NOC 4031 中学教师 (Secondary school teachers)


简介 Intro


Secondary school teachers prepare and teach academic, technical, vocational or specialized subjects at public and private secondary schools. Secondary school teachers who are heads of departments are included in this group.

Progression to vice-principal or other administrative positions in the education system is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 根据批准的课程,准备呈现给学生的主体材料
    Prepare subject material for presentation to students according to an approved curriculum
  • 系统有计划的使用讲座,讨论,视听演示和实验室,车间和现场研究等方式教授学生。
    Teach students using a systematic plan of lectures, discussions, audio-visual presentations, and laboratory, shop and field studies
  • 布置并批改作业
    Assign and correct homework
  • 准备,管理和纠正考试
    Prepare, administer and correct tests
  • 评估进展情况,确定学生的个性化需求,并与家长和学校官员讨论结果
    Evaluate progress, determine individual needs of students and discuss results with parents and school officials
  • 针对需要额外帮助的学生准备和实施补救方案
    Prepare and implement remedial programs for students requiring extra help
  • 参加员工会议,教育会议和师资培训工作
    Participate in staff meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops
  • 亦可通过远程或网上课程教授和评估学生
    May teach and evaluate students through distance or online courses
  • 针对课程选择及职业和个人事宜向学生提供建议
    May advise students on course selection and on vocational and personal matters
  • 可以监督实习教师。
    May supervise student teachers.
  • 中学教师可以专注于数学,英语,法语,特殊教育或第二语言教学等领域。职业和行业科目的中学教师可能专注于某领域,如美容或汽车修理工。
    Secondary school teachers may specialize in such areas as mathematics, English, French, special education or second language instruction. Secondary school teachers of vocational and trades subjects may specialize in areas such as hairdressing or auto mechanics.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 学科教师需要教育学士学位,在这之前往往取得艺术或科学的学士学位。
    Teachers of academic subjects require a bachelor’s degree in education which is often preceded by a bachelor’s degree in the arts or sciences.
  • 职业或技术科目的教师通常取得该科目的专业培训或经验后,还必须取得教育学士学位。
    Teachers of vocational or technical subjects require a bachelor’s degree in education which is usually preceded by specialized training or experience in the subject.
  • 在魁北克省的行业导师需要完成学徒训练计划及产业或行业认证。
    Instructors of trades in Quebec require completion of an apprenticeship training program and industry or trade certification.
  • 部门负责人通常需要几年的教学经验。
    Department heads usually require several years of teaching experience.
  • 专注于特殊的教育或英语或法语作为第二语言的,要求参加额外的培训。
    To specialize in special education or English or French as a second language, additional training is required.
  • 必需取得省级教学证书。
    A provincial teaching certificate is required.
  • 可能需要省或地区教师协会或联会的会员身份。
    Membership in a provincial or territorial teachers’ association or federation may be required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 原住民学校教师 – 中学 Aboriginal school community teacher – secondary school
  • 学科高中教师 academic subjects high school teacher
  • 学科中学教师 academic subjects secondary school teacher
  • 会计老师 – 中学 accounting teacher – secondary school
  • 成人教育教师,中学 adult education teacher, secondary school
  • 代数老师 – 中学 algebra teacher – secondary school
  • 美术老师 – 中学 art teacher – secondary school
  • 艺术和手工艺老师 – 中学 arts and crafts teacher – secondary school
  • 生物老师 – 中学 biology teacher – secondary school
  • 生物老师,高中 biology teacher, high school
  • 业务和电子商务的老师 – 中学 business and commerce teacher – secondary school
  • 商业教育教师 business education teacher
  • 企业教师 – 中学 business teacher – secondary school
  • 微积分老师 – 中学 calculus teacher – secondary school
  • 事业和生活管理老师 career and life management teacher
  • 职业和技术学科教师 career and technology studies teacher
  • 职业教育教师 career education teacher
  • 职业生涯的探索教师 career exploration teacher
  • 化学老师 – 中学 chemistry teacher – secondary school
  • 古典语言中学教师 classical languages secondary school teacher
  • 电子商务的老师 – 中学 commerce teacher – secondary school
  • 社区教师,原住民学校 – 中学 community teacher, Aboriginal school – secondary school
  • 社区教师,原住民学校 – 中学 community teacher, Native school – secondary school
  • 计算机技术教师 – 中学 computer technology teacher – secondary school
  • 烹饪名师 – 中学 cooking teacher – secondary school
  • 合作教育教师 cooperative education teacher
  • 合作学习的老师 cooperative learning teacher
  • 对应教师 – 中学 correspondence teacher – secondary school
  • 数据处理教师 – 中学 data processing teacher – secondary school
  • 部门负责人,中学 department head, secondary school
  • 远程教育教师 – 中学 distance education teacher – secondary school
  • 戏剧老师 – 中学 drama teacher – secondary school
  • 经济学老师 – 中学 economics teacher – secondary school
  • 英语作为第二语言(ESL)的高中教师 English as a second language (ESL) high school teacher
  • 英语作为第二语言的教师,高中 English as a second language teacher, high school
  • 英语文学高中老师 English literature high school teacher
  • 中学英语教师, English teacher, secondary school
  • ESL(英语作为第二语言)高中教师 ESL (English as a second language) high school teacher
