NOC 2211 化学技师和技术员 Chemical technologists and technicians


简介 Intro


Chemical technologists and technicians provide technical support and services or may work independently in chemical engineering, chemical and biochemical research and analysis, industrial chemistry, chemical quality control and environmental protection. They are employed by research and development and quality control laboratories, consulting engineering companies, in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and a variety of other manufacturing and processing industries, and by utilities, health, educational and government establishments.

Considerable mobility is possible among jobs within this occupational group.

Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.

Some chemical technologists and technicians working in support of fundamental research in chemistry or biochemistry are university graduates.

主要职责 Main Duties

化学技师执行部分或全部下列职责:Chemical technologists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 运用如下技术,如色谱法,光谱学,物理和化学分离技术和显微镜设置和指导化学实验,测试和分析
    Set up and conduct chemical experiments, tests and analyses using techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, physical and chemical separation techniques and microscopy
  • 操作和维护的实验室设备和装置,气体或液体中制备溶液,试剂和样品的配方
    Operate and maintain laboratory equipment and apparatus and prepare solutions of gas or liquid, reagents, and sample formulations
  • 编译记录和解释实验或分析结果
    Compile records and interpret experimental or analytical results
  • 制定并进行采样和分析的方案,以维持原料,化工中间体和产品的质量标准
    Develop and conduct programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards of raw materials, chemical intermediates and products
  • 协助开发化工工艺,研究化学工程采购,施工,验收和维护开发标准,程序和健康及安全措施
    Assist in the development of chemical engineering processes, studies of chemical engineering procurement, construction, inspection and maintenance and the development of standards, procedures and health and safety measures
  • 操作实验化学或化工试验工厂
    Operate experimental chemical or petrochemical pilot plants
  • 指导或协助测试和评估空气和水的质量,环境监测与保护活动,制定并履行标准
    Conduct or assist in air and water quality testing and assessments, environmental monitoring and protection activities, and development of and compliance with standards
  • 为制造候选药物,协助小分子的合成
    Assist in synthesis of small molecules for the purpose of creating drug candidates
  • 协助设计和制造实验装置。
    Assist in the design and fabrication of experimental apparatus.

