NOC 1121 人力资源专业人士 (Human resources professionals)


简介 Intro


Human resources professionals develop, implement and evaluate human resources and labour relations policies, programs and procedures and advise managers and employers on human resources matters. Human resources professionals are employed throughout the private and public sectors, or they may be self-employed.

Progression to management positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

以下是本单元组一些职业的主要职责总结:The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

  • 规划,开发,实施和评估人力资源和劳动关系的策略,包括政策,计划和程序,以解决企业的人力资源需求
    Plan, develop, implement and evaluate human resources and labour relations strategies including policies, programs and procedures to address an organization’s human resource requirements
  • 向管理者和员工阐释人力资源政策​​,补偿和福利计划和集体协议
    Advise managers and employees on the interpretation of human resources policies, compensation and benefit programs and collective agreements
  • 代表雇主或工人协商集体协议,调解劳资纠纷和不满,向员工和劳动关系方提供意见
    Negotiate collective agreements on behalf of employers or workers, mediate labour disputes and grievances and provide advice on employee and labour relations
  • 研究和准备职业分类,岗位描述,薪级和能力考核的措施和制度
    Research and prepare occupational classifications, job descriptions, salary scales and competency appraisal measures and systems
  • 规划和管理人员,总补偿,培训和职业发展,员工援助,就业平等,平权行动方案
    Plan and administer staffing, total compensation, training and career development, employee assistance, employment equity and affirmative action programs
  • 管理项目和维护人力资源信息和相关记录系统
    Manage programs and maintain human resources information and related records systems
  • 雇用和监督人员的培训
    Hire and oversee training of staff
  • 协调员工的绩效考核方案
    Co-ordinate employee performance appraisal programs
  • 研究员工福利,健康和安全的做法,并建议对现有政策的变动或修改。
    Research employee benefit and health and safety practices and recommend changes or modifications to existing policies.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 人力资源管理或相关领域,如工商管理,工业关系,商业或心理学大学学位或大专文凭
    A university degree or college diploma in human resources management or a related field, such as business administration, industrial relations, commerce or psychology
  • 或必须完成人力资源管理的专业发展计划。
    Completion of a professional development program in human resources administration is required.
  • 有些雇主可能会要求人力资源专业人士持有人力资源专业认证(CHRP)。
    Some employers may require human resources professionals to hold a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 审裁员,劳动 adjudicator, labour
  • 分析师,工作评估 analyst, job evaluation
  • 仲裁员,人力资源 arbitrator, human resources
  • 谈判代理 bargaining agent
  • 福利顾问 benefits consultant
  • 业务代理,劳动组织 business agent, labour organization
  • 业务代理,工会 business agent, labour union
  • 业务代表,劳动组织 business representative, labour organization
  • 残疾管理专业认证员 certified disability management professional
  • 补偿和人力资源信息系统的首席 chief of compensation and human resources information systems
  • 理赔经理 – 薪酬和福利 claims manager – compensation and benefits
  • 分类人员 – 人力资源 classification officer – human resources
  • 分类政策顾问 classification policy adviser
  • 分类专家 classification specialist
  • 集体协议谈判 collective agreement negotiator
  • 薪酬和福利协调员师 compensation and benefits co-ordinator
  • 补偿和分类分析师 compensation and classification analyst
  • 薪酬顾问 compensation consultant
  • 补偿主任 compensation officer
  • 补偿研究分析师 compensation research analyst
  • 补偿研究员分析师 compensation researcher-analyst
  • 调解员 – 员工关系 conciliation officer – employee relations
  • 调解人 conciliator
  • 调解人 – 劳动 conciliator – labour
  • 人力资源顾问, consultant, human resources
  • 顾问,劳资关系 consultant, labour relations
  • 协调员,薪酬和福利 co-ordinator, compensation and benefits
  • 协调员,雇主和雇员的关系 co-ordinator, employer-employee relations
  • 协调员,就业权益 co-ordinator, employment equity
  • 协调员,人力资源 co-ordinator, human resources
