NOC 9525 组装员,制造商和督察,工业电动机和变压器 Assemblers, fabricators and inspectors, industrial electrical motors and transformers


简介 Intro


This unit group includes workers who assemble, fabricate, fit, wire and inspect heavy-duty industrial electrical equipment. They are employed by manufacturers of industrial electric motors, transformers, control equipment, railway locomotives, transit vehicles and other heavy electrical equipment.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

此单元组的装配工执行部分或全部下列职责:Assemblers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 根据蓝图,组装和调试金属和其他预制件,精密公差,打造重型电动马达或变压器
    Assemble and fit metal and other prefabricated parts to close tolerances according to blueprints to build heavy-duty electric motors or transformers
  • 组装重型电动机的定子或电枢;压缩钢片,建立变压器磁芯;使用桥式起重机组装线圈进入核心,采用压接,钎焊和焊接设备进行电气连接
    Assemble stators or armatures for heavy-duty electric motors; compress steel laminations to build transformer cores; assemble windings into core using overhead cranes and make electrical connections using crimping, brazing and soldering equipment
  • 组装和调试电机或变压器辅助设备,如轴套,自来水的变化,接线盒,加热装置,防护设备和冷却设备
    Assemble and fit electrical motor or transformer auxiliary equipment such as bushings, tap changes, conduit boxes, heating devices, protective equipment and cooling equipment
  • 设置和调整生产机器和设备,如线圈绕线机,用于制造重型电气设备
    Set up and adjust production machinery and equipment, such as coil winding machines, for the manufacture of heavy-duty electrical equipment
  • 可能执行电动机的基本测试。
    May perform basic tests on electric motors.

机电钳工和缠线工执行部分或全部下列职责:Electrical fitters and wirers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 阐释工程图,电气原理图和蓝图
    Interpret engineering drawings, electrical schematics and blueprints
  • 调试电动机起动器,接触器,电容器,断路器,稳压器,印刷电路板或其他电气控制设备,配电板和配电板生产自动化处理控制设备,配电板,或其他工业电气控制设备
    Fit motor starters, contactors, capacitors, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, printed circuit boards or other electrical control devices into switchboards and panelboards to produce automated processing control equipment, electrical distribution panels, or other industrial electrical control equipment
  • 为配电板和控制板进行电线连接
    Wire electrical connections for switchboards and panelboards
  • 组装配电盘,配电柜,并安装用于携带重型电流的母线
    Assemble panelboard and switchboard cabinets and install bus bars used to carry heavy electrical current
  • 可操作金属加工设备,制作或修改母线。
    May operate metal fabricating equipment to fabricate or modify bus bars.

本单元组督察执行部分或全部下列职责:Inspectors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 监控生产,解决生产问题
    Monitor production and troubleshoot production problems
  • 检查电动机,变压器或控制设备的最终组装,确保遵守质量控制标准
    Check final assembly of electric motors, transformers or control equipment for adherence to quality control standards
  • 收集,记录和总结检查结果。
    Collect, record and summarize inspection results.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要完成中学学业。
    Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • 可能需要完成电力或电子技术学院课程。
    College courses in electricity or electro-technology may be required.
  • 通常提供几年的在职培训。
    Several years of on-the-job training are usually provided.
  • 本单元组的安装员,检查员和领导助手可能需要在同一公司作为组装员,钳工或缠线工的经验。
    Set-up persons, inspectors and leadhands in this unit group may require experience as an assembler, fitter or wirer in the same company.

