NOC 2264 建筑检查员 Construction inspectors


简介 Intro


Construction inspectors inspect the construction and maintenance of new and existing buildings, bridges, highways and industrial construction to ensure that specifications and building codes are observed and monitor work site safety. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, construction companies, architectural and civil engineering consulting firms or they may be self-employed.

Progression to construction management positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 为新建筑,建筑装修和其他提议结构检查计划,图纸和站点布局
    Examine plans, drawings, and site layouts for new buildings, building renovations and other proposed structures
  • 检查建筑,桥梁,水坝,公路和其他类型的建设和工程建设的施工情况,符合图纸,规范,建筑法规或其他适用法例
    Inspect construction of buildings, bridges, dams, highways and other types of building and engineering construction for conformance to drawings, specifications, building codes or other applicable ordinances
  • 检查和测试建筑物内电气或管道的安装,以确保符合市级,省级和联邦法规
    Inspect and test electrical or plumbing installations in buildings to ensure compliance with municipal, provincial and federal regulations
  • 检查钢框架,混凝土形式,钢筋网和棒,混凝土或预应力混凝土,以确保质量标准,并核实是否符合规范和建筑规范
    Inspect steel framework, concrete forms, reinforcing steel mesh and rods, concrete or pre-stressed concrete to ensure quality standards and to verify conformance to specifications and building codes
  • 检查下水道系统和管道建设
    Inspect construction of sewer systems and pipelines
  • 检查建筑工地,以保证安全的工作条件
    Inspect construction sites to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained
  • 检查现有的建筑,识别并报告结构缺陷,火灾和其他安全隐患
    Inspect existing buildings to identify and report on structural defects, fire hazards and other threats to safety
  • 代表客户检查新建或二手房,评估并提供物产状况报告。
    Inspect new or resale homes on behalf of clients and assess and provide reports on the physical condition of property.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需完成中学学习。
    Completion of secondary school is required.
  • 建筑,土木或建筑技术的大专文凭,同时具备多年的相关工作经验
    A college diploma in construction, civil engineering or architectural technology plus several years of related work experience
  • 或者必须具备多年的建筑行业,如管道,木工或电气行业技工工作经验。
    Several years of experience as a qualified tradesperson in a construction trade, such as plumbing, carpentry or electrical trade are required.
  • 通常需要熟练的省级行业认证,或工程技术专家认证。
    Provincial certification in a skilled trade or as an engineering technologist is usually required.
  • 具有由加拿大绿色建筑委员会提供的能源与环境设计(LEED)领导认证,同时有些雇主可能要求雇员具备该认证。
    Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is offered by the Canada Green Building Council and may be required by some employers.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 锅炉安装检查员 boiler installation inspector
  • 桥梁和建筑检查员 bridge and building inspector
  • 桥梁检查员 bridge inspector
  • 桥梁巡视员 – 建设和维护 bridge inspector – construction and maintenance
  • 建筑检查员 building construction inspector
  • 建筑检查员 building inspector
  • 建筑检查员 – 电气布线 building inspector – electrical wiring
  • 建筑检查员 – 结构 building inspector – structure
  • 建筑安全督察 building safety inspector
  • 加拿大按揭及房屋公司(CMHC)巡视员 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) inspector
  • 木工督察 carpentry inspector
  • 闭路电视下水道检查员 closed circuit TV sewer inspector
  • CMHC(加拿大按揭及房屋公司)巡视​​员 CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) inspector
  • 合规督察 – 建筑 compliance inspector – buildings
  • 施工现场督察 construction field inspector
  • 建设督察 construction inspector
  • 建设检查和测试仪 construction inspector and tester
  • 施工安全主任 construction safety officer
  • 大坝建设督察 dam construction inspector
  • 沟建设督察 ditch construction inspector
  • 电能安装督察 electrical energy installation inspector
  • 电气检查员 electrical inspector – construction
  • 电气安装督察 electrical installation inspector
  • 电气安全检查员 electrical safety inspector
  • 电气布线检查员-建筑 electrical wiring inspector – construction
  • 泡水检查 – 建筑工地 flood damage inspector – construction sites
  • 领班/男/女,建筑检查员 foreman/woman, building construction inspectors
  • 领班/男/女,公路建设督察 foreman/woman, highway construction inspectors
  • 领班/男/女,管道建设督察 foreman/woman, pipeline construction inspector
  • 领班/男/女,管道督察 foreman/woman, pipeline inspectors
