NOC 0714 设施操作和维护经理 (Facility operation and maintenance managers)


简介 Intro


Facility operation managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of commercial, transportation and recreational facilities and the included real estate. Facility operation managers are employed by a wide range of establishments, such as airports, harbours, canals, shopping centres, convention centres, warehouses and recreational facilities. Maintenance managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the maintenance department within commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational and other facilities. Maintenance managers are employed by a wide range of establishments, such as office buildings, shopping centres, airports, harbours, warehouses, grain terminals, universities, schools and sports facilities, and by the maintenance and mechanical engineering departments of manufacturing and other industrial establishments.

主要职责 Main Duties

设施运营经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Facility operation managers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估商业,交通和娱乐设施,包括地产业务。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of commercial, transportation and recreational facilities and the included real estate
  • 监督设施和房地产空间租赁和开发营销策略。Oversee the leasing of space in the facility and the included real estate and the development of marketing strategies
  • 计划,组织和指导行政服务,如标牌,清洗,维修,停车,安全检查,安全和除雪等。Plan, organize and direct administrative services such as signage, cleaning, maintenance, parking, safety inspections, security and snow removal
  • 计划,组织,指挥,控制和评估将要修改商业,交通和娱乐设施和房地产建设项目。Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate construction projects to modify commercial, transportation and recreational facilities and real estate
  • 监督房地产基础设施,包括机械,设备,电气和机械系统的​​安装,维护和修理。Oversee the installation, maintenance and repair of real estate infrastructures including machinery, equipment and electrical and mechanical systems
  • 规划和管理设施的业务预算。Plan and manage the facility’s operations budget
  • 准备或监督有关责任区编制报告和统计数据。Prepare or oversee the preparation of reports and statistics related to areas of responsibility
  • 聘请和监管员工的培训和监督。Hire and oversee training and supervision of staff.

