NOC 9536 工业画家,镀膜工,金属表面处理工艺操作员 Industrial painters, coaters and metal finishing process operators


简介 Intro


Industrial painters and coaters operate and tend machines or use brushes and spray equipment to apply paint, enamel, lacquer or other non-metallic protective and decorative coatings to surfaces of various products. Metal finishing process operators operate machines or equipment to deposit metallized substances on workpieces and surfaces to provide decorative, protective and restorative coatings. These workers are employed by manufacturing companies and custom refinishing, coating and plating shops.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

主要职责 Main Duties

工业画家和涂布工执行部分或全部下列职责:Industrial painters and coaters perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 根据预先确定的公式,使用自动调漆设备,选择合适的油漆或混合涂料
    Select appropriate paint or mix paints using automated paint mixing equipment according to a pre-determined formula
  • 操作或管理设备清洁,洗涤,剥去,砂纸打磨,除去腐蚀,填充凹痕或以其他方式准备应用涂料,漆或其他保护性或装饰涂料物品
    Operate or tend equipment to clean, wash, strip, sand, remove corrosion, fill dents or otherwise prepare items for application of paint, lacquer or other protective or decorative coatings
  • 操作或管理自动化的喷漆涂料,浸渍或流量涂装设备或其他机械化绘画或产品涂料应用设备
    Operate or tend automated spray paint, dip or flow coating equipment or other mechanized painting or product coating application equipment
  • 操作手持喷枪喷喷洒油漆或用保护性或装饰涂料涂刷固定物品或移动输送系统的物品
    Operate hand-held spray guns to spray paint or coat stationary items or items on moving conveyor system with protective or decorative coatings
  • 涂料小件物品,并使用画笔进行润色
    Paint small items and apply touch-ups using paint brushes
  • 清洁和维护油漆和涂料,通风,压缩空气和个人防护装备
    Clean and maintain painting and coating, ventilation, compressed air and personal protective equipment
  • 可能准备和应用成品的模具,计算机生成的的贴花或其它装饰物品。
    May prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals or other decorative items on finished products.

金属表面处理工艺操作员执行部分或全部下列职责:Metal finishing process operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 据公式或规格准备和混合金属化溶液
    Prepare and mix metallizing solutions according to formulas or specifications
  • 按照所需的表面特性,操作或管理设备,清洗,脱脂,浸泡和蚀刻金属和非金属表面,用以制备工件
    Operate or tend equipment to clean, degrease, pickle and etch metal and non-metal surfaces to prepare workpieces with desired surface characteristics
  • 管理自动金属涂层机,使得物体通过一系列的清洗,漂洗和电镀溶液
    Tend automatic metal coating machines which convey objects through a series of cleaning, rinsing and plating solutions
  • 操作和控制电镀设备,给金属等工件涂层
    Operate and control electroplating equipment to coat metal and other workpieces
  • 操作热浸金属电镀设备,镀锌金属和其他工件
    Operate hot-dip metal plating equipment to galvanize metal and other workpieces
  • 操作喷涂设备,加强磨损或损坏的零部件或在各种物体上结合保护性或装饰涂料
    Operate spray equipment to build up worn or damaged parts or to bond protective or decorative coatings on various objects
  • 使用千分尺,卡尺或其他设备检查适当的电镀厚度
    Check proper thickness of plating using micrometers, calipers or other devices
  • 可能操作设备,抛光产品的金属表面
    May operate equipment to polish metallic surfaces of products
  • 可能管理固化金属涂层的烘箱。
    May tend ovens which cure metal coating.

任职要求 Employment Requirements

  • 通常需要中学教育。
    Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • 可能需要操作生产机器或设备的经验。
    Some experience in operating production machinery or equipment may be required.
  • 通常提供数个月的在职培训。
    Several months of on-the-job training are usually provided.
  • 一些工业画家,如航空画家,画家,可能需要专门的培训和认证或大专课程。
    Some industrial painters, such as aviation painters, may require specialized training and certification or college courses.