所有职称 All Titles

  • AC(交流电)和DC(直流)电机钳工组装员 AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors fitter-assembler
  • 交流电流( AC )和直流(DC )电机钳工组装员 alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors fitter-assembler
  • 发电机测试员 alternator tester
  • 电枢组装员 – 工业电气设备 armature assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电枢线圈成型者 – 工业电气设备 armature coil former – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电枢线圈绕线工 – 工业电气设备 armature coil winder – industrial electric equipment
  • 电枢督察 – 工业电气设备 armature inspector – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电枢绝缘工 – 工业电气设备 armature insulator – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电枢绕线工 – 工业电气设备 armature winder – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员和发报人,配电盘 assembler and wirer, electrical panels
  • 组装员和发报人,电动机和发电机的 assembler and wirer, motors and generators
  • 组装员和发报人,开关柜 assembler and wirer, switchgear
  • 组装员,碳刷 assembler, carbon brushes
  • 组装员,换向器 assembler, commutators
  • 组装员,电流互感器 assembler, current transformers
  • 组装员,电气控制面板 assembler, electrical control panel
  • 组装员,重型变压器 assembler, heavy-duty transformer
  • 组装员,工业制动器和AC(交流电)电机 assembler, industrial brakes and AC (alternating current) motors
  • 组装员,工业制动器和交流电( AC )马达 assembler, industrial brakes and alternating current (AC) motors
  • 组装员,叠片铁芯 – 工业电气设备 assembler, laminated cores – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,电机和发电机 – 工业电气设备 assembler, motor and generator – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,马达控制中心 – 工业电气设备 assembler, motor control centres – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,配电板 – 工业电气设备 assembler, panelboards – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,旋转磁场线圈 – 工业电气设备 assembler, rotating field coils – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,开关和控制面板 assembler, switchgear and control panel
  • 组装员,开关和控制面板 – 工业电气设备 assembler, switchgear and control panel – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,开关柜 – 工业电气设备 assembler, switchgear panels – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,开关架 – 工业电气设备 assembler, switchgear racks – industrial electrical equipment
  • 组装员,变压器配件 assembler, transformer accessories
  • 组装员,变压器磁芯 assembler, transformer cores
  • 组装员,变压器气体检测继电器 assembler, transformer gas detector relays
  • 汽车线束检查员 – 工业电气设备 automotive wiring harness inspector – industrial electrical equipment
  • 建设者和焊工,定子和转子铁芯 – 工业电气设备 builder and welder, stator and rotor cores – industrial electrical equipment
  • 衬套组装员,高压变压器 bushing assembler, high voltage transformers
  • 衬套核心络筒工 – 工业电气设备 bushing core winder – industrial electrical equipment
  • 碳刷组装员 carbon brush assembler
  • 碳刷制造商 carbon brush maker
  • 断路器钳工 – 工业电气设备 circuit breaker fitter – industrial electrical equipment
  • 接线员,变压器组件 clamper, transformer assembly
  • 接线员,变压器装配线圈 clamper, transformer assembly coils
  • 线圈组装员 – 工业电气设备 coil assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 线圈建设者 – 工业电气设备 coil builder – industrial electrical equipment
  • 线圈接线工,变压器组件 coil clamper, transformer assembly
  • 线圈成型工 – 工业电气设备 coil former – industrial electrical equipment
  • 线圈安装工,电机和发电机 – 工业电气设备 coil installer, motor and generator – industrial electrical equipment
  • 线圈制造商 – 工业电气设备 coil maker – industrial electrical equipment
  • 线圈成型工 – 工业电气设备 coil shaper – industrial electrical equipment
  • 螺旋锥,手 – 工业电气设备 coil taper, hand – industrial electrical equipment
  • 绕线工,变压器 coil winder, transformer
  • 线圈绕线机安装员 – 工业电气设备 coil-winding machine setter – industrial electrical equipment
  • 换向器组装员 commutator assembler
  • 换向器组装员 – 工业电气设备 commutator assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 控制面板组装员 control panel assembler
  • 控制面板组装员 – 工业电气设备 control panel assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 控制面板技术员 – 工业电气设备 control panel technician – industrial electrical equipment