维护经理执行部分或全部下列职责:Maintenance managers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 指导公司机械,设备,电气和机械系统的​​保养和维修。Direct the maintenance and repair of an establishment’s machinery, equipment and electrical and mechanical systems
  • 制定和实施安全检查和预防性维护计划的时间表和程序。Develop and implement schedules and procedures for safety inspections and preventive maintenance programs
  • 协调清扫,除雪和美化环境行动。Co-ordinate cleaning, snow removal and landscaping operations
  • 提供的物资和服务的管理合约。Administer contracts for the provision of supplies and services
  • 规划和管理设施的维修预算。Plan and manage a facility’s maintenance budget
  • 聘请和监管人员的培训和监督。Hire and oversee training and supervision of staff.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 设施运营经理需要完成工商管理或相关设施的运行和维护学科的大专或大学课程。Facility operation managers require completion of a college or university program in business administration or in a discipline related to facility operation and maintenance
  • 或技术培训和管理或维护经验的等效结合。An equivalent combination of technical training and experience in administration or maintenance.
  • 维护管理人员需要完成的电气或机械工程或涉及楼宇维修的另一学科的学院或大学项目。Maintenance managers require completion of a college or university program in electrical or mechanical engineering or in another discipline related to building maintenance
  • 技术培训和楼宇维修经验的等效结合。An equivalent combination of technical training and experience in building maintenance.
  • 通常需要多年的设备操作或维护的监管经验。Several years of supervisory experience in facility operations or maintenance are usually required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 机场经理 airport manager
  • 机场服务经理 airport services manager
  • 机场终端管理 airport terminal manager
  • 舞台经理 arena manager
  • 购物中心经理助理 assistant shopping centre manager
  • 商场助理经理 assistant shopping mall manager
  • 仓库经理助理 assistant warehouse manager
  • 体育设施经理 athletic facility manager
  • 楼宇维修领班 building maintenance head
  • 楼宇维修经理 building maintenance manager
  • 建筑运营经理 building operations manager
  • 建设服务领班 building services head
  • 建设服务经理 building services manager
  • 校园维修经理 campus maintenance manager
  • 运河主任 canal director
  • 运河管理者 canal superintendent
  • 墓地经理 cemetery manager
  • 行政主管,维护支持服务 chief, maintenance support services
  • 会议中心经理 conference centre manager
  • 会展中心经理 convention centre manager
  • 国家粮食电梯设施经理 country grain elevator facility manager
  • 维护总监 director of maintenance
  • 主任,运河 director, canal
  • 董事,设施管理 director, facility management
  • 配送中心经理 distribution centre manager
  • 电警 electrical superintendent
  • 设施维护头 facilities maintenance head
  • 设施维护经理 facility maintenance manager
  • 设施管理总监 facility management director
  • 设施经理,国家粮食电梯 facility manager, country grain elevator
  • 设施运营经理 facility operations manager
  • 健身设施经理 fitness facility manager
  • 粮食码头电梯经理 grain terminal elevator manager
  • 海务监督长 harbour master
  • 领班,建设服务 head, building services
  • 领班,设施维护 head, facilities maintenance
  • 工业维护经理 industrial maintenance manager
  • 维护和服务经理 maintenance and service manager
  • 维护和服务管理者 maintenance and service superintendent
  • 维修统筹 maintenance co-ordinator
  • 维修总监 maintenance director
  • 维修经理 maintenance manager
  • 维修业务经理 maintenance operations manager
  • 维护计划者 maintenance planner
  • 维修服务经理 maintenance services manager
  • 维修主管 maintenance superintendent
  • 维护支持服务首席 maintenance support services chief
  • 经理,机场 manager, airport
  • 经理,机场服务 manager, airport services
  • 经理,竞技场 manager, arena
  • 经理,体育设施 manager, athletic facility
  • 经理,建筑维修 manager, building maintenance
  • 建筑运营经理, manager, building operations
  • 经理,建筑服务 manager, building services
  • 经理,校园维修 manager, campus maintenance
  • 经理,会议中心 manager, conference centre
  • 经理,配送中心; manager, distribution centre
  • 经理,设施维护; manager, facility maintenance
  • 经理,健身设施 manager, fitness facility
  • 管理器,维护 manager, maintenance
  • 管理器,维护和服务 manager, maintenance and service
  • 码头经理, manager, marina
  • 经理,维修厂 manager, plant maintenance
  • 经理,康乐设施 manager, recreation facility
  • 经理,校舍维修 manager, school maintenance
  • 购物中心经理, manager, shopping centre
  • 经理,购物中心维修 manager, shopping centre maintenance
  • 商场经理, manager, shopping mall
  • 经理,商场维修 manager, shopping mall maintenance
  • 经理,体育设施 manager, sports facility
  • 球场经理, manager, stadium
  • 经理,网球场 manager, tennis court
  • 经理,烟草仓库 manager, tobacco warehouse
  • 经理,大学保养 manager, university maintenance
  • 经理,仓库 manager, warehouse
  • 经理,仓储 manager, warehousing
  • 码头经理 marina manager
  • 码头运营商 marina operator
  • 机械服务管理者 mechanical services superintendent
  • 业务经理,维修; operations manager, maintenance
  • 维修厂经理 plant maintenance manager
  • 维修厂管理者 plant maintenance superintendent
  • 端口主任 port director
  • 物业经理 property manager
  • 娱乐设施经理 recreation facility manager
  • 校舍维修经理 school maintenance manager
  • 购物中心维修经理 shopping centre maintenance manager
  • 购物中心经理 shopping centre manager
  • 商场维修经理 shopping mall maintenance manager
  • 商场经理 shopping mall manager
  • 体育设施经理 sports facility manager
  • 球场经理 stadium manager
  • 管理者的操作,维护 superintendent of operations, maintenance
  • 管理者,维护 superintendent, maintenance
  • 管理者,维护和服务 superintendent, maintenance and service
  • 管理者,维护操作 superintendent, maintenance operations
  • 管理者,机械服务 superintendent, mechanical services
  • 管理者,厂房维修 superintendent, plant maintenance
  • 网球场经理 tennis court manager
  • 烟草仓库经理 tobacco warehouse manager
  • 大学维护经理 university maintenance manager
  • 仓库和配送中心经理 warehouse and distribution centre manager
  • 仓库管理员 warehouse manager
  • 仓库主管 warehouse superintendent
  • 仓储经理 warehousing manager

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 行政服务经理 Administrative services managers [011](011)
  • 大厦管理者(门卫,管理员和建筑管理者) Building superintendents (in [6733](6733) Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents )
  • 承包商和主管,机械行业 Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades [7301](7301)
  • 生产运营经理(制造经理) Production operations managers (in [0911](0911) Manufacturing managers )
  • 物业管理员 Property administrators [1224](1224)
  • 运输业务和货运交通管理者(运输经理) Transportation operations and freight traffic managers (in [0731](0731) Managers in transportation )




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