造 transformer coil impregnator operator – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 变压器静板装配工 transformer static plate assembler
  • 管状电热元件制造商 tubular heating element maker
  • 公用事业运营商,电气设备制造 utility operator, electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 公用事业 /男/女,装配生产线 – 电气设备制造 utilityman/woman, assembly lines – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 真空吸尘器的装配工 vacuum cleaner assembler
  • 洗衣机装配工 – 电气设备制造 washing machine assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 导线连接工 – 电气设备制造 wire connector – electrical equipment manufacturing
  • 发报人,电灯 wirer, electric lamps
  • 发报人,电照明灯具 wirer, electric lighting fixtures

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 家电服务商和维修工 Appliance servicers and repairers [7332](7332)
  • 装配工 电子产品,如电视,收音机和电脑( 电子装配,制造,检验人员和测试人员) Assemblers of electronic products, such as television, radios and computers (in [9523](9523) Electronics assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers )
  • 重型电机,变压器及相关设备装配工( 装配工,制造商和督察,工业电气电机和变压器) Assemblers of heavy-duty electrical motors, transformers and related equipment (in [9525](9525) Assemblers, fabricators and inspectors, industrial electrical motors and transformers )
  • 电气机械师 Electrical mechanics [7333](7333)
  • 机器操作员和检查员,电气设备制造 Machine operators and inspectors, electrical apparatus manufacturing [9527](9527)
  • 主管,电器产品制造业 Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing [9223](9223)



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