Business License Certificate Sample


In China, a business license is a certificate issued by the administration for industry and commerce to industrial and commercial enterprises and self-employed persons to engage in certain production and business activities. Its format is uniformly prescribed by the State Administration for Market Regulation. A business license includes: name, address, person in charge, amount of funds, economic components, business scope, business mode, number of employees, business period, etc. The business license is divided into original copy and duplicate copy. Both copies have the same legal effect. The original copy shall be placed in a conspicuous position of the company’s residence or business premises, and the business license shall not be forged, altered, leased, lent or transferred. Industrial and commercial enterprises or self-employed persons without business licenses are not allowed to open their business, and are not allowed to engrave official seals, sign contracts, register trademarks, or publish advertisements, and banks are not allowed to open accounts.

In the process of studying and immigrating to Canada, proof of business license of parents or yourself is an indispensable material. This is a very good proof of funds when parents or you own a business. If there are any problems with the certification you issued, please check the requirements in your application carefully, or Contact us Consult.

How to Prepare

The applicant can bring all the documents to the notary office for notarization.

The required materials for the business license notarization certificate are:

  • The ID card of the company’s legal representative;
  • The original or copy of the company’s business license;
  • The company’s regulations, and/or the legal representative’s identity certificate;
  • If the legal representative does not handle the application in person, you should also provide a power of attorney and the identity document of the agent; Supplementary supporting materials required by the notary public.

(Note: The materials required by the notary public will be different according to the adjustment of local policies. For details, please consult the local notary public.)

Business License Certificate Sample

*We provide templates for reference only, please refer to the specific situation of your application for details*



Q: Is it necessary to have a business license while applying for a school?

A: The business license is part of the proof of funds. If you have a company, you will have stronger evidence in the proof of funds. If you don’t have a company, this has no effect on your or your child’s school application.

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