NOC 9536 – Industrial painters, coaters and metal finishing process operators



Industrial painters and coaters operate and tend machines or use brushes and spray equipment to apply paint, enamel, lacquer or other non-metallic protective and decorative coatings to surfaces of various products. Metal finishing process operators operate machines or equipment to deposit metallized substances on workpieces and surfaces to provide decorative, protective and restorative coatings. These workers are employed by manufacturing companies and custom refinishing, coating and plating shops.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Main Duties

Industrial painters and coaters perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Select appropriate paint or mix paints using automated paint mixing equipment according to a pre-determined formula
  • Operate or tend equipment to clean, wash, strip, sand, remove corrosion, fill dents or otherwise prepare items for application of paint, lacquer or other protective or decorative coatings
  • Operate or tend automated spray paint, dip or flow coating equipment or other mechanized painting or product coating application equipment
  • Operate hand-held spray guns to spray paint or coat stationary items or items on moving conveyor system with protective or decorative coatings
  • Paint small items and apply touch-ups using paint brushes
  • Clean and maintain painting and coating, ventilation, compressed air and personal protective equipment
  • May prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals or other decorative items on finished products.

Metal finishing process operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Prepare and mix metallizing solutions according to formulas or specifications
  • Operate or tend equipment to clean, degrease, pickle and etch metal and non-metal surfaces to prepare workpieces with desired surface characteristics
  • Tend automatic metal coating machines which convey objects through a series of cleaning, rinsing and plating solutions
  • Operate and control electroplating equipment to coat metal and other workpieces
  • Operate hot-dip metal plating equipment to galvanize metal and other workpieces
  • Operate spray equipment to build up worn or damaged parts or to bond protective or decorative coatings on various objects
  • Check proper thickness of plating using micrometers, calipers or other devices
  • May operate equipment to polish metallic surfaces of products
  • May tend ovens which cure metal coating.

Employment Requirements

  • Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • Some experience in operating production machinery or equipment may be required.
  • Several months of on-the-job training are usually provided.
  • Some industrial painters, such as aviation painters, may require specialized training and certification or college courses.

