NOC 0731 运输业务经理 (Managers in transportation)


简介 Intro


Managers in transportation operations plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of transportation companies such as railways, airlines, bus lines, municipal transit systems, shipping lines and trucking companies, under the direction of a general manager or other senior manager. Managers in transportation freight traffic plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate companies or departments responsible for the transportation and movement of goods, under the direction of a general manager or other senior manager. They are employed by transportation, freight forwarding and shipping companies and by transportation departments of companies in retail and manufacturing sectors and utilities.

There is little or no mobility between managers in transportation operations and managers in transportation freight traffic.

There is little or no mobility between transportation managers of land, sea and air transportation operations.

主要职责 Main Duties

Managers in transportation operations perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估运输公司的运作。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a transportation company
  • 设置业务政策和标准,包括确定处理危险品的安全程序,并确保遵守交通法规。Set operations policies and standards, including determination of safety procedures for the handling of dangerous goods, and ensure compliance with transport regulations
  • 监督调度车辆,船只或飞机。Oversee dispatch of vehicles, vessels or aircraft
  • 控制本公司或部门预算,包括收购。Control the company or departmental budget, including acquisitions
  • 监管公司或部门的业绩,为高级管理人员准备报告,规划计划以应对日常计划和策略的变化。Monitor company’s or department’s performance, prepare reports for senior management, and plan for changes to schedules and policies
  • 招募人员,并监督培训。Recruit personnel and oversee their training.

运输货运量经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Managers in transportation freight traffic perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估负责统筹,安排和监控货物的运输和流动的公司或部门的活动。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of companies or departments responsible for co-ordinating, arranging and monitoring the transportation and movement of goods
  • 安排运输文件和监督货物的日程和调度,运输途中货物的跟踪和追踪。Arrange for shipping documentation and oversee the scheduling and dispatching of goods and the tracking and tracing of goods in transit
  • 设置绩效目标,监督运输服务费率的设置和监控收入。Set performance goals, oversee the setting of transportation service rates and monitor revenue
  • 为货物的运输和储存制定计划和程序,Develop plans and procedures for the transportation and storage of goods
  • 与运营商,仓库运营商和保险公司的代表协商服务和优惠价格。Negotiate with carriers, warehouse operators and insurance company representatives for services and preferential rates
  • 控制部门预算。Control the departmental budget
  • 招募人员,并监督培训。Recruit personnel and oversee their training.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

运输业务经理 Managers in transportation operations

  • 通常需要工商管理或工程专业大学本科学历。A bachelor’s degree in business administration or engineering is usually required.
  • 通常需要多年运输业务的经验,包括监管经验。Several years of experience in transportation operations are usually required, including supervisory experience.
  • 在特定的传输模式下,作为主管和运营商的丰富的经验,如飞行员,火车工程师,船长或卡车司机等,可取代正规教育。Extensive experience as a supervisor and operator in a particular transport mode, such as a pilot, train engineer, vessel master or truck driver, may substitute for formal education.
  • 特定运输方式的运营商认证通常是必需的,如商用飞行员,船主或卡车司机。Certification as an operator of a particular mode of transportation, such as commercial pilot, vessel master or truck driver, is usually required.

