NOC 9533 其他木制品装配工和检查员 Other wood products assemblers and inspectors


简介 Intro


Assemblers in this unit group assemble a variety of wood products and millwork, such as window sashes and doors. Inspectors in this unit group inspect wood products to ensure product quality. They are employed by establishments engaged in manufacturing a variety of wood and millwork products.

主要职责 Main Duties

此单元组的装配工执行部分或全部下列职责:Assemblers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 阅读生产订单和图表
    Read production orders and diagrams
  • 用手动及电动工具修剪和打磨连接点,模具,或其他要进行组装的木制零部件
    Trim and sand joints, moulding, or other wooden parts to be assembled using hand and power tools
  • 使用胶水,钉书钉,螺钉,螺栓或其他紧固件组装木制品,如窗框,门,箱,托盘,梯子和桶
    Assemble wood products such as window sashes, doors, boxes, pallets, ladders and barrels using glue, staples, screws, bolts or other fasteners
  • 使用夹具,桥式起重机,手动和电动工具,组装门板,桁架,模块化组件和装配线上的其他部件,形成预制房屋
    Assemble door panels, trusses, modular components and other parts on assembly line to make prefabricated housing using jigs, overhead cranes and hand and power tools
  • 使用暗榫接合或其他支持物,加固组装产品,并,如旋钮和铰链
    Reinforce assembled products with dowelling or other supports, and install hardware such as knobs and hinges
  • 可协助维修机器。
    May assist with maintenance of machinery.

