NOC 9526 机械装配工和检验员 Mechanical assemblers and inspectors


简介 Intro


Assemblers in this unit group assemble a wide variety of mechanical products such as trucks, buses, snowmobiles, garden tractors, automotive engines, transmissions, outboard motors, gearboxes, hydraulic pumps and sewing machines. Inspectors in this unit group check and inspect subassemblies and finished products to ensure proper quality and product specifications. They are employed by machinery and transportation equipment manufacturers and by other manufacturing companies.

There is little or no mobility among the various assemblers and inspectors in this unit group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

此单元组的装配工执行部分或全部下列职责:Assemblers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 用手动及电动工具组装,装配,安装预制件,形成组件或完成产品
    Assemble, fit and install prefabricated parts to form subassemblies or finish products using hand and power tools
  • 安置,对齐和调整零件以便适和安装,装配和连接电缆,管材和电线
    Position, align and adjust parts for proper fit and assembly and connect cables, tubes and wires
  • 使用螺栓和铆接设备或其他紧固和连接技术,将部件固定在一起。
    Fasten parts together using bolting and riveting equipment or other fastening and joining techniques
  • 操作或看管自动化组装设备,如机器人和固定自动化设备
    Operate or tend automated assembling equipment, such as robotics and fixed automation equipment
  • 操作小型起重机按照要求运输或放置较大的部件。
    Operate small cranes to transport or position larger parts as required.

