NOC 6221 技术销售专家 – 批发贸易 Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade


简介 Intro


Technical sales specialists, wholesale trade, sell a range of technical goods and services, such as scientific, agricultural and industrial products, electricity, telecommunications services and computer services, to governments and to commercial and industrial establishments in domestic and international localities. They are employed by establishments that produce or provide technical goods and services, such as pharmaceutical companies, industrial equipment manufacturing companies, grain elevators, computer services firms, engineering firms and hydroelectric companies, or they may be self-employed technical sales specialists/agents who contract their services to other companies. Technical sales specialists who are supervisors are included in this unit group.

Extensive company training programs for technical sales specialists may be provided by employers.

Progression to sales management positions is possible with additional training or experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 向现有客户销售
    Promote sales to existing clients
  • 确定并寻求潜在客户
    Identify and solicit potential clients
  • 评估客户的需求和资源,并推荐合适的商品或服务
    Assess clients’ needs and resources and recommend the appropriate goods or services
  • 提供投入产品设计,商品或服务量身订做以满足客户的需求
    Provide input into product design where goods or services must be tailored to suit clients’ needs
  • 制定报告和提案,作为销售演示的一部分,说明商品或服务的好处
    Develop reports and proposals as part of sales presentation to illustrate benefits from use of good or service
  • 估算安装和维护设备或服务的成本
    Estimate costs of installing and maintaining equipment or service
  • 准备和执行销售合同
    Prepare and administer sales contracts
  • 售后与客户咨询以解决问题,并提供持续的支持
    Consult with clients after sale to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support
  • 对相关设备的技术问题进行故障排除
    Troubleshoot technical problems related to equipment
  • 可以培训客户的员工操作和维护设备
    May train customers’ staff in the operation and maintenance of equipment
  • 可能通过基于互联网的电子商务进行销售交易
    May conduct sales transactions through Internet-based electronic commerce
  • 监督其他技术人员和销售专家的活动。
    May supervise the activities of other technical staff and sales specialists.
  • 技术销售专家通常专注于特定行业的商品或服务。
    Technical sales specialists usually specialize in a particular line of goods or services.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要产品或服务相关的课程大学学位或大专文凭。
    A university degree or college diploma in a program related to the product or service is usually required.
  • 可能需要销售经验或相关的产品或服务的技术职位。
    Experience in sales or in a technical occupation related to the product or service may be required.
  • 要到进口或出口技术产品或服务的公司寻求就业的技术销售专家可能需要具备一门流利的外语,和/或外国工作或旅行的经验。
    Fluency in a specific foreign language, and/or foreign work or travel experience may be required for technical sales specialists seeking employment with companies that import or export technical goods or services.
  • 技术销售主管要求有经验的技术销售专家。
    Technical sales supervisors require experience as a technical sales specialist.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 代理商,国家粮食电梯 agent, country grain elevator
  • 代理商,主要谷物电梯 agent, primary grain elevator
  • 农业设备和用品的技术销售人员 agricultural equipment and supplies technical salesperson
  • 飞机销售代表 aircraft sales representative
  • 飞机技术销售专家 aircraft technical sales specialist
  • 交替加热能源顾问 alternate heating energy consultant
  • 替代加热能源顾问 – 批发 alternative heating energy consultant – wholesale
  • 应用销售工程师 applications sales engineer
  • 经理助理粮食电梯 assistant grain elevator manager
  • 广播设备销售员 broadcasting equipment salesperson
  • 业务代理,计算机 business agent, computers
  • 化工品销售代表 chemicals sales representative
  • 商业和工业设备及耗材销售代表 – 技术批发 commercial and industrial equipment and supplies sales representative – technical wholesale
  • 通信设备的销售代表 communication equipment sales representative
  • 计算机应用销售工程师 computer applications sales engineer
  • 电脑设备销售专家 computer equipment sales specialist
  • 计算机软件的销售代表 computer software sales representative
  • 计算机系统的销售代表 computer system sales representative
  • 建筑设备的销售代表 construction equipment sales representative
  • 建材销售代表 construction material sales representative
  • 国家粮食电梯代理商 country grain elevator agent
  • 国家粮食电梯经理 country grain elevator manager
  • 国家粮食电梯操作员 country grain elevator operator
  • 客户支持代表 – 批发 customer support representative – wholesale
  • 牙科设备和耗材销售人员 dental equipment and supplies salesperson
  • 诊断仪器销售代表 diagnostic instrument sales representative
  • 区域经理,粮食电梯 district manager, grain elevator
  • EDP​​(电子数据处理)硬件和服务的销售代表 EDP (electronic data-processing) hardware and services sales representative
  • 电气设备的销售代表 electrical equipment sales representative
  • 工业电气设备的销售代表 electrical industrial equipment sales representative
  • 电力销售代表 electricity sales representative
  • 电子数据处理(EDP)的硬件和服务的销售代表 electronic data-processing (EDP) hardware and services sales representative
  • 电子设备的营业员 – 批发 electronic equipment salesperson – wholesale
  • 工程设备销售员 engineering equipment salesperson
