NOC 2261 非破坏性测试人员和检验技术人员 Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians


简介 Intro


Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians operate radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and similar testing equipment to detect discontinuities in objects of various compositions and materials. They are employed by quality control, maintenance and safety departments of manufacturing, processing, transportation, energy and other companies and by private industrial inspection establishments.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 非破坏性测试人员和检验技术人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians perform some or all of the following duties:
  • 非破坏性测试设备设置和校准
    Set up and calibrate non-destructive testing equipment
  • 进行测试,以确保质量或使用超声波,射线,液体渗透,磁粉,涡流和其他非破坏性的测试方法检测不连续性(缺陷)
    Conduct tests to ensure quality or detect discontinuities (defects) using ultrasonic, radiographic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and other non-destructive testing methods
  • 设立对监控对象进行适当检查的技巧,确保严格遵守安全法规
    Establish techniques for proper examination of objects under inspection, ensuring strict adherence to safety regulations
  • 解读X光片,阴极射线管(CRT)或数字读数,电导率仪和视觉指标
    Interpret radiographs, cathode ray tube (CRT) or digital readouts, conductivity meters and visual indicators
  • 按照适用的规范或标准应用测试标准并评估结果
    Apply testing criteria in accordance with applicable specifications or standards and evaluate results
  • 组织和报告测试结果
    Organize and report test results
  • 可能使用声发射,振动分析,红外热成像激光剪切散斑试验方法进行专项检查
    May perform specialized inspections using acoustic emission, vibration analysis, infrared thermography and laser shearography testing methods
  • 可能指导和监督学员。
    May instruct and supervise trainees.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需完成中学学习。
    Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 可能需要完成两年的认可专科教育科学或工程项目。
    Completion of two years of an approved post-secondary science or engineering program may be required.
  • 非破坏性测试认证要求接受其他课堂学习和在职培训。
    Additional classroom and on-the-job training is required for certification in non-destructive testing.
  • 由加拿大自然资源部提供的非破坏性测试认证在三个层次可用,同时雇主通常要求雇员取得该认证。
    Non-destructive testing certification by Natural Resources Canada is available in three levels and is usually required by employers.
  • 使用放射性同位素的工业技师必须通过考试,才可以被确认为加拿大核安全委员会认证的曝光装置操作人员。
    Industrial radiographers using a radioactive isotope must pass an examination to be recognized as a certified exposure device operator by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
  • 由加拿大焊接局提供焊接检验师认证在三个层次可用,同时雇主可能会要求雇员提供该认证。
    Welding inspector certification by the Canadian Welding Bureau is available in three levels and may be required by employers.
  • 美国石油学会颁发的锅炉和压力容器,工艺管道,地上储罐督察认证是适用的。
    Boiler and pressure vessel, process pipeline and above-ground storage tank inspector certification is available from the American Petroleum Institute.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 声发射技术人员 acoustic emission technician
  • 声发射测试人员 acoustic emission tester
  • 飞机的非破坏性检验技师 aircraft non-destructive inspection technician
  • 黑光技术人员 – 非破坏性测试 black light technician – non-destructive testing
  • 锅炉测试人员 boiler tester
  • 染料渗透剂技师 dye penetrant technician
  • 染料渗透剂测试人员 dye penetrant tester
  • 涡流技术人员 eddy current technician
  • 涡流检测人员 eddy current tester
  • 荧光渗透测试人员 fluorescent penetrant testing technician
  • 透视测试人员 fluoroscope tester
  • 锻造测试人员 forging tester
  • 水压测试人员 hydrostatic tester
  • 工业放射技师 industrial radiographer
  • 工业技师 – 无线电话 industrial radiographer – radiotelephony
  • 红外技术人员 infrared technician
  • 红外测试人员 infrared tester
  • 红外热成像 infrared thermographer
  • 红外热成像技术人员 infrared thermography technician
  • 液体渗透技术人员 – 非破坏性测试 liquid penetrant technician – non-destructive testing
  • 液体渗透探伤技师 liquid penetrant testing technician
  • 磁粉技师 magnetic particle technician
  • 磁粉检测仪 magnetic particle tester
  • 磁粉探伤技师 magnetic particle testing technician
  • 维修技师 – 非破坏性测试(NDT) maintenance technician – non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • NDT(无损检测)的维修技师 NDT (non-destructive testing) maintenance technician
  • 非破坏性检查技术人员 non-destructive examination technician
  • 非破坏性的考官 non-destructive examiner
  • 非破坏性检验技师 non-destructive inspection technician
  • 非破坏性检查测试人员 non-destructive inspection tester
  • 非破坏性检验员 non-destructive inspector
  • 非破坏性测试技术员 non-destructive test technician
  • 非破坏性测试人员 non-destructive tester
  • 非破坏性的测试维护(NDT)技术人员 non-destructive testing maintenance (NDT) technician
  • 非破坏性测试实习生 non-destructive testing trainee
  • 管测试人员 – 非破坏性测试 pipe tester – non-destructive testing
  • 管道检测技术人员 – 非破坏性测试 pipeline testing technician – non-destructive testing
  • 压力罐测试人员 pressure tank tester
  • 压力容器测试人员 pressure vessel tester
  • 合格的操作人员,非破坏性测试 qualified operator, non-destructive testing
  • 放射技师,工业 radiographer, industrial
  • 放射技术员 – 非破坏性测试 radiographic technician – non-destructive testing
  • X射线检测仪 radiographic tester
  • reflectoscope测试人员 reflectoscope tester
  • 技术员,NDT(无损检测)维修 technician, NDT (non-destructive testing) maintenance
  • 技术员,非破坏性检查 technician, non-destructive examinations
  • 技术人员的,非破坏性的检查 technician, non-destructive inspection
  • 测试人员,锅炉 tester, boiler
  • 测试人员,非破坏性的检查 tester, non-destructive inspection
  • 测试技术员,荧光渗透 testing technician, fluorescent penetrant
  • 测试技术员,紫外线 testing technician, ultraviolet light
  • 热成像测试人员 thermographer-tester
  • 实习生,非破坏性测试 trainee, non-destructive testing
  • 超声波浸泡测试人员 ultrasonic immersion tester
  • 超声波技师 – 非破坏性测试 ultrasonic technician – non-destructive testing
  • 超声波检测人员 ultrasonic tester
  • 超声波探伤技师 ultrasonic testing technician
  • 紫外线测试技术员 ultraviolet light testing technician
  • 振动分析技术员 – 非破坏性测试 vibration analysis technician – non-destructive testing
  • 视觉检测技术人员 – 焊接 visual inspection technician – welding
  • 焊缝检测人员 weld tester

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 工程督察和监管人员 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers [2262](2262)
  • 射线或超声波设备操作的职业 医学实验室或医院(医疗技师和技术员(除了牙齿健康)的X光或超声波设备经营职业) Radiographic or ultrasonic equipment operating occupations in medical laboratories or hospitals (in [321](321) Medical technologists and technicians (except dental health) )




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