NOC 0112 人力资源经理 (Human resources managers)


简介 Intro


Human resources managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of human resources and personnel departments, and develop and implement policies, programs and procedures regarding human resource planning, recruitment, collective bargaining, training and development, occupation classification and pay and benefit administration. They represent management and participate actively on various joint committees to maintain ongoing relations between management and employees. Human resources managers are employed throughout the private and public sectors.

主要职责 Main Duties

人力资源经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Human resources managers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估人力资源或人事部门的运作
    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of human resources or personnel departments
  • 配合其他部门经理规划人力资源需求
    Plan human resource requirements in conjunction with other departmental managers
  • 协调内部和外部培训和招聘活动
    Co-ordinate internal and external training and recruitment activities
  • 制定和实施劳动关系的政策和程序,协商集体协议
    Develop and implement labour relations policies and procedures and negotiate collective agreements
  • 负责员工的职业发展,语言培训和健康和安全规划
    Administer employee development, language training and health and safety programs
  • 在人事政策和项目的阐释和执行上,给其他部门经理提供建议和帮助
    Advise and assist other departmental managers on interpretation and administration of personnel policies and programs
  • 监管职业的分类和等级
    Oversee the classification and rating of occupations
  • 组织召开员工信息会议,提供就业政策,福利和补偿等方面的信息,并积极参加各种联合委员会会议
    Organize and conduct employee information meetings on employment policy, benefits and compensation and participate actively on various joint committees
  • 指导本组织的质量管理程序
    Direct the organization’s quality management program
  • 确保符合法律法规,如薪酬平等法案。
    Ensure compliance with legislation such as the Pay Equity Act.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 有关人事管理的大学本科学历,如工商管理,工业关系,商业或心理学
    A bachelor’s degree in a field related to personnel management, such as business administration, industrial relations, commerce or psychology
  • 或完成人事管理的一个专业发展计划
    or Completion of a professional development program in personnel administration is required.
  • 多年的人事总监或人力资源专家经验
    Several years of experience as a personnel officer or human resource specialist are required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 人力资源管理员 administrator, human resources
  • 福利经理 benefits manager
  • 科长,分类和补偿 chief, classification and compensation
  • 主管,就业平等 chief, employment equity
  • 主管 官方语言 chief, official languages
  • 人事主管 chief, personnel
  • 主管,员工关系 chief, staff relations
  • 科长,员工培训及发展 chief, staff training and development
  • 主管,员工 chief, staffing
  • 培训主管 chief, training
  • 分类和补偿主管 classification and compensation chief
  • 薪酬经理 compensation manager
  • 协调者,人员培训 co-ordinator, staff training
  • 董事,雇员福利 director, employee benefits
  • 董事,就业权益 – 人力资源 director, employment equity – human resources
  • 人力资源总监 director, human resources
  • 董事,人力资源开发 director, human resources development
  • 董事,人力资源的发展和规划 director, human resources development and planning
  • 董事,人力资源管理 director, human resources management
  • 主任,劳动关系 director, labour relations
  • 董事,语言培训 director, language training
  • 董事,职业培训 – 人力资源 director, occupational training – human resources
  • 董事,薪酬和福利 director, pay and benefits
  • 董事,薪酬服务 – 人力资源 director, pay services – human resources
  • 董事,薪酬处理部门 – 政府服务 director, pay-processing division – government services
  • 人事主任, director, personnel
  • 董事,人事和劳资关系 director, personnel and industrial relations
  • 主任,人事服务 director, personnel services
  • 董事,招募 director, recruiting
  • 董事,职业培训 – 人力资源 director, vocational training – human resources
  • 雇员福利主管 employee benefits director
  • 雇员福利经理 employee benefits manager
  • 雇主和雇员的关系经理 employer-employee relations manager
  • 就业平等的首席 employment equity chief
  • 就业平等总监 – 人力资源 employment equity director – human resources
  • 就业平等经理 – 人力资源 employment equity manager – human resources
  • 就业经理 employment manager
  • 健康和安全统筹 health and safety co-ordinator
  • 人力资源管理员 human resources administrator
  • 人力资源开发与规划总监 human resources development and planning director
  • 人力资源发展部主任 human resources development director
  • 人力资源总监 human resources director
  • 人力资源管理总监 human resources management director
  • 人力资源经理 human resources manager
  • 人力资源规划经理 human resources planning manager
  • 工业关系经理 industrial relations manager
  • 岗位评价和薪酬研究经理 job evaluation and salary research manager
  • 劳动关系总监 labour relations director
  • 劳资关系经理 labour relations manager
  • 语言训练总监 language training director
  • 经理,福利 manager, benefits
  • 经理,补偿 manager, compensation
  • 经理,残疾管理计划 manager, disability management program
  • 经理,雇员福利 manager, employee benefits
  • 经理,雇主和雇员的关系 manager, employer-employee relations
  • 经理,就业 manager, employment
  • 经理,就业权益 – 人力资源 manager, employment equity – human resources
  • 人力资源经理, manager, human resources
  • 经理,人力资源规划 manager, human resources planning
  • 经理,劳资关系 manager, industrial relations
  • 经理,工作评价和薪水的研究 manager, job evaluation and salary research
  • 经理,劳资关系 manager, labour relations
  • 经理,职业健康和安全 manager, occupational health and safety
  • 经理,官方语言 manager, official languages
  • 经理,工资和福利 manager, pay and benefits
  • 经理,退休金和福利 manager, pensions and benefits
  • 经理,人事 manager, personnel
  • 经理,人事管理 manager, personnel administration
  • 经理,人事服务 manager, personnel services
  • 经理人员的培训和发展 manager, personnel training and development
  • 经理,招聘 manager, recruiting
  • 经理,工资科研和管理 manager, salary research and administration
  • 经理,员工关系 manager, staff relations
  • 经理,员工培训及发展 manager, staff training and development
  • 经理,培训和发展 manager, training and development
  • 经理,工资和薪金管理 manager, wage and salary administration
  • 职业健康与安全经理 occupational health and safety manager
  • 职业培训主管 – 人力资源 occupational training director – human resources
  • 官方语言主管 official languages chief
  • 官方语言经理 official languages manager
  • 薪酬和福利主任 pay and benefits director
  • 薪酬和福利经理 pay and benefits manager
  • 支付服务总监 – 人力资源 pay services director – human resources
  • 付费处理部门总监 – 政府服务 pay-processing division director – government services
  • 养老金和福利管理 pensions and benefits manager
  • 人事行政经理 personnel administration manager
  • 人员和工业关系部主任 personnel and industrial relations director
  • 人事科长 personnel chief
  • 人事主管 personnel director
  • 人事经理 personnel manager
  • 人事服务主任 personnel services director
  • 人事服务部经理 personnel services manager
  • 人员培训和发展经理 personnel training and development manager
  • 招聘负责人 recruiting director
  • 招聘经理 recruiting manager
  • 薪酬研究及行政经理 salary research and administration manager
  • 员工关系主管 staff relations chief
  • 员工关系经理 staff relations manager
  • 员工培训及发展首席 staff training and development chief
  • 员工培训及发展经理 staff training and development manager
  • 员工培训统筹 staff training co-ordinator
  • 员工首席 staffing chief
  • 培训和发展经理 training and development manager
  • 培训负责人 training chief
  • 职业培训主管 – 人力资源 vocational training director – human resources
  • 工资和薪金的行政经理 wage and salary administration manager

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 人力资源和招聘人员 Human resources and recruitment officers [1223]
  • 人力资源专业人员 Human resources professionals [1121]




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