  • 工程用品销售员 engineering supplies salesperson
  • 出口公司的技术销售专家 export company technical sales specialist
  • 农场设备销售员 farm equipment salesperson
  • 农机销售人员 farm machinery salesperson
  • :林业设备销售代表 forestry equipment sales representative
  • 林业机械销售代表 forestry machinery sales representative
  • 粮食电梯代理商 grain elevator agent
  • 粮食电梯区经理 grain elevator district manager
  • 粮食电梯经理 grain elevator manager
  • 粮食电梯操作员 grain elevator operator
  • 印艺设备销售代表 graphic arts equipment sales representative
  • 重型设备的销售代表 heavy equipment sales representative
  • 重型设备的销售人员 heavy equipment salesperson
  • 重型卡车销售代表 heavy truck sales representative
  • 重型卡车销售员 heavy truck salesperson
  • 医院设备的销售代表 hospital equipment sales representative
  • 医院设备销售员 hospital equipment salesperson
  • 水电销售代表 hydro-electricity sales representative
  • 导入公司的技术销售专家 import company technical sales specialist
  • 工业设备销售工程师 industrial equipment sales engineer
  • 工业机械的销售代表 industrial machinery sales representative
  • 工业用品的销售代表 industrial supplies sales representative
  • 工业用品销售员 industrial supplies salesperson
  • 光,热和电力销售工程师 light, heat and power sales engineer
  • 照明,取暖和电力销售代表 lighting, heating and power sales representative
  • 照明,取暖和电力销售专家 lighting, heating and power sales specialist
  • 测井仪器销售人员 logging equipment salesperson
  • 润滑设备销售员 lubricating equipment salesperson
  • 机械营业员 machinery salesperson
  • 经理,粮食电梯 manager, grain elevator
  • 制造商的销售代表 manufacturer’s sales representative
  • 材料处理设备的营业员 material-handling equipment salesperson
  • 医疗设备和用品的销售人员 medical equipment and supplies salesperson
  • 医疗器械销售代理 medical instruments sales agent
  • 金属制品的销售人员 metal products salesperson
  • 挤奶机销售人员 milking machine salesperson
  • 采矿设备销售工程师 mining equipment sales engineer
  • 采矿设备销售代表 mining equipment sales representative
  • 天然气销售代表 natural gas sales representative
  • 办公设备的销售人员 – 批发 office equipment salesperson – wholesale
  • 炼油厂设备销售代表 oil refinery equipment sales representative
  • 油井服务销售工程师 oil well services sales engineer
  • 医药销售代表 pharmaceutical sales representative
  • 药品销售人员 pharmaceutical salesperson
  • 管道和供热服务的销售代表 plumbing and heating services sales representative
  • 主要谷物电梯代理商 primary grain elevator agent
  • 的主要谷物电梯经理 primary grain elevator manager
  • 基层粮食电梯操作员 primary grain elevator operator
  • 印刷机械销售代表 printing machinery sales representative
  • 印刷管理技术员, printing management technician
  • 打印耗材的销售人员 printing supplies salesperson
  • 铁路设备及耗材技术销售专家 railway equipment and supplies technical sales specialist
  • 铁路设备及耗材的技术销售人员 railway equipment and supplies technical salesperson
  • 节能住宅的销售顾问 residential energy sales adviser
  • 安全设备的营业员 safety equipment salesperson
  • 销售人员,技术销售 sale executive, technical sales
  • 销售代理 – 批发 sales broker – wholesale
  • 销售工程师 sales engineer
  • 销售工程师,技术支持 sales engineer, technical support
  • 销售代表,建筑材料 sales representative, construction materials
  • 销售代表,照明,取暖和电力 sales representative, lighting, heating and power
  • 销售代表,技术办公设备 sales representative, technical office equipment
  • 科学仪器的销售代表 scientific instrument sales representative
  • 软件销售代表 software sales representative
  • 固体燃料加热销售顾问 solid fuel heating sales consultant
  • 钢铁产品的销售代表 steel product sales representative
  • 监事,技术售货员 supervisor, technical salespersons
  • 手术供电营业员 surgical supply salesperson
  • 系统软件支持销售代表 systems software support sales representative
  • 技术商业设备批发销售员 – technical business equipment salesperson – wholesale
  • 技术办公设备的销售代表 technical office equipment sales representative
  • 技术销售顾问 technical sales consultant
  • 技术销售主管 technical sales executive
  • 技术销售代表 technical sales representative
  • 技术销售代表 – 批发 technical sales representative – wholesale
  • 技术销售专家 technical sales specialist
  • 技术销售专家,飞机 technical sales specialist, aircraft
  • 技术销售专家,化学品 technical sales specialist, chemicals
  • 技术销售专家,出口 technical sales specialist, exports
  • 技术销售专家,进口 technical sales specialist, imports
  • 技术销售专家,金属 technical sales specialist, metals
  • 技术销售专家,铁路设备和用品 technical sales specialist, railway equipment and supplies
  • 技术销售主管 technical sales supervisor
  • 技术的推销员 – 批发 technical salesperson – wholesale
  • 技术销售人员,电信 technical salesperson, telecommunications
  • 技术服务销售顾问 technical service sales consultant
  • 技术支持专家 – 批发贸易 technical support specialist – wholesale trade
  • 电信销售代表 telecommunications sales representative
  • 电信营业员 telecommunications salesperson
  • 纺织机械的销售人员 textile machinery salesperson
  • 地形设备销售员 topographical equipment salesperson
  • 超声波设备销售人员 ultrasonic equipment salesperson
  • 兽医设备和用品的销售人员 veterinary equipment and supplies salesperson
  • 焊接设备销售员 welding equipment salesperson
  • X射线设备的销售人员 X-ray equipment salesperson

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 广告,市场营销和公共关系经理 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers [0124](0124)
  • 零售售货员 Retail salespersons [6421](6421)
  • 销售和客户代表 – 批发业(非技术) Sales and account representatives – wholesale trade (non-technical) [6411](6411)



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