化学技术员执行部分或全部下列职责:Chemical technicians perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 协助建立和指导化学实验,测试和分析
    Assist in setting up and conducting chemical experiments, tests and analyses
  • 操作和维护实验室设备和装置,准备气体和液体,试剂和样品配方制备溶液的解决方案
    Operate and maintain laboratory equipment and apparatus and prepare solutions of gas and liquid, reagents and sample formulations
  • 编译记录分析研究
    Compile records for analytical studies
  • 协助开发并指导采样和分析的方案,来维护质量标准
    Assist in developing and conducting programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards
  • 开展有限范围的其他技术功能,以支持化学研究,试验和分析,环境空气和水质监测和保护
    Carry out a limited range of other technical functions in support of chemical research, tests and analyses, and environmental air and water quality monitoring and protection
  • 协助实验装置的设计和制造。
    Assist in the design and fabrication of experimental apparatus.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 化学技师通常需要完成两或三年制化工,生化或化学工程技术或密切相关学科的大专课程。
    Chemical technologists usually require completion of a two- or three-year college program in chemical, biochemical or chemical engineering technology or a closely related discipline.
  • 化学技术员通常需要完成一或两年化学,生化或化学工程技术大学项目。
    Chemical technicians usually require completion of a one- or two-year college program in chemical, biochemical or chemical engineering technology.
  • 加拿大化学技术学会认可的国家认​​证的化学技师和技术员。
    National certification for chemical technologists and technicians is available through the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology.
  • 雇主可能要求具有省级工程/应用科学技师和技术员协会适用的化学工程技术或相关领域的认证。
    Certification in chemical engineering technology or in a related field is available through provincial associations of engineering/applied science technologists and technicians and may be required by employers.
  • 在魁北克省,监管​​机构的成员必须具有“专业技术人员”头衔。
    In Quebec, membership in the regulatory body is required to use the title “Professional Technologist.”
  • 通常需要两年的被监管工作经验,才可取得认证。
    A period of supervised work experience, usually two years, is required before certification.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 分析化学技师 analytical chemistry technician
  • 分析化学技师 analytical chemistry technologist
  • 化学分析技术员 analytical technician, chemical
  • 助理,实验室 – 应用化学 assistant, laboratory – applied chemistry
  • 生化实验室技术员 biochemistry laboratory technician
  • 生化实验室技术员 biochemistry laboratory technologist
  • 生物化学技术人员(医疗除外) biochemistry technician (except medical)
  • 生化技术专家 biochemistry technologist
  • 生物化学技师(医疗除外) biochemistry technologist (except medical)
  • 啤酒厂技术员 brewery technician
  • 啤酒厂技术员 – 应用化学 brewery technician – applied chemistry
  • 纤维素薄膜解决方案测试员 cellulose film solutions tester
  • 化学分析专家 chemical analysis specialist
  • 化学分析师 chemical analyst
  • 化学工程技术员 chemical engineering technician
  • 化学工程技师 chemical engineering technologist
  • 化学实验室分析师 chemical laboratory analyst
  • 化学实验室主管 chemical laboratory supervisor
  • 化学实验室技术员 chemical laboratory technician
  • 化学实验室技师 chemical laboratory technologist
  • 化工流程分析师 chemical process analyst
  • 化工工艺技师 chemical process technologist
  • 化学处理的质量控制技术人员 chemical processing quality control technician
  • 化学处理的质量控制技术专家 chemical processing quality control technologist
  • 化工产品质量控制技术专家 chemical products quality control technologist
  • 化学研究技术员 chemical research technician
  • 化学研究技师 chemical research technologist
  • 化学技术员 chemical technician
  • 化学技术员 – 重水工厂和核能发电站 chemical technician – heavy water plant and nuclear generating station
  • 化工技术员,NMR(核磁共振) chemical technician, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)
  • 化学技术人员,核磁共振(NMR)的 chemical technician, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
  • 化学技师 chemical technologist
  • 压缩气体测试员 compressed gases tester
  • 文件考官 – 应用化学 documents examiner – applied chemistry
  • 染整技术员 dyeing and finishing technician
  • 染整技师 dyeing and finishing technologist
  • 染色技术员 dyeing technician
  • 食品加工质量控制技术人员 food processing quality control technician
  • 食品加工质量控制技术专家 food processing quality control technologist
  • 食品技师 food technician
  • 食品技术 food technologist
  • 法医检验员 – 酒精 forensic examiner – alcohol
  • 法医实验室分析师,化学 forensic lab analyst, chemical
  • 法医实验室技术员 forensic laboratory technician
  • 林产品技师 forest products technologist
  • 制定技师 formulation technician
  • 燃料技术员 fuel technician