所有职称 All Titles

  • 喷枪画家 airbrush painter
  • 飞机画家 aircraft painter
  • 阳极氧化工 anodizer
  • 装配线画家 assembly line painter
  • 装配生产线画家,汽车 assembly line painter, automobiles
  • 装配画家 assembly painter
  • 自动油漆喷雾器操作员 automatic paint-sprayer operator
  • 汽车装配线画家 automobile assembly line painter
  • 汽车装配画家 automobile assembly painter
  • 汽车杓画家 automobile dipper-painter
  • 汽车画家 – 汽车制造 automobile painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 航空画家 aviation painter
  • 浴缸整修工 bathtub refinisher
  • 浴缸上光工 bathtub varnisher
  • 板凳漆喷涂工 bench lacquer sprayer
  • 板凳喷雾画家 bench spray painter
  • 块砂光和玻璃工 block sander and glazier
  • 锅炉画家 boiler painter
  • 镀金匠 bronze plater
  • 刷画家,生产 brush painter, production
  • 刷染色工 – 生产 brush stainer – production
  • 镉电镀工 cadmium galvanizer
  • 汽车画家 – 制造 car painter – manufacturing
  • 陶瓷和搪瓷整修工 ceramic and enamel refinisher
  • 陶瓷工人 ceramic enameler
  • 陶瓷画家 ceramic painter
  • 陶瓷喷涂画家 ceramic spray painter
  • 陶瓷喷雾工 ceramic sprayer
  • 铬镀金匠 chromium plater
  • 清洁工-涂布工,车辆 cleaner-coater, vehicles
  • 涂布工,防锈 – 汽车制造 coater, rustproof – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 涂布机的画家,管道 coater-painter, pipes
  • 涂装设备操作员 coating equipment operator
  • 涂装设备运营商 – 金属电镀 coating equipment operator – metal plating
  • 涂布机操作员 – 工业油漆和涂料 coating machine operator – industrial painting and coating
  • 涂布机的操作员,生产 coating machine operator, production
  • 涂布机管理员 – 产品制造 coating machine tender – product manufacturing
  • 涂布机管理员,铅笔 coating machine tender, pencils
  • 烤漆炉管理员 – 制造 coating oven tender – manufacturing
  • 涂料罐浸染工 coating tank dipper
  • 连续热镀锌生产线操作员 continuous galvanizing line operator
  • 铜涂布工 – 金属电镀 copper coater – metal plating
  • 铜镀金匠 copper plater
  • 耐腐蚀的金属喷雾工 corrosion resistant metal sprayer
  • 羽饰工 crester
  • 缸画家 – 工业 cylinder painter – industrial
  • 缸镀金工-粉碎工 – 金属加工 cylinder plater-grinder – metal processing
  • 贴花应用者 decal applier
  • 浸槽服务员 dip tank attendant
  • 浸染工和涂布工 – 金属电镀 dipper and coater – metal plating
  • 浸染机运营商,油漆和清漆 dipper operator, paint and varnish
  • 浸染工,涂料罐 dipper, coating tank
  • 浸染工,螺旋弹簧 dipper, coil springs
  • 浸染工,珐琅 dipper, enamel
  • 浸染工-烘烤者 dipper-baker
  • 浸渍槽运营商 dipping tank operator
  • 浸渍罐管理员 dipping tank tender
  • 鼓画家 drum painter
  • 电铸工 electroformer
  • 电子电镀工 electrogalvanizer
  • 电镀锌机操作员 electrogalvanizing machine operator
  • 化学镀金匠 electroless plater
  • 电解槽管理员 electrolytic tank tender
  • 运营商电镀设备 electroplasty equipment operator
  • 电镀机 electroplater
  • 电镀机操作员 electroplater operator
  • 电镀机,金属 electroplater, metal
  • 电镀机,生产 electroplater, production
  • 静电机画家 electrostatic machine painter
  • 静电画家 electrostatic painter
  • 静电喷漆生产线管理员 electrostatic painting line tender
  • 静电喷涂机操作员 electrostatic painting machine operator