  • 伦理老师 – 中学 ethics teacher – secondary school
  • 美术教师 – 中学 fine arts teacher – secondary school
  • 法语作为第二语言的教师 – 中学 French as a second language teacher – secondary school
  • 法语作为第二语言的教师,高中 French as a second language teacher, high school
  • 法语教师 – 中学 French teacher – secondary school
  • 地理老师 – 中学 geography teacher – secondary school
  • 几何老师 – 中学 geometry teacher – secondary school
  • 德语教师 – 中学 German teacher – secondary school
  • 希腊教师 – 中学 Greek teacher – secondary school
  • 客座教师 – 中学 guest teacher – secondary school
  • 健康教育教师 – 中学 health education teacher – secondary school
  • 高中老师 high school teacher
  • 高中老师,英语作为第二语言 high school teacher, English as a second language
  • 高中老师,法语作为第二语言 high school teacher, French as a second language
  • 高中老师,户外活动 high school teacher, outdoor activities
  • 高中老师,体育 high school teacher, physical education
  • 高中老师,宗教教育 high school teacher, religious education
  • 高中老师,科学 high school teacher, science
  • 高中教师,特殊教育 high school teacher, special education
  • 历史老师,中学 history teacher, secondary school
  • 的家政老师 – 中学 home economics teacher – secondary school
  • 人文学科老师 – 高中 humanities teacher – high school
  • 工业和职业教育教师 – 中学 industrial and vocational education teacher – secondary school
  • 工业艺术老师 – 中学 industrial arts teacher – secondary school
  • 信息技术教师 – 中学 information technology teacher – secondary school
  • 意大利名师 – 中学 Italian teacher – secondary school
  • 拉丁老师 – 中学 Latin teacher – secondary school
  • 馆员教师,高中 librarian-teacher, high school
  • 数学教师 – 中学 mathematics teacher – secondary school
  • 现代语言教师 – 中学 modern languages teacher – secondary school
  • 音乐教师 – 中学 music teacher – secondary school
  • 母语学校的老师 – 中学 Native school community teacher – secondary school
  • 户外体育老师 – 中学 outdoor physical education teacher – secondary school
  • 体育与健康教育教师 – 中学 physical and health education teacher – secondary school
  • 体育老师 – 中学 physical education teacher – secondary school
  • 物理科学教师 – 中学 physical science teacher – secondary school
  • 物理老师 – 中学 physics teacher – secondary school
  • 艺术教师的实际和应用 practical and applied arts teacher
  • 民办教师 – 中学 private teacher – secondary school
  • 阅读医生 – 中学 reading clinician – secondary school
  • 宗教教育的高中老师 religious education high school teacher
  • 辅导老师 – 中学 remedial teacher – secondary school
  • 辅导老师,中学 remedial teacher, secondary school
  • 学校的老师 – 中学 school teacher – secondary school
  • 科学高中老师 science high school teacher
  • 科学教师 – 中学 science teacher – secondary school
  • 中学部头 secondary school department head
  • 中学读临床 secondary school reading clinician
  • 中学教师 secondary school teacher
  • 中学教师,古典语言 secondary school teacher, classical languages
  • 中学教师,体育 secondary school teacher, physical education
  • 中学教师,特殊教育 secondary school teacher, special education
  • 中学职教师资 secondary school vocational teacher
  • 缝纫老师 – 中学 sewing teacher – secondary school
  • 的钣金教练 – 中学 sheet metal instructor – secondary school
  • 社会科学教师 – 中学 social sciences teacher – secondary school
  • 西班牙语教师 – 中学 Spanish teacher – secondary school
  • 特殊教育教师 – 中学 special education teacher – secondary school
  • 特殊需要的老师 – 中学 special needs teacher – secondary school
  • 老师特别节目 – 中学 special programs teacher – secondary school
  • 高中代课老师 substitute high school teacher
  • 代课老师 – 中学 substitute teacher – secondary school
  • 代课高中老师 supply high school teacher
  • 代课教师,高中 supply teacher, high school
  • 老师,高中 teacher, high school
  • 老师,中学 teacher, secondary school
  • 学校图书馆,高中 teacher-librarian, high school
  • 技术和职业教师 – 中学 technical and vocational teacher – secondary school
  • 行业指导员 – 中学 trades instructor – secondary school
  • 职业高中教师 vocational high school teacher
  • 中等职业学校教师 vocational secondary school teacher
  • 职业教师 – 中学 vocational teacher – secondary school
  • 高职教师,高中; vocational teacher, high school

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 学院和其他职业指导员 College and other vocational instructors [4021](4021)
  • 教育辅导员 Educational counsellors [4033](4033)
  • 小学和中学教师助理 Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants [4413](4413)
  • 小学和幼儿园教师 Elementary school and kindergarten teachers [4032](4032)
  • 初中教师(小学和幼儿园教师) Junior high school teachers (in [4032](4032) Elementary school and kindergarten teachers )
  • 心理教育者(家庭,婚姻和其他相关的辅导员) Psychoeducators (in [4153](4153) Family, marriage and other related counsellors )
  • 初等和中等教育的学校校长和管理员 School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education [0422](0422)
  • 中学图书馆馆长(图书馆和公共档案技师) Secondary school librarians (in [5211](5211) Library and public archive technicians )
  • 非学历课程的教师(其他导师) Teachers of non-academic courses (in [4216](4216) Other instructors )
  • 教师生活技能课程,残疾人士(指导员残疾人) Teachers teaching life skills courses to persons with disabilities (in [4215](4215) Instructors of persons with disabilities )




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