本单元组督察执行部分或全部下列职责:Inspectors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 检查组件和督察成品,确保适当的质量
    Check subassemblies and inspect finished products for proper quality
  • 检查机械元件和组件是否对齐和正常运作
    Check mechanical assemblies and subassemblies for alignment and proper functioning
  • 测试和检查电气组件和布线是否正确连接
    Test and check electrical assemblies and wiring for proper connections
  • 进行小型的调整和维修。
    Perform minor adjustments and repairs.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 必需完成一些中学教育。
    Some secondary school education is required.
  • 提供两年以上的在职培训。
    Up to two years of on-the-job training are provided.
  • 本单元组的督察可能需要作为机械安装员的经验。
    Experience as a mechanical assembler may be required for inspectors in this unit group.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 农业装备安装员 agricultural equipment assembler
  • 农业设备的组装检查员 agricultural equipment assembly inspector
  • 农业装备板凳安装员 agricultural equipment bench assembler
  • 农业设备检查员 agricultural equipment inspector
  • 农业实现齿轮箱安装员 agricultural implement gearcase assembler
  • 实施农业督察 agricultural implements inspector
  • 风冷发动机安装员 air-cooled engine assembler
  • 全地形车督察 all-terrain vehicles inspector
  • 安装员,农具 assembler, agricultural implements
  • 安装员,风冷发动机 assembler, air-cooled engines
  • 安装员,汽车齿轮 assembler, automobile gear
  • 安装员,汽车发动机配件 assembler, automotive engine accessories
  • 安装员,汽车发动机 assembler, automotive engines
  • 安装员,汽车散热器 assembler, automotive radiator
  • 安装员,公交车 assembler, buses
  • 安装员,化油器 assembler, carburetors
  • 安装员,离合器 assembler, clutches
  • 安装员,缸盖 assembler, cylinder heads
  • 安装员,柴油发动机 assembler, diesel engines
  • 安装员,差速器 assembler, differentials
  • 安装员,电炉 assembler, electric furnace
  • 安装员,农用设备 assembler, farm equipment
  • 安装员,燃油泵 assembler, fuel pumps
  • 安装员,园林机械 assembler, garden machinery
  • 安装员,煤气发生炉 assembler, gas furnace
  • 安装员,汽油发动机 assembler, gasoline engines
  • 安装员,变速箱 assembler, gearbox
  • 安装员,液压启闭机 assembler, hydraulic hoist
  • 安装员,液压泵 assembler, hydraulic pump
  • 安装员,光材料处理设备 assembler, light material-handling equipment
  • 安装员,机械泵 assembler, mechanical pumps
  • 安装员,舷外马达 – 机械装配 assembler, outboard motor – mechanical assembly
  • 安装员,电动除草机 assembler, power lawn mowers
  • 安装员,电源吹雪机 assembler, power snowblowers
  • 安装员,铁路车辆 assembler, railway cars
  • 安装员,休闲车 assembler, recreational vehicles
  • 安装员,微耕机 assembler, rotary tillers
  • 安装员,缝纫机; assembler, sewing machine
  • 安装员,小型船用发动机 assembler, small marine engines
  • 安装员,雪地摩托 assembler, snowmobiles
  • 安装员,拖拉机 assembler, tractors
  • 安装员,拖车 assembler, trailer
  • 安装员,传输 assembler, transmissions
  • 安装员,卡车 assembler, truck
  • 安装员,卡车拖车 assembler, truck trailers
  • 安装员,自动售货机 assembler, vending machines
  • 汽车齿轮安装员 automobile gear assembler
  • 汽车发动机配件安装员 automotive engine accessories assembler
  • 汽车发动机的安装员 automotive engine assembler
  • 汽车发动机的质量控制组件检查员 automotive engine quality-control assembly inspector
  • 汽车生产钳工 automotive production fitter
  • 汽车散热器安装员 automotive radiator assembler
  • 板凳安装员,农具 bench assembler, agricultural implements
  • 板凳钳工 – 公共汽车和卡车 bench fitter – buses and trucks
  • 公共汽车和卡车地板成帧师 bus and truck floor framer
  • 公共汽车和卡车框架建设者 bus and truck frame builder
  • 公交安装员 bus assembler
  • 客车配件督察 bus parts inspector
  • 校准工,燃油泵 calibrator, gasoline pumps
  • 化油器安装员 carburetor assembler
  • 化油器组件督察 carburetor assembly inspector
  • 离合器安装员 clutch assembler
  • 汽车离合器总成检查员 clutch assembly inspector, motor vehicles
  • 离合器巡视员 clutch inspector
  • 离合器预制组装员 clutch preassembler
  • 离合器重建者 clutch rebuilder
  • 教练安装员 – 客车装配 coach assembler – bus assembly
  • 缸盖安装员 cylinder head assembler
  • 柴油发动机的安装员 diesel engine assembler
  • 柴油发动机建立者 diesel engine erector
  • 柴油发动机测试员 diesel engine tester
  • 差分安装员 differential assembler
  • 拆除者,农机 dismantler, farm machinery
  • 发动机测功机测试员 dynamometer tester, engines
  • 电炉安装员 electric furnace assembler
  • 发动机配件巡视员 engine accessories inspector
  • 发动机测功机测试员 engine dynamometer tester
  • 安装工人,柴油发动机 erector, diesel engines
  • 外部拖车装订工 exterior trailer finisher
  • 农机设备组装检查员 farm equipment assembly inspector
  • 农具安装员 farm implement assembler
  • 农机拆除者 farm machinery dismantler
  • 最后督察,雪地摩托 final inspector, snowmobile
  • 最后督察,卡车拖车 final inspector, truck trailer
  • 整理者,挂车车身 finisher, trailer exteriors
  • 枪械钳工 firearms fitter
  • 钳工,枪支 fitter, firearms
  • 地板成帧工,公共汽车和卡车 floor framer, buses and trucks
  • 食品包装设备组装督察 food-packaging equipment assembly inspector
