NOC 2263 公众环境健康及职业健康安全检查员(2263 Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety)


简介 Intro


Inspectors in this unit group evaluate and monitor health and safety hazards and develop strategies to control risks in the workplace. They inspect restaurants, public facilities, industrial establishments, municipal water systems and other workplaces to ensure compliance with government regulations regarding sanitation, pollution control, the handling and storage of hazardous substances and workplace safety. They are employed throughout the private and public sectors.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 检查餐馆,宾馆,学校,医院及其他公共场所的卫生条件
    Inspect the sanitary conditions of restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and other public facilities or institutions
  • 对自然环境进行调查和监控以便发现污染源
    Conduct surveys and monitoring programs of the natural environment to identify sources of pollution
  • 收集水样进行分析,测量工作场所的物理,生物及化学有害物质,并进行安全和环境审查
    Collect samples of water for analysis; measure physical, biological and chemical workplace hazards; and conduct safety and environmental audits
  • 调查安全健康方面的投诉,有害化学物质的泄漏,疾病或有毒物质的扩散以及工作场所的意外事件
    Investigate health and safety related complaints, spills of hazardous chemicals, outbreaks of diseases or poisonings and workplace accidents
  • 检查工作场所以确保其设备,材料及生产过程对职工或者大众没有安全或健康隐患
    Inspect workplaces to ensure that equipment, materials and production processes do not present a safety or health hazard to employees or to the general public
  • 开发,执行并评估安全健康项目和策略
    Develop, implement and evaluate health and safety programs and strategies
  • 启动执法程序以便对违反国家及省市法规的企业进行罚款或停业处理
    Initiate enforcement procedures to fine or to close an establishment contravening municipal, provincial or federal regulations
  • 提供咨询服务,并给雇主,职工和大众进行培训,培训内容涵括公共健康,环境保护和工作场所安全
    Provide consultation and deliver training programs to employers, employees and the general public on issues of public health, environmental protection or workplace safety.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 食品科学,环境学,化学或者健康安全专业的学士学位或大专学历
    A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in a discipline such as food science, environmental studies, chemistry or health and safety is usually required.
  • 在有些企业,数年的相关工作经验或者公司内容培训课程可以取代正式学历
    In some establishments, several years of related work experience and the completion of in-house training courses may substitute for formal education.
  • 就职于魁省以外的公共健康检查员需要加拿大公共健康检查员协会的资格认证
    Public health inspectors employed outside Quebec require certification with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.
  • 职业健康和安全员需要有加拿大注册安全人员协会的资格认证
    Occupational health and safety officers may require certification with the Association for Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 美容美发督察 beauty salon inspector
  • 危险物品检查员-铁路运输 dangerous goods inspector – railway transport
  • 危险废物检查员 dangerous waste inspector
  • 执法人员 – 环境卫生 enforcement officer – environmental health
  • 环境健康和安全的技术人员 environmental health and safety technician
  • 环境健康和安全技术专家 environmental health and safety technologist
  • 环境健康检查 environmental health inspector
  • 健康环保督察监督员 environmental health inspectors supervisor
  • 环境卫生官员 environmental health officer
  • 环境卫生官员主管 environmental health officers supervisor
  • 环境官员 environmental officer
  • 考官,矿山 examiner, mines
  • 现场主管 – 职业健康和安全 field supervisor – occupational health and safety
  • 洪水损坏督察 flood damage inspector
  • 食品检验员 food inspector
  • 危险废物检查员 hazardous waste inspector
  • 危险废物检查员 – 环境健康 hazardous waste inspector – environmental health
  • 危险废物管理技术专家 hazardous waste management technologist
  • 健康和安全检查员 health and safety inspector
  • 健康和安全官员 health and safety officer
  • 健康和安全的技术人员 health and safety technician
  • 健康和安全技术专家 health and safety technologist
