NOC 4161 自然和应用科学政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 (Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers)


简介 Intro


Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers conduct research, prepare reports, provide consultation and advice and administer programs in a variety of areas related to the natural and applied sciences. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, computer and office furniture manufacturers, educational institutions, research organizations, consulting firms, environmental and conservation organizations, or they may be self-employed.

Progression to supervisory or managerial positions in these fields is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 生物工程学家或人为因素专家进行研究和提出建议,并干预的人类,及其设备和工作或生活环境的物理,社会和心理之间的相互关系,以确保最大限度地提高设备的设计,配置和使用,程序和环境条件的安全,效率和舒适度。
    Ergonomists or human factors specialists conduct research and advise on, and intervene in the physical, social and psychological interrelationships between persons, their equipment and working or living environments to ensure that the design, configuration and use of equipment, procedures and environmental conditions maximize safety, productivity and comfort.
  • 职业或工业卫生学家研究,评估和控制物理,化学和生物的危害,重点强调工作场所。他们报告和整理调查和结论,建议改变工作环境和流程,并向工人和管理人员或雇主提供方法信息,以降低来自特定职业病危害因素的受伤或生病的风险。他们也可以教授安全工作程序,参与应急计划,在听证会上作证,在科学会议或科学期刊上报告结果。
    Occupational or industrial hygienists study, evaluate and control physical, chemical and biological hazards and stresses in the workplace. They report and document investigations and conclusions, suggest changes to work environments and processes and provide information to workers and managers or employers on methods to reduce the risk of injury or illness from specific occupational hazards. They may also teach safe work procedures, participate in emergency response planning, testify at hearings and report findings at scientific conferences or in scientific journals.
  • 专利代理人向客户提供有关专利法的元素,发明专利的建议,进行专利检索,专利申请准备,并代表客户代表前往专利局。
    Patent agents advise clients on elements of patent law and on the patentability of inventions, conduct patent searches, prepare patent applications and represent clients before the patent office.
  • 技术转让人员负责传输和整合新技术,通常是从大学或政府研究和开发环境到商业和工业应用,并确保研究人员和开发人员的知识产权保护。
    Technology transfer officers are responsible for transferring and integrating new technologies, usually from university or government research and development environments, to commercial and industrial applications and ensure the protection of intellectual property of researchers and developers.
  • 科学政策和计划人员进行研究,并就政策提出建议,或发展或管理交通运输,应急准备,通讯,自然资源,农业,环境,传统和替代能源技术,土地使用,回收等科学领域的相关方案。他们通过利用自然资源,环境,后处理和减少废物等条例来促进公众意识和教育。
    Science policy and program officers conduct research and advise on policies or develop or administer programs related to transportation, emergency preparedness, communications, natural resources, agriculture, the environment, traditional and alternative energy technologies, land use, recycling and other scientific fields. They promote public awareness and education on such issues as utilization of natural resources, the environment, and reprocessing and reduction of waste.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 本单元组的职业通常需要相关的科学或技术学科的大学本科学历或大专文凭。
    A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in a related scientific or technical discipline is usually required for occupations in this unit group.
  • 可能需要相关的科学学科硕士学位。
    A master’s degree in a related scientific discipline may be required.
  • 必须通过加拿大学院认证的专业人体工学认证,才可以使用“加拿大认证的专业工程学家(CCPE)”头衔。可能需要取得加拿大生物工程学家协会的会员身份。
    Certification through the Canadian College of Certified Professional Ergonomists is required to use the title “Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE)”. Membership with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists may be required.
  • 职业卫生员可能需要职业卫生员加拿大注册董事会或魁北克LE国家行政法院认可卫生用品工业公司的注册认证。
    Occupational hygienists may require certification by the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists or le Conseil d’accréditation en hygiène industrielle du Québec.
  • 专利代理人要求具有在专利领域12个月的工作经验并成功通过专利专员考试。他们可能还需要被列在专利代理人名册。
    Patent agents require 12 months of work experience in the patent field and successful completion of examinations set by the Commissioner of Patents. They may also be required to be listed in the register of patent agents.
  • 本组涉及绿色建筑设计和技术发展的职业,可能要求是由加拿大绿色建筑委员会提供的能源与环境设计(LEED)认证课程的领导。