  • 帧建设者,公共汽车和卡车 frame builder, buses and trucks
  • 燃油泵安装员 fuel pump assembler
  • 园林机械安装员 garden machinery assembler
  • 煤气发生炉安装员 gas furnace assembler
  • 汽油发动机的安装员 gasoline engine assembler
  • 汽油泵校准 gasoline pump calibrator
  • 汽油泵测试员 gasoline pump tester
  • 齿轮火车安装员 gear train assembler
  • 变速箱安装员 gearbox assembler
  • 齿轮箱安装员 gearcase assembler
  • 齿轮箱安装员,农具 gearcase assembler, agricultural implements
  • 齿轮箱测试员 gearcase tester
  • 卡丁车安装员 go-kart assembler
  • 领导小组组长,机械装配工 group leader, mechanical assemblers
  • 枪安装员 gun assembler
  • 枪组装员 gun subassembler
  • 液压启闭机安装员 hydraulic hoist assembler
  • 液压泵安装员 hydraulic pump assembler
  • 督察人员和测试人员,舷外马达 inspector and tester, outboard motors
  • 督察人员和测试人员,涡轮总成 inspector and tester, turbine assembly
  • 检查员,农具 inspector, agricultural implements
  • 检查员,农业实现了装配 inspector, agricultural implements assembly
  • 督察,全地形车 inspector, all-terrain vehicles
  • 督察,客车配件 inspector, bus parts
  • 督察,化油器组件 inspector, carburetor assembly
  • 检查员,离合器 inspector, clutches
  • 督察,发动机配件 inspector, engine accessories
  • 检查员,农场实现组装 inspector, farm implements assembly
  • 检查员,食品包装设备组装 inspector, food-packaging equipment assembly
  • 检查员,汽车离合器总成 inspector, motor vehicle clutch assembly
  • 督察,雪地摩托 inspector, snowmobiles
  • 内饰拖车装订工 interior trailer finisher
  • 内燃机安装员 internal combustion engine assembler
  • 领导助手,机械装配 lead hand, mechanical assemblers
  • 轻型农用设备安装员 light agricultural equipment assembler
  • 轻型农用机械安装员 light agricultural machinery assembler
  • 轻型建筑设备的安装员 light construction equipment assembler
  • 光农场设备安装员 light farm equipment assembler
  • 轻工卡车安装员 light industrial truck assembler
  • 光材料处理设备安装员 light material-handling equipment assembler
  • 机试测试员 machine try-out tester
  • 船用发动机质量控制组件检查员 marine engine quality-control assembly inspector
  • 机械安装员 mechanical assembler
  • 机械泵安装员 mechanical pump assembler
  • 舷外马达安装员 – 机械装配 outboard motor assembler – mechanical assembly
  • 舷外马达督察人员和测试人员 outboard motor inspector and tester
  • 舷外马达的原型测试员 outboard motor prototype tester
  • 电源割草机安装员 power lawn mower assembler
  • 电力铲雪安装员 power snowblower assembler
  • preassembler ,离合器 preassembler, clutches
  • 原型测试员,舷外马达 prototype tester, outboard motors
  • 质量控制组件督察,汽车发动机 quality-control assembly inspector, automotive engines
  • 质量控制装配检查员,船用发动机 quality-control assembly inspector, marine engines
  • 散热器制造商 radiator maker
  • 铁路车安装员 railway car assembler
  • 铁路汽车画线者 railway car liner
  • 铁路车微调 railway car trimmer
  • 重建者,离合器 rebuilder, clutches
  • 休旅车安装员 recreation vehicle assembler
  • 旋耕安装员 rotary tiller assembler
  • 缝纫机安装员 sewing machine assembler
  • 缝纫机组件测试员 sewing machine assembly tester
  • 小型船用发动机安装员 small marine engine assembler
  • 雪地摩托安装员 snowmobile assembler
  • 雪地摩托最终督察 snowmobile final inspector
  • 雪地摩托督察 snowmobile inspector
  • 雪地车测试车手 snowmobile test rider
  • 钢板卷边敛缝工人 steel plate caulker – shipbuilding
  • 转向箱安装员 steering box assembler
  • 测试员,柴油发动机 tester, diesel engines
  • 测试员,汽油水泵 tester, gasoline pumps
  • 测试员, gearcases tester, gearcases
  • 模具及金属加工尝试测试员 tooling and metalworking machine try-out tester
  • 拖拉机安装员 tractor assembler
  • 拖车安装员 trailer assembler
  • 拖车帧安装员 trailer frame assembler
  • 传输安装员 transmission assembler
  • 变速器总成巡视员 transmission assembly inspector
  • 变速器组件测试员 transmission assembly tester
  • 卡车安装员 truck assembler
  • 卡车组装巡视员 truck assembly inspector
  • 卡车车身制造商 truck body builder
  • 卡车拖车安装员 truck trailer assembler
  • 卡车拖车制造商 truck trailer builder
  • 卡车拖车最终督察 truck trailer final inspector
  • 尝试测试员,模具及金属加工机械 try-out tester, tooling and metalworking machines
  • 涡轮组件巡视员和测试员 turbine assembly inspector and tester
  • 自动售货机安装员 vending machine assembler
  • 自动售货机测试员 vending machine tester
  • 水泵安装员 water pump assembler
  • 轮椅升降机安装员 wheelchair lift assembler

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 飞机装配员和飞机装配检查员 Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors [9521](9521)
  • 工业机械,重型设备和飞机发动机装配工( 机械钳工) Industrial machinery, heavy equipment and aircraft engine assemblers (in [7316](7316) Machine fitters )
  • 汽车装配,检验人员和测试人员 Motor vehicle assemblers, inspectors and testers [9522](9522)
  • 主管机械装配和检查员(主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业) Supervisors of mechanical assemblers and inspectors (in [9226](9226) Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing )



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