  • 静电喷涂机设置操作员 electrostatic painting machine set-up operator
  • ELPO坦克服务员 Elpo tank attendant
  • 搪瓷烘烤者 – 制造业 enamel baker – manufacturing
  • 搪瓷浸染工 enamel dipper
  • 珐琅画家 enamel painter
  • 上釉工匠 enameller
  • 上釉工匠 – 工业油漆和涂料 enameller – industrial painting and coating
  • 上釉工匠 – 船艇建设 enameller – ship and boat building
  • 上釉工匠 ,陶瓷 enameller, ceramic
  • 上釉工匠 ,电气设备 enameller, electrical equipment
  • 上釉工匠 ,锡浸渍 enameller, tin can dipping
  • 漆包机管理员 enamelling machine tender
  • 发动机和发电机支承画家 engine and generator support painter
  • 灯丝涂布工 filament coater
  • 最终彩色生产型画家 final colour production painter
  • 完成搪瓷喷洒工 /男/女 finished enamel sprayman/woman
  • 整车油漆修理工/男/女 finished vehicle paint repairman/woman
  • 轧辊工业画家 finishing roller industrial painter
  • 火器磨光 – 金属电镀 firearm burnisher – metal plating
  • 火器整理工 – 金属电镀 firearm finisher – metal plating
  • 电镀工 galvanizer
  • 镀锌机操作员 galvanizing machine operator
  • 镀金工人,金属叶 gilder, metal-leaf
  • 手触摸画家 – 生产 hand touch-up painter – production
  • 硬质纤维板喷涂机管理员 hardboard spray-coating machine tender
  • 热浸涂布工 – 金属电镀 hot-dip coater – metal plating
  • 热浸电镀工 – 金属电镀 hot-dip galvanizer – metal plating
  • 工业涂布工 industrial coater
  • 工业漆贝克 industrial paint baker
  • 工业漆浸染工 industrial paint dipper
  • 工业漆装订工 industrial paint finisher
  • 工业涂料搅拌工 industrial paint mixer
  • 工业油漆喷雾器操作员 industrial paint sprayer operator
  • 工业画家 industrial painter
  • 工业画家,整理辊 industrial painter, finishing rollers
  • 工业产品画家 industrial products painter
  • 工业喷涂画家 industrial spray painter
  • 检查员,喷漆 inspector, paint spray
  • 漆喷雾工,板凳 lacquer sprayer, bench
  • 漆喷雾工 lacquer-sprayer
  • 漆喷雾工,产品 lacquer-sprayer, products
  • 大表面喷塑画家 large surface spray painter
  • 涂布工领班 lead coater
  • 领班助手,工业画家 lead hand, industrial painters
  • 皮具喷雾画家 leather goods spray painter
  • 皮具喷雾工 leather goods sprayer
  • 文字书写员,铁路车辆 letterer, railway cars
  • 文字书写员,标志 letterer, signs
  • 机车画家 locomotive painter
  • 机器上釉的工匠 machine enameller
  • 机器操作员 – 电镀和金属喷涂 machine operator – plating and metal spraying
  • 制造画家 manufacturing painter
  • 金属染蓝检验工 metal bluer
  • 金属涂布工 metal coater
  • 金属涂布机运营商 metal coater operator
  • 金属涂层设备操作员 metal coating-equipment operator
  • 金属浸染工 metal dipper
  • 金属电镀工 metal electroplater
  • 金属电镀督察 metal electroplating inspector
  • 金属镀金工-抛光工 metal plater-polisher
  • 金属电镀设备操作员 metal plating-equipment operator
  • 金属制品喷画家 metal product spray painter
  • 金属喷涂运营商 metal spray operator
  • 金属喷雾工 metal sprayer
  • 金属浸渍设备操作员 metal-dipping equipment operator
  • 金属叶镀金工人 metal-leaf gilder
  • 镀膜工 metallizer
  • 电动机和发电机组件画家 motor and generator subassemblies painter
  • 机动车画家 – 汽车制造 motor vehicle painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 镍镀金工 nickel plater
  • 烤箱管理员 – 油漆和涂料 oven tender – painting and coating
  • 油漆和混合生产和控制操作员 paint and mix production and control operator
