NOC 9532 家具和灯具装配工和检查员 Furniture and fixture assemblers and inspectors


简介 Intro


Assemblers in this unit group assemble parts to form subassemblies or complete articles of furniture and fixtures. Inspectors in this unit group inspect furniture and fixture subassemblies and finished products to ensure product quality. They are employed by furniture manufacturing companies.

Mobility is possible between jobs in this unit group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

此单元组的装配工执行部分或全部下列职责:Assemblers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 使用手动及电动工具准备,砂化和修剪木制家具和灯具零件
    Prepare, sand and trim wooden furniture and fixture parts using hand and power tools
  • 用手动及电动工具组装木制或金属家具和夹具零件,形成组件和完整的物品
    Assemble wooden or metal furniture and fixture parts to form subassemblies and complete articles using hand and power tools
  • 组装木材,金属,塑料,甘蔗或其他材料制成的零件, 形成组件或完整的家具用品
    Assemble a combination of parts made of wood, metal, plastic, cane or other materials to form subassemblies or complete furniture articles
  • 用木钉或其他支持物加固组装家具及固定装置
    Reinforce assembled furniture and fixtures with dowels or other supports
  • 安装硬件,如家具及固定装置的铰链或扣。
    Install hardware such as hinges or clasps on furniture and fixtures.