All Titles

  • airbrush painter
  • aircraft painter
  • anodizer
  • assembly line painter
  • assembly line painter, automobiles
  • assembly painter
  • automatic paint-sprayer operator
  • automobile assembly line painter
  • automobile assembly painter
  • automobile dipper-painter
  • automobile painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • aviation painter
  • bathtub refinisher
  • bathtub varnisher
  • bench lacquer sprayer
  • bench spray painter
  • block sander and glazier
  • boiler painter
  • bronze plater
  • brush painter, production
  • brush stainer – production
  • cadmium galvanizer
  • car painter – manufacturing
  • ceramic and enamel refinisher
  • ceramic enameler
  • ceramic painter
  • ceramic spray painter
  • ceramic sprayer
  • chromium plater
  • cleaner-coater, vehicles
  • coater, rustproof – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • coater-painter, pipes
  • coating equipment operator
  • coating equipment operator – metal plating
  • coating machine operator – industrial painting and coating
  • coating machine operator, production
  • coating machine tender – product manufacturing
  • coating machine tender, pencils
  • coating oven tender – manufacturing
  • coating tank dipper
  • continuous galvanizing line operator
  • copper coater – metal plating
  • copper plater
  • corrosion resistant metal sprayer
  • crester
  • cylinder painter – industrial
  • cylinder plater-grinder – metal processing
  • decal applier
  • dip tank attendant
  • dipper and coater – metal plating
  • dipper operator, paint and varnish
  • dipper, coating tank
  • dipper, coil springs
  • dipper, enamel
  • dipper-baker
  • dipping tank operator
  • dipping tank tender
  • drum painter
  • electroformer
  • electrogalvanizer
  • electrogalvanizing machine operator
  • electroless plater
  • electrolytic tank tender
  • electroplasty equipment operator
  • electroplater
  • electroplater operator
  • electroplater, metal
  • electroplater, production
  • electrostatic machine painter
  • electrostatic painter
  • electrostatic painting line tender
  • electrostatic painting machine operator
  • electrostatic painting machine set-up operator
  • Elpo tank attendant
  • enamel baker – manufacturing
  • enamel dipper
  • enamel painter
  • enameller
  • enameller – industrial painting and coating
  • enameller – ship and boat building
  • enameller, ceramic
  • enameller, electrical equipment
  • enameller, tin can dipping
  • enamelling machine tender
  • engine and generator support painter
  • filament coater
  • final colour production painter
  • finished enamel sprayman/womanfinished enamel sprayman, finished enamel spraywoman, sprayman, finished enamel, spraywoman, finished enamel
  • finished vehicle paint repairman/womanfinished vehicle paint repairman, finished vehicle paint repairwoman, paint repairman, finished vehicles, paint repairwoman, finished vehicles
  • finishing roller industrial painter
  • firearm burnisher – metal plating
  • firearm finisher – metal plating
  • galvanizer
  • galvanizing machine operator
  • gilder, metal-leaf
  • hand touch-up painter – production
  • hardboard spray-coating machine tender
  • hot-dip coater – metal plating
  • hot-dip galvanizer – metal plating
  • industrial coater
  • industrial paint baker
  • industrial paint dipper
  • industrial paint finisher
  • industrial paint mixer
  • industrial paint sprayer operator
  • industrial painter
  • industrial painter, finishing rollers
  • industrial products painter
  • industrial spray painter
  • inspector, paint spray
  • lacquer sprayer, bench
  • lacquer-sprayer
  • lacquer-sprayer, products
  • large surface spray painter
  • lead coater
  • lead hand, industrial painters
  • leather goods spray painter
  • leather goods sprayer
  • letterer, railway cars
  • letterer, signs
  • locomotive painter
  • machine enameller
  • machine operator – plating and metal spraying
  • manufacturing painter
  • metal bluer
  • metal coater
  • metal coater operator
  • metal coating-equipment operator
  • metal dipper
  • metal electroplater
  • metal electroplating inspector
  • metal plater-polisher
  • metal plating-equipment operator
  • metal product spray painter
  • metal spray operator
  • metal sprayer
  • metal-dipping equipment operator
  • metal-leaf gilder
  • metallizer
  • motor and generator subassemblies painter
  • motor vehicle painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • nickel plater
  • oven tender – painting and coating
  • paint and mix production and control operator
  • paint and varnish dipper operator
  • paint baking oven tender
  • paint control operator
  • paint dipper – flow coating
  • paint machine operator
  • paint production operator
  • paint repairman/woman, finished vehicles
  • paint room attendant
  • paint spray inspector
  • paint systems attendant
  • painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • painter and letterer, railway cars
  • painter, airbrush
  • painter, aircraft
  • painter, assembly line
  • painter, automobile assembly
  • painter, automobiles – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • painter, boilers
  • painter, cylinders
  • painter, drum
  • painter, enamel
  • painter, industrial products
  • painter, locomotives
  • painter, motor and generator subassemblies
  • painter, products
  • painter, shipyard
  • painter, tumbling barrel
  • painter-finisher, production
  • painting machine attendant
  • painting machine operator
  • painting machine tender
  • paint-sprayer operator
  • particleboard spraying machine tender
  • pencil-coating machine tender
  • pencil-tip-banding machine tender
  • pipe coater-painter
  • pipe spray painter
  • plating tank operator
  • prep line attendant – bulk galvanizing
  • primer sprayer
  • print applier – production
  • product lacquer-sprayer
  • product painter
  • product spray painter
  • product stainer
  • product surface preparer and prefinisher
  • production and control operator, paint and mix
  • production brush painter
  • production coating machine operator
  • production electroplater
  • production operator, paint
  • production painter
  • production painter, final colours
  • production painter-finisher
  • production touch-up painter
  • railway car letterer
  • railway car stenciller
  • railway car varnisher
  • refinisher, bathtubs
  • refinisher, ceramic and enamel
  • refinisher, stoves
  • robotic paint sprayer attendant
  • robotic spray paint system attendant
  • rough benchwork spray painter
  • rough spray painter – manufacturing
  • rustproof coater – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • rustproof sprayer – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • rustproofer, motor vehicle
  • set-up operator, electrostatic painting machine
  • shellacker
  • sherardizer
  • shipyard painter
  • sign letterer
  • sign panel primer
  • sign spray painter
  • silver plater
  • silver spray operator
  • smoking-pipe stainer
  • spray paint machine operator
  • spray paint machine tender
  • spray paint operator
  • spray painter
  • spray painter – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • spray painter – production
  • spray painter, bench
  • spray painter, large surfaces
  • spray painter, metal products
  • spray painter, pipes
  • spray painter, products
  • spray painter, signs
  • spray stainer – production
  • spray-coating machine tender, hardboard
  • sprayer, ceramic
  • sprayer, leather goods
  • sprayman/woman, finished enamel
  • stainer, products
  • stainer, smoking-pipe
  • stenciller, railway cars
  • stove refinisher
  • stove varnisher
  • temperer – plating and metal spraying
  • thermospray operator
  • tin can dipping enameller
  • tin plater
  • tinned sheet coating machine operator
  • tinware dipper and enameller
  • tinware dipping enameller
  • touch-up painter, production
  • tumbling barrel painter
  • tumbling barrel tender
  • undercoater – motor vehicle manufacturing
  • vacuum-metallizer tender
  • varnisher, railway cars
  • vehicle cleaner-coater
  • wire coater
  • wire tinner
  • wire-coating equipment operator
  • wire-paint-coating machine tender
  • zinc galvanizer


  • Autobody repair painters or repainters (See 7322 Motor vehicle body repairers)
  • Construction painters (See 7294 Painters and decorators (except interior decorators))
  • Etchers (See 9417 Machining tool operators)
  • Furniture finishers and refinishers (9534)
  • Supervisors of non-automotive metal finishing workers (See 9226 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing)
  • Supervisors of paint department workers (See 9214 Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing)


Processing Time

Program Categories Online
Canadian visa application processing time
Temporary Resident Visa
62 Days
Visitor Record
102 Days
Super Visa 91 Days
Study Permit Made Outside Canada
7 Weeks
Study Permit Made Intside Canada
10 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 60 Days
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Outside Canada 25 Weeks
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Inside Canada 109 Days
Briding Open Work Permit
109 Days
Canadian immigration application processing time
Express Entry
5 Months
Provincial Nominee Program
11 Months
Self-employed Immigration
50 Months
Federal Skilled Worker Program
5 Months
Start-up Visa
39 Months
Spouse/CommonLaw Sponsorship
11 Months
(Grand) Parents Sponsorship
24 Months
Canadian Citizenship/PR Card processing time
7 Months
PR Card
47 Days
PR Card Renewal
74 Days

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