NOC 0621 零售和批发贸易经理 (Retail and wholesale trade managers )


简介 Intro


Retail and wholesale trade managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of establishments that sell merchandise or services on a retail or wholesale basis. Retail and wholesale trade managers are employed by retail and wholesale sales establishments or they may own and operate their own store.

There is some mobility between managers in this unit group, depending on the product or service.

主要职责 Main Duties

本单元组经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Managers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,指导和评估从事批发和零售业的机构,或这类机构的部门的运作
    Plan, direct and evaluate the operations of establishments engaged in wholesale and retail sales or of departments in such establishments
  • 管理人员和分配任务
    Manage staff and assign duties
  • 研究市场调研和趋势,以确定消费者的需求,潜在的销量和竞争对手对销售业务的影响
    Study market research and trends to determine consumer demand, potential sales volumes and effect of competitors’ operations on sales
  • 确定要出售的商品和服务,并实施价格和信贷政策
    Determine merchandise and services to be sold, and implement price and credit policies
  • 定位,选择和促使转售商品
    Locate, select and procure merchandise for resale
  • 制定和实施营销策略
    Develop and implement marketing strategies
  • 计划预算和授权支出
    Plan budgets and authorize expenditures
  • 解决客户投诉
    Resolve customer complaints
  • 确定人员编制的要求和聘用或监督人员聘用
    Determine staffing requirements and hire or oversee hiring of staff.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需完成中学学业。
    Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 可能需要工商管理或其他与被出售的产品或服务相关领域的大学学位或大专文凭。
    A university degree or college diploma in business administration or other field related to the product or service being sold may be required.
  • 通常需要多年的相关的零售销售经验,并且不断提高责任水平。
    Several years of related retail sales experience at increasing levels of responsibility are usually required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 古董商 antique dealer
  • 家电卖场经理 appliance store manager
  • 区域经理 – 零售连锁店 area manager – retail store chain
  • 艺术品经销商 art dealer
  • 艺术画廊经理 – 零售 art gallery manager – retail
  • 部门经理助理 – 零售 assistant department manager – retail
  • 经理助理 – 食品商店 assistant manager – food store
  • 经理助理 – 零售 assistant manager – retail
  • 音响器材店经理 audio equipment store manager
  • 汽车经销商经理 auto dealership manager
  • 汽车玻璃维修店经理 auto glass repair shop manager
  • 汽车防锈店铺经理 auto rustproofing shop manager
  • 汽车修理厂经理 automobile repair garage manager
  • 汽车修理厂经理 automobile repair shop manager
  • 汽车维修经理 automobile servicing manager
  • 面包店部门经理 bakery department manager
  • 面包店经理 – 食品店 bakery manager – food store
  • 面包店经理 – 零售 bakery manager – retail
  • 啤酒店经理 beer store manager
  • 自行车店经理 bicycle shop manager
  • 禽流卖家 bird seller
  • 书店经理 bookstore manager
  • 制动店经理 brake shop manager
  • 分公司经理 – 零售 branch manager – retail
  • 相机店经理 camera store manager
  • 汽车经销商 car dealer
  • 汽车经销店经理 car dealership manager
  • 汽车租赁分公司经理 car leasing branch manager
  • 品类经理 category manager
  • 牲畜贩子 cattle dealer
  • 服装店经理 clothing store manager
  • 钱币经销商 coin dealer
  • 电脑产品经销商 – 零售 computer products dealer – retail
  • 计算机产品店经理 computer products store manager
  • 特许权持有人 concession holder
  • 特许经营经理 concession manager
  • 糖果部门经理 – 零售 confectionery department manager – retail
  • 糖果经理 confectionery manager
  • 便利店经理 convenience store manager
  • 定制裁缝店经理 custom tailoring shop manager
  • 客户服务经理 – 汽车 customer service manager – automobiles
  • 客户服务经理 – 零售 customer service manager – retail
  • 客户服务管理主管 customer service managing supervisor
  • 经销商 – 零售 dealer – retail
  • 经销商,古董 dealer, antiques
  • 熟食店经理 – 食品商店 deli manager – food store
  • 熟食店部门经理 – 零售 delicatessen department manager – retail
  • 部门经理 – 百货公司 department manager – department store
  • 部门经理 – 零售 department manager – retail