  • 油漆和清漆浸染工运营商 paint and varnish dipper operator
  • 烤漆炉管理员 paint baking oven tender
  • 油漆控制操作员 paint control operator
  • 漆浸染工 – 流涂 paint dipper – flow coating
  • 漆机操作员 paint machine operator
  • 油漆生产经营 paint production operator
  • 油漆修理工/男/女,完成车辆 paint repairman/woman, finished vehicles
  • 烤漆房服务员 paint room attendant
  • 喷漆督察 paint spray inspector
  • 漆系统服务员 paint systems attendant
  • 画家和文字书写员,铁路车 painter and letterer, railway cars
  • 画家,喷枪 painter, airbrush
  • 画家,飞机 painter, aircraft
  • 画家,装配生产线 painter, assembly line
  • 画家,汽车装配 painter, automobile assembly
  • 画家,汽车 – 汽车制造 painter, automobiles – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 画家,锅炉 painter, boilers
  • 画家,气瓶 painter, cylinders
  • 画家,鼓 painter, drum
  • 画家,搪瓷 painter, enamel
  • 画家,工业产品 painter, industrial products
  • 画家,机车 painter, locomotives
  • 画家,电机和发电机组件 painter, motor and generator subassemblies
  • 画家,产品 painter, products
  • 画家,造船厂 painter, shipyard
  • 画家,滚桶 painter, tumbling barrel
  • 画家的整理工,生产 painter-finisher, production
  • 喷漆机服务员 painting machine attendant
  • 喷漆机操作员 painting machine operator
  • 喷漆机管理员 painting machine tender
  • 油漆喷雾器运营商 paint-sprayer operator
  • 刨花板喷涂机管理员 particleboard spraying machine tender
  • 铅笔涂布机管理员 pencil-coating machine tender
  • 笔尖式封边机管理员 pencil-tip-banding machine tender
  • 管涂布画家 pipe coater-painter
  • 喷画家 pipe spray painter
  • 电镀槽运营商 plating tank operator
  • 准备行服务员 – 批量镀锌 prep line attendant – bulk galvanizing
  • 底漆喷涂工 primer sprayer
  • 打印套用 – 生产 print applier – production
  • 产品漆喷雾工 product lacquer-sprayer
  • 产品画家 product painter
  • 产品喷画家 product spray painter
  • 产品染色机 product stainer
  • 产品表面的编制者和预整理工 product surface preparer and prefinisher
  • 生产和控制的运营商,油漆和混合 production and control operator, paint and mix
  • 生产刷画家 production brush painter
  • 生产涂布机操作员 production coating machine operator
  • 生产电镀工 production electroplater
  • 生产运营商,油漆 production operator, paint
  • 生产画家 production painter
  • 生产的画家,最后的颜色 production painter, final colours
  • 生产画家整理工 production painter-finisher
  • 生产触摸画家 production touch-up painter
  • 铁路车辆文字书写员 railway car letterer
  • 铁路车辆刻模版工 railway car stenciller
  • 铁路汽车上光工 railway car varnisher
  • 整修工,浴缸 refinisher, bathtubs
  • 整修工,陶瓷和搪瓷 refinisher, ceramic and enamel
  • 整修工,火炉 refinisher, stoves
  • 机器人喷涂机服务员 robotic paint sprayer attendant
  • 机器人喷漆系统助理 robotic spray paint system attendant
  • 粗糙喷钳工画家 rough benchwork spray painter
  • 粗喷雾画家 – 制造 rough spray painter – manufacturing
  • 防锈涂布工 – 汽车制造 rustproof coater – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 防锈喷雾工 – 汽车制造 rustproof sprayer – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 防锈工-机动车( rustproofer ) rustproofer, motor vehicle