    Occupations in this group that are involved in green building design and technologies development may require the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification offered by the Canadian Green Building Council.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 农业协会分析师 agricultural association analyst
  • 农业问题游说家 agricultural issues lobbyist
  • 分析师,农业协会 analyst, agricultural association
  • 认证的人体工学 certified ergonomist
  • 认证工业卫生员 certified industrial hygienist
  • 通信政策研究员 communications policy researcher
  • 顾问,自然和应用科学 consultant, natural and applied sciences
  • 统筹员,市政回收计划 co-ordinator, municipal recycling program
  • 统筹员,废物管理计划 co-ordinator, waste management program
  • 救灾应急响应规划师 disaster emergency response planner
  • 应急管理分析师 emergency management analyst
  • 应急准备规划师 emergency preparedness planner
  • 能源政策分析师 energy policy analyst
  • 能源项目官员 energy program officer
  • 环保顾问(工程师除外) environmental advisor (except engineer)
  • 环保顾问(工程师除外) environmental consultant (except engineer)
  • 环境教育顾问 environmental education consultant
  • 环境影响分析师 environmental impact analyst
  • 环境问题游说 environmental issues lobbyist
  • 环保游说家 environmental lobbyist
  • 环保计划统筹员 environmental program co-ordinator
  • 环境程序开发主管 environmental program development supervisor
  • 环境项目经理 environmental program manager
  • 人体工程学顾问 ergonomics consultant
  • 人体工程学专家 ergonomics specialist
  • 人体工学 ergonomist
  • 渔业分析师 fisheries analyst
  • 渔业项目官员 fisheries program officer
  • 人为因素工程师 human factors engineer
  • 人为因素专家(工程师除外) human factors specialist (except engineer)
  • 工业卫生员 industrial hygienist
  • 工业减废计划统筹员 industrial waste reduction program co-ordinator
  • 接口人体工学 interface ergonomist
  • 游说家,农业问题 lobbyist, agricultural issues
  • 游说,环境问题 lobbyist, environmental issues
  • 多媒体人体工学 multimedia ergonomist
  • 市政回收计划统筹 municipal recycling program co-ordinator
  • 自然和应用科学顾问 natural and applied sciences consultant
  • 自然和应用科学的政策顾问 natural and applied sciences policy advisor
  • 自然和应用科学的政策分析师 natural and applied sciences policy analyst
  • 自然和应用科学项目官员 natural and applied sciences program officer
  • 自然和应用科学研究员 natural and applied sciences researcher
  • 自然资源的规划师 natural resources planner
  • 自然资源政策分析师 natural resources policy analyst
  • 职业卫生官 occupational hygiene officer
  • 职业卫生员 occupational hygienist
  • 专利代理人 patent agent
  • 专利代理人,注册 patent agent, registered
  • 专利检索员 patent searcher
  • 政策分析师,自然和应用科学 policy analyst, natural and applied sciences
  • 节目统筹 – 环保组织 program co-ordinator – environmental organization
  • 节目统筹,固体废物 program co-ordinator, solid waste
  • 项目经理,固体废物 program manager, solid waste
  • 项目官员,能源 program officer, energy
  • 程序人员,渔业 program officer, fisheries
  • 程序人员,自然和应用科学 program officer, natural and applied sciences
  • 回收统筹 – 残留物管理 recycling co-ordinator – residuals management
  • 回收计划统筹 recycling program co-ordinator
  • 区域循环和减少废物计划统筹 regional recycling and waste reduction program co-ordinator
  • 注册职业卫生 registered occupational hygienist
  • 注册专利代理人 registered patent agent
  • 研究员,自然和应用科学 researcher, natural and applied sciences
  • 科学顾问 scientific consultant
  • 固体废物计划统筹 solid waste program co-ordinator
  • 固体废物的项目经理 solid waste program manager
  • 监事,程序开发环境 supervisor, environmental program development
  • 技术转让人员 technology transfer officer
  • 运输方案分析师 transportation program analyst
  • 运输安全分析师 transportation safety analyst
  • 废物转移顾问 waste diversion consultant
  • 废物转移计划统筹 waste diversion program co-ordinator
  • 废物分流方案经理 waste diversion program manager
  • 废物管理计划统筹 waste management program co-ordinator
  • 废物减量和回收人员 waste reduction and recycling officer
  • 减少废物教育项目官员 waste reduction education program officer
  • 减废计划统筹 waste reduction program co-ordinator
  • 风能分析师 wind energy analyst
  • 工地分析师 work site analyst
  • 工作现场审核 work site auditor

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 建筑和科学管理 Architecture and science managers [0212](0212)
  • 卫生政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers [4165](4165)
  • 生命科学专业 Life science professionals [212](212)
  • 其他工程师 Other engineers [214](214)
  • 专利律师(律师和魁北克公证人) Patent lawyers (in [4112](4112) Lawyers and Quebec notaries )
  • 物理科学专业人员 Physical science professionals [211](211)
  • 工程专业的职业(土木,机械,电气和化学工程师) Professional occupations in engineering (in [213](213) Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers )




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