  • 核心组装员 – 工业电气设备 core assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 核心铺网工,变压器 core lapper, transformers
  • 核心堆垛工,变压器 core stacker, transformers
  • 电流互感器组装员 current-transformer assembler
  • 电流变压器绕线工 current-transformer coil winder
  • 自定义电气面板组装员 custom electrical panel assembler
  • 电表测试员 – 工业电气设备 electric meter tester – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电动机组装员 electric motor assembler
  • 电动机巡视员 electric motor inspector
  • 电气连续性测试员 – 工业电气设备 electrical continuity tester – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电气控制设备钳工组装员 electrical control equipment fitter-assembler
  • 电气控制面板组装员 electrical control panel assembler
  • 电气控制面板最后组装员 electrical control panel final assembler
  • 电气控制面板组装员 electrical control panel subassembler
  • 电钳工 electrical fitter
  • 电钳工 – 工业电气设备 electrical fitter – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电气督察,机车 electrical inspector, locomotive
  • 电气面板组装员和缠线工 – 工业电气设备 electrical panel assembler and wirer – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电气开关检查员 electrical switchgear inspector
  • 电气开关柜的面板发报人 electrical switchgear panel wirer
  • 电气开关测试员 electrical switchgear tester
  • 电气开关缠线工 electrical switchgear wireperson
  • 电解池维修工 – 工业电气设备 electrolytic cell repairer – industrial electrical equipment
  • 励磁线圈锥形工 – 工业电气设备 field coil taper – industrial electrical equipment
  • 最后组装工,电气控制面板 final assembler, electrical control panel
  • 钳工组装员 – 电气控制设备 fitter-assembler – electrical control equipment
  • 钳工组装员 – 工业电气设备 fitter-assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 钳工组装员, AC(交流电)和DC(直流)马达 fitter-assembler, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors
  • 成型工,重型的线圈 – 工业电气设备 former, heavy-duty coils – industrial electrical equipment
  • 发电机测试员 – 工业电气设备 generator tester – industrial electrical equipment
  • 手螺旋锥 – 工业电气设备 hand coil taper – industrial electrical equipment
  • 重型线圈成型工 – 工业电气设备 heavy-duty coil former – industrial electrical equipment
  • 重型变压器组装员 heavy-duty transformer assembler
  • 重型变压器绕线机 heavy-duty transformer coil winder
  • 高电压变压器套管组装员 high voltage transformer bushing assembler
  • 工业制动器和AC (交流)电机组装员程序 industrial brake and AC (alternating current) motor assembler
  • 工业制动器和交变电流(AC )电机组装员程序 industrial brake and alternating current (AC) motor assembler
  • 工业电气设备组装员 industrial electric equipment assembler
  • 工业电气设备制造者 industrial electric equipment fabricator
  • 工业电气设备检查员 industrial electric equipment inspector
  • 检查员 – 大型变压器制造 inspector – large transformer manufacturing
  • 巡视员和测试员, AC(交流电)和DC(直流)马达 inspector and tester, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors
  • 巡视员和测试员,交直流两用电动机 inspector and tester, AC and DC motors
  • 检查员, AC(交流电)和DC(直流)马达 inspector, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors
  • 督察,汽车线束 inspector, automotive wiring harnesses
  • 检查员,电气控制面板 inspector, electrical control panel
  • 检查员,电机 inspector, electrical motor
  • 督察,配电盘和面板 inspector, electrical switchboards and panels
  • 检查员,电气开关 inspector, electrical switchgear
  • 检查员,电气开关柜的面板 inspector, electrical switchgear panel
  • 检查员,电机和发电机 inspector, motor and generator
  • 督察,清盘 – 大型电机制造 inspector, winding – large electric motors manufacturing
  • 安装,电机和发电机线圈 – 工业电气设备 installer, motor and generator coils – industrial electrical equipment
  • 叠片铁芯组装员 – 工业电气设备 laminated core assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 层压堆积工 – 工业电气设备 lamination stacker – industrial electrical equipment
  • 铺网工,变压器磁芯 lapper, transformer cores
  • 大型电力变压器绕线工 large power transformer coil winder
  • 大型变压器绕线工 large transformer coil winder
  • 机车电气督察 locomotive electrical inspector
  • 电机和控制测试员 motor and control tester
  • 电动机和发电机组装员 – 工业电气设备 motor and generator assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电动机和发电机的组装员和发报人 motor and generator assembler and wirer
  • 电机和发电机督察 motor and generator inspector