本单元组检查员执行部分或全部下列职责:Inspectors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 检查家具和灯具组件和成品产品,观察是否符合质量标准
    Inspect furniture and fixture subassemblies and finished products for conformance to quality standards
  • 标记有缺陷的零件或产品以备维修
    Mark defective parts or products for repair
  • 进行小型调整和维修
    Make minor adjustments and repairs
  • 记录检查产品的信息。
    Record information on products inspected.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 可能必需具备中学教育。
    Some secondary school education may be required.
  • 提供在职培训。
    On-the-job training is provided.
  • 可能必需具备同一公司劳动者的经验。
    Experience as a labourer in the same company may be required.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 安装员,发条盒装置 – 家具制造 assembler, box spring units – furniture manufacturing
  • 安装员,弹簧盒 assembler, box springs
  • 安装员,橱柜 – 家具制造业 assembler, cabinet – furniture manufacturing
  • 安装员,椅子 assembler, chairs
  • 安装员,书桌 assembler, desk
  • 安装员,夹具 assembler, fixture
  • 安装员,家具 assembler, furniture
  • 安装员,床垫 – 家具制造业 assembler, mattress – furniture manufacturing
  • 安装员,铁皮柜 assembler, metal cabinets
  • 安装员,金属椅 assembler, metal chairs
  • 安装员,金属桌子 assembler, metal tables
  • 安装员,镜子和相框 assembler, mirror and picture frames
  • 安装员,办公椅 assembler, office chairs
  • 安装员器,相框 – 家具及装设品制造业 assembler, picture frames – furniture and fixtures manufacturing
  • 安装员,桌子 assembler, tables
  • 安装员,木桌 assembler, wooden tables
  • 组装检查员 – 家具制造业 assembly inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 组装维修工,木制家具 assembly repairer, wooden furniture
  • 装配维修工/男/女,木制家具 assembly repairman/woman, wooden furniture
  • 床安装员 bed assembler
  • 担架床制造商 bedspring stretcher
  • 钳工 – 家具制造业 bench worker – furniture manufacturing
  • 台球桌安装员 billiard table assembler
  • 发条盒安装员 box spring assembler
  • 发条盒框架安装员 box spring frame assembler
  • 弹簧单元安装员 – 家具制造 box spring unit assembler – furniture manufacturing
  • 内阁安装员 – 家具制造业 cabinet assembler – furniture manufacturing
  • 柜安装员 – 木制品制造 cabinet assembler – wood products manufacturing
  • 柜检查员 – 家具制造业 cabinet inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 骨灰盒安装员,木材 casket assembler, wood
  • 骨灰盒壶,木 casket maker, wood
  • 椅子安装员 chair assembler
  • 椅子藤椅编制工 – 家具制造业 chair caner – furniture manufacturing
  • 椅子检查 – 家具制造业 chair inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 座椅编织工 chair seat weaver
  • 棺材和骨灰盒钳工 coffin and casket fitter
  • 办公桌安装员 desk assembler
  • 抽屉安装员 drawer assembler
  • 抽屉钳工 drawer fitter
  • 最后检查员,家私组装 final inspector, furniture assembly
  • 钳工,家具 – 家具制造业 fitter-up, furniture – furniture manufacturing
  • 夹具安装员 fixture assembler
  • 帧安装员,木家具 frame assembler, wood furniture
  • 框架制造商 – 家具制造业 frame maker – furniture manufacturing
  • 家具及固定装置安装员 furniture and fixtures assembler
  • 家具及固定装置的组装检查员 furniture and fixtures assembling inspector
  • 家具及固定装置的组装检查员 furniture and fixtures assembly inspector
  • 家具及固定装置检查员 – 家具制造业 furniture and fixtures inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 家具及装设品制造业检查员 furniture and fixtures manufacturing inspector
  • 家具安装员 furniture assembler
  • 家具安装员,金属 furniture assembler, metal
  • 家具组装员,木材 furniture assembler, wood
  • 的家具组装检查员 – 家具制造业 furniture assembly inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 家具藤椅编制工 furniture caner
  • 家具检查员 furniture checker
  • 家具整理检查员 furniture finishing inspector
  • 钳工家具 – 家具制造业 furniture fitter-up – furniture manufacturing
  • 家具检查员 furniture inspector
  • 家具配件检查员 furniture parts inspector
  • 家具托运检查员 furniture shipping inspector
  • 糊盒工 – 家具制造业 gluer – furniture manufacturing
  • 定级员,股票 – 家具制造业 grader, stock – furniture manufacturing
  • 手动塑封工 – 家具制造业 hand laminator – furniture manufacturing
  • 硬件安装员 – 家具制造业 hardware assembler – furniture manufacturing
  • 硬件安装员 – 家具制造业 hardware installer – furniture manufacturing
  • 硬件安装员,金属 – 家具制造业 hardware installer, metal – furniture manufacturing
  • 硬件贴片工 – 家具制造 hardware mounter – furniture manufacturing
  • 液压椅安装员的 hydraulic chair assembler
  • inlayer – 木工 inlayer – woodworking
  • 检查员 – 家具制造业 inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 检查员,组装家具 inspector, assembled furniture
  • 检查员,组装 – 家具制造业 inspector, assembly – furniture manufacturing
  • 检查员,椅子 – 家具制造 inspector, chairs – furniture manufacturing
  • 检查员,家具 inspector, furniture
  • 检查员,家具及固定装置 – 家具制造业 inspector, furniture and fixtures – furniture manufacturing
  • 检查员,家具及固定装置的组装 inspector, furniture and fixtures assembling
  • 巡视员,家具及固定装置组装 inspector, furniture and fixtures assembly
  • 检查员,家私组装 – 家具制造业 inspector, furniture assembly – furniture manufacturing
  • 检验员,家具涂饰 inspector, furniture finishing
  • 检查员,家具配件 inspector, furniture parts
  • 检查员,金属家具 inspector, metal furniture
  • 检查员,产品 – 家具制造业 inspector, product – furniture manufacturing
  • 巡视员,沙发 – 家具制造业 inspector, sofas – furniture manufacturing
  • 安装员,硬件 – 家具制造业 installer, hardware – furniture manufacturing
  • 安装员,五金 – 家具制造业 installer, metal hardware – furniture manufacturing
  • 覆膜工,手 – 家具制造业 laminator, hand – furniture manufacturing
  • 导致手安装员 – 家具制造 lead hand assembler – furniture manufacturing
  • 镶嵌工人 – 家具制造业 marquetry worker – furniture manufacturing
  • 床垫安装员 – 家具制造业 mattress assembler – furniture manufacturing
  • 床垫检查员 mattress inspector
  • 床垫制造商 mattress maker
  • 床垫生产检查员 mattress manufacturing inspector
  • 金属柜安装员 metal cabinet assembler
  • 金属骨灰盒安装员 metal casket assembler
  • 金属椅安装员 metal chair assembler
  • 金属家具安装员 metal furniture assembler
  • 金属家具检查员 metal furniture inspector
  • 金属硬件安装员 – 家具制造业 metal hardware installer – furniture manufacturing
  • 金属更衣室安装员 metal locker assembler
  • 金属桌子安装员 metal table assembler
  • 镜子和相框安装员 mirror and picture frame assembler
  • 镜子和相框制造商 mirror and picture frame maker
  • 办公椅安装员 office chair assembler
  • 相框安装员 – 家具及固定装置的制造 picture frame assembler – furniture and fixtures manufacturing
  • 产品检查员 – 家具制造业 product inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 生产工人 – 家具制造业 production worker – furniture manufacturing
  • 沙发检查员 – 家具制造业 sofa inspector – furniture manufacturing
  • 库存定级员 – 家具制造业 stock grader – furniture manufacturing
  • 组装工 – 家具制造业 subassembler – furniture manufacturing
  • 桌子安装员 table assembler
  • 桌子安装员,木 table assembler, wood
  • upfitter – 家具制造业 upfitter – furniture manufacturing
  • 编织工,椅座 weaver, chair seat
  • 木家具安装员 wood furniture assembler
  • 木制骨灰盒安装员 wooden casket assembler
  • 木制家具组装维修工
  • 木桌安装员 wooden table assembler

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 家具修整工和辅修工 Furniture finishers and refinishers [9534](9534)
  • 其他木材产品的装配和检查员 Other wood products assemblers and inspectors [9533](9533)
  • 本单元组工人主管(主管,家具及装设品制造业) Supervisors of workers in this unit group (in [9224](9224) Supervisors, furniture and fixtures manufacturing )
  • 木工机床操作员 Woodworking machine operators [9437](9437)



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