  • 气相色谱分析 gas chromatographer
  • 地球化学技师 geochemical technician
  • 地球化学技师 geochemical technologist
  • 笔迹鉴定专家,法医 handwriting expert, forensic
  • 家政技师 home economics technologist
  • 工业卫生技师 industrial hygiene technologist
  • 检查员,药品 inspector, pharmaceuticals
  • 实验室助理 – 应用化学 laboratory assistant – applied chemistry
  • 化学实验室技术员 laboratory technician, chemical
  • 化验师,化学 laboratory technologist, chemical
  • 实验室测试员 laboratory tester
  • 实验室测试员 – 纸浆和造纸 laboratory tester – pulp and paper
  • 实验室测试员,化学处理 laboratory tester, chemical processing
  • 质谱仪技师 mass spectrometer technician
  • 质谱仪技术专家 mass spectrometer technologist
  • 质谱技术人员 mass spectrometry technician
  • 主代尔 – 纺织品 master dyer – textiles
  • NMR(核磁共振)化学技术员 NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) chemical technician
  • 核磁共振(NMR)的化学技术人员 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) chemical technician
  • 油漆技师 paint technician
  • 石化工程技术人员 petrochemical engineering technician
  • 石化工程技师 petrochemical engineering technologist
  • 石化化验师 petrochemical laboratory technologist
  • 石油加工测试员 petroleum processing tester
  • 石油研究技师 petroleum research technologist
  • 药品和化妆品检查员 pharmaceuticals and toiletries inspector
  • 药品检查员 pharmaceuticals inspector
  • 试验厂技术员 pilot plant technician
  • 试点厂技师 pilot plant technologist
  • 塑料和合成树脂的技术人员 plastics and synthetic resins technician
  • 聚合物测试员 polymers tester
  • 质量控制技术员 – 化学处理 quality control technician – chemical processing
  • 质量控制技术员 – 化学 quality control technician – chemistry
  • 质量控制技术员 – 食品加工 quality control technician – food processing
  • 质量控制技术专家 – 化学处理 quality control technologist – chemical processing
  • 质量控制技术专家 – 食品加工 quality control technologist – food processing
  • 质量控制技术专家,化工产品 quality control technologist, chemical products
  • 研究技师,石油 research technologist, petroleum
  • 光谱技术专家 spectroscopic technologist
  • 光谱学家 spectroscopist
  • 合成纺织品技师 synthetic textiles technician
  • 技术员,生物化学(医疗除外) technician, biochemistry (except medical)
  • 技师,化学工程 technician, chemical engineering
  • 技术员,化学处理的质量控制 technician, chemical processing quality control
  • 技术员,染色 technician, dyeing
  • 技术员,食品 technician, food
  • 技术员,食品加工质量控制 technician, food processing quality control
  • 技术人员,制定 technician, formulation
  • 技术员,质谱仪 technician, mass spectrometer
  • 技术员,质谱 technician, mass spectrometry
  • 技术人员进行,涂料 technician, paints
  • 技术员,石化工程 technician, petrochemical engineering
  • 技术员,试验工厂 technician, pilot plant
  • 技术人员,塑料和合成的树脂 technician, plastics and synthetic resins
  • 技术员,化纤纺织 technician, synthetic textiles
  • 技术员,纺织染料 technician, textile dyes
  • 技术专家,分析化学 technologist, analytical chemistry
  • 技术专家,生物化学 technologist, biochemistry
  • 技术专家,生物化学(医疗除外) technologist, biochemistry (except medical)
  • 技师,生化实验室 technologist, biochemistry laboratory
  • 技师,化学工程 technologist, chemical engineering
  • 技师,化学处理的质量控制 technologist, chemical processing quality control
  • 技师,化工产品的质量控制 technologist, chemical products quality control
  • 技术员,染整 technologist, dyeing and finishing
  • 技师,食品 technologist, food
  • 技师,食品加工质量控制 technologist, food processing quality control
  • 技师,森林产品 technologist, forest products
  • 技术专家,家政 technologist, home economics
  • 技术专家,工业卫生 technologist, industrial hygiene
  • 技师,石化工程 technologist, petrochemical engineering
  • 技师,石化实验室 technologist, petrochemical laboratory
  • 技师,石油研究 technologist, petroleum research
  • 技师,试验工​​厂 technologist, pilot plant
  • 技师,化工产品的质量控制 technologist, quality control of chemical products
  • 测试分析师,钛颜料 test analyst, titanium pigments
  • 测试员,纤维素薄膜解决方案 tester, cellulose film solutions
  • 测试员,压缩气体 tester, compressed gases
  • 测试员,石油 tester, petroleum
  • 测试员,聚合物 tester, polymers
  • 纺织品色技师 textile colour technologist
  • 纺织染料技师 textile dye technician
  • 纺织印染技师 textile dyeing technician
  • 净水技术人员 water purification technician

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 医务化验师 生物化学科技工作(医用化验师) Biochemistry technologists working as medical laboratory technologists (in [3211](3211) Medical laboratory technologists )
  • 工艺技术人员 操作控制化学或石化加工厂(石油,天然气和化工工艺操作) Process technicians who operate the controls of chemical or petrochemical processing plants (in [9232](9232) Petroleum, gas and chemical process operators )




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