本单元组检查员执行部分或全部下列职责:Inspectors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 检查木制品是否符合质量标准
    Inspect wood products for conformance to quality standards
  • 标记有缺陷的零件或产品进行维修
    Mark defective parts or products for repair
  • 稍作调整和维修
    Make minor adjustments and repairs
  • 记录检查产品信息。
    Record information on products inspected.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 可能必需完成中学教育。
    Some secondary school education may be required.
  • 可能必需具有同一公司劳动者的经验。
    Experience as a labourer in the same company may be required.
  • 检查员可能需要相关的装配经验。
    Inspectors may require related assembly experience.
  • 提供在职培训。
    On-the-job training is provided.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 装配工,板凳 – 木制品制造 assembler, bench – wood products manufacturing
  • 装配工,曲棍球棒 assembler, hockey sticks
  • 装配工,大桶 – 木制品制造 assembler, hogsheads – wood products manufacturing
  • 装配工,预制房屋 assembler, manufactured homes
  • 装配工器,木制品 – 木制品制造 assembler, millwork – wood products manufacturing
  • 装配工,板房 assembler, prefab housing
  • 装配工,木制品 assembler, wood products
  • 装配工,木桶杖 assembler, wooden barrel staves
  • 装配工,木箱 assembler, wooden boxes
  • 装配工,木桶杖 assembler, wooden bucket staves
  • 装配工,木箱 assembler, wooden cases
  • 装配工,木制棺材帧 assembler, wooden casket frames
  • 装配工,木箱 assembler, wooden crates
  • 装配工,木门 assembler, wooden doors
  • 装配工,木制板房 assembler, wooden prefab housing
  • 装配工,木辘 assembler, wooden reels
  • 装配工,木罐杖 assembler, wooden tank staves
  • 装配工,木制坦克 assembler, wooden tanks
  • 装配工器,木器 assembler, woodenware
  • 装配领导助手 – 木制品制造 assemblers lead hand – wood products manufacturing
  • 装配线糊盒机 – 木制品制造 assembly line gluer – wood products manufacturing
  • 长椅装配工 – 木制品制造 banquette assembler – wood product manufacturing
  • 桶建设者,木 barrel builder, wood
  • 桶底钳工,木 barrel end fitter, wood
  • 桶队长,木 barrel header, wood
  • 桶标题钳工,木 barrel heading fitter, wood
  • 桶检查员 – 木制品制造 barrel inspector – wood products manufacturing
  • 桶制造者,木 barrel maker, wood
  • 桶破碎装配工,木材 barrel stave assembler, wood
  • 篮子制造者,木 basket maker, wood
  • 板凳装配工 – 木制品制造 bench assembler – wood products manufacturing
  • 板凳装配工,木制品 bench assembler, wood products
  • 板凳助手,木盒 bench hand, wooden box
  • 箱装配工,木 box assembler, wood
  • 相框成型者,木 box blank former, wood
  • 木箱子建造者 box builder, wood
  • 盒制造商,木材 box maker, wood
  • 情况下,制造商,木材 case maker, wood
  • 骨灰盒,木框架装配工 casket frame assembler, wood
  • 骨灰盒检查员,木 casket inspector, wood
  • 骨灰盒成型装配工,木 casket moulding setter, wood
  • 棺材顶部框架钳工,木 casket top frame fitter, wood
  • 棺材顶部框架装配工,木 casket top frame setter, wood
  • 拼板工 clamp carrier
  • 制桶工人 cooper
  • 箱子的建设者,木 crate builder, wood
  • 板条箱制造者,木材 crate maker, wood
  • 门装配工,木 door assembler, wood
  • 车门装饰工 – 木制品制造 door finisher – wood products manufacturing
  • 门检查员,木 door inspector, wood
  • 门制造者,木材 door maker, wood
  • 门补丁工,木 – 木制品制造 door patcher, wood – wood products manufacturing
  • 门维修工,木 – 木制品制造 door repairer, wood – wood products manufacturing
  • 制造者,木模块化外壳 fabricator, wooden modular housing
  • 工厂组装工,木制品 factory assembler, wood products
  • 终结者,门 – 木制品制造 finisher, doors – wood products manufacturing
  • 终结者,木制高尔夫球杆头 finisher, wooden golf club heads
  • 钳工,木桶结束 fitter, wooden barrel ends
  • 钳工,木桶标题 fitter, wooden barrel headings
  • 钳工,木制棺材顶部帧 fitter, wooden casket top frames
  • 烧瓶制造者,木 – 铸造 flask maker, wood – foundry
  • 胶钳运营商 – 木制品制造 glue clamp operator – wood products manufacturing
  • 胶钳运营商,连锁运营商 – 木制品制造 glue clamp operator, chain carrier – wood products manufacturing
  • 糊盒机,流水线 – 木制品制造 gluer, assembly line – wood products manufacturing
  • 糊盒机,木制品 gluer, wood products
  • 高尔夫俱乐部瓦楞工,木材 golf club facer, wood
  • 高尔夫球杆头的终结者,木 golf club head finisher, wood
  • 定级员,木窗扇及门 grader, wooden sashes and doors
  • 曲棍球棒装配工 hockey stick assembler
  • 曲棍球棒检查员-定级员 hockey stick inspector-grader
  • 大桶装配工 – 木制品制造 hogshead assembler – wood products manufacturing
  • 巡视员,桶 – 木制品制造 inspector, barrels – wood products manufacturing
  • 检查员,叠梁 inspector, laminated beams
  • 检查员,质量控制 – 木制品制造 inspector, quality control – wood products manufacturing
  • 检查员,木工砂光 – inspector, sanding – woodworking
  • 检查员,窗扇及门 – 木制品制造 inspector, sashes and doors – millwork manufacturing
  • 检查员,木材加工 inspector, wood machining
  • 巡视员,木制品 – 木制品制造 inspector, wood products – wood products manufacturing
  • 检查员,组装木制品 inspector, wood products assembly
  • 检查员,木箱 inspector, wooden boxes