  • 公路建设督察 highway construction inspector
  • 住房建设督察 home construction inspector
  • 家庭督察 home inspector
  • 住房建设督察 housing construction inspector
  • 住房康复巡视员 housing rehabilitation inspector
  • 工业施工安全检查 industrial construction safety inspector
  • 工业电气安装督察 industrial electric installation inspector
  • 督察人员和测试人员,建设 inspector and tester, construction
  • 督察,锅炉安装 inspector, boiler installation
  • 巡视员,桥梁 inspector, bridges
  • 巡视员,桥梁 – 建设和维护 inspector, bridges – construction and maintenance
  • 督察,桥梁和建筑物 inspector, bridges and buildings
  • 督察,建筑 inspector, building construction
  • 检查员,楼宇安全 inspector, building safety
  • 督察,建筑物 inspector, buildings
  • 督察,建筑物 – 电气布线 inspector, buildings – electrical wiring
  • 督察,建筑 – 结构 inspector, buildings – structure
  • 检查员,加拿大按揭及房屋公司(CMHC) inspector, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
  • 巡视员,CMHC(加拿大按揭及房屋公司) inspector, CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
  • 督察,合规性 – 建筑 inspector, compliance – buildings
  • 检查员,施工 inspector, construction
  • 督察,建筑领域 inspector, construction fields
  • 督察,大坝建设 inspector, dam construction
  • 检查员,沟建设 inspector, ditch construction
  • 督察,安装电能 inspector, electrical energy installation
  • 检查员,电气安装 inspector, electrical installation
  • 检查员,电气安全 inspector, electrical safety
  • 督察,电气布线 – 建设 inspector, electrical wiring – construction
  • 督察,公路建设; inspector, highway construction
  • 督察,家乡建设 inspector, home construction
  • 检查员,家庭 inspector, homes
  • 巡视员,住房建设; inspector, housing construction
  • 巡视员,住房康复 inspector, housing rehabilitation
  • 督察,工业建筑施工安全 inspector, industrial construction safety
  • 检查员,工业电气设备 inspector, industrial electric installations
  • 督察,建设灌溉 – inspector, irrigation – construction
  • 督察,维护 – 建设 inspector, maintenance – construction
  • 巡视员,砖石 inspector, masonry
  • 检查员,矿山建设 inspector, mine construction
  • 督察,管道建设 inspector, pipeline construction
  • 检查员,水暖 inspector, plumbing
  • 检查员,预应力混凝土 inspector, pre-stressed concrete
  • 督察,公共工程 – 建设 inspector, public works – construction
  • 检查员,炼油设备 inspector, refinery equipment
  • 检查员,钢筋混凝土 inspector, reinforced concrete
  • 督察,道路建设 inspector, road construction
  • 督察,道路分级 inspector, road grading
  • 检查员,铺路 inspector, road paving
  • 督察,下水道建设 inspector, sewer construction
  • 督察,结构铁工 inspector, structural ironwork
  • 检查员,结构钢 inspector, structural steel
  • 检查员,隧道施工; inspector, tunnel construction
  • 检查员,水务建设 inspector, waterworks construction
  • 督察,接线 – 国内安装 inspector, wiring – domestic installation
  • 督察,接线 – 工业安装 inspector, wiring – industrial installation
  • 灌溉督察 – 建设 irrigation inspector – construction
  • 维修检查员 – 建设 maintenance inspector – construction
  • 砌筑巡视员 masonry inspector
  • 矿山建设督察 mine construction inspector
  • 矿山督察,建设 mine inspector, construction
  • 管道建​​设督察 pipeline construction inspector
  • 水暖督察 plumbing inspector
  • 预应力混凝土督察 pre-stressed concrete inspector
  • 公共工程督察 – 建设 public works inspector – construction
  • 炼油厂设备检查 refinery equipment inspector
  • 钢筋混凝土督察 reinforced concrete inspector
  • 公路建设督察 road construction inspector
  • 道路分级督察 road grading inspector
  • 铺路督察 road paving inspector
  • 安全人员 – 建设 safety officer – construction
  • 砂石检查员 – 建设 sand and gravel inspector – construction
  • 下水道建设督察 sewer construction inspector
  • 下水道督察,闭路电视 sewer inspector, closed circuit TV
  • 土壤检查员 – 建设 soil inspector – construction
  • 结构铁工检查 structural ironwork inspector
  • 钢结构督察 structural steel inspector
  • 主管,建设督察 supervisor, construction inspectors
  • 隧道施工督察 tunnel construction inspector
  • 水厂建设督察 waterworks construction inspector
  • 接线检查 – 国内安装 wiring inspector – domestic installation
  • 接线检查 – 工业安装 wiring inspector – industrial installation

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 执法及其他监管人员,NEC By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers, n.e.c. [4423](4423)
  • 建筑估计师 Construction estimators [2234](2234)
  • 建筑经理 Construction managers [0711](0711)
  • 工程督察和监管人员 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers [2262](2262)
  • 公众和环境健康和职业健康安全督察 Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety [2263](2263)




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