NOC 7445 其他维修人员和服务商 Other repairers and servicers


简介 Intro


This unit group includes workers, not elsewhere classified, who repair and service a wide variety of products, such as cameras, scales, musical instruments, coin machines, vending machines, sporting goods and other miscellaneous products and equipment. They are employed by product specialty repair shops and service establishments.

Some mobility may occur among workers in this unit group

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

  • 检查产品,以确定维修要求
    Inspect products to determine the requirement for repair
  • 使用手动,电动或专门设计的工具修理或更换故障或磨损的零部件
    Repair or replace defective or worn out parts and components using hand, power or specially designed tools
  • 测试和调整维修产品保证正常运作
    Test and adjust repaired products for proper functioning
  • 执行例行维护
    Perform routine maintenance
  • 可以使用手动工具进行产品校准。
    May calibrate products using hand tools.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要某些中学教育。
    Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • 完成大学或其他有关特定的设备或产品维修的课程
    Completion of college or other courses relevant to a particular equipment or product repair
  • 或者通常需要完成几个月的在职培训。
    Completion of several months of on-the-job training is usually required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 手风琴维修工 accordion repairer
  • 加入机器维修工 adding machine repairer
  • 调节者,高尔夫球杆头 adjuster, golf club heads
  • 调节者,钢琴行动 adjuster, piano action
  • 空气压缩机维修工 air compressor repairer
  • 空气阀维修工,铁路机车车辆 air valve repairer, railway rolling stock
  • 机场设备维修维修工 airport equipment maintenance repairer
  • 开弓射箭装订 archery bow finisher
  • 开弓射箭维修工 archery bow repairer
  • 汽车清障工人 automobile wrecker
  • 汽车拆迁工 automotive dismantler
  • 汽车维修设备服务商 automotive maintenance equipment servicer
  • 遮阳篷和帐篷维修工 awning and tent repairer
  • 啤酒胶设备维修工 beer-dispensing equipment repairer
  • 工业皮带维修工 belt repairer, industrial
  • 自行车修理工 bicycle mechanic
  • 自行车维修工 bicycle repairer
  • 台球和保龄球设备安装维修工 billiard and bowling equipment installer-repairer
  • 台球球杆称重者 billiard cue weigher
  • 台球桌维修工 billiard table repairer
  • 台球桌的服务人员 billiard table servicer
  • 船螺旋桨维修工 boat propeller repairer
  • 弓维修工 bow repairer
  • 校验员,压力控制器 calibrator, pressure controllers
  • 校准员,扭力扳手 calibrator, torque wrench
  • 相机维修工 camera repairer
  • 相机修理工/男/女 camera repairman/woman
  • 录音机维修工 dictaphone repairer
  • 录音机的服务人员 dictaphone servicer
  • 拆迁者,汽车 dismantler, automotive
  • 国内缝纫机修理工 domestic sewing machine mechanic
  • 国内缝纫机维修工 domestic sewing machine repairer
  • 电动标志维修工 electric sign repairer
  • 电动玩具修理者 electric toy repairer
  • 车费箱维修工 farebox repairer
  • 装订工,弓箭 – 体育用品制造 finisher, archery bows – sporting goods manufacturing
  • 消防器材维修工 fire equipment repairer
  • 消防器材服务商 fire equipment servicer
  • 灭火器维修工 fire extinguisher repairer
  • 燃气表的维修工 gas meter repairer
  • 燃气表的服务人员 gas meter servicer
  • 燃气表测试仪 gas meter tester
  • 高尔夫球杆头调节者 golf club head adjuster
  • 维修工高尔夫俱乐部 golf club repairer
  • 吉他维修工 guitar repairer
  • 陀螺仪维修工 gyroscope repairer
  • 陀螺仪修理工/男/女 gyroscope repairman/woman
  • 手工具维修工/男/女 hand tool repairman/woman
  • 液压元件维修工 hydraulic unit repairer
  • 工业皮带维修工 industrial belt repairer
  • 安装维修工,台球和保龄球设备 installer-repairer, billiard and bowling equipment
  • 绕树盒技工 juke box mechanic
  • 机械师,自行车 mechanic, bicycles
  • 修理工,家用缝纫机 mechanic, domestic sewing machine
  • 机械师,点唱机 mechanic, juke boxes
  • 机械师,尺度 mechanic, scales
  • 机械师,自动售货机 mechanic, vending machines
  • 机械仪表维修工 mechanical meter repairer
  • 米维修工 meter repairer
  • 计服务机构 meter servicer
  • 乐器维修工 musical instrument repairer
  • 乐器测试员 musical instrument tester
  • 乐器调谐器 musical instrument tuner
  • 霓虹灯招牌维修工 neon sign repairer
  • 净修理者 net mender
  • 净维修工 net repairer
  • 器官调谐师 organ tuner