  • 设置操作员,静电涂装机 set-up operator, electrostatic painting machine
  • 涂漆工 shellacker
  • 涂漆工 sherardizer
  • 船厂画家 shipyard painter
  • 签署文字书写员 sign letterer
  • 签署面板底漆工 sign panel primer
  • 签署喷雾画家 sign spray painter
  • 银镀金工 silver plater
  • 银色的浪花运营商 silver spray operator
  • 吸烟管染色工 smoking-pipe stainer
  • 喷漆机操作员 spray paint machine operator
  • 喷漆机管理员 spray paint machine tender
  • 喷漆运营商 spray paint operator
  • 喷雾画家 spray painter
  • 喷画家 – 汽车制造 spray painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 喷雾画家 – 生产 spray painter – production
  • 喷画家,板凳 spray painter, bench
  • 喷画家,大的表面 spray painter, large surfaces
  • 喷画家,金属制品 spray painter, metal products
  • 喷画家,管道 spray painter, pipes
  • 喷画家,产品 spray painter, products
  • 喷画家,迹象 spray painter, signs
  • 喷雾染色工 – 生产 spray stainer – production
  • 喷涂机管理员,硬质纤维板 spray-coating machine tender, hardboard
  • 喷雾工,陶瓷 sprayer, ceramic
  • 喷雾工,皮具 sprayer, leather goods
  • sprayman /男/女,完成珐琅 sprayman/woman, finished enamel
  • 染色工,产品 stainer, products
  • 染色工,吸烟管 stainer, smoking-pipe
  • 刻模版工 ,铁路车辆 stenciller, railway cars
  • 炉灶整修工 stove refinisher
  • 炉上光工 stove varnisher
  • 淬火工 – 电镀和金属喷涂 temperer – plating and metal spraying
  • 热喷雾运营商 thermospray operator
  • 锡能浸渍 enameller tin can dipping enameller
  • 锡镀金工 tin plater
  • 镀锡板涂布机操作员 tinned sheet coating machine operator
  • 锡器杓上釉的工匠 tinware dipper and enameller
  • 锡器浸渍上釉的工匠 tinware dipping enameller
  • 触摸式的画家,生产 touch-up painter, production
  • 滚桶画家 tumbling barrel painter
  • 滚桶管理员 tumbling barrel tender
  • undercoater – 汽车制造 undercoater – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • 真空镀膜机管理员 vacuum-metallizer tender
  • 上光工,铁路车辆 varnisher, railway cars
  • 车辆清洁涂布工 vehicle cleaner-coater
  • 绕线棒刮涂工 wire coater
  • 电线保护工 wire tinner
  • 线涂装设备操作员 wire-coating equipment operator
  • 丝漆涂布机管理员 wire-paint-coating machine tender
  • 锌电镀工 zinc galvanizer

不包括职称 Exclusions

  • 车身维修的画家或复修画家( 汽车车身维修) Autobody repair painters or repainters (in [7322](7322) Motor vehicle body repairers )
  • 建设画家( 画家和装饰(室内装修除外) ) Construction painters (in [7294](7294) Painters and decorators (except interior decorators) )
  • 蚀刻师( 加工工具经营) Etchers (in [9417](9417) Machining tool operators )
  • 家具整理工和修整者 Furniture finishers and refinishers [9534](9534)
  • 主管 非汽车行业的金属加工工人( 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业) Supervisors of non-automotive metal finishing workers (in [9226](9226) Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing )
  • 主管油漆部门工作人员(主管,塑料和橡胶制品制造业) Supervisors of paint department workers (in [9214](9214) Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing )
  • 主管 油漆部门工作人员(主管,机动车组装) Supervisors of paint department workers (in [9221](9221) Supervisors, motor vehicle assembling )



项目类别 线上申请
超级签证 76天
境内学签续签 76天
毕业工签境外申请 15周
毕业工签境内申请 101天