  • 电机和变压器测试员 motor and transformer tester
  • 电机控制组装员 – 工业电气设备 motor control assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电机绕线工 – 工业电气设备 motor winder – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电机线圈和发电机线圈建设者 motor-coil and generator-coil builder
  • 电机线圈和发电机线圈安装员 – 工业电气设备 motor-coil and generator-coil installer – industrial electrical equipment
  • 配电盘组装员 – 工业电气设备 panelboard assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 的极靴组装员 – 工业电气设备 pole shoe assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 电源变压器组装员 power transformer assembler
  • 电力变压器的核心建设者 power transformer core builder
  • 旋转磁场线圈组装员 – 工业电气设备 rotating field coil assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 转子组装员 – 工业电气设备 rotor assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 转子线圈前 – 工业电气设备 rotor coil former – industrial electrical equipment
  • 转子铁芯组装员 – 工业电气设备 rotor core assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 打捞,蓄电池 salvager, storage battery
  • 安装工,线圈绕线机 – 工业电气设备 setter, coil-winding machine – industrial electrical equipment
  • 定子检查员 – 工业电气设备 stator inspector – industrial electrical equipment
  • 定子铁芯和转子的核心建设者和焊工 – 工业电气设备 stator-core and rotor-core builder and welder – industrial electrical equipment
  • 蓄电池打捞 storage battery salvager
  • subassembler ,电气控制面板 subassembler, electrical control panels
  • 开关设备和控制面板组装员 – 工业电气设备 switchgear and control panel assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 开关组装员和发报人 switchgear assembler and wirer
  • 开关钳工-绕线工 switchgear fitter-wirer
  • 与开关钳工-缠线工 – 工业电气设备 switchgear fitter-wirer – industrial electrical equipment
  • 开关柜的面板组装员 – 工业电气设备 switchgear panel assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 开关柜的面板安装钳工 switchgear panel installer-fitter
  • 开关机架组装员 – 工业电气设备 switchgear rack assembler – industrial electrical equipment
  • 测试员,电机和控制 tester, motors and controls
  • 测试员,变压器 tester, transformer
  • 变压器配件组装员 transformer accessories assembler
  • 变压器组装员 transformer assembler
  • 变压器组件接线工 transformer assembly clamper
  • 变压器装配线圈接线工 transformer assembly coil clamper
  • 变压器建设者 transformer builder
  • 变压器绕线工 transformer coil winder
  • 变压器铁芯组装员 transformer core assembler
  • 变压器铁芯铺网工 transformer core lapper
  • 变压器铁芯制造商 transformer core maker
  • 变压器铁芯堆积工 transformer core stacker
  • 变压器部门领导助手 transformer department lead hand
  • 变压器钳工 transformer fitter
  • 变压器钳工缠线工 transformer fitter-wirer
  • 变压器气体检测继电器组装员 transformer gas detector relay assembler
  • 变压器巡视员 transformer inspector
  • 变压器制造商 transformer maker
  • 变压器组装员 transformer subassembler
  • 变压器tapgear组装员 transformer tapgear assembler
  • 变压器测试员 transformer tester
  • 变压器络筒工 transformer winder
  • 削弱机器操作员 – 工业电气设备 undercutting machine operator – industrial electrical equipment
  • 络纱工, AC (交流电)和DC (直流)的电枢 winder, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) armatures
  • 络筒机,交流和直流电枢 winder, AC and DC armatures
  • 络筒工,大型变压器线圈 winder, large transformer coils
  • 绕组检查员 – 大型电机制造 windings inspector – large electric motors manufacturing
  • 电线工人/男/女 – 工业的电气设备 wireman/woman – industrial electrical equipment
  • wireperson ,电气开关 wireperson, electrical switchgear
  • 发报人,电气开关柜 wirer, electrical switchgear panels
  • 缠线工 /男/女 – 工业电气设备 wirer/woman – industrial electrical equipment

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 组装员和督察,电器,仪器和设备的制造 Assemblers and inspectors, electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing [9524](9524)
  • 电气机械师 Electrical mechanics [7333](7333)
  • 电气技术人员测试重型电动机,变压器或其他工业电气设备(电气和电子工程技术人员和技术人员) Electrical technicians who test heavy-duty electric motors, transformers or other industrial electrical equipment (in [2241](2241) Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians )
  • 主管,电器产品制造业 Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing [9223](9223)



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