运输货运量经理 Managers in transportation freight traffic

  • 必需完成中学学业。Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 可能需业务或运输管理大专文凭或大学学位。A college diploma or university degree in business or transportation administration may be required.
  • 必需具备多年的货运相关的文书,业务或行政经验。Several years of clerical, operational or administrative experience related to freight traffic are required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 空运经理 air freight manager
  • 航空部门经理 airline division manager
  • 航空部门管理者 airline division superintendent
  • 航空快递经理 airline express manager
  • 航空公司机队运营经理 airline fleet operations manager
  • 航空公司的航班时刻表设计经理 airline flight schedule design manager
  • 航空公司经理 airline manager
  • 航空公司的管理者 airline superintendent
  • 区域负责人,铁路运输 area manager, railway transport
  • 总经理助理代理 – 铁路 assistant general agent – railway
  • 经理助理,交通运输 assistant manager, traffic and transportation
  • 助理总监 – 铁路 assistant superintendent – railway
  • 交通助理经理 – 运输 assistant traffic manager – transportation
  • 运输经理助理 assistant transportation manager
  • 公交公司经理 bus company manager
  • 搬运公司经理 cartage company manager
  • 交通企业管理者 – 运输 corporate traffic manager – transportation
  • 公司运输经理 corporate transportation manager
  • 目前的日程规划经理 – 航空公司 current schedule planning manager – airline
  • 物流 – 运输主任 director of logistics – transportation
  • 运营总监,交通运输 director of operations, transportation
  • 交通 – 运输主任 director of traffic – transportation
  • 运输主任 director of transportation
  • 董事,分布 director, distribution
  • 董事,飞行操作 director, flight operations
  • 主任,物流 – 运输 director, logistics – transportation
  • 主任,交通运输管理 director, transportation management
  • 配送和仓储经理 distribution and warehousing manager
  • 分销总监 distribution director
  • 分销经理 – 物流 distribution manager – logistics
  • 分销业务经理 – 物流 distribution operations manager – logistics
  • 配送服务经理 distribution services manager
  • 部门管理者,航空公司 division superintendent, airline
  • 铁路部门管理者 division superintendent, railway
  • 出口流量管理 export traffic manager
  • 渡轮业务经理 ferry operations manager
  • 渡轮管理者 ferry superintendent
  • 运输车队经理 fleet manager, transportation
  • 车队运营经理,航空公司 fleet operations manager, airline
  • 飞行运营总监 flight operations director
  • 飞行运营经理 flight operations manager
  • 航班时刻表的设计经理,航空公司 flight schedule design manager, airline
  • 飞行调度经理 flight schedulers manager
  • 货运代理,货运 forwarder, freight
  • 货运公司经理 freight company manager
  • 货运部经理 freight division manager
  • 货运代理 freight forwarder
  • 货运经理 freight forwarding manager
  • 货运量经理 freight traffic manager
  • 一般代理,铁路运输 general agent, railway transport
  • 交通管理 – 运输 general traffic manager – transportation
  • 一般运输经理 general transportation manager
  • 进口流量管理 import traffic manager
  • 综合物流经理 integrated logistics manager
  • 国际运输经理 international traffic manager
  • 物流总监 – 运输 logistics director – transportation
  • 物流经理 – 运输 logistics manager – transportation
  • 经理,空运 manager, air freight
  • 经理,航空公司 manager, airline
  • 经理,航空快递 manager, airline express
  • 公交公司经理, manager, bus company
  • 搬运公司经理, manager, cartage company
  • 经理,企业交通 – 交通 manager, corporate traffic – transportation
  • 经理,公司运输 manager, corporate transportation
  • 经理,目前的日程规划 – 航空公司 manager, current schedule planning – airline
  • 经理,销售 – 物​​流 manager, distribution – logistics
  • 经理,配送和仓储 manager, distribution and warehousing
  • 经理,配送服务 manager, distribution services
  • 经理,出口流量; manager, export traffic
  • 货运部门经理, manager, freight division
  • 经理,货运交通 manager, freight traffic
  • 经理,进口流量 manager, import traffic
  • 经理,综合物流 manager, integrated logistics
  • 经理,国际交通 manager, international traffic
  • 经理,物流 – 运输 manager, logistics – transportation
  • 经理,汽车运输 manager, motor transport
  • 经理,搬家公司 manager, moving company
  • 经理,海运 manager, ocean freight
  • 经理,铁路运输 manager, rail transport
  • 船行经理, manager, ship line
  • 经理,航运服务 manager, shipping services
  • 经理,交通 – 交通 manager, traffic – transportation
  • 经理,转移公司 manager, transfer company
  • 经理,运输部 manager, transport department
  • 管理器,运输 manager, transportation
  • 经理,运输和交通 manager, transportation and traffic
  • 经理,旅游和拆迁部门 manager, travel and relocation department
  • 城市公交系统的经理, manager, urban transit system
  • 经理,水路运输; manager, water transport
  • 海洋业务经理 marine operations manager
  • 海洋经营管理者 marine operations superintendent
  • 海事主管 marine superintendent
  • 海运业务经理 marine transportation operations manager
  • 汽车运输经理 motor transport manager
  • 搬家公司经理 moving company manager
  • 海运经理 ocean freight manager
  • 运营总监,交通运输 operations director, transportation
  • 业务经理,海洋运输 operations manager, marine transportation
  • 业务经理,船舶管理 operations manager, ship management
  • 铁路客运业务经理, passenger operations manager, railway
  • 端口队长 – 水路运输 port captain – water transport
  • 铁路运营管理者 rail operations superintendent
  • 铁路运输经理 rail transport manager
  • 铁路部门管理者 railway division superintendent
  • 铁路货运经理 railway freight manager
  • 铁路经理 railway manager
  • 铁路客运业务经理 railway passenger operations manager
  • 铁路运输区域经理 railway transport area manager
  • 铁路运输总代理 railway transport general agent
  • 斜坡经理 – 航空公司 ramp manager – airline
  • 跑道经理 runway manager
  • 船行经理 ship line manager
  • 船舶管理业务经理 ship management operations manager
  • 运输和仓储服务经理 shipping and warehousing service manager
  • 航运服务经理 shipping services manager
  • 岸边的队长 – 水上运输 shore captain – water transport
  • 交通管理者 superintendent of transportation
  • 管理者,航空公司 superintendent, airline
  • 管理者,海洋作业 superintendent, marine operations
  • 管理者,铁路运营 superintendent, rail operations
  • 交通运输经理助理 traffic and transportation assistant manager
  • 流量管理器 – 运输 traffic manager – transport
  • 流量管理 – 交通 traffic manager – transportation
  • 流量管理器 – 水上运输 traffic manager – water transport
  • 转让公司经理 transfer company manager
  • 运输部门经理 transport department manager
  • 运输和交通经理 transportation and traffic manager
  • 运输主任 transportation director
  • 运输车队经理 transportation fleet manager
  • 运输物流经理 transportation logistics manager
  • 运输管理主任 transportation management director
  • 运输经理 transportation manager
  • 交通主管 transportation superintendent
  • 旅行和搬迁的部门经理 travel and relocation department manager
  • 城市公交系统的管理 urban transit system manager
  • 水路运输经理 water transport manager

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 机场经理,港口主管和其他交通设施经理(基金操作和维护经理和其他管理人员) Airport managers, harbour masters and other managers of transportation facilities (in [0714](0714) Facility operation and maintenance managers )
  • 交通高级经理(高级经理 – 建筑,交通运输,生产和公用事业) Senior transportation managers (in [0016](0016) Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities )




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