  • 协调员,劳资关系 co-ordinator, labour relations
  • 残疾个案经理 – 人力资源 disability case manager – human resources
  • 残疾管理协调员 disability management coordinator
  • 残疾管理从业者 disability management practitioner
  • 残疾管理专业 disability management professional
  • 残疾管理专家 disability management specialist
  • 员工关系主任 employee relations officer
  • 员工服务人员 employee services officer
  • 雇主和雇员的关系,协调员 employer-employee relations co-ordinator
  • 就业顾问 – 人力资源 employment adviser – human resources
  • 公平就业顾问 – 人力资源 employment equity adviser – human resources
  • 就业权益协调员 employment equity co-ordinator
  • 公平就业人员 employment equity officer
  • 就业实践人员 employment practices officer
  • 人力资源顾问 human resources adviser
  • 人力资源分类人员 human resources classification officer
  • 人力资源顾问 human resources consultant
  • 人力资源协调员 human resources co-ordinator
  • 人力资源总监 human resources generalist
  • 人力资源管理顾问 human resources management consultant
  • 人力资源规划顾问 human resources planning consultant
  • 人力资源策略分析师 human resources policy analyst
  • 人力资源政策​​官员 human resources policy officer
  • 人力资源计划主管 human resources program supervisor
  • 人力资源研究人员 human resources research officer
  • 人力资源专家 human resources specialist
  • 人力资源主管 human resources supervisor
  • 劳资关系顾问 industrial relations consultant
  • 工业关系官员 industrial relations officer
  • 内部培训经理 in-house training manager
  • 工作分析师 job analyst
  • 就业和工资分析师 job and wage analyst
  • 作业分类系统分析师 job classification system analyst
  • 工作评估分析师 job evaluation analyst
  • 工作评估主管 job evaluation supervisor
  • 工作评估 job evaluator
  • 劳资审裁官 labour adjudicator
  • 劳动组织代理 labour organization agent
  • 劳动组织业务代理 labour organization business agent
  • 劳动组织业务代表 labour organization business representative
  • 劳动组织联络官 labour organization liaison officer
  • 劳动组织谈判代表 labour organization negotiator
  • 劳动的组织者 labour organizer
  • 劳动关系董事会人员 labour relations board officer
  • 劳资关系顾问 labour relations consultant
  • 劳动关系协调员 labour relations co-ordinator
  • 劳资关系主任 labour relations officer
  • 回国人员的劳动关系 labour relations returning officer
  • 劳动关系专员 labour relations specialist
  • 工会代理业务 labour union business agent
  • 工会联络官 labour union liaison officer
  • 联络官,劳动组织 liaison officer, labour organization
  • 联络官,工会 liaison officer, labour union
  • 中间人 mediator
  • 调解 – 劳动关系 mediator – labour relations
  • 谈判代表,集体协议 negotiator, collective agreements
  • 谈判代表,劳动组织 negotiator, labour organization
  • 职业分析师 – 人力资源 occupational analyst – human resources
  • 人事研究人员 personnel research officer
  • 人事标准官员 personnel standards officer
  • 职位分类员 position classifier
  • 薪酬分析师 salary analyst
  • 高级劳资关系主任 senior industrial relations officer
  • 高级谈判人员 – 劳动争议解决 senior negotiating officer – labour dispute resolution
  • 员工关系管理员 staff relations administrator
  • 职员关系主任 staff relations officer
  • 员工培训和开发人员 staff training and development officer
  • 员工培训及发展主管 staff training and development supervisor
  • 员工培训人员 – 人力资源 staff training officer – human resources
  • 主管,人力资源 supervisor, human resources
  • 主管,员工培训及发展 supervisor, staff training and development
  • 主管,培训计划 supervisor, training programs
  • 培训顾问 training adviser
  • 培训及发展顾问 training and development consultant
  • 培训计划主管 training programs supervisor
  • 工会顾问 union adviser
  • 工会组织者 union organizer
  • 工会代表 union representative
  • 工资分析师 wage analyst

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 人力资源和招聘人员 Human resources and recruitment officers [1223](1223)
  • 人力资源经理 Human resources managers [0112](0112)
  • 人事文员 Personnel clerks [1415](1415)
  • 企业管理咨询的专业职业 Professional occupations in business management consulting [1122](1122)
  • 培训军官和教官(学院和其他职业教师) Training officers and instructors (in [4021]4021 College and other vocational instructors )




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