  • 百货公司经理 department store manager
  • 配药配镜师办公室经理 dispensing opticians office manager
  • 药店经理 drugstore manager
  • 电子产品商店的经理 electronic products store manager
  • 纺织品商店经理 fabric store manager
  • 农场重型设备经销经理 farm heavy equipment dealership manager
  • 跳蚤市场特许经营商 flea market concession operator
  • 跳蚤市场经理 flea market manager
  • 地板覆盖物和窗帘店经理 floor coverings and draperies store manager
  • 楼面经理 – 零售 floor manager – retail
  • 花店经理 flower shop manager
  • 花店经理 flower store manager
  • 食品商店部门经理 – 零售 food store department manager – retail
  • 食品商店经理 food store manager
  • 水果和蔬菜的零售经理 – fruits and vegetables manager – retail
  • 家具店经理 furniture store manager
  • 车库经​​理,汽车维修 garage manager, automobile repairs
  • 花园中心经理 – 零售 garden centre manager – retail
  • 加油站经理 gas station manager
  • 一般商店经理 general store manager
  • 礼品店经理 gift shop manager
  • 杂货商 grocer
  • 五金商店经理 hardware store manager
  • 珠宝店经理 jewellery store manager
  • 皮革制品和服装商店经理 leather goods and clothing store manager
  • 酒店经理 liquor store manager
  • 家畜经销商 livestock dealer
  • 管理培训生 – 零售 management trainee – retail
  • 经理 – 零售连锁店 manager – retail store chain
  • 见习经理 – 零售 manager trainee – retail
  • 定做店经理, manager, custom tailoring shop
  • 经理,百货 manager, department store
  • 药店经理,部门 – 零售 manager, pharmacy department – retail
  • 经理,摄影工作室 manager, photographic studio
  • 经理,零售销售 manager, retail sales
  • 经理,建立批发 manager, wholesale establishment
  • 管理上司 – 零售的 managing supervisor – retail
  • 管理部主管,客户服务 managing supervisor, customer service
  • 常务主管,建立批发 managing supervisor, wholesale establishment
  • 肉类部门经理 – 食品商店 meat department manager – food store
  • 肉类部门经理 – 零售 meat department manager – retail
  • 肉类经理 – foodstore meat manager – foodstore
  • 金属经销商 metal dealer
  • 机动车维修店经理 motor vehicle repair shop manager
  • 消声器店经理 muffler shop manager
  • 钱币 numismatist
  • 办公用品商店经理 office supplies store manager
  • 所有者,零售商店 owner, retail store
  • 油漆店经理 paint store manager
  • 车库经​​营者 parking garage operator
  • 停车场经营者 parking lot operator
  • 部分经理 – 零售 parts manager – retail
  • 当铺股东 pawnbroker
  • 宠物商店经理 pet store manager
  • 零售药房部门经理 – pharmacy department manager – retail
  • 药店经理 – 零售 pharmacy manager – retail
  • 集邮家 philatelist
  • 摄影器材店经理 photographic equipment store manager
  • 摄影工作室经理 photographic studio manager
  • 游艇经销商 pleasure boat dealer
  • 生产经理 – 零售 produce manager – retail
  • 唱片店经理 record store manager
  • 零售销售经理 retail sales manager
  • 零售销售经理 – 电子商务 retail sales manager – e-commerce
  • 零售商店的老板 retail store owner
  • 零售商 retailer
  • 打捞经销商 salvage dealer
  • 废金属经销商 scrap metal dealer
  • 科长 – 零售 section manager – retail
  • 服务经理 – 零售 service manager – retail
  • 服务站经理 service station manager
  • 船舶钱德勒 ship chandler
  • 鞋店经理 shoe store manager
  • 店经理 shop manager
  • 体育用品店经理 sporting goods store manager
  • 邮票经销商 stamp dealer
  • 文具店经理 stationery store manager
  • 音响设备商店经理 stereo equipment store manager
  • 店经理 – 零售 store manager – retail
  • 超市经理 supermarket manager
  • 电视和音响器材店经理 television and stereo equipment store manager
  • 轮胎经销商 tire dealer
  • 玩具店经理 toy store manager
  • 旅行社经理 travel agency manager
  • 旅游分公司经理 travel branch manager
  • 各种商店经理 variety store manager
  • 录影带出租店经理 video rental store manager
  • 音像店经理 video store manager
  • 批发机构的经理 wholesale establishment manager
  • 批发机构管理主管 wholesale establishment managing supervisor
  • 批发商 wholesaler
  • 酒店经理 wine store manager

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 广告,市场营销和公共关系经理 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers [0124](0124)
  • 保险,房地产和金融的经纪经理 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers [0121](0121)
  • 餐馆和食品服务经理 Restaurant and food service managers [0631](0631)
  • 零售销售主管 Retail sales supervisors [6211](6211)




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