  • 东方地毯维修工 Oriental rug repairer
  • 泊车咪表维修工 parking meter repairer
  • 泊车咪表服务商 parking meter servicer
  • 打击乐器维修工 percussion instrument repairer
  • 彩扩设备维修工 photofinishing equipment repairer
  • 钢琴动作调节者 piano action adjuster
  • 钢琴行动调节者 piano action regulator
  • 钢琴维修工 piano repairer
  • 钢琴纵梁 piano stringer
  • 钢琴技师 piano technician
  • 钢琴音色调节工 piano tone regulator
  • 钢琴调音师 piano tuner
  • 钢琴调音师技术员 piano tuner-technician
  • 管风琴调谐器和维修工 pipe organ tuner and repairer
  • 管道阀门维修工 pipeline valve repairer
  • 气动工具​​维修工 pneumatic tool repairer
  • 气动管维修工 pneumatic tube repairer
  • 气动元件测试仪和维修工 pneumatic unit tester and repairer
  • 压力控制校准 pressure control calibrator
  • 维修工,弓箭 – 中国体育用品制造业 repairer, archery bows – sporting goods manufacturing
  • 维修工,遮阳篷和帐篷 repairer, awnings and tents
  • 维修工,啤酒胶设备 repairer, beer-dispensing equipment
  • 维修工,自行车 repairer, bicycle
  • 维修工,弓 – 弦乐器 repairer, bows – stringed instruments
  • 维修工,摄像头 repairer, camera
  • 维修工,录音笔 repairer, dictaphones
  • 维修工,国内缝纫机 repairer, domestic sewing machines
  • 维修工,电动标志 repairer, electric sign
  • 维修工,灭火器 repairer, fire extinguishers
  • 维修工,高尔夫俱乐部 repairer, golf clubs
  • 维修工,机械米 repairer, mechanical meters
  • 维修工,乐器 repairer, musical instruments
  • 维修工,霓虹灯 repairer, neon signs
  • 维修工,东方地毯 repairer, Oriental rugs
  • 维修工,打击乐器 repairer, percussion instruments
  • 维修工,钢琴 repairer, piano
  • 维修工,脚手架 repairer, scaffolding
  • 维修工,秤 repairer, scales
  • 维修工,体育用品 repairer, sporting goods
  • 维修工,运动器材 repairer, sports equipment
  • 维修工,弦乐器 repairer, stringed instruments
  • 维修工,测量和光学仪器 repairer, surveying and optical instruments
  • 维修工,生存设备 repairer, survival equipment
  • 维修工,恒温器 repairer, thermostats
  • 维修工,自动售货机 repairer, vending machine
  • 修理工/男/女,手工具 repairman/woman, hand tools
  • 呼吸器的服务和钳工 respirator servicer and fitter
  • 安全阀,管道维修工 safety valve repairer, pipelines
  • 打捞检查员,仪器 salvage inspector, instruments
  • 打捞者,机械 salvager, machinery
  • 脚手架维修工 scaffold repairer
  • 规模技工 scale mechanic
  • 规模以上维修工 scale repairer
  • 安全系统技师 security systems technician
  • 服务商,汽车维修设备 servicer, automotive maintenance equipment
  • 服务者,录音笔 servicer, dictaphones
  • 服务机构,消防器材 servicer, fire equipment
  • 服务商,燃气表 servicer, gas meters
  • 服务商,米 servicer, meters
  • 服务商,泊车咪表 servicer, parking meters
  • 缝纫机修理工 – 国内 sewing machine mechanic – domestic
  • 缝纫机的维修中心 – 国内 sewing machine servicer – domestic
  • 摇床维修工 shaker repairer
  • 筛维修工 sieve repairer
  • 滑雪装备的维修工 ski equipment repairer
  • 里程表维修工 speedometer repairer
  • 体育用品维修工 sporting goods repairer
  • 维修工运动器材 sports equipment repairer
  • 喷枪维修工 spray gun repairer
  • 蒸汽流量计维修工 steam meter repairer
  • 石锯安装工 stone saw setter
  • 弦乐器维修工 stringed instrument repairer
  • 测量和光学仪器维修工 surveying and optical instrument repairer
  • 测量和光学仪器技师 surveying and optical instrument technician
  • 生存设备维修工 survival equipment repairer
  • 涉及的士咪表的维修工 taximeter repairer
  • 技术员,测量和光学仪器 technician, surveying and optical instruments
  • 测试者,煤气表 tester, gas meters
  • 测试者,乐器 tester, musical instruments
  • 恒温维修工 thermostat repairer
  • 扭力扳手校验仪 torque wrench calibrator
  • 转录机服务商 transcribing machine servicer
  • 调谐器的技术人员,钢琴 tuner-technician, piano
  • 管道阀维修工 valve repairer, pipelines
  • 自动售货机技工 vending machine mechanic
  • 自动售货机维修工 vending machine repairer
  • 小提琴维修工 violin repairer
  • 水表维修工 water meter repairer
  • 管乐器维修工 wind instrument repairer
  • 清障工,汽车 wrecker, automobile

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 锁匠(其他行业及相关行业中,NEC)Locksmiths (in [7384](7384) Other trades and related occupations, n.e.c. )
  • 工人主管在这个单元组(承包商和监督员,等建设行业,安装,维修和服务商)Supervisors of workers in this unit group (in[7205](7205) Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers )




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