  • 卫生官员主管 health officers supervisor
  • 卫生标准检查员 health standards inspector
  • 酒店和餐馆检查员 – 公众健康 hotel and restaurant inspector – public health
  • 工业卫生官员 industrial health officer
  • 工业卫生检查员 industrial hygiene inspector
  • 工业安全主任 – 职业健康和安全 industrial safety officer – occupational health and safety
  • 工业废物管理检查员 industrial waste control inspector
  • 检查员,危险废物 inspector, dangerous waste
  • 检查员,环保健康 inspector, environmental health
  • 检查员,水灾 inspector, flood damages
  • 检查员,危险废物 inspector, hazardous waste
  • 检查员,危险废物 – 环境健康 inspector, hazardous waste – environmental health
  • 检查员,卫生标准 inspector, health standards
  • 检查员,酒店和餐馆 – 公众健康 inspector, hotels and restaurants – public health
  • 工业卫生检查员 inspector, industrial hygiene
  • 检查员,工业废水控制 inspector, industrial waste control
  • 检查员,养老院 inspector, nursing homes
  • 督察,职业健康和安全 inspector, occupational health and safety
  • 职业卫生督察, inspector, occupational hygiene
  • 职业安全检查员, inspector, occupational safety
  • 检查员,污染控制 inspector, pollution control
  • 检查员,公众健康 inspector, public health
  • 检查员,卫生部门 – 环境卫生 inspector, sanitary department – environmental health
  • 检查员,卫生标准; inspector, sanitary standards
  • 检查员,污水处理 -环境卫生 inspector, sewage disposal – environmental health
  • 检查员,用水 inspector, water
  • 劳工事务主任 – 职业健康和安全 labour affairs officer – occupational health and safety
  • 劳工标准官员 labour standards officer
  • 劳工标准官员 – 职业健康和安全 labour standards officer – occupational health and safety
  • 矿山考官 mine examiner
  • 煤矿安全检查员 mine safety inspector
  • 养老院检查员 nursing home inspector
  • 职业健康和安全官员 occupational health and safety officer
  • 职业健康检查员 occupational health inspector
  • 职业健康主任 occupational health officer
  • 职业卫生监督员 occupational health supervisor
  • 职业卫生检查员 occupational hygiene inspector
  • 职业卫生技术人员 occupational hygiene technician
  • 职业卫生技师 occupational hygienist technologist
  • 职业安全检查员 occupational safety inspector
  • 职业安全主任 occupational safety officer
  • 人员,环境健康 officer, environmental health
  • 人员,健康和安全 officer, health and safety
  • 人员,工业卫生 officer, industrial health
  • 人员,劳工标准 officer, labour standards
  • 人员,职业健康 officer, occupational health
  • 人员,职业健康和安全 officer, occupational health and safety
  • 人员,职业安全 officer, occupational safety
  • 人员,安全和健康 officer, safety and health
  • 污染控制检查员 pollution control inspector
  • 公众卫生检查员 public health inspector
  • 公共卫生督察监督员 public health inspectors supervisor
  • 公共健康安全检查员 public health safety inspector
  • 公共卫生部主管 public health unit supervisor
  • 检疫官员 – 公众健康 quarantine officer – public health
  • 辐射监测 radiation monitor
  • 餐厅巡视员 restaurant inspector
  • 餐厅检查员 – 公众健康 restaurant inspector – public health
  • 灭鼠检查员 rodent control inspector
  • 灭鼠人员 rodent control officer
  • 安全和卫生检查员 – 公众和环境健康 safety and sanitary inspector – public and environmental health
  • 煤矿安全检查员, safety inspector, mines
  • 安全官员 safety officer
  • 安全从业者 safety practitioner
  • 卫生部门检查员 – 环保健康 sanitary department inspector – environmental health
  • 卫生标准督察 sanitary standards inspector
  • 污水处理检查 – 健康环保 sewage disposal inspector – environmental health
  • 主管,卫生官员 supervisor, health officers
  • 主管,职业健康 supervisor, occupational health
  • 主管,公共卫生检查员 supervisor, public health inspectors
  • 污水处理厂检查员 waste water treatment plant inspector
  • 用水检查员 water inspector
  • 福利院巡视员 – 公众健康 dangerous goods inspector – railway transport

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 执法人员和其他管理官员By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers, n.e.c. ([4423](4423))
  • 施工检查员Construction inspectors ([2264](2264))
  • 工程检查员和管理员Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers ([2262](2262))
  • 职业卫生员和生物工程学家([4161](4161)自然和应用科学政策研究员,顾问和项目官员)Occupational hygienists and ergonomists (in [4161](4161) Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers )




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