  • 检查员,木制首饰盒 inspector, wooden caskets
  • 检查员,木门 inspector, wooden doors
  • 检查员,木窗扇及门 inspector, wooden sashes and doors
  • 检查员,木梭 inspector, wooden shuttles
  • 检查员,木法杖 inspector, wooden staves
  • 检查员-定级员,曲棍球棒 inspector-grader, hockey sticks
  • 小桶建设者,木 keg builder, wood
  • 小桶制造者,木 keg maker, wood
  • 阶梯装配工,木 ladder assembler, wood
  • 梯建设者,木 ladder builder, wood
  • 夹层梁检查员 laminated beam inspector
  • 领导助手,装配 – 木制品制造 lead hand, assemblers – wood products manufacturing
  • 领导助手,组装木制品 lead hand, wood products assembly
  • 制造家庭装配工 manufactured home assembler
  • 制造外壳生产工人 manufactured housing production worker
  • 匹配者和装配工,木桶标题 matcher and assembler, wooden barrel headings
  • 木制品装配工 millwork assembler
  • 木制品装配工 – 木制品制造 millwork assembler – wood products manufacturing
  • 模块化外壳制造者,木材 modular housing fabricator, wood
  • 托盘制造者,木材 pallet maker, wood
  • 面板匹配者,木 panel matcher, wood
  • 板房装配工 prefab housing assembler
  • 板房装配工,木材 prefab housing assembler, wood
  • 预制房屋装配工 prefabricated housing assembler
  • 预制房屋生产工人,木 prefabricated housing production worker, wood
  • 生产工人,木制成品家园 production worker, wooden manufactured homes
  • 生产工人,木预制房屋 production worker, wooden manufactured housing
  • 生产工人,木预制房屋 production worker, wooden prefabricated housing
  • 质量控制检查员 – 木制品制造 quality control inspector – wood products manufacturing
  • 卷装配工,木 reel assembler, wood
  • 维修工,组装木制品 repairer, assembled wood products
  • 维修工,木家具 – 木制品制造 repairer, wood furniture – wood products manufacturing
  • 维修工,木门 – 木制品制造 repairer, wooden doors – wood products manufacturing
  • 修理工/男/女,窗框和门制造 repairman/woman, sash and door manufacturing
  • 砂轮机检查员 sanding inspector – woodworking
  • 窗框和门定级员,木材 sash and door grader, wood
  • 窗框和门检查员 sash and door inspector
  • 窗框和门检查员 – 木制品制造 sash and door inspector – millwork manufacturing
  • 窗框和门制造修理工/男/女 sash and door manufacturing repairman/woman
  • 锯木匠和装配工,木罐底 sawyer and assembler, wooden tank bottoms
  • 装配工,木制棺材成型 setter, wooden casket moulding
  • 装配工,木制棺材顶部帧 setter, wooden casket top frames
  • 店装配工 – 木制品制造 shop assembler – wood products manufacturing
  • 班车巡视员,木 shuttle inspector, wood
  • 破碎检查员,木 stave inspector, wood
  • 坦克装配工,木 tank assembler, wood
  • 罐壁装配工,木材 tank stave assembler, wood
  • 桁架制造商,木材 truss maker, wood
  • 的木家具维修工 – 木制品制造 wood furniture repairer – wood products manufacturing
  • 木材加工检查员 wood machining inspector
  • 木制品装配工 wood products assembler
  • 木制品组装检查员 wood products assembling inspector
  • 木制品组装检查员 wood products assembly inspector
  • 木制品组装领导助手 wood products assembly lead hand
  • 木制品板凳装配工 wood products bench assembler
  • 木制品厂装配工 wood products factory assembler
  • 木制品糊盒机 wood products gluer
  • 木制品检查员 – 木制品制造 wood products inspector – wood products manufacturing
  • 木桶建造者 wooden barrel builder
  • 木桶队长 wooden barrel header
  • 木桶标题匹配和装配工 wooden barrel heading matcher and assembler
  • 木桶制造商 wooden barrel maker
  • 木制篮子制造商 wooden basket maker
  • 木箱装配工 wooden box assembler
  • 木制盒板凳手 wooden box bench hand
  • 木箱建设者 wooden box builder
  • 木箱建设者 wooden case builder
  • 木制骨灰盒检查员 wooden casket inspector
  • 木箱建设者 wooden crate builder
  • 木门装配工 wooden door assembler
  • 木门检查员 wooden door inspector
  • 木门制造商 wooden door maker
  • 木门维修工 – 木制品制造 wooden door repairer – wood products manufacturing
  • 木高尔夫俱乐部瓦楞工 wooden golf club facer
  • 木箍制造商 wooden hoop maker
  • 木制小桶建设者 wooden keg builder
  • 木制小桶厂商 wooden keg maker
  • 木梯装配工 wooden ladder assembler
  • 木梯建设者 wooden ladder builder
  • 木制托盘装配工 wooden pallet assembler
  • 木托盘制造商 wooden pallet maker
  • 木制面板匹配 wooden panel matcher
  • 木制卷轴装配工 wooden reel assembler
  • 木制窗框和门装配工 wooden sash and door assembler
  • 木制窗框和门检查员 wooden sash and door inspector
  • 木制班车检查员 wooden shuttle inspector
  • 木罐底锯木匠和装配工 wooden tank bottom sawyer and assembler
  • 木桁架制造商 wooden truss maker
  • 木器装配工 woodenware assembler

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 橱柜制造商 Cabinetmakers [7272](7272)
  • 木匠 Carpenters [7271](7271)
  • 家具和夹具装配和检查员 Furniture and fixture assemblers and inspectors [9532](9532)
  • 劳动者在木制品制造业(其他劳动者在加工,制造业和公用事业) Labourers in wood products manufacturing (in [9619](9619) Other labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities )
  • 主管,其他产品的制造和装配 Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly [9227](9227)
  • 木工机床操作员 Woodworking machine operators [9437](9437)



项目类别 线上申请
超级签证 88天
境内学签续签 56天
毕业工签境外申请 23周
毕业工签境内申请 106天